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Algebra is a part of elementary mathematics education. However, academic curricula in most colleges in the US have algebra. Hence, a chunk of academic grade depends on the algebra scores. However, going by the textbook provided by the educational institution is not always enough to get the best grades. Therefore, most students look for reference books or workbooks based on the subject, but finding one that is useful, simple to understand, concise, objective, and logical is difficult. If you are in search of the best algebra books, read this blog. Here, we have presented a list of books on algebra.

What are the Branches of Algebra?

Algebra is divided into several branches based on the complexity of numeric equations. It includes:

  • Pre-algebra: It deals with the elemental ways of representing unknown values as variables to create mathematical expressions.
  • Elementary algebra: Elementary algebra aims to solve algebraic expressions to get an operable answer. Here, you can symbolize simple variables like x and y in the shape of an equation. The second degree of the variables is known as:
  • Linear equation: presented in the format: ax + b = c, ax + b + c = 0.
  • Quadratic equation: presented in the format: ax2+bx +c = 0
  • Polynomial equations: represented in the format: axn+bxn-1+cxn-2 + …..k=0

Elemental algebra is based on the degrees of variables and branches in quadratic and polynomial equations.

  • Abstract Algebra: Abstract Algebra is concerned with the utilization of abstract concepts like groups, rings, and vectors. The combined properties of addition and multiplication are used to find the simple loops of degrees of abstraction Globe theory and ring theory are other fundamental concepts in abstract algebra.
  • Universal Algebra: All other mathematical functions performed in trigonometry, calculus, and coordinated geometry that have algebraic expressions are considered universal algebra. However, universal algebra does not study any algebraic models.

Why Should You Study Algebra?

Algebra Books

Find the best algebra books and study the subject in detail to enjoy the following benefits:

· Make your life easier

Studying algebra is not all about learning the fundamentals of mathematics, the subject helps to recognize problems in life and solve them quickly. For example, in simple mathematics, adding 2 twelve times makes 24. However, if algebraic tools are applied, the solution can be derived in seconds. Similarly, in practical life, graphing problems become impossible without algebra.

· Master Statistics and Calculus

Intricate branches of mathematics like statistics and calculus are based on the basic knowledge of algebra. Statisticians predict occurrences or ways to achieve specific outcomes using various statistical tools and the vital concepts of arithmetic. Similarly, scientists, technological designers, and medical professionals need basic arithmetic knowledge and their professional skills to define the complex processes of calculus, design new technologies, or develop new treatment methods.

· Make accurate financial decisions

Apart from helping with academic and professional purposes, reading the best books on algebra is useful for making the best financial decisions. For example, one can choose the investment funds and healthcare plans that offer the greatest returns with help of two-variable equations. Besides that, you can choose suitable cell phone plans, custom-order furniture, or make crafts with the help of basic algebraic equations.

· Algebra Reinforces Logical Thinking

Most importantly, algebra is helpful to instill and enhance logical thinking. It helps you analyze both sides of a situation and come to a useful conclusion.

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The Best Algebra Books for Beginners

Following are the best algebra books for new learners:

1.  Algebra Essentials Practice Workbook with Answers by Chris McMullen

  • Price: $11.75

This book is part of the Improve Your Math Fluency series. You can vouch for it as a resource for working on and enhancing fluency in fundamental algebra. The entire book is divided into 7 chapters to help students acquire fluency in one algebraic method at a time. Here you can learn to solve the following:

  • The standard equation for multiple unknown variables
  • Linear equations using the quadratic formula
  • Factorize quadratic equations
  • Cross-multiply equations
  • Systems of linear equations

Each chapter begins with a few pages of instructions for finding accurate solutions to algebraic problems. They are followed by useful examples.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Getting a detailed review of algebra

2. No-Nonsense Algebra, 2nd edition by Fisher, Richard W

  • Price: $36.62

This book is based on pre-algebra. Every lesson comes with a complete review of the pre-algebraic chapter and online video tutorials. These chapters are short and have a smooth flow of words. They smoothly transition from the easiest to the most complicated sections. Each section has the following items:

  • A review
  • Constructive hints
  • Problem-solving exercises for putting knowledge into practical situations

The book also includes a complete review of pre-algebra and several award-winning online video tutorials, one for each lesson in the book. The latest edition also features an additional chapter on quizzes and a useful glossary and resource center.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Mastering the essential skills of algebra

3.  The Humongous Book of Algebra Problems by W. Michael Kelley

  • Price: $15.59

This book is a simplified edition of the author’s previously published book, The Humongous Book of Calculus Problems. However, here, he has discussed on algebra. This book is best for those who find algebraic workbooks complicated. You can recognize that Kelley has studied various academic programs offered in and across the USA in detail and understands the framework of all workbooks and the issues students face with them. In this book, he has simplified the concepts and solutions available in any regular workbook and included missing steps and notes in the margins. It helps students learn to interpret and solve algebraic problems in the way it is usually taught in their academic programs. Moreover, pertinent problems in algebraic courses that are rarely discussed in classrooms are presented in this book. You will also come across annotations clarifying each problem and skull and crossbones symbols on the complicated problems to revisit later.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Solving workbook problems

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4.  Saxon Algebra 1/2, 3rd edition, by John H. Saxon Jr.

  • Price: $121.60

Algebra 1/2 by John H. Saxon Jr. deals with pre-algebra mathematics and presents all the topics covered in pre-algebra. The book also details some additional topics in geometry and discrete mathematics for readers who find them interesting. This book can also be very helpful for seventh and eighth graders who want to take up first-year algebra in the next grade. Like all other books written by Saxon, here he uses the “spiral method” to expand upon previously taught concepts.

With the assistance of this book, students can strengthen their understanding of pre-algebra topics like decimals, fractions, mixed numbers, percents, order of operations, signed numbers, solutions for linear equations in one unknown, and evaluation of algebraic expressions. The author has arranged the problems in increasing order of difficulty, introducing new angles on old topics. As a result, students will be able to test their knowledge and skills as they go along.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Improving knowledge on almost all pre-algebra topics


5.  Intermediate Algebra: Concepts and Applications by Marvin Bittinger, David Ellenbogen, and Barbara Johnson

  • Price: $87.50

Intermediate Algebra is a constituent of the Bittinger Concepts and Applications series. It aims to assist new students of algebra in learning and retaining mathematical concepts. This book is concerned with a proven program that sets you up for the change from skills-oriented elementary algebra courses to more concept-oriented college-level mathematics courses. It supports students efforts to expand their critical thinking and mathematical reasoning skills and detect and find solutions to mathematical problems.

This new edition includes a crisply integrated MyLab Math course and strongly emphasizes problem-solving, concepts, and practical world applications. You can call it an amalgamation of the workbook and objective-based video programs. It also offers a more systematic review and preparation for practice.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Revising and practicing algebra


6.  Algebra 1 Workbook for Dummies by Mary Jane Sterling

  • Price: $13.79

If you ever come across a brain block while learning about algebra, the Algebra I Workbook for Dummies can be the best solution to relieve your problems. This book features numerous practice problems and examples to meet the requirements of typical high school students. Each problem offers an exhaustive explanation to help students observe what they did correctly or incorrectly in every step. This guide covers all the elemental concepts of algebra that you need to use in every other math class you may take.

The new third edition of the book offers the reader a vast online test bank with additional chapter quizzes. These will help you check your knowledge and ascertain weaker areas that you must review. It also features a separate chapter that is concerned with graphs, formulas, and quadratic equations. This workbook can help you master the subject and offer comprehensive aid for study.

One of the best algebra books for: Exam preparation

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The Best Algebra Books for High School Students

7.  Practical Algebra: A Self-Teaching Guide, Second Edition by Slavin, Steve

  • Price: $19.54

Are you in search of a book that offers an excellent introduction to the algebra? If so, then Practical Algebra is just the book for you. The user-friendly and straightforward workout program presented in this book will enable you to easily grasp algebra’s fundamental concepts and instruments.

The book has sensible, practical-life examples and applications. It helps you learn various fundamental and advanced but highly useful concepts, including the following:

  • The fundamental approach and application of algebra to solving problems
  • A comprehensive understanding of the number system
  • Factoring algebraic expressions
  • Monomials and polynomials
  • Handling algebraic fractions
  • Linear and fractional equations
  • Roots and radicals
  • Exponents
  • Functions and graphs
  • Ratio, proportion, and variation
  • Solving word problems
  • Quadratic equations

The authors emphasizes on practical algebra. They detail on various techniques for solving problems in multiple disciplines. It includes the following: physical sciences, life sciences, psychology, and even business administration and sociology.

Practical Algebra guides you through solving algebraic problems and gives you the confidence to deal with comparable problems by yourself later. In addition, you can examine your progress with the assistance of self-tests provided at the closing stages of each chapter.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Learning to solve interdisciplinary algebra problems

8. High School Algebra II Unlocked: Your Key to Mastering Algebra II by The Princeton Review

  • Price: $12.99

The Princeton Review’s High School Unlocked series offers readers an assortment of principal techniques for dealing with various subjects. This book emphasizes Algebra II problems and will help you recognize how abstract concepts are used in real-life situations. In addition, it offers a lot of scope for practice and permits you to develop your confidence as you go through the chapters.

Like other books in the series, High School Algebra II offers several methods to solve a specific problem or concept. If one method does not seem suitable for you, you can try an alternate one to better understand the concept. The book also incorporates a variety of completely guided examples and independent practice problems after each chapter. Some of the most significant topics included in this book are:

  • Statistical modeling
  • Trigonometric equations
  • Logarithmic functions and operations
  • Graphing and solving systems of equations
  • Complex numbers and polynomials
  • Radical and rational expressions and inequalities
  • One of the best algebra books for: Learning to solve Algebra II problems through multiple techniques

9. Math for the Ages! SAT and High School Math by Mishra, Kishore, and Mishra Binapani

  • Price: $24.99

Intensification of one’s mental math skills significantly helps in setting down a concrete foundation for their later career. With this thought in mind, Math for the Ages concentrates on assisting students in solving math problems quickly and precisely without scribbling pen to paper. It offers useful tips and ideating processes to deal with calculations instinctively.

The book focuses on 40 fundamental mathematical concepts with exceptional coverage, problem-solving techniques, and practice problems for enhancing students’ speed and correctness. Apart from algebra, Mishra, Kishore, and Mishra Binapani have also incorporated the following branches of mathematics:

  • probability
  • word problems
  • statistics
  • trigonometry
  • data interpretation

The authors have used typical problems to make algebra easy to understand and fun to deal with. It also helps the reader develop an interest in analytical problems.

Although many books are available on this topic, almost all of them lack a good presentation. However, it is not a problem for this book. Here, the authors appear to have researched everything methodically and presented a book that is helpful for students of all academic levels, as its name rightfully suggests.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Learning to solve algebra through mental math techniques

10.  Pre-Algebra Concepts (Mastering Essential Math Skills) by Richard W

  • Price: $22.72

The book offers instructions in a user-friendly format for everyone to easily understand. Each chapter is short and specific. They flow logically and effortlessly into the next one. The author has also incorporated a review of every lesson to help students remember what they have learned. There are lots of examples with detailed steps and solutions as well. Topics discussed in the book are:

  • Solving algebraic equations
  • Algebraic word problems
  • Graphing equations
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • The slope of a line
  • Scientific notation
  • Order of operations

This book is an exceptional choice for high school students and is also useful for SAT and PSAT preparation.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Preparing for the SAT and PSAT examinations

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11.  Algebra 2 Workbook: Essential Practice for Advanced Math Topics by Carson Dellosa

  • Price: $11.94

The Algebra 2 Workbook is a division of the 100+ Series. It offers a decent overall review of complicated math topics. It mainly includes:

  • Quadratic equations
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Factoring
  • Polynomials

In addition, every page has an additional activity section for expanding student’s knowledge on the subject. Thus, this book can be one of the finest choices for daily revision of arithmetic problems at home or in the classroom.

In line with the Common Core State Standards, the workbook incorporates quality diagrams and over 128 pages of specific activities to give students confidence to practice in all areas of algebra and offer standards-based instruction. The problems incorporated here feature an excellent amalgamation of simple and complicated algebra. It helps to sharpen students’ skills while making them ready for higher levels of math study.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Revising advanced high school algebra topics

The Best Algebra Books for College Students

12.  College Algebra by Stewart, James, Lothar Redlin, and Saleem Watson

  • Price: $123.00

The 7th edition of College Algebra helps the reader learn the techniques to consider things mathematically and cultivate vital problem-solving skills. It is simple, user-friendly, and permits the student to recognize the basics of algebra in a variety of practical ways. The book also includes unique tools for the benefit of students, for example, learning objectives before each section to practice them for the real lessons.

The book also has a useful list of formulae and main concepts discussed in a chapter at the end of it.  It helps students to revise the things they have learnt. It also offers a wide range of intriguing illustrations to showcase the ways one can use mathematics for modeling in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and business.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Understanding the fundamentals of college algebra


13.  Essentials of College Algebra by Margaret Lial, John Hornsby, and David Schneider

  • Price: $35.05

In the 12th edition of Essentials of College Algebra, these experienced teachers meet together to help students expand the analytical skills and theoretical understanding needed to succeed in mathematics. In addition, this revised text provides a unique set of resources to uplift contemporary students and instructors. It is based on the updated college algebra courses.

The book is available with a complete set of instructional texts and videos that incorporate updates to MyLab Math and MathXL. It adopts a systematic approach to connecting with readers in the learning process. The book endorses conceptual recognition and disapproves of rote memorization with the help of a wide variety of exercises. Apart from that, it also incorporates lots of scope for revision throughout the book and at the end of chapters.

  • One of the best algebra books for: Understanding the fundamental of college algebra

14.  College Algebra with Intermediate Algebra: A Blended Course by Judith Beecher, Judith Penna, and Barbara Johnson

  • Price: $114.07

College Algebra with Intermediate Algebra: A Blended Course is an innovative and unique presentation from Judith Beecher, Judith Penna, and Barbara Johnson. The authors have developed the book to deal with students’ changing requirements in Intermediate Algebra and College Algebra courses. It gets rid of the repetition in topic coverage all through the traditional two-course sequence. As a result, you get a streamlined course experience that makes the most efficient use of time and resources.

The topics in the book have been carefully arranged, chapters are crisp and there is no redundant text in the book.  It encourages the reader and builds a firm foundation of knowledge. This inspirational, sleek, and modernized approach is augmented by the authors’ amazing efforts to achieve the following:

  • Visualize the math through their prominence in ideation.
  • Early foreword to functions and graphing
  • Indicating relations between mathematical concepts and the practical world
  • One of the best algebra books for: Experiencing a seamless algebra learning experience.

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Bookstores and online portals have a pool of books based on algebra. Choosing the best algebra books can be difficult. Therefore, we have listed different algebra books based on various algebra branches. Go with the one that suits your requirements the best. However, if you struggle to solve the algebraic expressions, immediately contact us.


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