There are nine to fifteen space zones surrounding a vehicle A. true B. False

Question:- There are nine to fifteen space zones surrounding a vehicle

A. true

B. False

Answer: The correct option is False.

The first one is the so-called immediate zone, that is, the area that constitutes a vehicle and the one 1 foot around it. Accepting that the zone is there helps the driver to take the preventive measures before the upcoming danger.

The second very important area from the car is the active zone and it stretches to approximately 2-4 seconds before the vehicle. The driver’s most important zone is that where the accidents can happen and she/he should keep a lot of attention at it.

Going beyond this is the sensing zone that embraces the free space about 10-15 seconds before the car. This approach will inform the driver on the many risks in time and consequently, take their reaction in time.

The front zone is the most extensive of all the areas, otherwise known as the horizon zone which accommodates the whole view that the driver can witness. The emphasis is placed on driving at least 300 feet in advance in order to have enough time to react.

Monitoring these four zones is obviously vital for your-safety driving-out on the freeway, but there really are no other places to be concerned with – let alone nine to fifteen zones. There are no such parking areas and in fact, the claim of quite a number of such parking zones is totally wrong.






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