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ABM stands for Accounting, Business, and Management. This strand is one of the K-12 program’s academic tracks, and it attempts to teach important business and finance concepts and abilities. Furthermore, this strand allows future leaders and entrepreneurs to gain important career skills including how to interact with clients, how to build strategies to earn money, and more. As students in many other courses do, ABM students must also produce research papers and dissertations. Mostly, the topic you choose will determine the success of your research paper. In case, you run short of ABM research topics and ideas, explore this blog post.

Here, we have published a list of 100 outstanding quantitative and qualitative research topics related to Accounting, Business, and Management fields. Also, we have shared certain ABM research paper topic selection tips.

Continue reading to get exclusive research topic ideas on ABM.

Tips for Selecting an ABM Research Topic

ABM Research Topics

Topic selection is the first step in the ABM research paper preparation process. Since Accounting, Business, and Management are broad subjects, you can effortlessly generate several research questions and topics related to the ABM strand. Even, you can obtain plenty of ABM quantitative and qualitative research topic ideas from the internet. But, when there are abundant topics, identifying an ideal topic might be challenging.

If you experience any trouble with AMB research topic selection, follow these tips.

  • Choose a topic relevant to your interest. Some ABM fields to explore are banking, finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, tourism, hospitality management, HRD management, management accounting, and financial accounting.
  • Pick a topic that is applicable to perform research within the deadline.
  • Give importance to a topic that contains several credible sources to refer to and gather information.
  • Go with a topic as per your research methodology, it can be either qualitative or quantitative.
  • Select a topic that is relevant to the research guidelines shared by your instructor.

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List of the Best ABM Research Topics and Ideas

In this section, we have uploaded a list of excellent ABM research topics and ideas. Carefully go through the entire list and select any topic that is convenient for you to conduct research and write about.

Simple ABM Research Topics for School Students

  1. Explain the role of globalization on consumer behavior.
  2. Discuss the relationship between globalization and business behavior.
  3. Explain how to collect and analyze data about the business environment.
  4. Examine how to navigate the startup world.
  5. Explain how monopolies affect the corporate sector.
  6. Discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing for a business.
  7. Discuss the guidelines for managing employee retention.
  8. Explore the nature of insider trading and the punishments for it
  9. Analyze the pros and cons of a low-cost economy on companies.
  10. Prepare a research paper on negotiation tactics

Top ABM Research Topics in Accounting

  1. Explain how blockchain will improve the future of accounting.
  2. Examine the impact of COVID-19 on global accountancy firms.
  3. Discuss the role of an efficient accountancy workforce in a company’s success
  4. Explain the role of interest rates on the success of accounting firms
  5. Prepare a research paper on general accounting principles.
  6. Examine how managerial accounting helps an organization make better decisions
  7. Explain how to implement theoretical concepts in practical accounting.
  8. Discuss the criteria to make correct accounting decisions.
  9. Explain how accounting theory is influenced by culture.
  10. Examine the risks involved in the process of building accounting system designs.
  11. Analyze the issues with normative theorizing in accounting.
  12. Discuss the pros, cons, and working of offshore accounting.
  13. Explain the role of data management for accounting information systems.
  14. Analyze the major accounting frauds of the last decade.
  15. Analyze the effects of financial markets on management accounting
  1. Describe the value of identifying the target market at the conception of a business.
  2. Explain how to minimize the risks of low-quality products or ones that do not meet industry standards.
  3. Write about business ethics theories.
  4. Explain how to build consumer loyalty in a competitive sector.
  5. Analyze how to manage consumer crises.
  6. Discuss the importance of language in communicating business goals and reaching the target audience.
  7. Explain the relevance of human resources in modern business.
  8. Write about staff training in business organizations.
  9. Explain how the government manages private businesses in your country.
  10. Prepare a research paper on leadership and business in the modern world.
  11. Discuss the pros and cons of running a family business.
  12. Compare ‘franchise’ and ‘from scratch’ businesses.
  13. Discuss some of the best business strategies and product promotion.
  14. Explain how business is done in third-world countries.
  15. Write about crisis management in business.

Excellent ABM Research Topics on Management

  1. Discuss the difference between talent and career management.
  2. Examine the future of telemarketing in the current corporate world.
  3. Explain the workings of subliminal advertising.
  4. Discuss the role of organizational leadership in managing a small company.
  5. Write about consumer management in the current business sector.
  6. Analyze the impact of business management on worker loyalty and productivity rates.
  7. Explore the key elements that affect business management, process planning, and project management
  8. What would happen if businesses did not practice effective brand management?
  9. Explain how effective management affects the concept of perfect competition.
  10. Discuss the  best customer risk management practices

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Qualitative and Quantitative ABM Research Topics

  1. Discuss the business strategies in the banking sector.
  2. Analyze the psychology behind consumer decision-making
  3. Explain how companies can incorporate and encourage eco-friendly policies and practices in their organizations.
  4. Examine the challenges faced by small enterprises in corporate America.
  5. Explain how social media and the internet have changed the corporate world.
  6. Explain how to make a museum exhibition marketable.
  7. Examine how the Chinese market has earned benefits from globalization
  8. Discuss the advantages of owning a recognizable and respectable brand.
  9. Why do certain niche companies gravitate towards hiring youths?
  10. How has feminism influenced the way women consume products and services

Interesting ABM Research Topics

  1. Explain the role of corporate lobbyists in America’s future.
  2. Discuss the role of a franchise agreement for franchise and franchise holders.
  3. Investigate how the Apple Company has maintained its position in the device market.
  4. Examine the future of commerce and retail in the current digital era
  5. Discuss the expectations of global and local businesses on the financial crisis.
  6. Explain how to create a globally recognizable brand.
  7. How can companies fight for their copyright and prevent copycat products from entering the market?
  8. Discuss the role of employee unions in the USA.
  9. Discuss the elements to take into account when choosing a sector to expand your business
  10. Explain the role of brainstorming in idea production and business solutions
  11. Prepare a research paper on corporate rituals that are in practice now.
  12. Discuss the rise, fall, and policies of Eastman Kodak.
  13. Examine the consequences of overworking employees in the workplace.
  14. Suggest effective competing strategies for local businesses.
  15. Discuss the role of corporate social responsibility in making a company more socially accountable

Awesome ABM Research Questions

  1. Write about disruptive business innovation.
  2. Discuss the basic components of intellectual capital.
  3. Explain how to market baby products.
  4. Examine the consequences of labor strikes in the general corporate economy.
  5. Explain how companies should set up the value of ethics.
  6. Write about the various types of mergers.
  7. Examine how marketing affects production expenditure.
  8. Discuss the moral principles and regulations that govern business operations in your country
  9. Explain how oil price affects consumer behavior in Turkey.
  10. Discuss how to create an effective digital marketing budget
  11. Examine how to balance ecology and increase production.
  12. Write about short-term financing.
  13. Discuss how to limit compulsive buying behaviors for credit card holders
  14. Explain how to avoid cultural, religious, and political arguments at work.
  15. Prepare a research paper on marketing manipulation tactics.

Fascinating ABM Research Paper Topics

  1. Analyze the outcomes of advertising in a recession.
  2. Explain how an organization can effectively reduce tax.
  3. Prepare a research paper on mortgage marketing.
  4. Explain the role of artificial intelligence in modern marketing.
  5. Analyze the effect of external factors on cash flow in an organization.
  6. Explain how Islamic banking is different from the European approach.
  7. Discuss the concept of change in management.
  8. Explain the role of packaging in the design and planning process.
  9. Discuss the financial reporting requirements of non-profit accounting.
  10. Discuss the strategies to make organizational finances transparent

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Hopefully, the topics and ideas from the above-shared list will help you to come up with a great ABM research paper. In case, you need any other original ABM research questions or if it is tough for you to write an ABM research paper, reach out to us quickly.


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