244 Thought-Provoking Argumentative Essay Topics for You to Explore

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  1. What are Argumentative Essay Topics?
  2. How to use Argumentative Essay Topics?
  3. How to Write Argumentative Essay Topics?
  4. 244 Argumentative Essay Topics.

Argumentative Essay Topics

What are argumentative essay topics?

If argumentative essays fascinate you, maybe you have reached the right place. Besides you select a topic, take a side, explore information to base your opinion. Also, mention your claim, and bingo your essay is ready.

An argumentative essay needs you to settle on a topic and choose a stance on it. Consequently, you will require to back up your opinion with properly researched facts as well as data. Moreover, the complicated part is selecting which topic to write on, however, we have numerous ideas to let you begin. Furthermore, argumentative essays assist students to understand more on the subject and thereby develop their argumentative writing skills. Perhaps, you might have to devote attention to your subject while selecting a powerful topic for your essay.

Similarly, you might get an argumentative essay to write but are not confident about what to write, begin choosing a good essay topic.

How to use argumentative essay topics?

Perhaps, you might want to choose a subject of mutual interest, because the lengthy research might bore you. Simultaneously, the subject you select, might not significantly meet your viewpoints, but it might also oppose your viewpoints. Furthermore, exploring the differing viewpoints will widen your approach and make your work exemplary.

Certainly, you don’t want to write on a topic that your peers are working on. Perhaps, you might need a topic that has sufficient data and information. Moreover, you might want to write on an argumentative topic that sounds interesting to you as well as your audience.

  • Consequently, you might need to outline, research, and write comprehensively, hence don’t select a monotonous topic.
  • Also, grab some data to begin, because the more known your subject is to you, the simpler it will sound for you and your readers.
  • Simultaneously, you might want your topic eligible for an argumentative essay, so include disputes in it.
  • Additionally, you might need to develop a thesis statement based on your topic.

How to write argumentative essay topics?

Occasionally, you might spark the best ideas by viewing the list of the possible topics and check if some suits your interest. Besides, make a topic list as you come across them and finally think of them for few minutes. Perhaps, you might identify, how someone might think differently. Alternatively, you might want to test the prompt in your mind and if it is up to extinguish for a complete essay. Moreover, you might need to check if your argumentative essay topic will form a two-sided argument, otherwise, it is not worth it.

244 Argumentative Essay Topics

Few Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. How is the death penalty efficient?
  2. Men demand paternity leave from work- Is this acceptable?
  3. Did humans cause global warming?
  4. Is our tax system fair?
  5. Cheating is out of control- What is your claim?
  6. Is school uniform advantageous?
  7. Curfews keep teenagers under control- What is your say?
  8. Torture and its acceptability- What is your claim?
  9. Do we depend highly on computers?
  10. Is a mobile phone dangerous?
  11. May animals be used for research?
  12. Cigarette smoking ban- What is your say?
  13. Law enforcement camera and intrusion of privacy- What is your claim?
  14. Children’s behavior today versus children’s behavior in the past- Which is better or worse?
  15. Do condoms prevent teenage pregnancy?
  16. Government and our diet- Do the government has the right to intervene?
  17. Company and children marketing- What is your claim?

Few Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is our society throw away?
  2. Do the CEOs get highly compensated?
  3. Is there term limits for Congress?
  4. Do the actors and athletes get overpaid?
  5. Aggressive video games and behavioral issues- What is your claim?
  6. Beauty pageants and exploitation- What is your say?
  7. English as an official language of the US- What is your viewpoint?
  8. Is creationism a necessity in public schools?
  9. Alcohol drinking age- Increase or decrease?
  10. Prisoners’ right to vote- What is your claim?
  11. Same-sex marriage- Agree or disagree?
  12. Is recycling essential for everyone?
  13. Boredom causes problems- What is your say?
  14. Is year-round session essential for the schools?
  15. Homework- Is it harmful or beneficial?
  16. Is biofuel a necessity for the racing industry?
  17. Rich people require to pay more tax Agree or disagree?
  18. Is healthcare service a necessary government provision?

Few Thoughtful Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. High college cost negatively impacts students- Agree or disagree?
  2. Is euthanasia eligible for a ban?
  3. The federal government makes marijuana use legal nationally- What is your claim?
  4. College admission and competition- What is your say?
  5. Is public prayer a necessity in schools?
  6. Affirmative actions and justice- What is your claim?
  7. Is higher gun control a good opinion?
  8. High test scores and teacher’s credibility- What is your viewpoint?
  9. Is physical education a necessity for schools?
  10. Low test scores and the teacher’s failure- What is your claim?
  11. Is foreign language education important in schools?
  12. Girls have a meaningful relationship with other girls- What is your opinion?
  13. Abortion is not advisable- What is your say?
  14. Religion causes wars- Yes or no?
  15. Single-sex school and its benefits- What is your viewpoint?

Few Stand-Out Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Evaluation of teachers is a necessity at schools- Yes or no?
  2. Conserving energy as a society is essential- What is your claim?
  3. Is there an appropriate age to start school- What is your say?
  4. The music genre and education- What is your viewpoint?
  5. Benefits and drawbacks of making online friends- What is your opinion?
  6. Is reality television close to real life?
  7. Societal pressure for girls over the boys- What is your claim?
  8. Cartoon or movies- Which is better?
  9. Parents or teachers- Who plays a pivotal role in molding a child?
  10. Cotton gin impacts on the economy- What is your claim?
  11. Is there a necessity for cash rewards for scoring high in standardized tests?
  12. Violent video games make a person violent in real life- What is your opinion?
  13. Biggest problems for current-day students- What is your viewpoint?

Few Fresh and Creative Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Public school education system or homeschooling- Which is a better option?
  2. Teens and celebrity idolizing- What is your viewpoint?
  3. Life after death- What is your claim?
  4. Is fast food a critical issue for physical health?
  5. Gender equality and society- What is your say?
  6. Is hate crime increasing in high school?
  7. Age as a factor in a relationship- What is your claim?
  8. Hard work alone can’t result in success- What is your opinion?
  9. Mothers or fathers- Who is a better parent?
  10. Is politics ever clean or fair?
  11. Children below 18 years and tattoo application- What is your viewpoint?
  12. Face-to-face communication versus social media communication for the teens- What is your claim?
  13. Is our education system sufficient to prepare us for reality?
  14. What is the necessity of giving children their mobile phones?

Few Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Unnecessary subjects for a high school program- What is your viewpoint?
  2. Is GMO safe for human use?
  3. Current taxation system- Is it effective or not?
  4. Is getting a college degree worth the expense?
  5. Faith completes life- What is your opinion?
  6. The STEM program is not good for girls- What is your claim?
  7. Your past doesn’t personify you- What is your say?
  8. Is social media privacy significant for youngsters?
  9. Does the #Metoo movement have an impact on relationships?
  10. An educated person isn’t significantly an intelligent person- What is your claim?
  11. Is a man highly compensated over a woman in the corporate sector?
  12. Shakespeare as a compulsory subject in college- What is your opinion?
  13. Does a student’s competency relate to their high test scores?
  14. Girls versus boys in sports- Will they play the same sports?

Few Powerful Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is cheerleading also a sport?
  2. Student athlete’s demands money for playing- Agree or disagree?
  3. Betting and sports- Is it illegal?
  4. Women and extreme sports- What is your claim?
  5. Bodybuilding’s impact on old-age women- What is your viewpoint?
  6. Baseball is losing its popularity- Agree or disagree?
  7. Is Chess a game or a sport? Elaborate.
  8. Sports participation and children in increased trouble- What is your claim?
  9. Is a steroid alternative a necessity for athletes?
  10. Do you think your college wastes money on sports programs?
  11. Is video game a real sport?
  12. The necessity for athletes getting tested before their performance- Agree or disagree?
  13. How a grading system relates to the student’s potential?
  14. The compulsion of programming for school students- Agree or disagree?
  15. Sex education is a necessity for the students- What is your opinion?

Few Miscellaneous Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. The education system in the United States- Is there a change needed?
  2. A uniform language is a necessity for the whole world- Agree or disagree?
  3. Encouragement of girls versus encouragement of boys for sports- What is your opinion?
  4. How technology benefits education?
  5. Is the physical discipline of children, a responsibility of the teachers?
  6. Foreign language as a compulsory subject- Yes or no?
  7. Drug tests for school students- Agree or disagree?
  8. Uniform in high school is a mandatory protocol- What is your claim?
  9. A standardized test ban is a necessity- Yes or No?
  10. LinkedIn and employment opportunities- What is your opinion?
  11. Celebrity promotions are not ethical.
  12. Benefits and drawbacks of social media.
  13. Social media access for under-age children.
  14. Life without social media- Is it possible?
  15. Blogging isn’t an appropriate professional.
  16. Beauty standard demonstration of social media.

High-Scoring Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is social media beneficial for business?
  2. Has social media enhanced the employment rate?
  3. Social media as an effective communication channel- Agree or disagree?
  4. Facebook and private information leakage- Do you agree?
  5. Is there a necessity to ban Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp permanently?
  6. How does YouTube help to earn money?
  7. Social media’s impact on real-life communication.
  8. Social media is a major source of inferiority complex among teenagers.
  9. How do spy applications intrude on the user’s privacy?
  10. Did technology make us lazy?
  11. Is there a necessity to start coding from middle school?
  12. Microwave technology and our biology- What is your opinion?
  13. Typescript and front-end development- What is your claim?
  14. A cognitive computer like Watson isn’t ethical.
  15. Is technology making people less efficient?
  16. Baby Boomer or Millennial- Who is more computer-dependent?
  17. High technology dependency- Pros and cons.

Elaborative Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Technological development on psychology.
  2. Is screening of a candidate’s profile in the hiring process relevant?
  3. Civil rights movement.
  4. American foreign policy in 21st
  5. Core causes of the American Revolution.
  6. America’s growth after WWII.
  7. Great Depression’s impact on America’s banking sector.
  8. Discrimination and racism history of America.
  9. Media coverage of America’s Vietnam War.
  10. Is R Nixon the first American compelled to resign?
  11. America’s political condition after the 9/11 attack.
  12. America’s best presidential decision of the 19th
  13. Barrack Obama made history- Is he the first American president to do so?
  14. North and South conflict led to the civil war What is the key cause?
  15. Music is a real art form- Agree or disagree?
  16. Does a dream carry a symbolic meaning?
  17. How do terrorism and illegal migrants relate?

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Few More Comprehensive Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Spanish is easy to learn- Yes or no?
  2. Is there a need to unify North and South Korea?
  3. Natural ways and depression cure- What is your opinion?
  4. Sex offenders and rehabilitations- What is your claim?
  5. Educated parents versus illiterate parents- Who is better?
  6. Do parents encourage gender stereotypes- Agree or disagree?
  7. Female politicians- Do they face a challenge?
  8. Decreasing children’s costs in the United States- What is your opinion?
  9. Tax implementation on sugar will reduce obesity problems- Yes or no?
  10. ESA owner’s rights- Elaborate.
  11. Importance of pet microchipping.
  12. Animal testing- Advantages and disadvantages.
  13. Lonely people and emotional support animals.
  14. Exotic animals as pets aren’t human.
  15. Is stricter law essential to prevent animal cruelty?
  16. Livestock and genetic modification- Is it beneficial?
  17. Using monkeys in a research lab- Is it recommended?

Few Lucrative Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it necessary to make fur and leather products unethical?
  2. Emotionally supporting animals as a cure for mental health problems.
  3. Animal dissection benefits in medical schools.
  4. Keeping pets minimizes the chance of disease contraction- Agree or disagree?
  5. Beauty product testing on animals isn’t fair.
  6. Pit bulls might not qualify as a pet- What is your viewpoint?
  7. Influence of homosexuality on society.
  8. Socialism over Capitalism- Which is beneficial for the society?
  9. Is woman right fair?
  10. True goals of feminism- What is your claim?
  11. Boredom is the path to trouble- Agree or disagree?
  12. Is cheating increasing every moment?
  13. We are highly dependent on computers and technology- What is your claim?
  14. Down syndrome and its basic reasons.
  15. Every failed parenting must have a punishment- Agree or disagree?
  16. Few mutual stereotypes in your society.

Few High-Level Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Photoshopping models and beauty magazines- What is your opinion?
  2. Fast food and fat Americans.
  3. Free education for all.
  4. Free and unlimited internet access.
  5. Capitalism needs more socially relevant policies.
  6. Hunting isn’t good for environmental well-being.
  7. Is a university degree necessary worldwide?
  8. Foreign language’s introduction in Kindergarten.
  9. Tourist tax is a necessity to protect cultural heritage.
  10. Men or women- Who is better in occupations and official positions?
  11. How do physical characteristics impact a person’s job role?
  12. Parents need to exercise highly friendly behavior towards their kids.
  13. The adverse impact of smartphones on health.
  14. Elimination of the grading system from modern education.
  15. US election and justice- What is your opinion?
  16. Does religion lead to war?
  17. Physical activity is a simpler way to relax.
  18. Abortion is justified for women unable to support their children’s life.

Few Argumentative Essay Topics for Experts

  1. Using animals to perform experiments?
  2. Machines and artificial intelligence replacing soldiers on the battlefield.
  3. Reduction in the number of classes leads to better education.
  4. Gadget application in education.
  5. Socio-political revolution of the modern time.
  6. Tattoo is perceived as a social variation.
  7. Social promotion is a beneficial practice.
  8. Dieting isn’t appropriate for schoolers.
  9. Annoying parents is an art.
  10. Bermuda Triangle’s reality- Comment on the statement.
  11. Prompting your roommate to move out.
  12. Panda-hugging is a viable career option.
  13. Justin Bieber’s success and his negative PR.
  14. Parents lie to their children about Santa Clause- Is it advisable?
  15. The stomach is the way to a man’s heart- What is your viewpoint?
  16. Does organic food even exist?
  17. Girls versus boys- Who is more intelligent?
  18. Kids performing chores is ethical- What is your opinion?

Few Beneficial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Vegan and environmental benefits.
  2. LED lights and their benefits.
  3. Human causes global climate changes.
  4. Middle school children and parent’s control.
  5. Johnny Depp is Burton Wood’s best choice.
  6. How HIV relates to homosexuals?
  7. Is teenage marriage permissible in society?
  8. Modern artists and one-time wonders.
  9. Laws making alcohol and tobacco illegal.
  10. Dating multiple people at the same time.
  11. Social networking is connecting families- Agree or disagree?
  12. Is meat-eating ethical?
  13. Human cloning is advisable or not?
  14. Chocolates kill our bad mood.
  15. Online dating and end of old-school romance.
  16. Immigrants or refugees need shelter across the world.
  17. Workplace dating is not ethical.
  18. The feminist revolution is damaging young minds.
  19. Vegetarian life is beneficial for health.

Final Thoughts

So, have you selected a suitable topic? Perhaps, yes, because you have enjoyed reading this blog. Before you start writing your essay, we recommend you seek help from your professor, who will consequently approve your topic. Simultaneously, find out if your topic isn’t taken by your peers, because this will make your work unique.