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While pursuing a degree in Gender studies, you will be mostly asked to prepare numerous essays and research papers on topics that are related to gender.  Gender is a vast subject that contains several essay ideas to study and write about. In case, you are clueless about what topic to choose for your gender essay, take a look at this blog post. Here, you will get a list of 170 outstanding gender essay topics on various themes. In addition to that, we have also explained the tips to find the right topic for preparing a gender essay.

An Overview of Gender Studies

Gender studies is a field of study that predominantly deals with the analysis of gender identity and representation. Typically, it is a sensitive subject that includes men’s studies, women’s studies, and queer studies. The discipline more commonly focuses on the intersection of gender with other identity categories such as class, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, and nationality. Also, the subject analyzes various gender issues in society.

Some common gender issues that currently exist in this world are

  • Gender bias in Education
  • The gender gap in Agriculture
  • Pay gap
  • Bad access to healthcare

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Tips for Selecting a Gender Essay Topic

Usually, the instructors will provide a few essay topics for you to choose from. But sometimes they will not give any topic ideas and may ask you to choose the best Narcissism Essay Topics on your own. In such a case, it might be challenging to search and find a good topic.

The success of an essay or research paper highly depends on the topic you choose and the way you coherently address the topic understandable to your readers. Hence, when it comes to writing an essay or research paper on gender, it is mandatory to choose a perfect gender studies topic.


Gender Essay Topics


Gender studies contain numerous research topics or issues to consider. But out of them, you need to pick a unique gender essay topic. We all know how difficult it is to identify a good topic out of many. So, here, we have discussed a few tips that might help to select a good essay topic on gender studies.

  • Choose a topic that you are passionate about and have strong knowledge of. When you pick a known topic, you can strongly convey your points and persuade your readers.
  • Select a narrow topic instead of choosing a broad theme because if you select a broad topic, then you might not be able to cover all the points within your deadline.
  • Always go with gender essay topics that can be addressed from different perspectives.
  • Pick a topic that has scientifically proven facts to support your opinions.

Along with the above-mentioned tips, also have an eye on your instructor’s instructions and then finalize your topic for writing a gender studies essay or research paper.

List of Gender Essay Topics and Ideas

As said earlier, gender studies include a wide range of essay topics to write about. When it comes to writing essays on gender topics, you can consider writing on some common gender issues such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, trafficking, child marriage, female infanticide, etc. Other than these issues, you can also choose any topic that is related to gender differences that exist in society.

Listed below are the gender essay topic ideas that you can consider for writing your academic paper.

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Simple Gender Essay Topics

To write your gender essay, rather than selecting controversial topics, give significance to any simple topic that is suggested here. You may effortlessly draft an excellent essay while you deal with the basic gender topic ideas.

  1. Why female sexuality is always in the limelight
  2. The history of the LGBT community
  3. The phenomenon of patriarchy
  4. The History of feminist organizations
  5. Sexism in various industries
  6. Feminism in agriculture
  7. Feminism in medicine
  8. Changing Gender Roles in Families
  9. Feminism in cinematography
  10. Can school uniforms be the reason for gender inequality?
  11. Race and gender stereotypes in Literature
  12. The impact of globalization on norms and experiences around gender
  13. Gender identity: promotion of equality for sexual orientation
  14. Is gender a culturally or biologically prescribed role?
  15. The Role of Gender in interactions via social media

Listed below are a few popular gender topics that will support you in preparing an engaging essay. But when you compose a gender essay on a frequently discussed topic, analyze the topic from various perspectives and present detailed insights that are new to the readers.

  1. Multiculturalism as a Threat to gender equality
  2. Women’s views on long-existing gender stereotypes
  3. Emotion perception and gender factor in stress
  4. Sex and gender as a social phenomenon
  5. Gender Discrimination in Society and Social Media
  6. Transgender and gender non-conforming children
  7. Gender differences in managerial behavior
  8. Preventative care depending on age and gender
  9. Gender roles and psychological health
  10. The problem of gender identity disorder
  11. Analyze the impact of workplace gender discrimination on a company’s productivity and performance
  12. Examine the importance of the inclusion of LGBTQ2+ people in mainstream education and employment settings
  13. Discuss the impacts of gender inequality against women.
  14. Gender issues in children’s play.
  15. Why does poverty hit minority groups the hardest?

Essay Topics on Gender Roles

Gender roles are the socially constructed expectations, attitudes, activities, and characteristics that society considers for people depending on their biological sex. In your gender essay, you may feel free to talk about any of these topics that are associated with gender roles.

  1. Feminism: pros and cons
  2. Single Mothers and Their Rights in Society
  3. Can women be good business leaders?
  4. Is it possible to define gender roles properly?
  5. Can a woman be the head of the family?
  6. The Rights of People from All gender: Differences and Similarities
  7. Is it ethical to deprive women of some rights because of physical weakness?
  8. How does sex define gender roles?
  9. Why is it important to spread awareness among women concerning their rights?
  10. Would the world become better if it became matriarchal?
  11. Pros and cons of patriarchy
  12. Examine the gender roles played by women in the Middle-East countries
  13. Why do women mostly experience domestic violence all across the world?
  14. Discuss the history and evolution of gender roles over the past decades
  15. Compare and contrast gender roles played by American and Chinese males

Gender Equality Essay Topics

Gender equality is a fundamental human right and a critical component of sustainable development. In your essay on gender equality, you may deal with any topics on the equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities of individuals of all genders. Here are some outstanding gender inequality essay topics for you to consider.

  1. The general problem of gender equality
  2. Is gender equality achievable?
  3. What is the role of women on Earth?
  4. Can women achieve success in economics?
  5. Can all employees be equal?
  6. Educational differences among different societies
  7. The women’s movement in education
  8. Overview of women’s rights in Europe and Saudi Arabia
  9. Gender Sexuality about Human Rights
  10. How to overcome toxic masculinity in society?
  11. The stereotypical representation of women in media
  12. Can the US government regulate the equality issue among male and female sides?
  13. What are the major advantages of reaching the status quo between genders?
  14. Rights that women are deprived of.
  15. Gender issues in Africa and Asia: the major differences and similarities.

Gender Inequality Essay Topics

Gender inequality is a complex issue that affects various aspects of society, from the workplace to the home. When you are asked to prepare an essay on gender inequality, you may focus on topics that are related to the unequal treatment, opportunities, and results that people face because of their gender identity. Find here, some intriguing essay prompts on gender inequality.

  1. An Overview of the main female movements
  2. Can technology be used to reduce gender inequality?
  3. What made women unequal before males in the East?
  4. What gender barriers do women face at educational establishments?
  5. Gender inequality and upbringing kids
  6. Religion and gender inequality
  7. What are the main challenges that don’t allow us to achieve gender equality at work?
  8. The restriction of women’s rights in business
  9. Feminism: Is it good or is it another restriction of rights?
  10. The major female movements were to rebel against the unequal status of women.
  11. Why does religion diminish the role of men?
  12. How can American society fight gender inequality?
  13. Why do men think that they are better than women?
  14. Why is it essential to resolve the issues of inequality among genders?
  15. Isn’t feminism too strict and unfair?

Essay Topics on Gender Wage Gap

The gender wage gap is a complex and multifaceted issue that has been the subject of much debate and research. You may also prepare your gender essay on any of the below-listed topics that are related to the gender wage gap.

  1. Gender division at work
  2. What are the key reasons for the gender wage gap?
  3. Pay discrimination in sports.
  4. Discrimination in cinematography
  5. Statistics on the gender median wage difference for people of different ages
  6. How can gender influence income inequality?
  7. Is there a correlation between the gender wage gap and sexuality?
  8. How to Overcome the gender wage gap
  9. Is the gender pay gap a myth or a reality?
  10. Should gender division exist?
  11. Analyze the impact of workplace gender discrimination on a company’s productivity and performance
  12. Examine the importance of the inclusion of LGBTQ2+ people in mainstream education and employment settings
  13. Analyze the importance of social media to the Queer community
  14. Compare and contrast the current status of racial and sexual marginalized groups in Canada and the United Kingdom
  15. Why does poverty hit minority groups the hardest?

Gender Stereotypes Essay Topics

The gender stereotype essay topics suggested below will give you a chance to explore the intricate and controversial issue of gender norms and expectations in society. Moreover, in these types of essays, you can critically analyze how cultural, social, and historical factors impact gender roles, identities, and expressions.

  1. Relationship between culture and gender stereotypes
  2. What is the root of gender stereotypes?
  3. What are the main women’s prejudices against men?
  4. Why is it hard for men to work under women’s command?
  5. What are the main gender stereotypes on TV?
  6. Gender stereotypes imposed by Disney
  7. How modern toys influence gender stereotypes in the USA
  8. Children should stay with their mothers in case of divorce.
  9. Men are natural leaders while women are followers. Where is the truth?
  10. A woman should be a housewife: Is it fair enough?
  11. Are women still held back due to stereotypes?
  12. Why are the most leading positions embraced by men?
  13. Men should receive higher salaries because they are stronger: Is that correct?
  14. Should men devote more time to their children or should they earn money?
  15. Why are women’s betrayals bad and men’s are all right?

In recent times, society has been facing several gender-related issues. In your essay, you may address any such problem and boost your grades. Moreover, preparing a gender essay on the current topics will keep you and your readers updated. Listed below are a few trending gender essay prompts you may consider for your assignment.

  1. Is the division of labor in the modern family fair?
  2. What is the impact of gender equality on the upbringing of children?
  3. Which factors shape the opinion about gender issues?
  4. Females in marketing
  5. The meaning of unequal status amongst male and female sides in politics.
  6. Should there be gender division at school?
  7. What is gender performativity?
  8. Racism and gender inequality: similarities and differences
  9. Discrimination: Trace the history
  10. How to divide household chores equally
  11. The History of Empowerment
  12. Gender as a spectrum: a discussion on non-binary and transgender experience
  13. Capitalism and gender inequality
  14. The Role of Gender in modern society
  15. The social roles of all genders

Interesting Gender Essay Ideas

Always write your gender essay on a topic that you are highly interested in. You will not find your essay writing process more challenging, if you work on the subject you are passionate about. These are some gender topics that might be exciting for you to create an essay.

  1. Gender Hierarchy in the English Language
  2. Advertising and Gender Roles
  3. Gender Differences in Financial Knowledge
  4. The Concept of Gender Socialization and Ageism
  5. Gender Stereotyping in Athletic Management
  6. Which political viewpoints and sides do people of different genders tend to favor?
  7. Comparative and dissimilar aspects of racism and gender inequality
  8. Women’s and men’s rights: distinctions and affinities
  9. Is gender equality attainable in contemporary society?
  10. Statistics on the gender-based median salary gap for workers of various ages
  11. How does American law safeguard the rights of women?
  12. Is it true that a woman’s children must remain with her after her divorce from her husband?
  13. Why is it difficult for men to follow the orders of women?
  14. Is it true that men are the leaders and women are the followers?
  15. What obstacles based on gender do women encounter in educational institutions?

Social Gender Essay Topics

Social gender is an intricate and multidimensional component of human identity and experience. It includes the socially constructed roles, actions, activities, and characteristics that society believes are acceptable for individuals depending on their perceived biological sex. Find here, some of the best social gender essay topics to consider.

  1. Write about gender inequality in the media industry.
  2. How gender equality would improve economic growth?
  3. Is it true that a woman’s children must remain with her after her divorce from her husband?
  4. Why is it difficult for males to follow the orders of women?
  5. The leaders are men, while the following are women. Is it accurate?
  6. How can toxic masculinity in society be combatted?
  7. Overview of Women’s Rights in Saudi Arabia and Europe
  8. Among various societies, there are differences in education
  9. What function do women serve on earth?
  10. Relationship between gender sexuality and human rights
  11. Pros and cons of patriarchy
  12. Examine the gender roles played by women in the Middle-East countries
  13. Why do women mostly experience domestic violence all across the world?
  14. Discuss the history and evolution of gender roles over the past decades
  15. Compare and contrast gender roles played by American and Chinese males

Top-Notch Gender Essay Topics for Students

Are you worried about what gender essay topic to select for your assignments? If yes, then make use of the list presented below. In the list, we have included top gender essay questions for students to consider.

  1. Write about gender and slavery.
  2. Discuss the effects of gender and bilingualism.
  3. Write about gender issues in Islam.
  4. Discuss the changing roles of fatherhood in the family.
  5. Prepare an essay about gender equality in the 21st
  6. Discuss the gender roles in Jane Eyre.
  7. Transgender discrimination at the workplace.
  8. Research and write about gender inequality in New Zealand.
  9. The effects of gender stereotypes in music on the public.
  10. Write about gender-based crimes.

Unique Gender Essay Topics

If you are curious to explore gender studies, then concentrate on any relevant area or topic that was not examined earlier. Working on unexplored subjects will help you to fill knowledge gaps and improve the field of study. These are a few unique gender topics on which you may explore and create an impactful essay.

  1. Discuss the future of gender norms
  2. Can movies defy gender stereotypes?
  3. Write about the most common outdated gender-role stereotypes
  4. How do gender misconceptions affect behavior?
  5. Explain how gay marriage influences straight marriage.
  6. Discuss the racial variations in gender-related attitudes.
  7. Write about beauty pageants and women’s empowerment
  8. What are the origins of sexual orientation?
  9. Write about Feminism and transgender theory
  10. Explain the role of media in breaking sex-role stereotypes.

Wrapping Up

From the list suggested in this blog post, choose any topic you are excited about and start writing a unique gender essay deserving of an A+ grade. Whenever you compose an essay or research paper on gender topics, always make sure to conduct deep research and gather ideas based on facts. Gender is a sensitive topic to discuss, and hence while crafting gender essays, be careful with your words and share your opinions only if you have a supporting fact to prove your opinion. If it is tough for you to write your assignments on gender-based topics, contact us quickly. According to your guidelines, the subject experts from our team will assist you in preparing all kinds of academic papers on any topic related to gender studies without plagiarism.

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