100 Fantastic Psychology Research Paper Topics to Score Well

What are Psychology Research Paper Topics?

Psychology Research Paper

Psychology might sound interesting to you, however, it is a difficult subject to study. Perhaps, no one understands it better than those who have enrolled in the course. Since psychology focuses on the mind and human behavior from different perspectives, it offers immense pleasure and core understanding to people. Besides, a psychology paper is a pinnacle of important writing efforts that is done after comprehensive research. Frequently, the research is restricted to peer-reviewed academic articles, starting from processing, evidence collection, and delivery to the audience. However, if a psychology paper has an experimental component, possibly you have to understand surveys, sampling techniques, and statistical procedures. Furthermore, you ought to understand tests to examine correlation, effect, size, and significance.

How to Use Psychology Research Paper Topics?

Do you experience problems in selecting your psychology research paper topics? If yes, then forget all your worries as we have the right selection criteria for you.

  • Firstly, reflect on the areas that you have studied in the psychology class, select suitable topics and search for them online. Also, you may alternate more significant keywords and perhaps look for more information online. Moreover, if the research hypothesis is valid, possibly it implies that the topic is well-researched. Hence, you may find several research articles to support the research topic well.
  • Secondly, identify a big topic list that is in close alignment with a subfield that seems interesting to you. Moreover, skim through the topics and select suitable topics from a broad range of topics.
  • Thirdly, consider reading general articles on the subfield that interests you, which may include printed literature or Wikipedia articles. In this way, you ought to identify numerous topics that you may explore comprehensively.
  • Lastly, if the topic is competitive, try exploring it and for information availability or the quality of each topic.

Ultimately, reflect on the selected topic and decide what you may cover in advance. Also, you may want to develop your research into a more interesting as well as informative topic.

How to Write Psychology Research Paper Topics?

If you want to write flawless and good scoring psychology research topics, you ought to understand its correct format. Let’s explore below how to write a high-quality research paper and convince your professors.

  • Perhaps, consider choosing engaging topics, as you might not want to bore the readers. However, if not given a choice, don’t have panic as there are other ways to produce a flawless writing piece.
  • Subsequently, ensure to generate suitable ideas that might define your content well. Also, you may raise shocking questions, recommend and debate for transformations in the present paradigm.
  • Moreover, make sure to execute quality research, hence you need to use reliable sources and appropriately research your work. Furthermore, you ought to avoid plagiarism and deliver your message accurately.
  • Lastly, ensure to use appropriate language, precision, style, conciseness, and accurate professional terms to impress your professor. Also, create a good paper structure, clear hypothesis, and a precise introduction as well conclusion, adding credibility to your paper.


100 Psychology Research Paper Topics

Few Fundamental Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Kinds of mirroring behaviors in children.
  2. Brain in Love- Explain its physiology.
  3. Anger and Aggression physiology.
  4. Brain mechanism and underpinning attachment.
  5. Neurobiology and lucid dreaming psychology.
  6. Brain damage and the different kinds of amnesia.
  7. Different types of perceptions and sensations among individuals.
  8. Time perception and brain involvement.
  9. Red color taste- a neurological explanation of synesthesia.
  10. ADHA- Analyze its symptoms and impact on the life quality.
  11. Dementia- Discuss its types and symptoms.
  12. How environmental factors trigger depression.
  13. Old age and its associated psychological changes.
  14. Ignoring the needs of children- Discuss its impact on their adult life.
  15. Unreliable eyewitness evidence- Analyze the risk factors.
  16. Managing stress and depression of the cancer patients- Discuss the possible approaches.
  17. Dyslexic students- How to adapt the teaching strategies for them?

Few High-Scoring Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Criminal intentions and Restraining factors- Steps to keep them balanced.
  2. Serial killers and their worldview- Identify the similarities in different cases.
  3. Depression treatment versus Cognitive behavioral therapy.
  4. Phobia treatment and innovative approaches.
  5. The impact of cognitive-behavioral therapy for treating autism patients.
  6. Relevance of emotional support for treating patients with addiction.
  7. Significance of affection in teaching younger children.
  8. Discrimination psychology.
  9. Self-perception.
  10. Social identity theory- Tajfel and Turner.
  11. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and autistic brains.
  12. Time perception and the involvement of brain structures.
  13. Group therapy effectiveness in the palliative care unit.
  14. Chronic pain management through medication techniques.
  15. Analyze the emotional needs of the children- love, support, care, freedom, acceptance, and understanding.
  16. Alcoholics Anonymous Programs- Psychologically interpreting the central role belief.
  17. Role of psychological assistance in managing eating disorders.

Few Lucrative Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Midlife crisis in women and men- Analyze the similarities and differences.
  2. Harmonious development of a child’s personality- How much discipline is sufficient?
  3. Examining legal competence to stand trial.
  4. Minimum witness age regulation- Justification of the legal norms.
  5. Protocols of verbal communication with the eyewitness at the court to promote cooperation.
  6. Evidence of unreliable eyewitnesses- Identify the risk factors.
  7. The role of physical exercise in stress management and mood control.
  8. Forensic psychologists in the court- Rules of conduct and its significance.
  9. Promoting regular breast cancer or heart disease screening among the patients- Discuss the communication strategies
  10. Cognitive abilities- Elaborate on the impact of social communication and physical exercise.
  11. Multiple psychological afflictions in the later life- Discuss child abuse as a causative factor.
  12. Analyze the different study efforts requirements at different ages.

Few Psychology Research Paper Topics for the Experts

  1. Identify the positive impact of the no-homework policy (Finland) on the student’s- performance- Is the same application in the US?
  2. How playing complex instruments does promotes the cognitive performance of the students?
  3. The impact of bullying in schools on the self-perception of the students.
  4. Eligibility of the psychologists to serve as the eyewitnesses in the court.
  5. Influence of parenting style on a person’s professional expertise later in their life.
  6. Post-traumatic disorder treatment- Virtual reality exposure.
  7. Electroconvulsive therapy is a last attempt to treat critical depression and bipolar disorder.
  8. Clinical manipulation neuromodulators for depression- Pros and Cons.
  9. How to enforce adherence to regimens in patients suffering from eating disorders?
  10. Lucid dreaming research and its clinical impact- PTSD, nightmares, and psychosis.
  11. Juvenile and adult offenders- Analyze their psychological differences.

Few Top-Notch Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Are the detainment of adult and juvenile offenders together harmful for the latter? Analyze from the perspective of reeducation.
  2. Psychological afflictions that result in criminal behaviors.
  3. Social and emotional needs of the criminals for efficient societal integration after their release.
  4. Analyze the planning required to prepare crime tales about the criminals.
  5. Criminal intentions and the restraining conditions- How to create a balance?
  6. Key personality traits that might serve as criminal behavior predictors.
  7. Imprisoned criminals and their worldview- Discuss the predomination, remorse, anger, injustice feeling, self-pity, and disappointment or fatalism feelings.
  8. Analyze the degree of control, while committing a crime and its application in criminal profiling.
  9. Mirror tests in animals and children- Discuss the similarities and differences.
  10. Schizophrenia etiology- Depict its present understanding.
  11. The onset of multiple personality disorder- Discuss the contributing factors.

Few Influential Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Circadian rhythm disruption- Is it an attribute of depression symptoms?
  2. The cataplexy and sleep paralysis- Similarities and differences.
  3. High incident rates of post-traumatic stress disorder- Discuss the associated personality traits.
  4. Best life events and social conditions that endanger mental health among the US population.
  5. Relevance of temporoparietal junction- Self-perception.
  6. Neuroplasticity and cerebral reorganization among hemispherectomy patients.
  7. Buddhist monk’s brain at different stages of deep meditation- Role of functional imaging.
  8. Explore changes in gene expression prompted by meditation- Impact on brain functions.
  9. Different forms of amnesia might occur following brain damage.
  10. Visual perception- Role of the hierarchy of neural layers.
  11. Retrograde amnesia patients- Memory and cognitive procedures.
  12. Relevance of serotonin and dopamine in happiness and pleasure.
  13. REM sleep physiology.
  14. Milgram’s shock experiment- Significance of an unfamiliar environment.
  15. Obeying adult figures and causes of cruelty.

Final List of Psychology Research Paper Topics

  1. Bandura’s social learning theory- Role of the society in modeling our behavior.
  2. Social Status- Compliance, conformity, and obedience.
  3. Stanford prisoner experiment- Causes of dehumanization.
  4. Street demonstrations and the measures of aggression control.
  5. Primary Progressive Aphasia and its role in educating us about language processing brain region.
  6. Material rewards versus social reinforcement- Promoting learning among the students.
  7. Insanity definition and its variations.
  8. Examining the credibility of evidence across different US states.
  9. Adolescent brains- Amygdala’s role as an agent of change.
  10. Short-term memory development from early to advanced age.
  11. Brains determined by gender- What is the physiological difference?
  12. Romance, love, and attraction.
  13. Social control and cults.
  14. Discrimination and Prejudice- Sexism, racism, and homophobia.
  15. Marketing, propaganda, and persuasion.
  16. Antisocial personality disorder.
  17. Seasonal affective disorder.

What is Next?

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