Understand the significance of a Character Reference Letter with examples

A character reference letter is more personal than a professional which speaks to the person’s character and personality. When things come to pay attention in life and take some responsibilities, writing a character reference letter plays a significant role. It contains all the required information about the candidate’s educational background and character traits.

While writing a character letter, you need to focus on your character instead of job experience. In this article, you will get a proper explanation of what is the character reference letter, when you need these kinds of letters, and what are the important points you need to include in this letter. You also find samples of reference letters to understand the writing style of them.

Character Reference Letter For Online Assignments

What is a character reference letter?

A character reference letter or a personal reference letter is a reference given by someone who knows you but doesn’t belong to your inner circle. In this letter, your references focus on a person’s character and abilities rather than work experience. This kind of letter reflects someone’s persona and skills.

When you require a character reference letter?

Candidates require character reference letters in mainly two situations. In the first case, when you need a background examination for legal reasons such as court cases. In this situation, your character reference acts as evidence that proves that you are the one who has good moral character and innocence that require reduced sentences. And in adverse conditions, it reflects your bad character too.

In the second case, you need to present a character reference when you are going to apply for a job but you don’t have required work experience or you were absent from your office routing for a longer period of time. In this situation, you may be asked for showing a character reference when you want to apply for a specific position. There are some organizations that may ask to present the reference letters including some schools, colleges, clubs, or any program.

What to include in the character reference letter?

When you are thinking about writing a character reference letter, you must know what are the key points you need to include in it. Read the following points to get the knowledge of what you are going to include in your letter:

  • The reason for writing a letter

Like every other letter, start your personal reference letter with an opening sentence stating the reason for writing the letter. Let’s take an example, you are going to provide a reference letter for Will Smith for a job requirement, then you need to initiate your letter with “I am writing to provide a personal reference for Will Smith, who I recommend strongly for the job that requires customer relationship management and sales growth.”

  • Relation with the person and years you have spent with him

In this section, you have to mention the relation of yours with the person for whom you are presenting the reference letter. This explanation also requires the length of time so that the reader or employer can build trust in him. Like, “Smith is my college friend, we have completed graduation together and he was a keen learner at that time. I have known him since we have taken admission in the University in 2010.”

  • Description of a person’s personality and capabilities

This part of the reference letter requires the description of the person’s abilities and skills matching with the position. You need to present details so that he will sound eligible for the desired post. For example, “Smith has great potential for learning and has strong decision-making skills even in adverse conditions. He usually helped us to make a strong relationship with professors and university’s members.” Your letter needs to demonstrate particular examples of times in which you have experienced the person’s capabilities.

  • Contact information for further queries

When you are going to end your reference letter, don’t forget to include your email or phone number. If the concerned person requires any further investigation or questions, he or she can approach you easily. This helps you to provide better communication and offer the right approach for whom you are presenting the reference letter or the one who is writing the letter to you.

  • Use simple and easy language for better understanding

Ensure you have used simple and easy language in your letter. Because the main motto of writing the letter is you are trying to convince someone to select your reference so that it sounds satisfying for the reader.

  • Don’t include colloquialisms

While writing a character reference letter, try to adopt an official tone as much as possible. When your letter reflects colloquialisms, the chance of satisfaction drops. As a result, you may not get the desired outcome for which you have written the letter.

  • Review the letter carefully

Once you have done with the writing part of the letter, ensure to read it twice so that no mistake will present in it. Because there is a chance of grammatical or spelling errors in your paper. As an alternative, you can submit the draft to the concerned person so that he or she can review the letter for its authenticity.

Samples for Character Reference letter

Sample 1

To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Joe Roberts for more than 5 years because of his various capabilities. He has been my daughter’s dance instructor for the past 4 years. Apart from this, he was my partner in a small business where he is responsible for managing sales growth and client relations.

Joe is effectual, detail-oriented, and extremely experienced in his field. He manages his time so well and often complete tasks well before the deadline. He is extremely organized, never forget to get the proper details before starting any work, and highly focused.

Joe is capable to build an excellent relationship with people of all ages. He has taught dancing and physical exercises to both children. Joe has great command over communication skills (both written and verbal) that help him to connect with all kinds of people. He also inspires them to put for their best effort.

In last, I highly recommend Joe for the position he is looking for and eager to devote his skills for the same. He can generate himself as a valuable asset for any organization.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


[Your name]

[Phone number]

[email address]

Sample 2

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lily Roberts for 6 years. From the years of our acquaintance, I have known Joe in many abilities. Lily is my neighbor and she has been my babysitter when I was 8 months pregnant for my second baby. Since that time, she has become the babysitter for both children. In the 6 years, I have understood Lily so well and witnessed her great maturity and sense of responsibility.

Lily is mature beyond her years. She was only 15 when she first came to my home for babysitting. Lily even started a policy of writing a brief description at the end of each babysitting job, with information on what they did and how each child behaved. She shows impressive professionalism.

Lily is also extremely talented. Over the years, she has designed multiple indoor games and drawing projects for children ranging from new-borns to 10 years old. One time, in particular, she developed a game, produced costumes and a set with our children. they performed this for us after 5 days of rehearsing. Not every teenager has this kind of inspiration and creativity.

Lily is an intelligent, capable, and dedicated young woman. I have noticed that she is always quick with sensible reactions in all situations. I am feeling much confidence in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with pensiveness and mellowness.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me [phone number] with any other queries.


[Your Name]

[email address]

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How to write a resignation letter (with examples)

Are you ready to switch your job? Changing a job from one place to another is quite common in today’s time. We need growth, knowledge enhancement, skills improvement, and a handsome package to meet our daily requirements. For that, we need to resign from one organization and require to join somewhere else. When you are ready to quit, you have to think a lot especially when you are working on your resignation letter that what you are going to include or what points (either positive or negative) you will add to your letter.

You have to maintain a compelling tone, convincing arguments and rationally thoughts on your letter to face the counter-arguments through your letter. This level of thinking will save you from disrupted communication between you and your employer without leaving a bad impression and discontentment on the employer whom you are going to leave. All these things lead you to write a resignation letter with grace and diligence.

Resignation letter For Online Assignment Help

Definition of resignation letter

A resignation letter acts as a piece of paper in which an employee states his or her reason for leaving the current employer. When you have a well-crafted resignation letter in your hand, you will able to maintain a healthy relationship with your old employers. Using appropriate words on your resignation letter with the right approach, you can leave a strong and positive final impression while moving out of the organization.

Points to be included in a resignation letter

  • Don’t make your resignation letter long or complicated, try to include essential aspects using a pleasing tone.
  • The date of the last day on the job and include formal notice you have given the company.
  • The name and designation of the official person to whom you have worked with.
  • Write your statement short and to the point reflecting your intention of resigning.
  • Don’t forget to express your gratitude for providing you a chance to grow.
  • Show your availability for providing proper training to your replacement.
  • Sign your letter and pen down your contact information for any post-departure queries or communication.
  • Present your well-wishes for the future of your current employer.

Either chose to hand-deliver the printed document or mail as an attachment to the human resources department and your manager or team lead.

Points to be avoided while writing a resignation letter

Your resignation letter will store with other employees’ files and it may be referred by your employer in the future when anyone seeks a reference. A poorly written letter may affect your career long once you have moved from your current organization. Thus, try to avoid some basic mistakes to make sure that your letter will not create a bad reference.

  • Don’t enlighten or explain the reason for leaving your position.
  • Don’t include the downsides of the job, the behavior of your team members or the negative aspects of the company.
  • Never include brag about your plans regarding your career growth.
  • Don’t send incomplete or unedited documents with mistakes.
  • Don’t make it too lengthy, stick to one page.

Make sure that you have used a positive and professional tone while composing your resignation letter which could not get against you in the future.

writing a resignation letter

Samples of resignation letters

Sample 1

Subject of the letter: New job opportunity, Thanks, and contact information


[Designation of the concerned person]

[Company Address]

Dear James,

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from my position as a data analyst. My last day of employment will be June 22, 2019.

I received an offer to serve as a senior data analyst of a Fortune 500 company, and after careful consideration, I realize that this opportunity is too stirring for me to ignore.

I have been spending a great time working with you and your team over the last 2 years. One of the highlights of my career was cooperating with you to extract information for XYZ Company’s data, managing their imported data and handling confidential information. Your company is dignified for continual growth and I wish you will get much success with your upcoming acquisition of ABC Company.

I would like to help with the transition of my professional duties so that the workflow will not hamper after my departure. I am available to help and train my replacement, and I will make certain that all reporting and records are updated before my last day of work.

James, thank you again for offering me an opportunity to work with your organization. I wish you and your staff all the best and I look forward to staying in touch with you. You can email me anytime at james@gmail.com or call me at *****.


Will Smith

Sample 2:

Subject of the letter: Transience and acknowledgment


[Designation of the concerned person]

[Company Address]

Dear James,

I’m writing today to give my resignation and let you know that my last day with XYZ company will be September 18, 2019.

I’ve enjoyed my time here while working with the company and will miss working with the team. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work here, and I know the skills and knowledge I’ve learned over the past 4 years will serve me well in my new adventure. I want to thank my team lead for all his support and guidance. I wish your company much success in all future projects.

Please let me know what I can to do to ease the transition. I’m blissful to help train my replacement, and can also provide a quick excel sheet to the client list for anyone who’s taking over my duties so that workflow will not hamper.

Thanks again for everything.


Will Smith

Feel free to adjust and change the words as per your experience and your company culture. Follow standard procedures while submitting your resignation letter.

Keep one thing in mind that your document should follow up to a meeting with your manager. Make a rough note of the main points of your letter and wait until you have had discussed everything with your head or manager to get a final tune of wordings which will reflect the key points of your meeting.

Methods to use a template of a resignation letter

To get the idea of how to use a resignation letter template, follow the below steps:

  • Download the resignation letter template and paste it in MS Word or Email.
  • Write your contact details and other personal information on it.
  • Rewrite the content in your own words and describes your perceptions.
  • Proofread and review your letter for a final check.
  • Submit your letter through e-mails as an attachment or directly to the concerned person.

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Learn how to write a letter of Intent (with examples) and get a complete guide

How will you express your requirements when you are seeking a job or getting admission to a college or university? The buzzing word that comes to your mind is a letter of intent and sometimes called a statement of purpose. A good letter reflects what you want to study and your requirements for getting admission to a specific institute. The more expressive letter you present; the great impact you will receive.

To get what a letter of intent could be and how you present that letter with how much information, read the article carefully and understand the purpose of it.

How to write a letter of Intent

Objectives of a Letter of Intent

A letter of intent acts as an application that describes the important points of an individual’s academics and other credentials related to their professional life. Using a correct format, you can express your skills, strengths, weakness, and achievements to let your recruiter or academic supervisor understand your capabilities.

  • A letter of Intent is about to express your achievements for opening a great chance to grab the opportunity.
  • It highlights your job requirements or desires for a specific course of study.
  • It shows your interest in the specific employer or University.

Components of a Letter of Intent

Once you have understood the reason why are you going to write a letter of intent, you must proceed to what kind of things you need to include. It should be to the point and describe all important details clearly

1. Provide proper introduction at the beginning

Before connecting to anyone, you need to introduce yourself. When you are writing to a college, you have to include the name of schools from where you have completed your education and in which year you are currently studying.

If you are seeking a job position in any firm, you require to tell your name and overview of your educational background. If you are looking for a particular job opening, mention it opening clause. It is good to connect your objectives with the objectives of the company for which you are writing the letter. Instead of going into the details, describes your job requirements, mention your current position is and a general idea of your professional desires.

Ensure to personalize your letter. For that reason, you require to clear your choice at the start. If you are approaching a graduate college, be specific why have you selected that institute.

2. Move to your specifics

When you have completed your introduction, you require to describes your specifics. At this point, you need to mention why are you fit for this position and express your knowledge of the program.

While composing your letter, be thoughtful about the purpose of writing the letter. You need to discuss whether you have the need for an internship or job position and your desires for the post. You also mention why you are interested in the company not its competitors.

Describe your credentials:

Time to describes your credentials. Don’t hesitate! Be wise to describe your achievements so that they will consider you for that school or position. Mentions all your accomplishments such as technical knowledge or general skills, experience, certification, languages, and computer software relevant to the program.

It is up to you whether you choose a paragraph or bulleted list to pen down your achievements. Make sure you are honest whatever you are going to mention in this paragraph. Include appreciation of the school or organization. Try to include convincing points without making it too overboard. Don’t stop without mentioning the significance of the position, why it is appealing to you and how your skills related to the specific position or program.

3. Urge for a request in the conclusion

Don’t stop without including the conclusion in your letter. Mentions your wish for an interview so that you can express your necessities. Ensure to write your correct contact information in the proposal so that you can be approached easily.

Make sure you take proper follow up to make yourself updated. It is good to show gratitude to your reader for providing his time. End your letter professionally using words like ‘Best wishes’ or ‘Sincerely.’

For your clarification, read the below examples to distinguish the correct and wrong pattern of a letter of intent.

A bad example of a Letter of Intent

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Will, killer of sales objectives and an all-around great employee. I have a B. Com, and my people skills are superior. I am interested in [Name of the Company] for my next career opportunity and have attached my resume for your consideration.

I hear good things about [Name of the Company], and since I quit my job at [Name of the current employer] after working with a nightmare boss (never work with a Scorpio, ha!), I am very interested in your opportunities for an experienced sales manager like me.

I’ll be calling you as well to make sure you received my letter, and are considering me for a position at [Name of the current employer].

Good Example of a Letter of Intent

For Admission in Institution

[Mention the address of the university]

[Date of the day]

Dear Sir/Ma’am.

My name is James Watson and currently, I am pursuing my studies as a senior at Thomas Jefferson, California. where my main subject is Science. The main purpose of writing this letter to express my interest in the graduation program at your esteemed University.

I have had a tardy good academic record and sane significant achievements in extracurricular activities like debate, quizzes, sports, and other competitions. Photocopies of my mark sheets and certificates are enclosed with this letter for your kind perusal.

I have checked your website and learned about the advantages of the program provided by your university. I am highly impressed by your annual Math Olympiad and your esteemed panel of teaches who responsible for a healthy atmosphere that allows a student to focus on their objectives. It would be a great pleasure for me if I would get a chance to become part of the university.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries or questions. Drop me an mail at ****@gmail.com or you can call me at ****5.

Thanks for your time

Yours Sincerely,

James Watson

For Job Vacancies

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Ma’am

My name is Will Smith, and I am writing to you today to submit my resume for consideration on your Digital Marketing team. As a recognized leader with more than a decade of whipping aggressive growth objectives and working with diverse teams to produce great outcomes, I am very interested in opportunities to bring that experience and growth to [Name of the company].

(Share your experience)

With 20 years of experience in digital marketing in numerous different roles having a great catch on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), I know I can bring a strong, client-oriented strategy to your [Name of the company]. Since graduating with an Engineering in Computer Science from Benjamin Franklin University in 1999, I’ve built my career in using client requirements, website development, and strategic campaigns to get the desired output.

Most recently, as Digital marketer at [Name of your employer], my innovative SEO strategies and overhaul of our social media lead generation program increased widget sales by more than 100% from 2015 to 2018. While my time at [Name of your Employer] Industries has been a valuable experience, I’m ready to move on and grow into a senior manager position that better blends website ranking, internet marketing, and innovative strategy. Based on [Name of company] commitment to being on the cutting edge of widget sales, I believe my skills and background jibe well with that motto.

I look forward to talking with you about my educational qualifications, and potential opportunities with [Name of the company]. I am attaching my resume, and have a comprehensive career profile on your website. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to reach me at ***gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

Yours Sincerely

Will Smith

After reading the above examples, you will understand how to present your skills and achievements in your letter of intent. To make your proposal effective, follow the below tips before and after finishing your draft.

Tips for writing an effective letter of intent

Before writing your proposal

1. Ensure to read the instructions carefully

You need a letter of intent for all applications, proposals or any procedures to show your requirements. All these documents require precise instructions related to what information you have to include in your proposal. Before writing your letter of intent, review these instructions carefully.

2. Get the details of letter receiver (name & address)

If you don’t find any information online, make a quick phone call to the organization or institution that will provide all the required information. Try to be specific if you are going to write a letter to a whole team. It will be great if you know the names of all team members. You will get great outputs for your well-informed research.

3. Create Notes to include all information

It is suggested to pen down all the information which you want to include in your letter including personal information, pervious accomplishments, awards, achievements, challenges that have been overcome, and successes you are meant to you most. If you have any plan related to your school education or business growth, write down in a clear way and also prospects for the position you are going to apply

A statement of purpose is more comprehensive than a cover letter which may sound similar. Apart from your objectives, it uncovers your career goal, professional skills, leadership abilities, experiences, and unique characteristics that make you different from others.

Do and Don’ts for effective proposal

  • Be specific about your achievements and skills.
  • No need to include complete details of leaving the last company.
  • Ensure to describe the reasons for selecting the company or institute.
  • Write short paragraphs. Long-windedness sounds boring and complicating usually when people have a lot to do in a short period of time. Consider the following key-point while composing your proposal.
  • First section: define yourself and write your goals for sending the letter in brief.
  • Second section: describe educational and professional background information (relevant education, experience, and skills)
  • Paragraph 3: Conclusion/Call to action.

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Difference between Affect and Effect – The Easiest Way to Remember the Concept

How many times have you get confused between affect and effect? Do you make the common mistake every time you write? You will be relaxed to know that you are not the one who faces this problem. Even people with good grammatical skills make this common mistake. They often get perplexed about the usage of such similar words. Using similar words or homophones can be confusing. There is nothing to feel ashamed about it. Most people are not certain when to use these two specific words.

While texting or writing or even in speaking, people unknowingly get stumbled between such words. It is quite natural. These two words spell almost the same. Even the English speaking people do not have a fair idea when to use affect and effect in a particular sentence. But for academic students, this sort of silly errors can make serious damage as far as the grades are concerned. They may end up losing crucial grades due to this common problem.

Don’t worry. This blog will help you to understand the significance of these two words differently. If you are having a problem to use these words in a specific context, read out the blog to make out the difference. Here you can get a clear picture of the difference between these two words and their usage depending on the context.Affect and Effect

Definition of Affect and Effect:

To clear out the confusing, the first thing you need to do is to understand the meaning of these words appropriately. Otherwise, the confusion will remain the same.

  • Meaning of Effect:

Effect means the result of an action. This word resembles an effect due to a certain cause. Such as: if you do not sleep on time, it will have an effect on your health. Effect is in general used as a noun form. If you are trying to establish the impact of a phenomenon, you can use this word ‘effect’.

  • Meaning of Affect:

Affect is a verb which assembles to influence something. It literally means ‘to produce a change’. Whenever you use affect, it signifies how something has influenced an action to happen. For example: continuous change in weather is affecting his health.

As you can see, these are the simplified definition of those words. However, it is common to get confused how and when to use these twos word correctly as there are huge differences in the usage.

Rules of Affect and Effect:

While defining these two words correctly, it is said that the main difference between these words is in their use. Affect is a verb whereas effect is used as a noun. As far as the general rules of English grammars are concerned, the position of these words will be different. But exceptions are here as well which you will get to know later.

Look at the examples to understand the difference between Affect and Effect:

We have already discussed the difference between these two homophones. Apart from that, there is not much difference. Affect and effect is nothing but are two different parts of speech. Let’s simplified the things for you to make it much easier:

When something affects someone, then that person experiences the effect of that thing’s action. This simple example will help you to understand the use of these two similar words effectively in a sentence.

How to use ‘Affect’ in a sentence? Understand with a proper example:

If we do not talk about the exception here, ‘Affect’ is generally treated as a verb. The meaning generally assembles an impact to produce a change in something. Look at the below-mentioned examples to get a clear knowledge about the usage of this word:

  • Improper sleeping habit affects mental growth.
  • Excessive usage of mobile phones can affect your eyesight.
  • Mumbai flood has affected thousands of lives.

Hopefully, these examples will be useful enough to make you understand the use of the word.

How to use ‘Effect’ in a sentence? Understand with a proper example:

On the other hand, effect is used as a noun. It shows the result of a change. By using this word, you are going to experience the effect of a change. Have a look at the examples for more clarity:

  • Excessive use of plastics makes a deadly effect on the environment.
  • Due to the effect of rainfall, the temperature has gone down.
  • Increased pollution level is creating a severe effect on the earth.

As you can see, the word ‘effect’ is mostly used as a noun. You can stick to the rule at the time of formation of a sentence. But there are certain exceptions which you need to understand.

Go through the examples of ‘affect’ and ‘effect’:

When you know how to use ‘Affect’ and ‘Effect’ in a sentence, the next thing you need to do is take a step forward. You should know the exceptions of using these words. As you learn the exception, you need to bend the standard rule of English grammars. There is some specific context where you may need to use ‘effect’ as a verb and ‘affect’ as a noun.

How to use effect as a verb?

When the context requires, you can use ‘effect’ as a verb as well. However, it changes the meaning of the sentence completely. ‘Effect’ when used as verb, changes the context entirely. Effect word can be used as verb which may mean ‘change’ or ‘solution’.

Read out the examples to understand more:

The government’s recent policies effected a change in the country’s employment.

As you can see here, the word ‘effect’ has been used as ‘bring out’. To get a clearer meaning, you can translate the sentence into ‘the government’s recent policies bring out a change in the country’s employment’. The word ‘affect’ would not justify the sentence. It would bring out a completely new sense.

The word ‘affect’ literally means ‘to impact’ or ‘to change’. It would change the meaning of the sentence completely. You were not intended to imply a change or an impact here. Though both of the sentences are correct, the context and the meaning are significantly different.

How to use ‘Affect’ as a noun?

While using as a noun, ‘affect’ means emotions or feelings. Though most of the time the word is used as a verb, in certain cases, you can use this word to imply someone’s particular emotion or feeling.

For example: Her affect seems to be arrogant towards the common employees of the company.

Instead of using feeling or emotion, here we have used the word ‘affect’. The word ‘effect’ would not make any sense in this sentence, as you can see.

How to use ‘affected’ as an adjective?

Hardly anyone knows that the word ‘affected’ can also be used as an adjective besides using as past and past participle. Affected in adjective form means pretentious, artificial or designed to impress. It does not mean that you can use this word to compliment someone. In a deeper sense, the word ‘affected’ as an adjective normally implies the fact that someone is behaving like important than he or she actually is.

Check out the below-mentioned example to understand the use of ‘affected’ as an adjective:

She made an affected inquiry for the crime.

You can see that it is not possible to use the word ‘effected’ in this context as it would change the meaning of the sentence. It would not make the same sense if you had chosen the word ‘effected’ here.

The common mistakes made by people while using ‘affecting’ and ‘effecting’:

Due to confusion between these two words, people seem to make silly mistakes while using any of these words. The usage of the words becomes a difficult task not only for students but also for scholars.

For instance, ‘Drinking has an adverse effect on your health.’

Here, you can notice that you have made a common mistake while choosing the right word for the sentence. The word ‘effect’ is not a genuine choice to make as it is distorting the meaning of the sentence. If you want to use the word ‘effect’ in this sentence, you need to construct the sentence in a different way. Sometimes, people use ‘effect’ as a verb.

For example: He effected his escape through the rear window.

Though ‘effected’ is here used as a verb, the confusion remains the same. These are some of the common grammatical mistakes that most people make while writing or speaking.

How to remember the difference?

Most people have no idea how to differentiate between these two words. Whenever asked, they seem blanked. But you need to know when and how to use these words efficiently without making any common mistake. When someone asks you the difference between these two words, you should have an answer. This blog is all about making you understand the different context and different sentence formations using these two homophones.

Here is the simplest trick to remember to avoid making mistakes while using ‘affect’ and ‘effect’:

The word ‘affect’ starts with an ‘A’ and it means action. And action means a verb. That means you can associate ‘affect’ with a verb.

By remembering this, you can easily interpret the difference between these similar words.

A quick recap of the summary:

In this entire blog, you get to know the basic difference between these two words. Let’s take a quick recap of the whole thing to remember these points:

  • While forming a sentence, you need to use the word ‘affect’ as a verb. It means ‘to change’ or ‘to impact’.
  • The word ‘effect’ is a noun and it means ‘the result of the change’.
  • There are some exceptions where you cannot use these words as a verb or as a noun.
  • In certain cases, you can use ‘effect’ as a verb to imply the meaning ‘to bring about’.
  • There are times where you may need to use ‘affect’ as a noun to assemble ‘feeling’ or ‘emotion’.
  • Sometimes ‘affected’ can be used as an adjective. It stands for ‘pretentious’ or ‘artificial’.
  • To make things simpler, you only need to remember that the basic difference between ‘affect’ and ‘effect’ is in their meaning and their use in spoken form.

We hope that this blog has cleared the basic confusion between these two words. Now you do not have any problem to remember the correct way to use these words. If you understand these common grammatical usages of these words, you will make lesser mistakes while writing. As a result, your academic grades will improve.

If you are in need of professional help, our Assignment Help customer support services are open 24*7. You can connect with us at your earliest convenience. We are a group of experienced writers working tooth and nails to provide a completely error-free solution for your assignment issues. Whenever you face any complications while drafting an assignment, our assignment writing team is just a call away. We provide a complete academic solution through various platforms like online portals, live-chats, emails, and telephone. Hence, connect with us to release yourself from all assignment worries in a shorter span of time. We also charge a nominal amount of money to prepare your assignments to give it a professional touch.

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5 Excellent Examples of Pestle Analysis that Everyone Should Know

Correct pestle analysis examples can help you earn good grades in exams. If you are struggling to find the best pestle analysis examples for your marketing assignment, there is nothing to whine about it. Here we have shared some of the key examples of pestle analysis that you can use anytime, anywhere. Your teacher would be happy to find these illustrations in your copy.

Here are 5 most top-rated companies that we have covered for pestle analysis examples. Have a look:

  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Coca- Cola
  • Apple
  • And Uber

Go through the illustrious section of these pestle analysis examples to collect ideas for your next marketing assignment.

Pestle Analysis

  • Pestle analysis of Adidas:

You all are aware of this brand. Adidas is one of the unparalleled brands for sports shoes and garments. This German-based company is in this business for a longer period of time. It has inspired many youngsters to go for this brand. But the bigger question is how? After all the economic challenges, this company is running well in the market.

The pestle analysis of Adidas will tell you how this company has been stable in its position even after all the challenges. How its external factors are helping Adidas to maintain its status.

Political factor:

  • Adidas is among those companies which have faced many risk and civil turmoil. But it kept on going even after the huge changes in the political policies.
  • There are plenty of political factors that cost money and time. Issues like war, terrorism, nationalization delay in its delivery.
  • Changes in the tax system is another factor that has affected the party a lot

Economic factor:

  • This company has been through much economic crisis during the year of 2005. Inflation, unemployment, and taxation have impacted this party in various ways.
  • There was no instability in the stock market which was another reason for its decreasing growth rate.
  • All these factors have somehow made an impact on purchasing power. As a result, revenue fell rapidly.

Social Factor:

  • Adidas designs shoes and apparel that are usable by all ages, cultures, and religions.
  • As we all know that the company mostly attracts sports and athletic customers. It somehow limits the purchasing habit of a customer.
  • Mostly Adidas needs to rethink its strategies to promote the brand in the Islamic countries.

Technological factor:

  • Technology boosts your brand policies.
  • Adidas manufactures its products using its own technologies. It has helped this brand to stay one step ahead.
  • Not only that but also the use of online websites is another good example of the use of technology.

Environmental factor:

  • Adidas does not use any restricted products.
  • It keeps a close look at the volatile and organic compound emissions. It uses sustainable products which increases its product quality.

Legal factor:

  • Adidas has been able to earn a global reputation. It has a high reputation around the world.
  • That is why it ensures to stay out of any legal troubles. As it can impact their brand value.

The bottom line is that Adidas is one of the finest brands in this sector. It is doing well as far as marketing is concerned.

Pestle analysis of Nike:

Everybody knows about this US-based brand and its reputation. It has been producing and selling sports shoes and apparel. It is one of the most valued brands in the sports business.

Let’s have a look at the pestle analysis of this brand to know where it stands.

Political factor:

  • Political environment impacts this brand like nothing else. Its global presence solely depends on the taxation and manufacturing rules designed in the country.
  • It needs to follow the import and export laws strictly. It is troubling its worldwide distribution.

Economic factor:

  • To improve its purchasing power, Nike should focus on economies like the US, UK, and others. This way they can find a stable economy with a good percentage of purchasing scale.
  • Countries that are growing rapidly can also create a great opportunity for Nike.

Social factor:

  • People are turning more toward sports to stay fit. This is giving Nike a chance to play a vital role.
  • Nike designs its products in a user-friendly manner. The customer receives positive results through its high-quality sports shoes and apparel.

Technological factor:

  • Though Nike gives importance to technology, it needs to consider the technology it manufactures. It will give the company more boost in the market.
  • Another external factor that affects Nike is the investment of R&D. The constant change in technology brings both opportunities and threats to this company.

Legal Factor:

  • Nike needs to consider the copyright problem of its products.
  • The company also should keep an eye on the involvement of child labor and employment rules.
  • This brand also needs to maintain health and safety issues.

Environmental factor:

  • Change in the environment is a global issue.
  • Nike produces products that are environment-friendly. This helps this brand to boost its brand value.
  • It will help the company to bring sustainability.

Let’s move forward.

Pestle analysis of Coca- Cola:

When you think about a soft drink, the first brand that comes to your mind is Coca- Cola. It is one of the most famous soft drink producers in the world. With the finest technology, this brand has earned millions of valuable customers. Let’s have a look at the pestle analysis of Coca- Cola.

Political factor:

  • FDA tests every Coca- Cola products. This brand needs to follow the rules of the country and offers the best beverages in the local stores.
  • If the rules are not as followed as per the instructions, countries may prevent its distribution.

Economic factor:

  • The fan base of Coca- Cola is tremendous. It produces products in various countries.
  • Depending on the tastes and preferences of customers, they make most of their profits.
  • Coca- Cola is slowly moving towards to make healthy drinks which customers mostly prefer.

Social factor:

  • Coca- Cola makes most of its profit in urban areas.
  • There are more than 30 flavors in Japan the same as China.
  • It produces healthy products in the US. Coca- Cola offers teas and water in that region.
  • They need to take the same approach for Japan and China.

Technological factor:

  • Coca- Cola can make a more effective market with the use of technology.
  • Technology will help this brand to increase its productivity.
  • There is a technological set up in Britain that ensures quality products to the customers.
  • With the help of social media, it is promoting its products on various platforms.

Legal factor:

  • Coca- Cola maintains all security rights of its business. It already has all the rights to manufacture its future products.

Environmental factor:

  • Water accessibility is an important factor for Coca- Cola. With proper water accessibility, this brand will not be able to function.
  • That is why water processing should be environment-friendly.

Though Coca- Cola is a world-famous brand, it needs to focus more on producing healthy drinks.

Pestle analysis of Apple:

Apple is another most famous and expensive brand. It is known for producing smartphones, tablets, pcs and more. It has added luxury to people’s lifestyles.

Now let’s take a look at the pestle analysis of Apple:

Political factor:

  • Due to the lower manufacturing cost, Apple needs to maintain a friendly political rift between the US and China. If it is not maintained, it can affect its operation. It is expensive as well as difficult to find an alternative.
  • Being in the dominant position, it has also been able to deal with political pressure.

Economic factor:

  • As Apple produces its products in China, they need to keep in mind that its cost will increase if China increases its labor cost.
  • Income in the middle-class portion can also decline its market. Not only that but also if the US dollar increases, the exchange rates will also incline.
  • It will help Apple to earn good profits as well.

Social factors:

  • Apply instead of being a global success, it has not made that much impact in areas like Africa.
  • Due to its price, low-income people are against these products. Also because of the ethical concern, its appeal in China is not very much effective.
  • Apple needs to create awareness about its product’s features.

Technological factor:

  • Google and Samsung have launched many products that offer similar features like Apple.
  • There are many apps and services already available in the market which do not make Apple any indifferent.
  • Increasing demands have declined the demand for Apple products. Apple device seems to be less secure when high-tech technology is concerned.

Legal factor:

  • Apple has recently introduced Apply Pay services. It is seen that the government has increased oversight on it.
  • It is possible that Apple may start producing automobile products and may increase insurance and regulatory cost for Apple.

Environment Factor:

  • One of the biggest environmental issues that Apple is facing nowadays is its disposal of nonworking electronics. Disposal of lithium batteries is of high concern.
  • Its manufacturing adobe, Chine is much concerned about its environment. With the increase in electricity costs, Apple may need to face a hike in manufacturing costs.

In spite of these challenges, this company is capable enough to grow stronger.

Pestle analysis of Uber:

Uber is one of the most fasted-growing taxi service providers in the world. Its easy accessibility and taxi sharing have helped it to earn many valuable customers. But in recent years, there was an outrage against this company. Many controversies even almost ban this company.

Political factor:

  • This company has been a part of many controversies. People even questioned their insurance policy. Some question involves if an accident happens, then the company will hold the driver as accountable. It is also possible that the company will take all the blame on itself.

Economic factor:

  • Uber works in the sharing of physical and intellectual resources.
  • It is easier for customers to connect with the driver through the Uber application. Uber is cheaper than taxis and can take people to their desired locations.
  • Since its inception, Uber has been growing rapidly. In some countries, taxies are facing much competition which resulted in the ban on its services.
  • Other companies are also going through the same consequences. But being the leading taxi operator, Uber has faced most of the rage.
  • People are also getting new job opportunities. So people are unable to decide whether they are being employed or unemployed.
  • Its huge popularity benefits the taxi operator the most. That is why Uber needs to keep doing the best.

Social factor:

Uber provides user-friendly facilities.

  • By using the app, you can book an Uber. You only need confirmation of your ride.
  • Its affordable price was once appreciated by the users. But with its popularity, they have increased the fares.

Technological factors:

  • With the help of technology, Uber has reaped many benefits.
  • Due to the positive views on social media platforms, the company is growing very fast.
  • Its application is also too much beneficial for users to use.
  • One can book an Uber from anywhere anytime. You will also get information like traffic, weather and more. Payments can be made through the application as well.

Legal factors:

  • Due to many reasons, Uber has faced bans in many countries. That is the reason the company needs to maintain its technical usage laws and employee safety laws.

Environmental factors:

  • What type of impact Uber has on the environment is not certain. Fuel usage and traffic can be some of the factors.
  • As per the study, Uber has caused traffic congestion. But some controversies are still there and this report is yet to be confirmed.

Though Uber is a leading taxi operator in the market, several controversies are hindering its progress.

We hope this pestle analysis is informative for you to prepare assignments. If you are looking for more pestle analysis examples for your marketing assignments, we have plenty for you. You can connect with us to pull-off top-notch grades for sure.

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Penny Cooper is a professional academic writer working as an important part of Assignment Help. She is known for writing such content, blogs, and articles that benefit students in every possible way.

How Does Assignment Play a Vital Role in Your Grade?

Being a student, education plays an important role to develop an identity. They spend most of their days in preparing homework. Be it college or school, assignment plays a vital role in your grade. Students focus on molding their life in the direction to get any profits. When you study in college or school, there are a plethora number of assignments they have to work on. They also have to excel in classes, lectures and other extra-curricular activities.

Homework is an important part of a student’s life. It is not only beneficial for students’ growth but also helps them get good grades in exams. Writing assignments in a proper organized and manageable way helps you achieve higher marks.Assignment Play a Vital Role in Your Grade

What are the pros and cons of writing assignments?

Assignments are the basic academic need that every student have to cover. It enhances your knowledge and improves your skills over a particular subject. No matter how hard you try you cannot escape from the bulk of assignments that your college gives you. For the sake of good grades, you need to complete them before the due date. The way you write assignments makes a positive or negative impact on teachers.

Have a look at the positive impacts of homework writing:

Improve your focus:

Student life is hard. There are a plethora number of things that students need to focus on. But procrastination and stress ruin your attention and you end up wasting your valuable time. When you focus on a particular task without any distraction, you can achieve better results in no time. Writing is the best habit to give words to your daily thoughts. There are a number of things that are hard to remember for a student. They often forget those things which are beneficial for their work. When you write, you maintain those thought processes in an organized way. It also boosts your creativity by making you write in a better way possible. With the help of brainstorming, you can put novel ideas in your writing.

Not only that but also when you write on a daily basis, it helps you create wonderful assignments. Random ideas resolve the day to day homework issues.

Helps you manage time:

Time is everything. Being a student, managing time becomes the most difficult thing. There is so much to do in a day. There are other activities and academic studies. If you are unable to manage your time in a scheduled way, you will not be able to survive in this competitive market. One of the most beneficial points of homework writing is time management. When you work with a specific goal, you finish your work faster than usual. Homework writing is the best way to work on deadline-oriented tasks. You need to prepare a proper schedule to manage your day to day work. And this way you can manage bulky projects in a limited time.

Time management helps any students to do multiple works at a time. It makes them handle complicated situations with ease.

Improved writing skills:

If you think that this is it, then you are so wrong. The advantages of homework writing do not end here. The bigger benefit that students get while preparing their day to day assignments is improved writing skills. When you write on a daily basis, you indirectly work on your thought process. You start to focus much on the creative part. And thus your writing skills improve without any complications.

On the other hand, well-organized and plagiarism-free writing makes your marks better. Overall, assignment plays a vital role in your grade improving your credibility in front of teachers.

Huge knowledge and analyzing habits:

When you prepare assignments on your own, you develop a researched knowledge over that particular subject. You know that topic from the core. At the time of homework writing, it is also equally important to find out relevant information and present it in a proper manner.

Full-fledged research helps you to improve your researching skills. Not only that but also it enhances your analytical skills. It proffers a platform where you can practice your innovative ideas and skills. In professional work also, in-depth research turns out to be the best idea.

Having a better perception of everything:

What studying cannot do, assignments can. Assignment writing is one of such things that helps you to get a better overview of a particular subject. Proper education makes a student grow in a proper direction. As you work on your assignments, you directly or indirectly achieve your goals.

You develop an analytical and perception about the happenings around the globe. This helps you to meet the challenges with courage and motivation. It enhances your knowledge to get recognized in this competitive market. Gradually, it also impacts your grades which later leads to a better future.

Why assignments are important for good grades?

Believe it or not, but assignments are the first step to get a better score in exams. No matter how hard you study but if you have not done your homework properly on time, there is no other way to score well. Assignment helps you to improve your academic skills as well as credibility amongst your peers.

Be it mathematics, chemistry, physics, or any other financial or law subjects, students are bound to complete their assignments before the due date. An organized and plagiarism-free content makes your content authentic. And you end up getting great marks without many difficulties.

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8 Amazing Tips to Improve Assignment Writing Skills

Like drawing, writing is also an art. People just need to polish it by practicing. Writing does not depend on the thing you are writing. But basically, it is more like a thought process. Your imagination reflects through your writing. The process of writing is the same but the pattern differs from subject to subject. For example, a novel or book writing style is different from assignment writing.

Academic writing is something that students practice since childhood. As students crawl up through primary to higher secondary school to college to the office, they grow a certain skill in writing. During this tenure, a student needs to write essays in school, research and term papers in college.

How to write your assignments to ensure good grades?

Writing takes a great amount of your time and effort. When you give your 100% time and 200% effort, then only you are able to write a good content. But time is the main enemy of a student. They do not have that much time to waste on a particular subject. There is a bulk of other assignments waiting ahead.

The way you write decides the grade in that assignment. The use of punctuation, grammar, spelling, word choice, including the structure plays a great role when marks are considered. And you can excel in them all be practicing. You need amalgamate your imagination with these basic writing rules to overrule other students.

Improve Assignment Writing Skills with These Amazing Tips:

Assignment writing can be a tough job. But there is nothing impossible when you work on it really hard. It does not matter whether you are in school or in college. It is never too late to improve your assignment writing skills. Here are some basic but key strategies to make you a better writer. Let’s have a look to get pro at assignment writing:

  • Read as much as you can:

There is no substitute for it. To become a tremendous writer, first, you have to become an excellent reader. If you are uninterested to read, writing is impossible. When you read, you adopt new ideas and new inspirations. These things help you to write better later. Reading does not mean that you have to read your syllabus books. You can read anything that interests you. Be it fantasy, thriller, horror, science fiction, poetry, satire or humor or anything else. This way you will have an idea about what sounds good on paper. And the plus point of reading is your vocabulary will increase.

  • Be Aware of The Various Writing Style:

Academic writing is way too different from fiction writing. It is much more factual and technical. And when it comes to fiction writing, it solely depends on your imagination. As a writer, you need to understand the difference and various writing pattern. It will help you to become a more sophisticated writer.

  • Writing something every day:

Practice makes your writing perfect. The more you practice, the more you will be able to write better. There is no substitute for that. Keep up the writing habit even when you are busy. You need to write at least a page or two every day to make writing your forte. You can also put up a dairy writing habit to improve your academic writing skills.

  • Read it to yourself:

When you finish writing, the next but most important thing you should do is to read your writing out loud. It may sound intuitive. But it is needed to improve your skills. Writing does not mean that it should be good on paper. When you prepare an assignment, you prepare it for your teacher. So make sure when you read your assignment to your teacher, he or she likes it. Read your assignment louder to yourself. Check whether it is sounding good too your ear or not.

  • Simplicity is best:

Students mostly think that sounding smart is a good way of writing better assignments. If you are also thinking the same, you are so wrong. There is a beauty in simplicity itself. Shorter and simpler sentences keep readers engaged. They do not lose interest. If you want your teacher to read your assignment with interest, do not miss out the point.

  • Keep it Concise and Clear:

Long, complex assignments create confusion more than interest. It is always advisable to write as tight, concise and simple as possible. Do not complicate the whole content. Use shorter sentences and write point to point. There is no point of explaining every word that you have written.

  • Check the tone of writing:

Your writing tells a lot about your mood. Your teacher can predict your mood by the way write. This point is slightly different for assignment writing. While you write an assignment, you need to sound more technical. You need to mention facts, information, related examples and case studies. So depending on the topic, you can change your tone from serious to humor.

  • Appoint a writing tutor:

This is a bit like an outside help. Sometimes writing assignment can be monotonous. So you can have a professional writer by your side to guide you in every step. Their assignment help will you adopt these previous strategies easily. And you will improve assignment writing skills at a much faster pace.

Hope these strategies will help you write well. Even if it does not, you can avail professional help from experienced writers for Assignment Help. The team will take care of your homework writing part with utmost priority. They ensure sheer brilliance in content writing by preparing them in a well-organized and 100% plagiarism-free manner. If you are unable to write well even after trying, give your assignment work to them and relax.

Author’s bio:

Penny Cooper is a professional academic writer and a valuable member of Assignment Help. She has been working in this field for long. And she proffers assignment related help to struggling students.



How Many Pages is 1000 Words?

One of the most common questions that appear almost every student’s mind is “How many Pages is 1000 words?” Whether you are using MS Word or Google Docs, sometimes counting the words is necessary for academic work. Pages not only depend on the number of words but also the font, size, spacing, margins, and paragraphs. The process of counting pages depends on all.

Be it Word or Google Docs, there are some basic calculations to check the word count:

  • If you are writing 1000 words with Arial font keeping the font size 12pt and single spacing, then it will comprise 2 pages.
  • If the font size is 10pt and the font is Calibri, then it will take 2 pages to complete 1000 words with double space.
  • Pages will be 4 if you keep the font Times New Roman and font size 12pt with double space.

How to calculate pages depending on words?

The number of pages depends on the formatting. Pages vary on the way you format your page. Sometimes assignments are given to you not on the basis of word count but on the basis of pages. The teacher dictates the formatting of the project. And on the basis of that, the number of pages varies. Words play secondary role in it.

Let’s have a look on the examples:


If the word limit is 1000, the pages will depend on the font size, type, margins, and spacing. It would take 2-4 pages depending on the spacing guidelines. And if the student is writing the essay by hand, then it will completely depend on the student’s handwriting.

Example 2:

Suppose you are trying a blog of 500 words for a website. In this case, the number of pages will depend on the layout of the website page. It will determine the ultimate look of the text. You can check the word count on Word or Google doc. But the number of pages will be determines by the different layout of the webpage.

Counting Page is a Subjective Matter:

If you closely look, you will see that page count is subjective. For magazines, it can last up to 10-12 pages due to the advertisements. However, when you write a 500 words essay, it may take a page or two depending on the formatting. But for children’s book, 500 words can take 20 pages also. The large fonts and images take the 500 words to last up to 20 pages.

So practically How many Pages is 1000 Words? depend on the font, size, margins, space, and other factors as well. Along with that, where you are publishing and for whom you are publishing make a great deal. It is nothing but a required element in academics. It keeps track of your personal reasons.

What is the Best Way to Solve Math Assignments Faster ?

‘Mathematics’- this word is enough to scare the students of all ages. Every student once in their lifetime has to study this subject whether they like it or not. It would not be wrong to say that most students hate this subject and keep looking for Math Assignment Help. Math is an important subject and you cannot escape from it. Not only that you all have to do a more or less math in our daily lives.

Undoubtedly solving math problems is never easy. It takes a plethora amount of time and it is possible that you do not get the desired result. No matter how much you study, you may sometimes end up having awful scores in exams. The students study for exams only. If they are not getting desired marks in their math exam, then there is some problem with the technique.Maths Assignment Help

How to solve math assignments faster and score well in exams?

To clear out your doubts and point out the area where you are lacking, Assignment Experts have given some tips here. They have described the best way to solve math problems while getting a great score in exams.

Have a look:

  • Practice and a load of practice:

You get perfect if you practice the thing you are bad at more often. The more you solve problems, the more you get better in the subjects. So roll up your sleeves and get ready to be a pro at this subject.

  • Check the errors out:

Try to find out the errors on your own. It is a very important part when it comes to increasing problem-solving skills. When you review your mistakes, you get aware and will not repeat the same thing in the future.

  • Learn the concept instead of memorizing it:

Many students do the mistake of memorizing a math problem and the process. But this is the worst way to learn math. You need to learn the concept and the logic behind a particular problem. This is when you will be able to solve math problems easily.

  • Isolate yourself while solving math issues:

Math is a subject that requires focus. The more you focus, the more you will be able to identify the problem. So it is always better to create an environment where there are no distractions. Listening to music is also great to focus better and avoid distractions.

Moreover, you need to keep your confidence up. And if you are still unable to solve math problems easily and also need great marks, then professional help is better. Math assignment help is the ultimate way to keep your mathematics worries away. Their direct problem-solving approach will satiate your entire math assignment’s needs. So stop whining and contact math professionals for an effective result.

Ways to Make your Assignment Look Presentable

Formatting is the one of the essential part of the an assignment. Without proper formatting, your assignment paper may look dull and you could lose the chance of getting valuable marks.

So, it is much needed for you to give ample time to formatting and if you are not sure of how to format your assignment, then learn it with our assignment help.

Assignment Look Presentable

What are the ideal fonts?

Although times new roman is the standard font that gets used by the students in writing an assignment, but you can also use calibri or arial and should use it in writing the whole assignment. You should use 11 or 12 font size to write the main body of the assignment and should use black text on white background.

You should write your assignment using MS Word and should use file formats such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx. Use of html, .ppt, .pdf or zip file is not ideal if not specified by the university.

Right spacing is much required

Next thing you need to do is to find out what type of spacing your university guidelines want in your assignment. Generally you should use 1.5 spacing and should only use double spacing if asked by the professor. With that, you should leave a blank line between every paragraph and if the questions look shorter, then you should give a black line between every question as well. If you find the questions are long, write every question on a new page.

You should also not block-justify your assignment, although it might look good this way but sometimes there can be huge gap between words and your assignment could look messy. So, it is suggested you left-justify your assignment.

Make sure to write headings

Headings are something that play a crucial role in hinting what a particular paragraph is about. Thus, to impress the reader at the first glance, you should make sure to write short and appealing headings in your assignment. Moreover, you should write subheadings as well if there is a need to define  something in the paragraph.

Title page must be catchy

Title page of your assignment is something that contains the information about you and the assignment. So, it is must you make it in such way that it looks attractive. When it comes to the contents of the title page, you should write the following:


  • Title and the number of your assignment.
  • Your course number and name.
  • Assignment submission or due date.
  • And your full name and student number.

You should write all this information from the center of the page and it should start around one third of the way down the page.

Dont forget the headers and footers

Adding headers and footers is also much required in the assignment. You should give following deatails while adding headers and footers in the assignment:

  • Write your name, (last name first and then first name).
  • Student number.
  • Give your course number as well.
  • Assignment number.
  • And the page number.

In addition, you should not forget to number every page of the assignment excepting the title page and items in the reference list. You should also give numbers and label the tables and should write captions above the table and write captions for the figures below it.

If you have some difficulty in formatting your assignment, then you can opt for our assignment help online and get a well-formatted assignment from us.