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210 Captivating Chemistry Research Topics for Science Students to Explore

What are Chemistry Research Topics?


If chemistry is your major, possibly you might fall into a tough situation if your professor allocates you an assignment.  However, if you have access to some leading topics, perhaps, your work might appear easy to you. Before, moving to the chemistry research topics list, let’s first explore the subject briefly.

Surely, chemistry is an extensive subject that applies various study techniques, hence scientists classify it into five core branches. To illustrate branches like physical, organic, inorganic, biochemistry, and analytical chemistry needs further exploration, offering you great research scopes.

Chemistry Research Topics

How to use Chemistry Research Topics?

Perhaps, choosing efficient chemistry research topics is not a simple task, mostly when it comes to writing a research paper.

  • Firstly, select research topics that match your knowledge and skills, irrespective of the availability of numerous relevant issues.
  • Secondly, you might consider topics that are relevant to the academic community and a recently discussed topic in your class.
  • Thirdly, consider choosing interesting topics, as you might conduct several research activities and enjoy the same.

How to write Chemistry Research Topics?

Since, organization is the key to write a chemistry research paper, hence you ought to follow the guidelines given below:

  • Certainly, your objective is to determine and communicate important information, yet ensure to organize it as a credible scientific source.
  • Simultaneously, you might include an introduction, research methods, results as well as discussion to ensure proper organization.
  • Most importantly, ensure to use correct grammar and apply a formal, clear, and concise writing style for your essay.

200 Chemistry Research Topics

Basic & Easy Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Acid rain and its formation.
  2. Atom bombs and their ingredients- Discuss.
  3. Explain the noble gas and its configuration.
  4. Acids and Bases- Introduction.
  5. The impact of the pheromones on human beings.
  6. States of matter and its overview.
  7. The extraordinary legacy of Marie Curie.
  8. How to solve stoichiometry problems?
  9. Lack of vitamins in your body- Discuss its impact.
  10. Explain the periodic trends.
  11. Discuss the role of catalysts.
  12. Lab safety- All you need to know.
  13. The early 20th century and the radium craze.
  14. Analyze the influence of substance abuse on your body.
  15. Relevance of studying chemistry in high school.
  16. How do we define reaction rates?
  17. Accessing amino acid using protein hydrolysis- Discuss.
  18. The ancient philosophy of changing substance before the advent of chemistry.
  19. Aspirin and its synthesis.
  20. How to make photosynthesis viable?

High-Quality Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Identify what contaminates water- Examine the quality of water.
  2. Create film and elaborate on the process.
  3. Fix a wire over an ice cube and no drilling of holes into it.
  4. Iodine and starch reaction- How to determine color changes?
  5. Study the properties of the extracted plant oil.
  6. Develop a water filter from the scratch.
  7. Manufacturing a safe smoke bomb.
  8. Growing crystals- Record the process.
  9. How does lemon juice stops apples from turning brown?
  10. Explore the content of toothpaste- Did you find any hazards?
  11. Determine the pollutants in the air around you.
  12. How does the color of a flame change?
  13. Analyze the production of liquid or biogas from organic waste.
  14. How to change the color of a solution?
  15. Elaborate on the changes if you dye your wool changing its color.

Few Interesting Chemistry Research Topics

  1. How to change a penny’s color to gold?
  2. Analyze what soap require to foam adequately.
  3. Examine your hair and evaluate its nutrient content.
  4. How to make and break emulsions?
  5. Invisible Inks- How does it disappear?
  6. Conductivity- Identify the best electrical conduits.
  7. Science and food- Evaluate the energy produced by chips and nuts when burnt.
  8. Biodiesel manufacturing and the efficiency of various vegetable oils.
  9. How does sugar impact a soft drink’s density?
  10. Examine the pesticide residue in vegetables from different markets.
  11. Biometric technology- Study its performance.
  12. Polymers and their uses.
  13. Spectroscopes and their working system.
  14. Applications of the spectroscopes.
  15. CRISPR and its working system.
  16. Noncovalent bonding- Explain its types.
  17. Imino-disaccharides and their properties- Evaluate.
  18. Meteorites and their chemical information.
  19. Molecular recognition and its synthetic production.
  20. Discuss the impact of nanotechnology.

Few Lucrative Chemistry Research Topics

  1. How did Nanoscience transform our lives?
  2. CBD and its advantages.
  3. Explain the different types of equilibrium- A comparative analysis.
  4. BPA and its toxicity- Critically evaluate.
  5. Idea gas versus non-ideal gas- Compare their behaviors.
  6. Molecular orbital theory and its principles.
  7. Water recycling- How does it work?
  8. Not all compounds exist- Explain.
  9. Causes of weather changes- Evaluate the phenomenon.
  10. Hydrogen gas and its properties.
  11. Collision theory and concentration- How do they relate?
  12. Cloud seeding and its benefits.
  13. Ab initio methods and their functions.
  14. Relevance of photosynthesis for some plants over the other plants.
  15. Enzyme activity and its regulations.
  16. Epigenetics and its benefits.
  17. Pros and cons of dietary supplements.
  18. Discuss the impact of protein deficiency.
  19. Cancer and its origin- Cells went reprobate.
  20. The principles of PCR and the copying DNA.

Few Good Scoring Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Three types of Crystallography- A comparative analysis.
  2. Recombination repair and its working system.
  3. Haemophilia and its treatment.
  4. Chiral molecules and their properties.
  5. Stereoisomers- Investigate the possible relations that exist between them.
  6. Analyze the history of vitalism.
  7. Chemoenzymatic synthesis and its benefits.
  8. Types and reactions of hydrocarbon.
  9. Free-Radical Reactions- How does it work?
  10. Analyze the significance of esters in everyday life.
  11. Aerosol formation and its mechanism.
  12. Chemical warfare- Explore the dark side of organic chemistry.
  13. Molecular tunings and their recent discoveries.
  14. Poisonous Plants and their causes.
  15. Human health and chemistry.
  16. Chemistry and medicine.
  17. Elaborate on the atomic theory.
  18. Chemical reactions and their thermal impact.
  19. Acids- Evaluate their composition, properties, and applications.
  20. Discovery of Oxygen.
  21. Biochemical procedures and their evaluation.
  22. Chemical industry.
  23. Iron and its compounds.
  24. Gasoline production.

Few Intriguing Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Zinc and its compound.
  2. Valuable chemical raw material- Natural Gas.
  3. Manganese and its compound.
  4. Benzene and its homologs.
  5. Globular protein.
  6. Accessing water quality in a reservoir.
  7. Snow pollution and its disadvantages.
  8. Sapphires and their formation.
  9. Solar cells and silicon dioxide.
  10. Discuss the relevance of inorganic chemistry.
  11. Electrophiles- Define and discuss.
  12. Oxygen gas and its color.
  13. Dry ice and its production.
  14. Sunburns don’t yet use oxygen- Explain how?
  15. Car airbags and the use of Sodium Azide.
  16. Role of Nanoreactors in chemistry.
  17. Pesticides and their ingredients.
  18. Cholesterol and its significance.
  19. Steroids- Define and explain.
  20. Lewis structure study.
  21. Artificial diamond and its growth.
  22. Pearl manufacturing- Elaborate on the process.
  23. How to optimize the team brewing process?
  24. The impact of acid rain on animals and plants.

Catch Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Safety of organic food for human consumption.
  2. Analyze the impact of soft drinks on the human body.
  3. Make-up products and cosmetics- How does it relate?
  4. Impact of chemicals on human allergies.
  5. Discuss the effect of chemicals on long-distance product delivery.
  6. Scientists and their contribution to chemistry- Identify them and list their contributions.
  7. Elaborate on the wastewater treatment process.
  8. Biofuels versus Rocket fuels- A comparative analysis.
  9. Significance and drawbacks of vitamins in the body.
  10. Quantum mechanics and chemistry.
  11. Fatty acids metabolism- Explain the process.
  12. Role and structure of carbohydrates.
  13. Relevance of lipids in biological systems.
  14. Nucleic Acid- Discussion and analysis.
  15. Discuss the specific property of water.
  16. Protein and its functions- Analyze its principles.
  17. Harmonic and anharmonic oscillator- Review.
  18. Elaborate on the cell metabolism process.
  19. Causes of unreactive aromatic compounds.

Chemistry Research Topics You Might Not Want To Avoid

  1. Mechanical molecular model- Bonds as springs.
  2. What makes phosgene toxic?
  3. Fischer projection practice and Enantiomers.
  4. Dolly the Sheep- Analyze its legacy.
  5. Stem cell research and its ethics.
  6. New vaccines development.
  7. Industrial application of amino acid.
  8. Metabolism and the chemical procedures behind it.
  9. Coordination and magnetism compounds.
  10. Influence of trace elements on plants.
  11. The impact of pH on plant growth.
  12. The output current of copper- Calculate.
  13. Thermocouple battery production and temperature evaluation.
  14. Catalase Enzyme Activities and the impact of heavy metals.
  15. The impact of biologically active water on plant growth.
  16. Tooth enamel and the influence of fluoride ion.
  17. Analyze the properties and structures of anti-icing agents used on the roads.
  18. Identifying heavy metals in plants.
  19. Examine the physical and chemical indicators of milk.
  20. Organic crystal structures and quantum chemical calculations.

Popular Chemistry Research Topics

  1. Identifying nitrates in the plants.
  2. Growth and development of seedlings and the impact of heavy metals.
  3. Colloidal solutions of iron oxides and the thermal decomposition process.
  4. Polymer and its decomposition process.
  5. Chemical interaction of substances and electricity production.
  6. Significance of nitrogen in our life.
  7. Hydrogen is an alternative fuel- Review the statement.
  8. Organic fertilizers.
  9. States and diseases of vitamin deficiency.
  10. Explore the types of transmission mechanisms.
  11. Anti-infective agents and their analysis.
  12. The exploration of anti-viral agents.
  13. Mineral fertilizers and their exploration.
  14. Spacecraft chemistry.
  15. Fire safety at homes and the combustion reactions.
  16. Heat engines and their negative impact on the environment.
  17. Organic and inorganic substance’s application in the military.
  18. Elaborate on the water-freezing methods.
  19. Natural honey versus artificial honey.
  20. Biologically active substances- Discuss their actions.

Chemical Research Topics- The Final List

  1. Causes of weight gain- Weight correction techniques.
  2. Benefits of unutilized chemical barrels.
  3. Relevance of biopolymers in medicine.
  4. Natural dyes versus artificial dyes.
  5. Iron corrosions in various environments.
  6. Pest Control.
  7. Plant nutrients source- Discuss the role of soil.
  8. Cancer treatment and the role of chemistry.
  9. Potassium and sodium reaction with oxygen.
  10. Powerful healthcare weapon- Antibiotics.
  11. Macro and micronutrient mineral production.
  12. Precipitation- Nature, and impact.
  13. Essential oils.
  14. Palladium- Uses in medicine.
  15. Barium and Beryllium toxicity.
  16. Paper and pulp chemistry.
  17. Environmental crisis and the energy-saving lamps.
  18. Petroleum products and their benefits.

Few Innovative Chemistry Research Topics 

  1. How to avoid the use of pesticides in agriculture? 
  2. Applying biological machineries. 
  3. Chemical warfare ethics. 
  4. Dipole interaction and hydrogen. 
  5. Hydrophobic effect process. 
  6. Chiral class drugs and dangers of Ibuprofen. 
  7. Applying the Gas Laws. 
  8. Hydrolysis analysis. 
  9. Steps to calculate the PH level. 
  10. How to identify isotopes? 

Final Thoughts

If you have reached here, possibly, you might have found something interesting in this blog. So, you need to follow the correct writing procedure, if you want to draw the attention of your professor. Moreover, ensure that your chemistry assignment is unique as well as has sufficient research scope. Furthermore, choose a research topic that seems interesting to you because you need to manage it till the end.