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Creative writing is a style of writing that does not come under the purview of journalistic, academic, or professional writing. It purely focuses on the writer’s imagination. Are you worried about how to improve your creative writing skills? If yes, then indulge yourself in a lot of creative writing exercises. Basically, the benefits of creative writing exercises are more. One common benefit is that you can very well develop your creative writing skills if you continuously practice doing more creative exercises. Keep on reading this blog post to know the various creative writing benefits and exercises that help a typical person become a creative writer.


What are the Various Types of Creative Writing?

It is important to know the different types of creativity or precis writing. The various creative writing types are discussed as follows:-


P—–oetry is all about creative writing and imagination. It is an individual’s experiences and thoughts that are expressed using words.


Plays are stories that aim to attract an audience. They often have dialogues and t characters in them. Therefore, if the dialogue in a play is well-written then it can attract the audience.


Fictions are works of art that revolve around imagination and fantasy. To write fictional stuff one needs to be creative and possess creative writing skills.


Songwriting is a type of creative writing.


Speeches are examples of creative writing. A good speech can enlighten an audience and it also has the power to provoke an audience. Good speechwriters can influence the listeners and they can make a good impact on the listeners.

In the context of creative writing, one needs to understand that no person can be creative all the time. This blog focuses on various creative writing exercises. It helps the writer to develop an understanding of creative writing. This blog also furnishes important information about creative writing.

List of Creative Writing Exercises to Build Your Skills

On the internet, you can find a lot of creative writing exercises. In general, creative writing exercises are created in a manner to teach a writing technique to a person. It is not meant to write new stories but it is meant to improve the writing skills of the writer. If you have good writing skills then you can write good stories. The following are some interesting creative writing exercises that will make you a better creative writer.

  • Write a short story without using adverbs or adjectives.
  • Choose any object and write an image-only poem about it.
  • Take a story that you have already written and rewrite it from the perspective of a different character.
  • Take any one of your favorite short stories and rewrite it in a different genre.
  • Cook your creative story using any short story writing prompt.
  • Take a scene from a movie and develop that into a short story.
  • Choose an inspiring character from your favorite novel or movie and write a story based on that character.

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Benefits of Creative Writing Exercises

Humans often do things on purpose. In the context of creative writing, it can be said that it too has a purpose in a human’s life. Creative writing is said to generate emotions in the heart of the reader. If a creative writer fails to connect with the book then it is of no use. When you write creatively then ensure that you use ornamented English. Following are some of the benefits of creative writing:-

1. Build Confidence

If you want to write creatively then you must learn to express yourself. Creative writing allows the writer to develop both voices as well as perceptions. A creative writer can write on any topic and yet generate a discourse. People who are not creative enough lose their voice while writing stuff.

2. Artistic Self-Expression 

Those who are creative writers engage in self-expression. In this context, it is important to understand that self-expression can be healthy. If an individual writes creatively then that person can easily move away from negative thoughts. Creative writing helps an individual to develop a positive self-identity. Creative writing helps to reduce stress, trauma, and other setbacks in life.

3.  Boosts Imagination

If you are a creative writer then understand that it is all about imagination. Imagination helps in writing creatively. When you engage in creative writing then you start thinking out of the box. Creative writing helps to enhance your knowledge and it helps to enhance your writing skills. Irrespective of your profession you can be a creative writer. Creative writing helps to enhance your imagination.

4. Thought Clarification

If you are in business then engaging in creative writing helps you in clarifying your thoughts. If you are a professional like a technical writer and you are writing about some computer program then creative writing helps you to create a scenario where people are using the software and creative writing helps to explain how the software is helping them. Creative writing helps writers to write about their surroundings and environment.

5. Improves Vocabulary

Creative writing helps to enhance the writer’s knowledge. It helps in developing vocabulary. It helps writers to learn the mechanics of reading and writing. Creative writing helps you to stay familiar with strict grammar rules. If you attain mastery in creative writing then you will be able to write other stuff too.

6. Communication Skills and Empathy

Creative writing helps to enhance the communication skills of individuals. A creative writer is more sensitive to emotions. Creative writing allows you to be more empathetic toward others. It not only helps in developing the right perception of things, but moreover, it also helps in your professional and personal life.


We hope you are now aware of the benefits of creative writing exercises. If you want to build your creative writing skills, do the list of innovative creative writing exercises shared above. Practicing regularly will definitely make you a good creative writer. In case, you are struggling to handle your creative writing assignments, reach out to us immediately. 

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