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Writing a philosophy essay is a daunting task that requires good analytical skills, extensive research experience, and strong subject knowledge. Furthermore, an ideal philosophy essay topic is needed the most to craft the paper. Philosophy is a vast field of study that focuses on numerous concepts and theories related to life, truth, wisdom, and so on. Since the subject is broad, it might be easy for you to gather excellent philosophy essay topics for your assignments. In case, you run short of ideas, take a look at this blog.

For your convenience, here, we have compiled a list of the best essay ideas on philosophy and its associated concepts. In addition to that, we have also explained how to select the right topic and craft a detailed philosophy essay with valid supporting facts and evidence to prove your thesis statement. Continue reading to get ideas for philosophy essay writing.

Understand How to Write a Philosophy Essay

In general, philosophy is an interesting academic discipline that focuses on the fundamental nature of reality, knowledge, and existence. Most importantly, the subject deals with a wide range of theories that are related to primary occurrences in nature and daily life, and also revolve around the concept of reality, truth, and goodness.


Philosophy Essay Topics


As mentioned above, philosophy essay writing is not a piece of cake. For writing a philosophy essay, you must have a great philosophy essay topic and also know how to critically analyze, identify the hidden arguments, and then persuade your readers with logical arguments that are relevant to your essay topic.

If you are asked to write a comprehensive philosophy essay, then this is what you should follow.

  • First, identify an outstanding philosophy essay topic.
  • Next, sketch a detailed essay outline by highlighting the key arguments.
  • Create a strong thesis statement.
  • Structure the essay by including the essential components such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Add a hook sentence to your introductory paragraph and close the section with the thesis statement that you have prepared.
  • Present all the major points or arguments on your topic with supporting evidence or other credible information in the body section.
  • Wrap up the essay with a thesis restatement and a call to action in the conclusion paragraph.
  • In the end, create a references list or a bibliography.
  • Finally, proofread the entire essay and edit it, if there are any errors.

Tips for Choosing a Good Philosophy Essay Topic

The first step in philosophy essay writing is identifying a good topic to deal with. Generally, people will think that it is easy to search and find an essay topic. But it is not true. For choosing an essay topic, you must put a lot of effort and time into it.

Usually, the professors will either propose essay topic ideas for you to choose from, or they will ask you to write a brilliant essay by choosing a philosophy essay topic on your own. If you are asked to select a topic on your own, then you should keep the following things in mind while selecting the philosophy essay topic.

When it comes to choosing a philosophy essay topic, always remember to pick a topic that

  • Interests you and your readers.
  • Allows you to fill the areas that are lacking.
  • Addresses a specific problem in society.
  • Is not too broad or too narrow.
  • Provides solutions to life problems.
  • Contains an arguable question or an argumentative topic.
  • Consist of different views and opinions.
  • Matches the research methodology of your choice.
  • Contains a wide range of sources and references.
  • Have enough facts and data to support the major points or arguments.

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List of Top Philosophy Essay Topics

Till now, we have seen how to choose a good philosophy essay topic and write an informative essay. Next, let us move on to the philosophy essay topic ideas.

To make your topic-searching process easier, here we have compiled a list of awesome philosophy essay topic ideas for you to consider. Go through the entire list and identify a topic that suits you perfectly.

Simple Philosophy Essay Topics for Students

Are you seeking the best philosophy essay topics for your assignments? If yes, then make use of the list uploaded below. In the list, we have included a few simple philosophy essay ideas for students to get started.

  1. Does wisdom increase with age?
  2. What happens when people die?
  3. What would happen if humans lived forever?
  4. How complex is a human life from conception to adulthood?
  5. Is it worth keeping memories of past events if we can’t go back to them?
  6. The origins of racial prejudice.
  7. Is religious education necessary?
  8. Our perception of disabled people.
  9. The definition of anger.
  10. Politics versus moral values.
  11. Analyse the four pillars of philosophy
  12. Why does the philosophy of Socrates differ from the philosophy of Plato?
  13. Is it logical to believe that only God can restrict people from sin
  14. Explain the philosophy of statesmanship
  15. Should the notion of free will be reconsidered?

Basic Philosophy Essay Topics

You may experience certain challenges when you write an essay on complex philosophical topics. So, to effortlessly draft your paper, you may take into account any of these basic philosophy essay questions.

  1. Eastern moral values versus Western moral values
  2. Philosophy of Love in Christianity and Jainism
  3. Philosophy of Hinduism
  4. Personality formation and environmental science
  5. God versus Evil
  6. Are morals relative to society and culture?
  7. Concept of Meaning in My Life: Reflective Essay.
  8. Analysis of the Significance of Our Existence: Concept of Meaning of Life.
  9. Concept of Meaning of Life: Critical Analysis.
  10. Concept of Meaning and Its Role in Our Life: Analytical Essay

Argumentative Philosophy Essay Topics

Have your instructor asked you to prepare an argumentative essay on philosophy topics? If yes, then the list suggested here might be useful to you. In the list, we have included some amazing argumentative essay titles on different philosophical concepts.

  1. Explain the purpose behind good and evil.
  2. Elaborate the main attributes of Skepticism
  3. Explain whether or not morality should be subjective.
  4. Investigate whether knowledge is a result of experience and learning.
  5. Explain why governments should conceal the evidence of extraterrestrial
  6. The causes of religious wars.
  7. What are the reasons and solutions to mass panic and hysteria?
  8. Utilitarianism has roots in violence and social rejection.
  9. What is the relationship between the spirit and the natural world?
  10. What are critical moral issues around genetically modified products?
  11. Legality of genetic engineering
  12. Is there any moral obligation to be honest?
  13. Is it ethical to have pets?
  14. Individualism versus idealism
  15. John Locke Versus Socrates in Ideas Concerning Just Society: Analytical Essay.
  16. Violence and Nonviolence Movements: Critical Analysis. Critical Review of Interview with Adams: Issues of War and Pacifism.
  17. Analytical Essay on Ethical Relativism.
  18. How the modern feminist philosophy differ from previous years?
  19. Analyze the difference between logic and mathematics
  20. Describe the differences between a posterior and a priori in probability

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Interesting Philosophy Essay Topics

When it comes to writing a philosophy essay, always give more preference to a topic from an area you are highly interested in. Your essay writing process will not appear stressful when you work on your passionate topic. These are some philosophy essay topics that might be exciting for you to deal with.

  1. What are the main aspects of Stoicism?
  2. The world of cinema: objective versus subjective.
  3. Is there an end to technology’s development?
  4. Do we learn based on the legacy provided by the family?
  5. What are our modern perceptions of anti-utopia and the link to technology?
  6. Are single-family children more caring?
  7. What is the human link to Mother Nature?
  8. Is love only based on chemical reactions?
  9. Would people commit crimes if we did not have punishment?
  10. Does religion change the way people approach science?
  11. Is it important to promote the concept of the nuclear family?
  12. Discuss the things that are truly subjective in life
  13. Human rights and their significance
  14. Ethical issues arise in abortion
  15. Discuss the philosophy behind religious practices
  16. Utilitarianism versus Deontology
  17. Discuss the philosophy of Nihilism
  18. The Importance of Respect for Others.
  19. The Future of Pacifism. Connection of Morality with Function of a Human Being.
  20. Building a Just Society Through God’s Love.

Plato Essay Topics

For your philosophy essay, you may give significance to any topic associated with Plato’s philosophical teachings. Here is a collection of profound ideas of Plato on which you may develop an outstanding philosophy essay.

  1. An ideal world through the prism of Plato.
  2. The similarities between Plato and Aristotle.
  3. A comparison of Plato’s philosophy versus Christian metaphysics.
  4. The role of literary devices in Plato’s philosophy.
  5. The central beliefs of Socrates versus Plato’s analytical approach.
  6. Plato’s Republic: moral and subjective views.
  7. Analysis of Plato’s Theory of Forms.
  8. Explain different forms of the good according to Plato’s Republic
  9. Examine the role of Plato and Aristotle in classical German philosophy.
  10. What was the influence of other philosophers on the ideas of Plato?
  11. Discuss the role of God in the philosophy of Plato
  12. Plato and the Allegory of the Caves
  13. Lessons one can learn from Plato’s book ‘The Apology’
  14. Natural laws versus moral laws in contemporary society
  15. Compare and contrast the philosophy of science and feminist epistemology

Captivating Philosophy Essay Topics

The philosophy essay that you develop should engage your readers and encourage them to read the essay till the conclusion. So, to make that happen, you must pick any engaging philosophy essay ideas. Listed below are some exclusive philosophy essay prompts that may captivate your readers.

  1. The philosophy of love in Buddhism.
  2. The philosophy of Marxism.
  3. How does payment affect satisfaction based on what a person does?
  4. Can happiness be approached without a social group?
  5. Personality formation and environmental science.
  6. A definition of true friendship on social media.
  7. Why do people participate in volunteering?
  8. The sources of determinism.
  9. A genetic aspect of moral perception.
  10. Love and affection: do we learn from it?
  11. The phenomenon of eternity.
  12. Emotional aspect in legislation.
  13. The challenges of free will.
  14. The philosophy of Apartheid.
  15. Spiritual medical practices.
  16. Why do people start wars?
  17. What forces children to lie?
  18. Do we truly have a right to free speech?
  19. Are moral choices objective?
  20. The role of digital platforms and their negative effect on human philosophy.

Philosophy Essay Topics on Worldview

For your philosophy essay, you may also explore and write about any topics that are related to worldview. The following are some top philosophy essay questions on the worldview that you might consider for your essay writing assignment.

  1. The role of a cultural mindset and globalization.
  2. Are we alone in the universe?
  3. The origins of consumerism in American society.
  4. Communism versus Capitalism.
  5. The value of knowledge and reading of books.
  6. The role of Platonic realism.
  7. Feminism and idealism through the lens of behavioral
  8. Future perspectives and technology.
  9. An average perception of the world by the middle school child.
  10. The role of the grandparents in our outlook on life.

Practical Philosophy Essay Topics

For preparing your philosophy essay, you may give preference to any practical topic recommended here. But when you write practical philosophy essay titles, you should explore real-world problems and challenges through the lens of philosophical inquiry.

  1. The definition of truth online.
  2. The philosophy of peaceful protests.
  3. An application of medieval philosophy in literature.
  4. The anti-vaccination philosophy.
  5. The philosophy of eco-friendliness and the controversies.
  6. The definition of modern romance.
  7. The Black Lives Matter social movement philosophy.
  8. Why are people afraid of changes in the times of technology?
  9. How can a person remain objective with the plethora of information we process today?
  10. The role of Twitter in political processes.

Transcendentalism Essay Topics

Transcendentalism was a 19th-century philosophical and literary movement that emphasized the intrinsic goodness of both humans and nature. You may compose your philosophy essay on any of these topics on Transcendentalism.

  1. The most famous Transcendentalists of the 21st century.
  2. Feminism and the lack of changes to women’s rights.
  3. Is there such a thing as American Transcendentalism?
  4. How did social protest change since the 1920s?
  5. The attitude to people with autism and other learning difficulties.
  6. How do people in different cultures perceive the nurturing of children?
  7. The role and effect of remote education for children.
  8. The philosophy that impacted the elimination of slavery.
  9. Is there such a thing as American Transcendentalism?
  10. Henry David Thoreau: how do his ideas apply to the 2021 state of things?

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Enlightenment Essay Topics

The Enlightenment philosophy focuses on a strong conviction in the power of human reason and scientific inquiry to discover universal truths about the natural world and the human situation. Listed below are a few enlightenment topics on which you may compose a philosophy essay.

  1. How did political songs affect education?
  2. Voltaire and censorship.
  3. The understanding of the Universe.
  4. The pros and cons of individualism.
  5. The reflection of skepticism in the literature of the 18th century.
  6. How did people approach happiness in the Age of Enlightenment?
  7. The access to information and the burned books.
  8. The role of reason and intellectual development in the late 17th century.
  9. Freedom through the lens of love and prosperity.
  10. The role of power in the Age of Enlightenment.

Awesome Philosophy Essay Prompts

In this section, we have shared some incredible essay questions on philosophy. If you are interested in composing a top-score-fetching philosophy essay, then take into account any of those topics.

  1. How can life be without news and information?
  2. Can someone love and hate at the same time?
  3. The impacts of the Western philosophical tradition
  4. What fosters good judgment in the life of a man?
  5. Should kids of all genders learn distinctively?
  6. Does the weather affect the mood of women?
  7. Do controversies indeed exist?
  8. The role of education in fostering rationality and logic
  9. Discuss the relationship between humanity, divinity, and creativity.
  10. Is it reasonable to be proud after accomplishing something?
  11. What is the link between genetics and human personalities?
  12. Examine the freedom teenagers should have.
  13. Examine the importance of preserving cultural heritage.
  14. Determine if thoughts can exist without language.
  15. Explain if it is possible to bridge the gap between the people with low income and the rich in society.
  16. What are the issues and principles of ethics in psychotherapy?
  17. Explain the definition and problems related to informed consent.
  18. Examine conscience and its key features.
  19. Point out the difference between unethical and ethical marketing.
  20. Explain the link between ethics and aesthetics in axiology.

Informative Philosophy Essay Questions

The philosophy essay that you write should expand the knowledge of your readers. So, consider any topic from Philosophy with educational value. These are some amazing philosophical topics that might support you in developing an informative essay.

  1. Highlight the main features of empiricism.
  2. Explain the critical attributes of Pietism.
  3. Explain how Martin Luther’s theology impacted Europe.
  4. Define the concept of “logos” in different philosophies.
  5. Explain the concepts of divine providence and sin.
  6. Define the idea of “becoming” in atomism.
  7. What is the relationship between the doctrine of Pythagoreans and Mathematics?
  8. Discuss the ethics behind the application of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  9. Discuss ethical issues surrounding organ transplant
  10. Define patriotism and explain why it should be a virtue.
  11. Decipher the Notion of “Tabula Rasa” in Locke’s Philosophy.
  12. Examine the Philosophical Roots of Feminist Theory.
  13. Analyze Ethical Egoism.
  14. Evaluate Zeno’s paradoxes.
  15. Analyze the philosophy of crime and punishment from Dostoevsky’s viewpoints.
  16. Trace the evolution of moral relativism in philosophy.
  17. Explain the Merit of Utilitarianism in Policy-Making Decisions.
  18. Analyze the Perspectives on Existentialism.
  19. Examine “The Myth of Progress” from a philosophical lens.
  20. Explore the concept of Karma in Indian philosophy.

Impactful Philosophy Essay Topics

The philosophy essay that you submit should build an impact in the minds of your readers. Therefore, to achieve that, give significance to any of the below-suggested impactful essay ideas on different types of philosophies.

  1. Define the term mentally conscious and how it applies to human life.
  2. What is the most crucial attribute to gain human knowledge?
  3. Is it possible to provide help to a stranger without doubting their intentions?
  4. Which is more important, to be loved by someone or to love someone?
  5. Investigate why our superstitions and cultural myths about life and death are important.
  6. Explain whether achieving self-development has anything to do with self-esteem.
  7. A case study of the psychology behind cheap products and their quality.
  8. Elaborate if philosophy is the ultimate answer to all questions in life.
  9. Discuss how the feminine gender was in ancient Greece.
  10. Examine whether getting information out of the outer world is real.
  11. Explain the key differences between Freudism and Marxism.
  12. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of killing oneself.
  13. What are the ethical issues around using embryos in genetic engineering research?
  14. Is feminism opposed to religion?
  15. Explain why some individuals live life without feeling alive.

You may also prepare your philosophy essay on any of the frequently discussed topics. But when you craft an essay on popular topics, analyze the topic from a different perspective and present new information to your readers.

  1. Define a perfect life and explain what keeps people from living it.
  2. What impact does the belief in God have on humans?
  3. How are war and peace interrelated to each other?
  4. Is death the beginning of something new or the final point of human life?
  5. Define the concept of Supernatural and highlight any proof of its existence.
  6. Find a source of genuine inspiration. Your lack of motivation for the subject will always be apparent.
  7. Select a particular philosophical school as your methodology.
  8. Continue to read the writings of many philosophers and study them.
  9. The social movement’s “Black Lives Matter” ethos.
  10. With the volume of information we now process, how is it possible for someone to maintain objectivity?
  11. The macho idea as it relates to the ideology of feminine dress.
  12. The benefits and drawbacks of sporting competition: a philosophical perspective.
  13. Should people have the ability to self-govern in legal matters?
  14. The function of digital platforms and how they affect human philosophy negatively.
  15. What compels kids to lie?

Instead of dealing with popular essay questions on philosophy, focus on any trending topics that are shared here. If you deal with any latest philosophy essay ideas, your readers may get a chance to understand the current problems and stay updated about the field.

  1. Do we learn first through experience or the ongoing processing of information?
  2. Should people have the ability to self-govern in legal matters?
  3. The function of digital platforms and how they affect human philosophy negatively.
  4. What kind of ideology encourages individuals to gamble?
  5. The masculine idea as it relates to the ideology of feminine dress.
  6. The benefits and drawbacks of sporting competition: a philosophical perspective.
  7. A type of nurturing is being cruel to younger siblings.
  8. An ordinary middle schooler’s perspective on the world.
  9. The importance of education and book reading.
  10. Behavioral science is seen through the prism of feminism and idealism.
  11. How did Enlightenment-era thinking contribute to Napoleon’s coming to power?
  12. Discuss the impact of the Enlightenment on the French Revolution
  13. Which period is called the Enlightenment period and why?
  14. Enlightenment and Freemasonry activity in Germany
  15. Discuss about some Enlightenment philosophers and their doctrine

Final Words

For writing your philosophy essay, you may very well choose any topic from the list suggested above. But when you compose your philosophy essay, you should make sure to explain the chosen topic in detail with proper examples. Moreover, to fetch top grades, the essay you compose on philosophy topics should be informative, flawless, and plagiarism-free. In case, it is troublesome for you to choose a potential philosophy essay prompt or write a great philosophy essay, contact us quickly. To write all types of philosophy assignments, we have several subject experts on our team. According to your requirements, they will assist you in precisely completing your philosophy essay ahead of the deadline.

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