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What is a Thesis Definition- All you need to Know About it

What is a Thesis Definition?

Thesis Definition

If you have enrolled in the University, perhaps you have to write essays frequently, where it is important. Irrespective of the essay type you may write, argumentive, compare or contrast type, it plays a vital role. Also, an argumentive essay might fail, if you don’t write a thesis definition for it. But, do you know what a thesis definition is, let’s explore and understand it.

Generally, it includes one or two sentences that condense an argument or analysis that you ought to follow. Thus, this sentence condensation is popularly known as a thesis definition.

Why Does your Essay Need a Thesis Definition?

Fundamentally, it will achieve the following goals, as your thesis might answer the questions you want to explore.

  • Firstly, it examines your ideas and condenses them into one or two sentences.
  • Secondly, it might help to better organize as well as advance your argument.
  • Thirdly, it offers the readers a guide to your argument.

How to Write a Thesis Definition if the Topic is assigned?

Irrespective of the complexity level, every assignment might be reduced to a specific question. Thus, the first step might involve condensing the assignment into one question and clarify its purpose to the readers.

Let’s explore an example below:

Topic: “Write a report to the local school board, discussing the benefits of computer application for 4th graders in schools”.

Perhaps, you may write a question and shorten it to one or two sentences in the following way:

Question: What are the key advantages of computer application in a fourth-grade class?

Answer: The potential advantages of computer application in a fourth-grade class are……

Alternatively, you may also answer the given question as follows:

Answer: Computer application in the fourth-grade commits to enhance……


How to Write a Thesis Definition if the Topic is not assigned?

Subsequently, if your assignment doesn’t require a specific answer, perhaps you have to create your own. Hence, you ought to ask questions about the problem, you might want to analyze.

Simultaneously, a good thesis definition may include the following features:

  • Perhaps, choose a subject on which considerable people ought to disagree.
  • Besides, consider the nature of your assignment, as you might want to manage it adequately.
  • Consequently, declare the conclusion on your selected subject and ensure it is not vague.

Thesis Definition of a Social Policy Paper

Thesis Definition of a Social Policy Paper

  1. Inspiring the Topic-For example, if your subject is the issues posed by dietary habits of the Americans. Perhaps, writing on how much Americans consume might drive your interest. Thus, you may begin the thesis definition as, “Sugar Consumption” however, this is not a complete it. Also, it indicates a general subject and your audience might not understand its significance.
  2. Narrow the Topic-Subsequently, after sufficient reading on the topic, you may decide to focus on the overconsumption of sugar among elementary school children. So, if you consider the revised thesis definition that states, “Minimizing sugar consumption by primary school children”. Perhaps, your focus not only declares the subject but also focuses on a particular population. However, this fragment is not a thesis definition yet, because you haven’t drawn upon a conclusion.
  3. Take a position on the Topic- Consequently, reflect further on your selected topic as you ought to decide something more specific. Hence, you may take a position to take some actions to reduce sugar consumption among primary school children. Also, you may write your revised thesis definition as, “More attention should be given to the food and beverages choices available in the primary schools.”
  4. Apply specific language- Additionally, you may decide to elaborate on what is food and beverages. Hence, you may write, “Scholars estimate that half of the primary school children consume nine times more sugar than the proposed limit. Though the above statement is specific, yet it doesn’t assert a conclusion, hence it appears incomplete.
  5. Write a declaration based on a mentioned support- Finally, you may further modify the fragments and form a complete it as given below: “Because half of all American primary school children consume nine times the proposed daily allowance of sugar, schools would require to substitute the beverages in soda machines with healthy alternatives.”

What is a Strong Thesis Definition- Strong & Weak Thesis Definition?

  • Firstly, ensure to take a stand as you might want to write a powerful thesis definition. Perhaps, you may consider demonstrating the conclusion for your thesis. For instance, if fitness is your topic, you may select a famous weight loss product to explain. Let’s explore using the given examples:
  • There are some positive and negative characteristics to the Banana Herb Tea Supplement.
  • Since the Banana Herb Supplement boosts fast weight loss that leads to the loss of lean body mass and muscles, posing a potential danger to customers.

Perhaps, if you consider the former thesis definition, it appears weak, because it doesn’t take any thesis position. However, the latter thesis definition is both specific and demonstrates a position, hence it’s a strong thesis definition.

  • Secondly, a powerful thesis definition justifies the discussion. For instance, if kinship system is your topic, applying your family example and justify as follows:
  • My family is an extended family.
  • While the majority of American families would perceive consanguineal marriage as a danger to the nuclear family structure, multiple Iranian families, like my family, believe that such marriages assist to fortify kinship connection in an extended family.

Accordingly, the former thesis definition is weak, because it simply mentions an observation. Possibly, the audience may not understand your point and stop reading your essay. While the latter is strong as it showcases how your experience contradicts a broadly accepted viewpoint. Also, demonstrating that your topic is controversial is a key feature of a good thesis definition. Perhaps, you may retain the readers, as they might want to know how you support your argument.

  • Thirdly, a powerful thesis definition depicts one core idea as you might not want to confuse the readers. Let’s explore through the examples given below:
  • Companies require to exploit the marketing prospects of the internet, and web pages provide both customer support and advertising.
  • Since the internet is equipped with extensive marketing potential, companies should exploit this prospect by using Web pages that provide both customer support and advertising.

Again, the former thesis definition is weak as there is no clarity on its purpose. Also, the readers might get confused if the essay is on internet marketing or web pages. While the latter thesis definition is strong because it demonstrates both internet marketing and web page are related.

  • Finally, a powerful statement is specific as it might help you manage the topics easily. Let’s consider the examples given below:
  • Causes and effects of world hunger.
  • Hunger prevails in Glandelinia because jobs are less and farming in the infertile soil is hardly infertile.

To clarify, the first thesis definition is vague, because it discusses the cause and effects generally. While the second, it’s strong because it focuses on a specific cause and effect relationship.

Action Needed

Certainly, you might have understood a thesis definition by now, as we have offered enough illustrations to support it. Yet, if you haven’t understood, consider raising your queries to our thesis proposal helper and get it resolved in no time. Also, to clarify your thoughts, perhaps you may consult your professors, who may explain you even better.