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list of topics for action research in the classroom

85 List of Topics for Action Research in the Classroom

Reading Time: 8 minutes
In today’s rapidly changing educational environment, teachers constantly look for new and creative methods to improve their teaching techniques and the academic performance of students. […]
why abortion should be legalized essay

Why Abortion Should be Legalized Essay Sample

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Abortion has been a controversial and debatable topic for many years. Some people believe that women have the right to decide on their bodies. Hence, […]
Essay Writing Apps

10 Best Essay Writing Apps for Students [2023]

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If you are a student, then during your scholastic life you will be required to write many types of essay assignments. Since essay writing involves […]
Thesis Topics

85 Fantastic Thesis Topics on Various Subjects

Reading Time: 12 minutes
A thesis is an academic paper that should be prepared on any topic based on original research. It is the final assignment that must be […]
Online Classes

10 Tips for Success in Online Classes

Reading Time: 8 minutes
During the pandemic times, online classes were the only mode through which all educational institutions teach students. Actually, not everyone enjoyed attending online classes. When […]
CAS Project Ideas

90 Outstanding CAS Project Ideas for Students

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Are you an IB student seeking interesting and funny ways to contribute to academics? If yes, then gain adventurous experience by doing CAS projects. CAS, […]
reasons not to lease a car

10 Important Reasons Not to Lease a Car

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If you are interested in getting a new car, leasing a new car can appear to be a prominent option. When you take a car […]
math books

11 Best Math Books To Augment Your Skills

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Students who struggle to score desirable grades in math often look for the best math book online. However, finding the best titles by knowledgeable and […]