Learn how to write a letter of Intent (with examples) and get a complete guide

How will you express your requirements when you are seeking a job or getting admission to a college or university? The buzzing word that comes to your mind is a letter of intent and sometimes called a statement of purpose. A good letter reflects what you want to study and your requirements for getting admission to a specific institute. The more expressive letter you present; the great impact you will receive.

To get what a letter of intent could be and how you present that letter with how much information, read the article carefully and understand the purpose of it.

How to write a letter of Intent

Objectives of a Letter of Intent

A letter of intent acts as an application that describes the important points of an individual’s academics and other credentials related to their professional life. Using a correct format, you can express your skills, strengths, weakness, and achievements to let your recruiter or academic supervisor understand your capabilities.

  • A letter of Intent is about to express your achievements for opening a great chance to grab the opportunity.
  • It highlights your job requirements or desires for a specific course of study.
  • It shows your interest in the specific employer or University.

Components of a Letter of Intent

Once you have understood the reason why are you going to write a letter of intent, you must proceed to what kind of things you need to include. It should be to the point and describe all important details clearly

1. Provide proper introduction at the beginning

Before connecting to anyone, you need to introduce yourself. When you are writing to a college, you have to include the name of schools from where you have completed your education and in which year you are currently studying.

If you are seeking a job position in any firm, you require to tell your name and overview of your educational background. If you are looking for a particular job opening, mention it opening clause. It is good to connect your objectives with the objectives of the company for which you are writing the letter. Instead of going into the details, describes your job requirements, mention your current position is and a general idea of your professional desires.

Ensure to personalize your letter. For that reason, you require to clear your choice at the start. If you are approaching a graduate college, be specific why have you selected that institute.

2. Move to your specifics

When you have completed your introduction, you require to describes your specifics. At this point, you need to mention why are you fit for this position and express your knowledge of the program.

While composing your letter, be thoughtful about the purpose of writing the letter. You need to discuss whether you have the need for an internship or job position and your desires for the post. You also mention why you are interested in the company not its competitors.

Describe your credentials:

Time to describes your credentials. Don’t hesitate! Be wise to describe your achievements so that they will consider you for that school or position. Mentions all your accomplishments such as technical knowledge or general skills, experience, certification, languages, and computer software relevant to the program.

It is up to you whether you choose a paragraph or bulleted list to pen down your achievements. Make sure you are honest whatever you are going to mention in this paragraph. Include appreciation of the school or organization. Try to include convincing points without making it too overboard. Don’t stop without mentioning the significance of the position, why it is appealing to you and how your skills related to the specific position or program.

3. Urge for a request in the conclusion

Don’t stop without including the conclusion in your letter. Mentions your wish for an interview so that you can express your necessities. Ensure to write your correct contact information in the proposal so that you can be approached easily.

Make sure you take proper follow up to make yourself updated. It is good to show gratitude to your reader for providing his time. End your letter professionally using words like ‘Best wishes’ or ‘Sincerely.’

For your clarification, read the below examples to distinguish the correct and wrong pattern of a letter of intent.

A bad example of a Letter of Intent

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Will, killer of sales objectives and an all-around great employee. I have a B. Com, and my people skills are superior. I am interested in [Name of the Company] for my next career opportunity and have attached my resume for your consideration.

I hear good things about [Name of the Company], and since I quit my job at [Name of the current employer] after working with a nightmare boss (never work with a Scorpio, ha!), I am very interested in your opportunities for an experienced sales manager like me.

I’ll be calling you as well to make sure you received my letter, and are considering me for a position at [Name of the current employer].

Good Example of a Letter of Intent

For Admission in Institution

[Mention the address of the university]

[Date of the day]

Dear Sir/Ma’am.

My name is James Watson and currently, I am pursuing my studies as a senior at Thomas Jefferson, California. where my main subject is Science. The main purpose of writing this letter to express my interest in the graduation program at your esteemed University.

I have had a tardy good academic record and sane significant achievements in extracurricular activities like debate, quizzes, sports, and other competitions. Photocopies of my mark sheets and certificates are enclosed with this letter for your kind perusal.

I have checked your website and learned about the advantages of the program provided by your university. I am highly impressed by your annual Math Olympiad and your esteemed panel of teaches who responsible for a healthy atmosphere that allows a student to focus on their objectives. It would be a great pleasure for me if I would get a chance to become part of the university.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries or questions. Drop me an mail at ****@gmail.com or you can call me at ****5.

Thanks for your time

Yours Sincerely,

James Watson

For Job Vacancies

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Ma’am

My name is Will Smith, and I am writing to you today to submit my resume for consideration on your Digital Marketing team. As a recognized leader with more than a decade of whipping aggressive growth objectives and working with diverse teams to produce great outcomes, I am very interested in opportunities to bring that experience and growth to [Name of the company].

(Share your experience)

With 20 years of experience in digital marketing in numerous different roles having a great catch on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), I know I can bring a strong, client-oriented strategy to your [Name of the company]. Since graduating with an Engineering in Computer Science from Benjamin Franklin University in 1999, I’ve built my career in using client requirements, website development, and strategic campaigns to get the desired output.

Most recently, as Digital marketer at [Name of your employer], my innovative SEO strategies and overhaul of our social media lead generation program increased widget sales by more than 100% from 2015 to 2018. While my time at [Name of your Employer] Industries has been a valuable experience, I’m ready to move on and grow into a senior manager position that better blends website ranking, internet marketing, and innovative strategy. Based on [Name of company] commitment to being on the cutting edge of widget sales, I believe my skills and background jibe well with that motto.

I look forward to talking with you about my educational qualifications, and potential opportunities with [Name of the company]. I am attaching my resume, and have a comprehensive career profile on your website. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to reach me at ***gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Yours Sincerely

Will Smith

After reading the above examples, you will understand how to present your skills and achievements in your letter of intent. To make your proposal effective, follow the below tips before and after finishing your draft.

Tips for writing an effective letter of intent

Before writing your proposal

1. Ensure to read the instructions carefully

You need a letter of intent for all applications, proposals or any procedures to show your requirements. All these documents require precise instructions related to what information you have to include in your proposal. Before writing your letter of intent, review these instructions carefully.

2. Get the details of letter receiver (name & address)

If you don’t find any information online, make a quick phone call to the organization or institution that will provide all the required information. Try to be specific if you are going to write a letter to a whole team. It will be great if you know the names of all team members. You will get great outputs for your well-informed research.

3. Create Notes to include all information

It is suggested to pen down all the information which you want to include in your letter including personal information, pervious accomplishments, awards, achievements, challenges that have been overcome, and successes you are meant to you most. If you have any plan related to your school education or business growth, write down in a clear way and also prospects for the position you are going to apply

A statement of purpose is more comprehensive than a cover letter which may sound similar. Apart from your objectives, it uncovers your career goal, professional skills, leadership abilities, experiences, and unique characteristics that make you different from others.

Do and Don’ts for effective proposal

  • Be specific about your achievements and skills.
  • No need to include complete details of leaving the last company.
  • Ensure to describe the reasons for selecting the company or institute.
  • Write short paragraphs. Long-windedness sounds boring and complicating usually when people have a lot to do in a short period of time. Consider the following key-point while composing your proposal.
  • First section: define yourself and write your goals for sending the letter in brief.
  • Second section: describe educational and professional background information (relevant education, experience, and skills)
  • Paragraph 3: Conclusion/Call to action.

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Enhance your knowledge of the types of research methods

Without a proper understanding of research, you can’t make your work productive. How will you present your assignments if you don’t have enough information to include? Difficult to present! Researching is a scientific and systematic approach for data collection, compilation, explanation, and execution. In other words, research and science directly connected to each other. Your deep and intense research leads you toward new discoveries.

Research plays a significant role when you need to clear your concepts and understanding of a particular topic. The more you go in deep, the clearer thoughts you receive. We are leading towards a more technological era where without proper research one’ can’t expect the desired information. If you have the aspiration to gather more particulars of a topic, you have to connect yourself with proper research channels. In this write-up, you will find insights into research including its practicality, different methods, and preferences in academic progress.

Online Assignment Help

What do you understand by term research?

Research connects you with your topic more clearly. What will you do if you need to boost your knowledge on a specific topic? Definitely, you will search. Analysis of your findings using a systematic approach called research. Your method of research depends on the type of information you are looking for.

Usually, research starts from Google and ends up to Wikipedia because Wiki pages sound credible sources of information. It is not a difficult task to collect information on a topic. You have to seek reliable and dependable sources of particulars if you need the correct information to include. Getting information from valid sources may be a cumbersome task for you in certain cases.

What role researching play in your academics?

Many times you find yourself in mid of thoughts projected on the necessity of research in your assignment. And, you could not able to connect yourself between these two topics. Research is an essential task for your effective project submission. To know how read the following key points.

  • To check the authenticity of the information before acquiring it.
  • To collect facts and evidence of your topics to ensure its sustainability.
  • To learn how to evaluate things and choose a better version of the particular information.
  • To enhance your researching skills which is an important task for every project.
  • To understand the topic more deeply.
  • To remove misunderstanding related to any concepts.

People are vulnerable to believe in sayings without check the authenticity of that precepts. Thus, you always make sure that you have proper evidence to justify your statements and particulars before including it in your projects.

Once you read all key points, you have the idea of why research is a crucial step while drafting your academic papers. You should not feel depressed if you do not have adequate research skills for writing your homework. You have the option of online assignment help to empower your skills by making a secure connection with assignment experts.

What are the types of research?

Basic or fundamental research:

When you perform your researching for uncovering new facts, you should opt for pure research. The basic or pure research helps you to discover fundamental principles of your research in a scientific way. This research method works on the foundation of experiments and observation by which you can answer some specific queries such as why the earth is revolving around the sun? or What are the fundamentals of our nervous system? In this research, you will explore the scientific reasons for what is happening around us?

Applied research:

The information you collect from your basic research will be applied to this research method that’s y it is called applied research. In other words, the applied search is not all about to gather information for enhancing your general knowledge whereas it is applied for solving some practical problems. Rather than exploratory, it leads to descriptive solutions to your answers.

Difference between basic and applied research

Topics Pure or fundamental research Applied research
Objective Problem-solving by applying an application of the discipline. Problem by applying the basics of the discipline.
Approach Numerous disciplines used to solve the query. Only one approach used to analyze the problem.
Language A common language is used to compile the reports. The technical language is used to compile the reports.
Logic This research reflects the phenomena responsible for changes in most of the things. This research says no changes in variables.
Generalization No generalization is applied in basic research Generalization is preferred in applied research.

Quantitative research:

When the research aims to search for numeric data or number figures, your approach should be targeted as quantitative analysis.

  • This research projects the information on the bases of past records and establishes an image of future analysis after observing the records carefully.
  • Quantitative research is helpful in developing mathematical models, hypothesis or theories related to a phenomenon.
  • A systemic empirical exploration of quantitative properties, phenomena, and their relationship is used to define different terms under social science.
  • Because of the quantitative research, you would able to provide the fundamental relationship between empirical examination and mathematical expression.
  • Statistics is one of the best examples where quantitative research is applied. Whenever you have to explain terms under economics and commerce, you prefer this research in your analysis.

Qualitative Research:

  • It is a non-quantitative type of analysis where data is collected, analyzed, and interpreted based on the reviews of what people think and say about a specific topic.
  • Under the qualitative research, you can able to interpret many things using their definitions, meanings, characteristics, metaphors, symbols, and descriptions.
  • This research focuses on subjective analysis using various methods for collecting information through the in-depth observation of people’s opinions.
  • It refers to an exploratory and open-ended approach where a group of people is interviewed in depth and research is conducted to justify the data.

You can classify this research into five types for further more understanding:

  1. Phenomenology: This type of research explains the phenomenon on the basis of individual experience for the same. For example the opinion of people on what they are expected from their government?
  2. Ethnography: This type of research based on a group of people in which they share attributes, norms, practices, language, and material things.
  3. Case study: In this research, details of one or more cases are explained. For example, a case study of the blood cancer patient.
  4. Grounded theory: This type of research based on grounded observations of data using quantitative data, records observation, interviews, and surveys.
  5. Historical research: This research presents a platform where past and present events are discussed in the context of the present circumstances. It also ensures to answers all queries related to current issues.

Conceptual research:

Conceptual research focuses on the information which is already present to explain or describe the phenomenon. For example: to find the answers to such questions such as what are the causes of disease? What is the matter? How to define our galaxy?

  • It doesn’t involve any practical experiments whereas it focuses on abstraction of ideas or concepts.
  • The best example to understand the concept of conceptual research is the theory of Newton’s law. As we know, the fundamentals of Newton’s law based on the concept of motion and gravitation.

If you require to create the conceptual research framework, you have to read the following steps:

  1. Selection of a topic for your research: Prior to starting your research, make sure you select a topic to gather enough information. It is essential to choose a topic related to your field of specialization.
  2. Collect relevant particulars: Once you have selected your topic, time to gather information related to the same. In conceptual research, most of your information based on previous research so it is an essential step for your research. Prefer scientific journals and research papers published by scientists as a source of your particulars.
  3. Categorize variables: It is important to identify the particular variables related to your research topic. This step will add meaning to your work. If you like to include research on the occurrence of cancer in children, age and gender are two variables for your research.
  4. Create the framework: After collecting all the needed information, you need to outline your research framework. This step focuses on answering the questions based on your research.

Benefits of conceptual research for your assignment

  • The main focus of conceptual research is to describe the concept of research or explore a phenomenon. Does it have answers to questions such as what are the cause of the phenomenon? What are the reasons responsible for the occurrence?
  • This research doesn’t allow any kind of experiment whereas it based on previously conducted studies. Your time, efforts and resources are saved with this research. With this research, students could able to generate more relevant information.
  • It is the most convenient form of research in which the conceptual outline is ready only by relevant information on the topic.

Empirical research:

Empirical research focuses on the study based on observation and measurement of phenomena. The information under this research is based on real-life experience. Most important elements of this research are:

  • A question for which you conduct research.
  • Approach to make the planned design as per your question and try to gather information from credible resources.
  • Time to gather primary data for further observation.
  • Use a correct methodology to gather and analyze the particulars using a survey or an experiment.
  • Create a sample via limiting the data to a specific group, area or time.
  • Reliability in which you recreate the study and test the outcomes.
  • Generalization reflects discoveries to a larger sample and other circumstances.

Descriptive research:

Descriptive research explains the characteristics of a phenomenon or the population that needs to be discussed. This research primarily focuses on detailing the nature of the demographic segment without answering the reasons why the phenomenon occurs. In this research, quantifiable information matters in order to statistically analyze the target audience or a specific subject. Thus, this research is not experimental instead of it focuses on correlational or observational data.

Characteristics of Descriptive Research

This research method works on the theory of research question, designing and data observation responsible for gathering information on a topic. It has some distinctive characteristics which explained below:

  1. Quantitative research: It is a quantitative research method used to gather quantifiable information for statistical observation of the population sample. Using this market research method, you can collect and explore the nature of the demographic segment.
  2. Uncontrolled variables: In descriptive research, observational methods are used to conduct the research in which none of the variables are influenced.
  3. Cross-sectional readings: Using a cross-sectional study, you could able to explore the different sections (belongs to the same group) under this method.
  4. Support further research: Whatever the data gathered under this method that can be used for further research using other research practices.

Analytical research:

This research method focuses on the facts or information that are already available to make a critical evaluation of the topic. With this method, the researcher could understand and explain the complex phenomenon using an in-depth study. It is primarily focused on hypothesis testing, specifying and interpreting relationships.

Subdivision of analytical research

  1. Historical research: This research allows users to get the origin and development of a phenomenon by analyzing past records and other information. It also helps the researcher to discover the inclinations in the past to understand the current information and also allow us to anticipate future findings.
  2. Philosophical research: This method of research discovers the fundamentals of knowledge, reality, and existence.
  3. Review: This research concentrates on the formal assessment of the topic and also allows to make changes if needed.
  4. Research synthesis or meta-analysis: In this method, two or more research studies are processed to summarize the facts regarding a specific question.

What are the misconceptions about the research methodology?

There are many misunderstandings of students regarding the term “research.” You must have a correct understanding of research and its methods before working on it.

Research is not centered on the likes and dislikes of people.

Liking and disliking do not come under the research methodology. “Like” is a subjective term and doesn’t suit to a critical thinker. To get the exact information, you must require accurate data to include in your academic work.

Research doesn’t focus on non-scientific beliefs.

To learn scientific research, you must go for other resources such as mythical or religious. Many scholars searched religious channels to learn the history of the earth and its life formation. When you go in deep, you find the discrepancy in belief and scientific evidence for the same topic.

Research doesn’t protect an individual’s thoughts.

You can’t use research to protect people’s opinions. The main work of research work is to reveal the facts and truth of the specific topic. Do not go for any individual estimations unless you have to draft a persuasive research work.


After reading the above information, you get the idea of what research is and what are the types of research methods. Before starting your project or thesis, you must understand what type of research is beneficial for your documents to reflect the desired information. The selection of the correct methodology for researching will provide you the desired outcomes. Read the above information carefully to understand the types of research and also understand the misconceptions regarding the research methods.

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