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Bibliography vs. Works Cited- All you need to know

Bibliography vs. Cited Works in Academic Assignments

Bibliography vs. Cited Works in Academic Assignments

If you have enrolled in a college, undoubtedly, you need to know what plagiarism is and thereby understand its impact. Perhaps, most of you will commit academic dishonesty in your college life and might experience the consequences of plagiarism. Unfortunately, most of us don’t know that we ought not to copy-paste any concepts or figures in academic writing. However, if we claim another author’s work as our work, certainly we will face the consequences of plagiarism. Though the data you copy-paste appears correct, yet it is not ethical and might lead to severe penalties. Hence, referencing methods, like the APA works cited play a crucial role.

What is Referencing? How is it Important?

Let’s first understand referencing, before we proceed to understand the difference between bibliography and cited works. Obviously, when write my paper, you ought to credit any source of information, you have used. Certainly, using the research work of other writers is good, but you ought to give credit to any source you use. Otherwise, you will experience the consequences of plagiarism issues.

What is the Purpose of Referencing?

Perhaps, referencing your academic writing work will serve the following purpose:

  • Firstly, it might differentiate your opinions from other writers who might have done similar works.
  • Secondly, referencing might allow the readers to follow in more detail what you may have learned in the class.
  • Thirdly, showcase the compactness in your research as good referencing might fetch good grades for you.


Bibliography vs. Cited Works- What is the difference?

Even though bibliography and cited works look similar, yet it is different, because the former is written in alphabetical order. Let’s carefully explore the differences.


Bibliography Cited Works
A bibliography is located at the end of every academic writing assignment. Cited works are a list of sources that you might have used in your research work. Unlike a bibliography, the works cited appear within the text. However, it ought to appear in the reference list as well.
Besides, it may include any other work referred to by the author. Moreover, it’s not significant to have used that source in your research work. While cited works might not include any sources that you haven’t used in your essay.
A bibliography is used in both arts and science research papers. However, cited works are mostly found in scientific research papers. Also, it may include survey-oriented papers or even thesis papers.
Mostly, a bibliography is longer than the cited works. Moreover, it is not specific as it contains references only. While a cited work is shorter than the bibliography page. Also, it is more specific as compared to the bibliography.
Subsequently, a bibliography is mostly used in literary pieces, features, or articles as this might prevent you from plagiarism. However, cited works are mostly used in cited theories, quotes, pre-proclaimed work, or original work

Work-Cited vs. Bibliography- How to Write?

Simultaneously, the key to writing good bibliography and cited works is to collect significant information as you do your research. Let’s scroll through the points below that might want to accumulate to write your bibliography or work-cited page:

  • Title of the article, book, or the publication of your reading.
  • Publication date.
  • Author of the publication you select. In case of multiple authors, ensure to note all.
  • Publication place and publisher of the book you choose.
  • Journals- Page numbers and volume.
  • Websites- Author, name of the website, company, URL, and the date of access.

Bibliography vs. Work-Cited and its Examples

To further understand the difference, perhaps, let’s first explore the examples of a bibliography.

Example 1

Specifically, all the resources in this list ought to appear in the text of your research paper:

  • Banerjee, A. and Watson, T.F. (2011) Pickard’s manual of operative dentistry. 9th Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Hislop, V. (2014) The sunrise. Available at http://www.amazon.co.uk/kindlestore (Accessed: 17 June 2017).
  • Lucas, G. (2004) The wonders of the Universe. 2nd Edited by Frederick Jones, James Smith, and Tony Bradley. London: Smiths.
  • ‘Rush (band)’ (2015) Available at https://en.wikipedia.org/?title=Rush_(band) (Accessed: 18 June 2015).

Example 2

Subsequently, this list includes both the resources you have used or not used in your research papers.

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention (1994) Epi Info (Version 6) [Computer program]. Available at http://www.cdcp.com/download.html (Accessed: 23 June 2015).
  • Jones, B., (1997) Methods in tumor research. National Agency for Tumour Research,  7.
  • Peart, N. (1976) Something for Nothing. Toronto: Toronto Sound Studios.
  • The University of Birmingham (2010) The University of Birmingham experience. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLxV5L6IaFA (Accessed: 18 June 2015).

Action Needed- Bibliography vs. Works Cited

If you still don’t understand bibliography vs. works cited, perhaps contact our experts to apply in your assignments. Also, if you consult your professor, he might teach you the technique and you may do it yourself. In case, you don’t want to comprise quality, then look no further, but let experts do my assignment.