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Have you enrolled in a university or college course recently? If yes, then get ready to receive frequent narrative essay topics to write your assignments. However, if you don’t know how to write a narrative essay, perhaps we have the best guidelines for you.

In a nutshell, a narrative essay is an academic assignment that shares the writer’s personal experience and makes a few points. Moreover, the objective here is not only to narrate fun stories but any other types of stories. Furthermore, a narrative essay depends on character development, settings, turning points, dialogue, conflicts, and resolutions. Also, a narrative essay highlights the reason for a specific episode as well as narrates the relevance of that episode. However, a narrative essay is not as heavily structured as a persuasive essay, instead, it implies a free form.

Narrative Essay Topic Selection

Indeed, choosing good narrative essay topics might seem a challenging task for you. However, if you choose it wisely, perhaps, it might have a huge impact on your narrative essay grades. Let’s now explore a few criteria that you might consider while choosing your narrative essay topics.

Narrative Essay Topics


  • Firstly, keep in mind that a narrative essay shares the personal story of a person. Perhaps, the theme you select needs to connect well with the audience. Specifically, the personal experience, skills, and important life lessons that you might narrate ought to drive the audience’s interest.
  • Secondly, select topic ideas that seem beneficial to you as you might want to influence the audience. Moreover, if something is passionate about you, discuss problems due to which you might have struggled. Possibly in this way, you stand a unique chance of narrating something monotonous.
  • Thirdly, narrative essay topics need to justify points, hence, find out how much information you need on specific topics. Also, you may integrate different episodes from your life to ensure the best emotional experience for the readers.
  • Lastly, be sure to remember the essay’s structure because it is the golden formula of an academic paper.

Moreover, check every idea you choose for the scope of relevant and logical content as per the intro-body-conclusion organization. Also, ensure to add a minimum of three paragraphs and check if you have a scope of three topic sentences. Indeed, the topic sentence you write ought to support the thesis statement you might have written.

Narrative Essay Writing

If you still feel troubled, just grasp a pen and write down the experience that comes to your mind. Perhaps, follow the points below and write an amazing narrative essay to score good marks.

  • Specifically, ensure to write on a negative experience that converts into a positive experience or the other way round.
  • To illustrate, establish a setting for the readers that makes them feel involved in the story. Also, handle the story in a way such that the readers experience the turning point alongside you.
  • Perhaps, consider using simple words in your narrative essay, otherwise, it might confuse the readers. Also, be sure to spread your narrative ideas in between paragraphs and avoid using a clinical approach.
  • Most importantly, be sure to use the first person in your narrative essay and write an autobiographical story of events. Moreover, use the first person because you might want to involve your audience at the moment as if it’s happening now.
  • Finally, after you have written the narrative essay, consider revising your solution before you submit the work. Possibly, in this way, you will rectify your mistakes and submit a flawless narrative essay paper.

List of Narrative Essay Topics and Ideas

In this section, we have shortlisted and presented 150+ excellent narrative essay topics and ideas on different themes. Go through the entire list carefully and choose any topic that you feel is right for you to narrate about.

Simple & Basic Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Narrate a story from your childhood days.
  2. An unforgettable teacher in your life.
  3. Discuss your first international trip.
  4. How did you lose a friend?
  5. Narrate a dangerous experience in your life.
  6. An embarrassing incident in your life.
  7. A memorable trip.
  8. Which is the best day of your life?
  9. A memorable time skiing experience.
  10. How did you help a stranger?
  11. Exclusive family traditions.
  12. Narrate a car accident experience in your life.
  13. Discuss a tough decision that you have made in your life.
  14. My first job.
  15. How did you react, when you won a prize?

Lucrative Narrative Essay Topics

  1. The scariest moment in your life.
  2. Narrate a time when you got extremely sick.
  3. Discuss your talent and how did you develop it?
  4. How to dance at parties?
  5. Self-control and its prevalence in your life.
  6. The impact of personal superstitions in your life.
  7. The feminist movement- Basic principles and objectives.
  8. Sex education and its relevance in schools.
  9. The most outstanding birthday party.
  10. How I lost my sister?
  11. The first novel that I have read.
  12. Mountain climbing and its enjoyment.
  13. Relationship management- How to maintain relationships?
  14. My first heartbreak.
  15. The title of my first article.

Innovative Topics for Narrative Essays

  1. My favorite musician.
  2. The biggest accomplishment that I have made in my life.
  3. My best family vacation.
  4. The day when I got separated from my parents.
  5. Moving from one place to another- Share your experience.
  6. A charity act that you have undertaken.
  7. Narrate an instance when you saved someone’s life.
  8. A police encounter- Elaborate on your experience.
  9. A hobby or an obsession that helped you to find a job.
  10. How did you convert your hobby into a class taught in school?

Captivating Narrative Essay Ideas

  1. A movie that inspired you to do great things.
  2. Sitting by the sea in a cozy restaurant and tasting your favorite dish.
  3. Favorite rock band performance in one of the best venues- Elaborate on your experience.
  4. A visit to the National Museum of US History.
  5. How people can cry on my shoulder and get happy easily?
  6. What makes me the best footballer on my team?
  7. Cooking Japanese Dish- Tips to make the best.
  8. Discuss the art of telling lies- How did it once save my life?
  9. If you had a billion dollars for a day.
  10. My worst day ever.

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Excellent Narrative Essay Topics

  1. “My Sweet Sixteen”- What if you have featured in this movie?
  2. Digital life and the most significant experience in your life.
  3. “Sixteen and Pregnant”- What if you have starred in it?
  4. An almost death experience, perhaps you have done something reckless.
  5. The party is destructive and I ought to stop partying- Narrate your experience.
  6. Describe a leadership experience in your life.
  7. Personal Superstitions- Enlist and discuss.
  8. A truly frightening night experience.
  9. A funny experience happened to my boss.
  10. A strange encounter with my cousin.

Unique Narrative Essay Topic Ideas

  1. The day when my parents got separated.
  2. My feelings when my younger siblings look up to me.
  3. Covid-19 and the first six months.
  4. A random act of kindness.
  5. How did my brother spoil my birthday party?
  6. An outstanding sports experience.
  7. How did I lose my watch?
  8. My favorite movie.
  9. How do I lose my watch?
  10. My best school memories.

Best Narrative Essay Topics

  1. How did my best friend betray me?
  2. My journey of learning to play guitar.
  3. When the cherry blossoms.
  4. What would you do if given a time machine?
  5. The day I got married.
  6. The eleventh hour.
  7. My first ramp walk experience.
  8. How my mom was?
  9. When the light went off.
  10. A weird encounter with a stranger.
  11. A cup of coffee.
  12. Sausages and eggs.
  13. How has Covid-19 transformed people’s life?
  14. The day I decided that I would never cry again.
  15. What would I do if I were a magician?

Top-notch Narrative Essay Ideas

  1. When I passed out of high school.
  2. My most memorable birthday bash.
  3. What if I was born in a different country?
  4. I am an ordinary person after all.
  5. In search of fresh air.
  6. Fear on my mind.
  7. Sorry, wrong number.
  8. How my father taught me to drive?
  9. Pants on fire.
  10. Cracks on the Pavement.
  11. Narrate the most embarrassing thing that happened to you at school
  12. Narrate the most surprising event for you at your office
  13. Describe an experience that made you appreciate life more
  14. Impact of digital technology on our education system and social lives
  15. How has the COVID-19 pandemic brought out the best in some people?
  16. Narrate the day an incident that made you understand the difference between true love and infatuation
  17. The turning point in your life
  18. The place you would love to visit again and again
  19. Narrate the way traveling to the countryside can change one’s worldview
  20. Swimming education and methods you learned at school

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

  1. The day I decided not to go to the University.
  2. Did you ever feel the need to impress others?
  3. List of things that my parents taught me.
  4. What makes me different from others?
  5. How to relax after a long day?
  6. My first relationship.
  7. How did I overcome my biggest fear?
  8. My role model.
  9. Inspirational teachers in my life.
  10. How did I overcome my fear of delivering a speech in public?
  11. The most difficult thing I have done in my life.
  12. How do I remember the name of my first article?
  13. Things to do when waiting in a line.
  14. My bad experience with girls or boys.
  15. If you made a reality show, what would it be?

High-quality Topics for Narrative Essay Writing

  1. Multiple reasons make me a top social marketing expert.
  2. A music composition that cheers you up no matter what the situation is.
  3. Elaborate on the assumptions that people make about you.
  4. Games of Thrones book series and the presentation of sexuality.
  5. Boys in your company who consider women as their prey.
  6. How to handle adult content? Discuss the preventive measures.
  7. Relevance of gender and sexual education in schools.
  8. Discuss any negative incident of gender bias in your school.
  9. Do you take any risks when your best friend is around you?
  10. How competitive are you, when it comes to sports activities?
  11. Narrate any prank, hoax, or joke you might have fallen for.
  12. Male and female-based roles in your families- Where is the difference?
  13. Discuss the pressure on women to have a perfect body.
  14. My first train journey 
  15. My first school and the lessons learned from the school
  1. A political leader who inspired me the most
  2. My first friend in my life
  3. My favorite sports 
  4. When I first saw my wife
  5. My favorite time pass
  6. When I met my classmates after a long time
  7. My first encounter with a crime 
  8. when I saw a man stealing the chain of a woman
  9. My preferred pastimes with my pals
  10. The initial argument I had with my best friend
  11. My first breakup
  12. What I can do to alter the world
  13. What I would tell myself when I was younger
  14. How do I keep my family relationships intact
  15. Life’s most crucial lesson
  16. Share your experience of meeting a Hollywood actor
  17. Narrate your first day at college
  18. Share your experience of visiting the National Museum
  19. Narrate the story of your love life
  20. Narrate the story of Romeo and Juliet
  1. How to enjoy during exams
  2. The story of my town about to suffer a hurricane
  3. How to relate a lion to a cat
  4. A note to myself
  5. The worst scenario ever happened during exams
  6. Is becoming a freelance writer a good career choice?
  7. A bad experience with the rude teacher
  8. How one mass bunk changed everything in my college
  9. Paper money was replaced with digital currency
  10. A bully victim who turned into a bully himself

Intriguing Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Why do I laugh at my cat?
  2. Inspirational educators
  3. Why I maintain a diary
  4. My Justifications for Deserving to Join the National Honor Society Arguments for Why I Am a Capable and Valuable Contributor NJHS hopeful
  5. My Experience in Accounting: A Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis of My Leadership Essay
  6. My academic schedule for the Master of Global Management Program
  7. My personal development has been significantly impacted by Marcus High School cheerleading
  8. Why I Would Make a Great Student Exchange Candidate
  9. Reflective Essay: “Christmas Miracle in My Childhood Memories” “Never Give Up: Reflection Essay on Chasing My Dreams”
  10. My reflection on the Day of the Dead celebration, also known as Dia de Los Muertos.
  11. My experience in acquiring the skills required to become a successful doctor in the field of medicine.
  12. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Individual
  13. Personal Veganism Experience
  14. Narrate “The Tale of Melon City”
  15. The happiest moment in my life to date
  16. Narrate the funniest memory of your childhood days
  17. Discuss the most unique talent of your brother
  18. Share the most inspiring moment in your life
  19. Narrate the story of ‘The Lion & The Lamb’
  20. Narrate the story of Cadmus’s search for Europa


Hopefully, the list of narrative essay topic ideas suggested in this blog will help you in crafting an excellent academic essay. In case, you are still confused about what topic to choose for your narrative essay or if you are unaware of how to write an engaging narrative essay, then reach out to us quickly.

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