What to do after graduating from a Bachelor of Arts?

Well, graduation is the most important segment of every student’s life. hence, it opens various career options for all scholars if they know what to do and how to do it. Also, a lot of scholars opt for the Bachelor of Arts as an option for upgrading their career graph. But, many peers can’t get the right destiny because of a lack of information and correct guidance. Well, if you are one of them, then you are at the right platform! In this article, you will find complete information about several career opportunities after completing your graduation in BA. Furthermore, this write-up will help you to think about how your graduation in Arts can add bars to your career scale.

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BA in Arts

Advantages of choosing the Bachelor of Arts

Enhance communication skills:

  • By choosing the option of BA in arts, you will get chances to enhance your written and verbal communication skills.
  • When you take part in different extra-circular activities, you will get a wonderful platform to enhance speaking and analytical attributes.
  • Due to working on various writing projects, you will more than enough chances to augment your writing elements.

Develop understanding & innovation:

  • Bachelor of Arts will help to heighten your understanding and interpretation. You can also develop a better understanding of your society and people’s behavior.
  • Moreover, you can boost your knowledge of being busy with various activities. And, also you can collect enough information for further learning exposure.
  • Grow analytical and logical skills by interacting with various people. And,  understand what the most desirable thing for society.

Improve research skills:

  • During studying, you have to read and write many things. Furthermore, you can boost your research skills and knowledge capacity.
  • By reading the various profound knowledge resources, you will get perfect learning exposure. And, you will complete your research work easily.
  • You will get an appropriate understanding of writing dissertations. You can also make your submission effective for your entire session.

Learn occupation or job skills:

  • Being a student, you have to face many changes when you are pursuing your studies in Australian universities. This will allow you to develop time management and exposure for better job options.
  • For getting employment in big and prominent organizations, you need to learn many things. You will get better communication, understanding for society, and enhanced wisdom after getting admission in BA.
  • Public speaking and critically thinking will also help you to hold the best position in the organization and earn a healthy package.

Acquire life attributes:

  • Students of Bachelor of Arts will gain various life skills by spending their valuable time at graduation. These skills could be money management, and balance in personal as well as in professional life.
  • Life skills help you to develop your personality and raise many opportunities for future development.

Career options after graduating from Arts Degree

Today, we are witnessing the most advanced version of the world. We can’t deny the revolution of technology and digital emergence. So, if you don’t know the right options for upgrading your career opportunities, you can’t beat today’s tough competition. But, you don’t need to take tensions; we are discussing the most appropriate valid options to have the best career for your good wealth and health. Thinking of nothing to get after bachelor of Arts must not be the part of your tension; pay attention to your studies and choose the best option for excellent career growth.

  • Government jobs: Victorian & Australian Public Service via enrolling in employment graduate programs.
  • Non-government jobs: Employment in the famous organization or multi-national companies.
  • Media and communication: Being part of journalism, online content management, and media monitoring.
  • Arts & cultural industries
  • Further studies: Masters or Ph.D., short courses, certifications, and foreign language training.

Best Bachelor of Arts

Government jobs:

The most valuable option to do after graduating from the Bachelor of Arts is to take jobs in the government sector. Thus, there are lots of vacancies available in the market for providing the best opportunities for being a part of the government. For that, you have to keep yourself updated with the job notification, age requirements, and educational qualification. Also, conduct thorough research and collect all information regarding job requirements. Doing so will help to get the right option before it’s getting too late to apply or think about it. Army or other public organizations, you have to follow certain guidelines and take qualification exams. So, prepare accordingly.

Non-government occupations:

Being a part of a famous organization or earning a healthy pay scale is as much as good as having a government job. Not every student needs to want to hold a government job. Thus, it is far important to have complete information about non-government occupations. Count some options to boost your career graphs via private jobs:

  • Digital marketing: Enhance your skills and knowledge to beat the competition of today’s successful business tactics via online marketing or digital marketing.
  • Teaching: Online tutoring or distributing education via teaching is the most satisfying job option to have. You can make your career successful by sharing your knowledge with other students.
  • NGO’s (non-governmental organizations): leaving all things behind, becoming the part of society, and working for their welfare is another peaceful option to think about.

Media and communication:

Media and communication is the most demanding career to have after graduating from a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.). For gaining dynamic and forward-focused exposure, this course provides a wonderful option to develop practical research skills. This also helps to get critical perspectives in media, television and cultural studies to sustain in this industry. This degree opens the door of journalism, international relationships, entertainment, politics, and education. The influence of media can’t even be ignored, especially during this lockdown and COVID-19 pandemic.

Art & cultural industries:

A wide range of organizations and arts companies comes under the arts and cultural sectors. To get the part of Trade Commissioner services, the industry acts as a junction of many elements that can be sub-categorized in 6 sectors:

  • Audio-visual (film and media industry)
  • Music (entertainment industry)
  • Written and published works (books, magazines, periodicals, journals)
  • Performing Arts
  • Heritage & Museums
  • Visual & Applied Art


Learning can’t be limited under some bars of graduation. If you want to expand your learning beyond the initial step, opt for masters’ and Ph.D. You need to think about how to heighten your career opportunities by selecting the best option. Perform research and pick the right subject as per your understanding. MA programs are a good choice for those scholars who want to upgrade their knowledge through M.Phil and Ph.D. MA peers are eligible for NET/TET examinations to continue their career in Assistant professors and junior researcher (JE). Read the full notification for further job opportunities.

Various courses for Students of Bachelor of Arts 

Bachelor of Arts doesn’t open a single door; it helps scholars to continue their careers in different sectors by choosing different options.

1. Bachelor of Arts in Film Production

Expand your creative thinking, storytelling, and desires of a professional film practitioner by heightening your interest in filmmaking. It is a three-year program and helps to understand the basics of filmmaking. The University of Canberra can be your first choice.

2. BA in Philosophy 

Learning of philosophy directs your thoughts and viewpoints in the right direction. Philosophers are wisdom lovers and follow their quest for enlightenment as well as truth. It is a 3 years program and can be part and full time. For the best option, pick the University of Wollongong Australia.

3. BA in Arts with Communication and Media

If you are perfect in meeting deadlines and creative thinker, then Arts with communication and Media could be the best option for you. The University of Canberra offers 4-year education in communication and media with full time blended learning.

4. Bachelor of Arts in Chinese (Mandarin)

Selecting a BA in Chinese (Mandarin) allows you to study Mandarin language, culture, and history. You can express yourself in different situations (social or business). The University of Wollongong offers 3 years of BA with the option of part-time and full time.

5. Bachelor of Arts in Event & Tourism Management 

Interest in nature and its problem-solving will bend you towards picking the BA in Event & Tourism management. Get wonderful career opportunities to get interact with local and international audiences. This program is of 3 years provided by the University of Canberra with full-time and blended learning.

6. BA in Writing and English Literature

Opt for BA in writing and English literature (offered by the University of Wollongong) to get the best combination of writing love and analytics of literature. English literature opens the blocked doors of understanding and expressing perspectives in own creative writing. It is a 3-year program with a choice of part-time and full time.

7. BA in Arts and Design (Honours) 

BA in Arts and Design (Honours) is a one year program and lets you study art and design either full time or part-time. By choosing this program, you will get enhanced research skills and get experts supervision for completing your dissertation.

8. Bachelor of Arts in International Studies

To understand global issues and get the best career opportunities, this education program is the best choice. Under international studies, spend your 3 years in understanding international issues such as economy and globalization.

9. Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media

BA in digital media is a specialist course providing the essential practical knowledge to develop complex interactive media. It engages students for 3 years. The University of Canberra provides this course with the only option of full-time learning.

10. BA in Politics

By enrolling yourself in Bachelor of Arts in politics, you will understand the origin & nature of power, political economy, political theory, and international relations. This is a 3-year program with the alternative of part-time and full-time.

The above-shared list discloses some options to enlighten students on how they can progress their career graph by choosing various educational programs in BA. Don’t limit yourself with these options; search for more and choose the best program for your education.

Why choose Australia for pursuing a Bachelor of Arts?

So, studying in Australia is like a dream come true. Many students come from different countries to fulfill their dreams and make themselves a successful person. When it comes to expanding learning exposure and sustain an excellent career, the best thing to do is to study harder. In this sense, Australia is the best selection. Australia is the only choice of many peers because of its excellent education system, high standard of living, friendly environment, and cultural values. Now, let’s understand why students choose Australia for studying Bachelor of Arts:

International recognition:

basically, students from Australian universities get international recognition because of the global reputation of Australian education. Thus, the government regulates its education system very fantastically and maintains high standards of education. Also, this allows scholars to expand their roots across the world.

Developing destination

After the US and UK, Australia acts as the third most attractive destination for international students. Hence, scholars choose to enroll themselves in Australian universities because of friendly natives and high quality of education.

Diverse Range of Education

Usually, Australian universities provide a wide range of courses and degrees. And, they allow students to choose the best school and course to fulfill their passion. So, choosing the right career option is the most desirable thing in today’s time. In Australia, peers can choose the appropriate option in terms of universities, English language training, and vocational education.

Cost of living

So, the living standard of Australia comes among the highest in the world. Additionally, Australian’s living expenses and tuition costs are considerably cheaper as compared to the US and UK. Well, being a student of Bachelor of Arts, you always have an option to work part-time and seek scholarships to satisfy your requirements as well as financial needs.

Technology exposure

Indeed, it gets hard to survive in this world without knowing technology. Moreover, you can’t beat the competition and develop your identity without having good technology.  Hence, this is the most appealing reason for choosing Australia to pursue studies. Well, as students get great exposure via scientific research. Also, Australia is the hub of new technology and innovation.

Best Australian Universities for Bachelor of Arts Degree

Thus, if you want admission to Australian universities for a Bachelor of Arts degree, then have a look at the below list. Here are the suggestions of the best Australian universities are based on three criteria:

  • Numbers of students get admission to the literary arts program.
  • BA students’ satisfaction level.
  • Graduates’ performance in terms of employment and salary package.

Top 10 Australian Universities:

  • Australian National University
  • Monash University
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Sydney
  • Macquarie University
  • University of New South Wales
  • Deakin University
  • Charles Sturt University
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Wollongong


Now, don’t limit your progress and career growth because of any reason. Instead of it, choose the best option for making your studies a successful decision. Also, you have to search the internet, collect the complete details, and adopt the best Australian university for a Bachelor of Arts degree. Well, one thing to keep in mind that many universities render online educational programs and make their students updated for all changes. And, this online option works great in the COVID-19 pandemic and doesn’t allow you to stop thinking about your education.

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