Which condition is associated with alcohol impaired driving?

Question:- Which condition is associated with alcohol-impaired driving?


Drunk or impaired drivers have significant added risks of motor vehicle collisions, injuries, and fatalities. Alcohol gets absorbed into the blood when a person consumes it and negatively affects thinking ability, motor skills, response time, body control, judgement and decision making. The higher rate of blood alcohol concentration (BAC) associated with the greater level of alcohol consumption the higher the degree of impairment. Driving necessitates attentiveness, his ability to react promptly, concentrating as well as having a responsible judgment and common sense and these are depreciated when intoxicated.

A BAC that is only slightly over its legal threshold can still affect the ability to react quickly, see peripheral sight, and track moving objects. Alcohol intoxication induces more severe motor impairment, disorientation, reduced divided attention and reduced judgment. Inebriation creates a hazardous environment for an intoxicated driver and the passengers, as well as for the other road users. Intoxication at the wheel is one of the main reason in road traffic deaths, which hunt mostly young people . It is the reason why, many public health campaigns target the population to educate them about alcohol-impaired driving and provide alternatives to drinking and driving by promoting public transportation among drinkers.






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