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A thesis is an academic paper that should be prepared on any topic based on original research. It is the final assignment that must be submitted for obtaining the master’s degree. Generally, for writing a thesis, a good topic relevant to your field of study is essential. In case, you are unsure what research topic to choose for preparing your thesis, take a look at this blog post. Here, we have suggested 85 outstanding thesis topics on various subjects. Also, we have shared how to choose an ideal topic and compose a brilliant thesis.

Know How to Choose a Good Thesis Topic

The first step in the thesis preparation process is the topic selection. If you have no idea how to pick the right thesis topic for study, follow the steps suggested below.

Thesis Topics


Read the Thesis Writing Guidelines: When you are given a chance to select a thesis topic on your own, first, carefully read the thesis writing guidelines shared by your professor or university. It will give you a complete understanding of what topic to pick and how to draft a thesis that is impressive to your professor.

Determine Your Area of Interest: Secondly, identify the area that you are passionate about to conduct research. Usually, selecting a thesis topic from the research area that you are interested in will aid you in doing your work with a lot of excitement.

Know Your Target Audience: Typically, a thesis aims to provide detailed information to the audience about a research topic. So, when choosing a topic, give preference to the interest and choice of your target readers. When you research a topic that your audience likes the most, then the reach of your thesis will widely spread.

Search and Gather Ideas: On the research area you have chosen, search and gather as many thesis topic ideas and research questions as possible. When you collect topics, give importance to the scope of the topic. Never choose a topic with no or less research scope. You can narrow down a topic that has a broad research scope.

Brainstorming: Next, brainstorm all the gathered thesis topic ideas. When you brainstorm, rule out the ideas that are not feasible to finish the research before the deadline. Also, never consider a topic that has no proper credible sources for references.

Finalize the Topic: After brainstorming, from the refined ideas, analyze and pick one ideal topic for your thesis. Note that, the topic you pick should be interesting to you and your readers. Most importantly, the topic should allow you to generate a powerful thesis statement. Also, it should contain a wide range of sources to refer to and evidence to support your claims.

Get Approval: Before you finalize your topic, discuss it with your instructors and get approval. When you consult with your professors, you will get guidance for crafting a high-quality thesis deserving of an A+ grade.

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Steps for Writing a Brilliant Thesis

After you pick a perfect topic for your thesis, go ahead and begin writing as per these steps.

  1. Analyze your thesis topic and create a strong thesis statement or research question to address in your paper.
  2. Conduct in-depth research on your thesis topics and gather ideas to prove your thesis statement. When doing research, take references from sources such as published research papers, magazines, and journals that are relevant to your topic.
  3. Organize the gathered ideas and create a neat thesis outline.
  4. Elaborate on the thesis outline and compose a well-structured thesis as per the writing guidelines and citation rules provided by your instructor or university. The thesis should contain essential components such as the introduction, body, and conclusion. Most importantly, in your thesis, you should prove all your arguments with valid evidence or supporting facts.
  5. After you create a well-researched thesis, proofread it several times. The final draft of your thesis that is ready for submission should be error-free and original.

List of the Best Thesis Topics and Ideas

In case, you are unsure what topic to choose for your thesis writing, check the list suggested below. In the list, we have added 85 outstanding thesis topic ideas on different subjects such as education, architecture, computer science, and so on.

Thesis Topics on Education

Education is one of the revolutionary fields in this world. Typically, the education sector concentrates on various learning techniques and teaching methodologies to strengthen the knowledge of students. If you are studying a course on education, then for your thesis, you may consider any of the topics listed below.

  1. Study the relation between classroom quality and learning outcomes in kindergarten. Children are heavily influenced by their surroundings, particularly when it comes to learning. This thesis topic focuses on diverse classroom settings and how they affect children’s learning outcomes.
  2. Examine the factors that influence the decision to study higher education abroad. In this paper, you can investigate the reasons for such a decision. Why do undergraduate students decide to leave their home country? What are the most significant aspects?
  3. Compare and contrast: online education vs. traditional face-to-face lessons for adult learners. Online courses offer their advantages. However, would adult learners choose them over in-person classrooms? How does this impact their learning and motivation?
  4. Prepare a thesis on modern teaching methods.
  5. Examine the impact of the FERPA concept on education.
  6. Analyze the efficiency of self-regulated schooling.
  7. Suggest some effective strategies to get top grades on standardized tests.
  8. Examine the impact of political issues on a public educational system.
  9. Explain how to reduce the academic stress of students
  10. Analyze the impact of family involvement on academic performance.

MBA Thesis Topics

If you are pursuing an MBA degree, then for your final assignment, you might have to submit a detailed thesis on any business administration topics to obtain graduation. In case, you need the best MBA dissertation topics, then make use of the list presented here.

  1. Assess how innovation influences demand in technology-based businesses. This MBA thesis topic mixes business studies with technology. Examine how corporations develop items to establish markets.
  2. Identify the ways to develop business leadership qualities. In this dissertation, analyze and determine the innovative methods or activities to improve the leadership skills required to effectively run and manage a business.
  3. Customer loyalty: The value of satisfaction and loyalty programs. Conduct research utilizing available satisfaction surveys and make conclusions from the statistics.
  4. Analyze the effective marketing strategies used in political campaigns.
  5. Explore the effect of technology-driven disruptions on traditional business models and market dynamics.
  6. Examine the influence of social media on political participation and the formation of public opinion.
  7. Examine the relationship between corporate governance practices and firm performance.
  8. Discuss the legal issue of child labor in developing countries.
  9. Explore the influence of cultural factors on consumer behavior and marketing strategies in global markets.
  10. Explain how 9/11 changed US policy on terrorism.

Psychology Thesis Topics

The human mind’s enigmatic workings present numerous research opportunities. Psychology includes subfields such as behavior and cognition. Whatever your field of expertise, you will certainly find intriguing psychology thesis titles in the list below.

  1. Student burnout and how to prevent it. Concentrate on the issues that students experience and the techniques that can help them manage their stress.
  2. Irrational beliefs can have a favorable effect on mental health. In psychology, irrational beliefs are values and ideas that people hold despite reasonable evidence to the contrary. However, what good effects may they have?
  3. Comparing reality with social media: normalizing actual people. Examine the attempts being made by social media accounts to normalize body image. Explain how this can reverse the negative effects that manipulated photographs have on mental health.
  4. Analyze why people require religion to cope with stress.
  5. Suggest some alternative treatments for anxiety disorders.
  6. Explain how an emotional disorder affects a child’s life.
  7. Explain how pharmaceuticals help to treat anxiety disorders.
  8. Analyze the psychology behind the usage of social media.
  9. Explain to what extent the environment affects behavioral disorders.
  10. Analyze the psychological factors related to identity theft.

History Thesis Topics

History is written by both the victors and history students. Your thesis can shed insight on understudied civilizations. Alternatively, you might choose to concentrate on the global effects of a particular event. Find inspiration from the following history thesis ideas.

  1. Views of gender during the Middle Ages. Utilize literary and historical sources when writing the thesis to demonstrate how gender was portrayed.
  2. During the postwar period, the American South became increasingly secular. Provide a full discussion of the secular societies that emerged in the South following the 1940s.
  3. The history of medieval warfare and its impact on modern-day conflict. When writing this thesis, make sure to incorporate both historical and contemporary research to provide information.
  4. Prepare a thesis on the Industrial Revolution.
  5. Analyze the factors that initiated WWII.
  6. Write about the Aztec empire’s architecture.
  7. Explain who foresaw the Nazism encroachment.
  8. Write about the Italian prisons in the 19th
  9. Discuss the American-British relations during the Cold War era.
  10. Analyze the reason why the Germanics abolished their religion.

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Computer Science and Technology Thesis Topics

We are surrounded by computers everywhere. It is hard to picture life without technology, from homes to hospitals. For writing a thesis, you may consider any of topics that is related to computer science or technology.

  1. Blockchain has applications beyond financial technology. Analyze and discuss the ramifications of using blockchain systems outside of the finance industry.This topic allows you to experiment with different ways of applying existing algorithms.
  2. Modern technology can help prevent ecosystem disruptions. Give few examples of how technology is utilized to preserve ecosystems.
  3. Encrypted search ensures security, performance, and usability. Discuss the usage of encryption to secure data. Please explain how we may improve it for more effective information searching.
  4. How will machines be accessible by humans?
  5. Analyze the impact of machine learning technologies on enterprise systems.
  6. Explain how Google search affects human intelligence.
  7. Prepare a thesis on e-commerce and its security issues.
  8. Discuss how to attract visitors to your website.
  9. Prepare a thesis on the Internet of Things.
  10. Write signal processing algorithms for compact microphone arrays.
  11. Analyze how cloud technologies changed the storing of data.
  12. Explain the role of a designer in sustainable web development and architecture.
  13. Discuss how to incorporate the latest technology into the production process.
  14. Describe the principles followed by bloggers in creating their blog posts.
  15. Explain the uses of neural network technologies for personality recognition.

Architecture Thesis Topics

Architecture encompasses more than aesthetics. That has been increasingly obvious since the notion “form follows function” gained popularity. The following are innovative topics that you may prefer for your architecture thesis.

  1. Incorporate culture into environmental design. In this thesis proposal, you can utilize major Asian cities as your main examples of how culture and architecture can work together.
  2. Modernist architecture in the Soviet Union during the start of the 20th century. Compare modernist architecture in the USSR to other countries.
  3. Religious architecture throughout the British Empire. Investigate the evolution of religious structures and how it influenced architecture in general.
  4. Discuss the construction safety measures for hospitals.
  5. Write about the prefabricated houses.
  6. Analyze and determine which kind of material is better to use for an eco-friendly house.
  7. Discuss the effect of the civil war on buildings.
  8. Prepare a thesis on the emerging strategies in popular architecture.
  9. Explain how to increase energy efficiency in buildings.
  10. Write about the natural disasters that destroyed different types of buildings.

Sociology Thesis Ideas

Sociology is the study of how people live together. A dissertation is an excellent approach to delve deeply into a specific topic. Look over these ideas for a sociology thesis:

  1. Long-term alcohol addiction and young individuals’ self-perception. Using research, demonstrate whether these folks’ self-perceptions change dramatically as a result of their addiction.
  2. The secularization rates of older people in both rural and urban settings. Explain the differences in the rates by comparing them.
  3. Examine the impact of adoption on the dynamics between parents and children. Describe and talk about the difficulties these families encounter.
  4. Explore the reasons that make a nation happy.
  5. Explain how different cultures view marriage customs.
  6. Write about the benefits of eating healthy food.
  7. Analyze how medicine has advanced over the past few decades.
  8. Explain how Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu religions view women.
  9. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
  10. Discuss the reasons why people get married.

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Thesis Topics on Science

A science thesis would most likely require you to conduct multiple experiments. Many of these are likely to go wrong. However, the one that succeeds might be the next big discovery. Select a relevant research theme from the following list of topics

  1. The connection between an individual’s appetite and gut microbiome. You can investigate the hypothesis that an individual’s gut microbiota has a variety of physiological impacts. Examine the effects of treating obesity on various gut microbiomes.
  2. A molecular and epidemiological strategy for preventing cancer. This topic concept proposes evaluating prospective preventive measures in addition to the state of our knowledge regarding the development of cancer.
  3. AI and computer imaging in the diagnosis of cancer. Analyze the accuracy gains from AI-assisted cancer screening. Include the implications and use of early detection in hospitals.
  4. Focus on the CRISPR method to study human DNA.
  5. Study the use of cesium in solar panels.
  6. Take a look at the ethics of stem cell research.
  7. Assess the efficiency of Robot suits for people with permanent paralysis.
  8. Study the Neanderthal genome sequence.
  9. Evaluate the efficiency of lithium-based rechargeable batteries.
  10. Study the use of AI in archaeology.


Hopefully, by now, you will have identified an appropriate topic for your thesis. Once you have chosen a thesis topic, conduct in-depth study on it and then craft a well-structured thesis as per your university guidelines. When composing a thesis, always make sure to prove your thesis statement with valid pieces of evidence from credible sources and then cite them properly. Moreover, to fetch top score in your class, the final draft of your thesis should be original, plagiarism-free, and error-free.

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