Which land feature supports the theory of continental drift?

Which land feature supports the theory of continental drift?



C.coal fields


Answer. D.oceans

The presence of oceans and their features fit in the idea of continental drift concept, which abide by Alfred Wegener during the early time of 20th century. According to this theory, the situation is that all the continents all started off on a supercontinent called Pangaea and have since drifting apart over a colloquial timeline.

The evidence from oceans that supports this theory includes:

  • Shape of continents: For instance, South America and Africa have coastlines that would fit like a puzzle’s, which is an indication of their being part of a single landmass before.

  • Matching geology: Sharing a common bedrock, having fossils in the same stratum, and similar geological structures whether on different sides of the ocean shows they once belonged to a single continent.

  • Ocean floor spreading: A new oceanic crust at rifts, for example at the Mid-Oceanic Ridges and some movements generated by the tectonic plates are responsible for the continental drift.

Immensely manifestation, the oceans full of the exotic shapes, geological structures and even tectonic activities are the most proofs of the theory of continental drift and hence the surface of the Earth changing through geological time.






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