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Has your professor asked you to submit an art history thesis? Are you looking for top art history thesis topics for your assignment? If yes, then take a look at this blog. For your convenience, here, we have published a list of 170 top-notch thesis topics on art history. Explore them all and pick one topic that you feel is right for you to compose your art thesis.

What is Art History?

It is no secret that art existed well before the advent of formal education. Earlier, it was used in ancient times to please the gods, frighten enemies, compel people, and differentiate between different cultures, even serving personal and economic purposes. There is a unique history behind most of the pieces of art you see, and while the common eye appreciates the beauty of that piece of art, it will take time for an art student to see the critical meaning. Besides, it might not be very worthwhile for starters to go to the museum without advanced knowledge of art or a tour guide. This is because you do not know how to view the works in the museum’s galleries or buildings.

However, all of these are not uncommon for a student enrolled in a program. Also, most of the assignments and coursework will ensure that the students communicate and understand most of the artwork and give them visual and textual interpretations.

What Advantages Does Art History Bring?

Art History Thesis Topics

The discipline covers areas such as social history, aesthetics, economics, politics, and anthropology, although it is richly involved in studying the arts. It is essential because it gives you access to other humanities topics, linking them to conclude and critically judge various artistic works.

This discipline will also help you gain deep insights into the socio-economic position of various world cultures, customs, and transitions. Thus, getting a bachelor’s degree in art history can be a road to enlightenment while learning a lot at the same time.

Also, the learning process includes the selection of art history thesis topics that help us know about the essential points in history and precisely understand how the timeline was perceived. To conclude, it enables its students to gather information and motivation that ultimately leads to how they speak and how they experience the world as individuals around us.

Top Art History Thesis Topics and Ideas

Just as the name implies, an art history paper is an academic paper dealing with the history as well as the development of art as a field of study. Also, you need to pick Art History thesis topics for your homework. So, are you prepared? Let’s already get away with it!

Most Widely Chosen Art History Thesis Topics

Art History Thesis Topics on the Late Gothic Era

  1. Major stylistic shifts from the 12th-century Romanesque style
  2. The connection between Europe’s great cathedrals as well as the late Gothic period
  3. Monumental sculptures in Europe’s cathedrals
  4. Relevance of St. Denis Abbey Church in Gothic architecture
  5. Gothic Sculpture in Paris at Notre Dame
  6. Illustration of manuscripts in Gothic paintings
  7. A study of the Gothic paintings which have survived
  8. Provide a brief introduction to the Late Gothic Era
  9. Why the Late Gothic Era is important?
  10. Late Gothic Art and Architecture
  11. Discuss the history of Late Gothic Art along with its characteristics
  12. Discuss the greatest contribution of Late Gothic art.
  13. Significance of Florence in the Late Gothic Era
  14. Is Gothic architecture more than a pointed arch?
  15. How was Humanity’s desire to touch God exemplified in the medieval Cathedral?

Inspiring Art History Thesis Topics

  1. The best features of the Chinese Art in the era of Feudalism
  2. The specific contribution of the Greek theatre to Art History?
  3. Describe the characteristics and features of late Gothic art
  4. Discuss the main features of English late Gothic architecture
  5. Analyze the influence of late Gothic art on modern architecture
  6. Compare and contrast the British Perpendicular style and the Spanish and French Flamboyant style
  7. Similarities between late Gothic art and Renaissance art
  8. In a single piece of art, the artist’s main influences
  9. In art, the position of recurring subjects
  10. Futurism as well as its basic principles
  11. Relation between Goya’s prints as well as French caricatures
  12. Test Lorenzo Costa’s Portrait of a Cardinal objectively in his study
  13. Why is there more use of photogravure than encaustic painting?
  14. Essential characteristics of Expressionist Abstract painting
  15. Discuss the traditional embroidery as well as Scandinavian weaving motifs in the

Outstanding Art History Thesis Ideas

  1. Evaluation of the Baroque as a significant period of artistic activity
  2. Discuss the history of Boho Art
  3. Movement of Abstract Expressionism art
  4. Compare and contrast between Baroque art and Bauhaus art
  5. Discuss the history and impact of the Harlem Renaissance on global arts, culture, literature, music, and society
  6. The Role of Gala in Dali’s Life and Work.
  7. Write the Screenplay regarding the Artist’s Life
  8. Write about the notable museum and its collection.
  9. Symbolic Epigraphy and the New Rome: Humanist Capital Letters on the Tomb of Leonardo Bruni
  10. Describe the features of Marble Loutrophoroi and the Polychromy of Athenian Funerary Monuments
  11. Elaborate the contribution of Salvador Dali to surrealism, cubism, and modern art.
  12. Analyze the role of Japanese artist Hiroshige in the life of Vincent Van Gogh and his paintings
  13. Biblical allusions in the work of Dante Algieri.
  14. Depict the use of symbolism by Leonardo da Vinci in his painting.
  15. Dramatic change of the influence of the Bible in the works of art based on period, place, and culture.

Professional Art History Thesis Themes

  1. Describe the contribution of the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
  2. Compare and contrast Gothic art and Greek art
  3. Loutrophoros of Phaidemos
  4. A study of the images used in art history to convey messages
  5. The visual works’ historical as well as transcultural contexts
  6. The History of the Art of Feminism
  7. Basic principles of futurism.
  8. The influence of the philosophy of Marxism on artistic creation
  9. A critical review of art’s artistic qualities in homes
  10. In paintings, the history of signs as well as symbols
  11. Theories that define the history as well as the growth of art
  12. Discuss the features of Chinese art in the era of feudalism
  13. Compare and contrast the ancient art in Europe and modern art in Europe
  14. Early Renaissance in Italy (1420-1490)
  15. How does the style of painting of Pablo Picasso differ from Vincent Willem van Gogh?

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Art History Thesis Topics for Undergraduate Students

  1. Distinguish between Neon Art and Optical Art
  2. Differentiate between Pop Art, Performance Art, and Street Art
  3. Precisionism: The first real indigenous modern art movement in the United States
  4. Biblical Motives in Leonardo da Vinci’s early paintings
  5. The role of the Mughal Paintings to form the image of Mughal Kings
  6. Renaissance Women’s clothing and beauty standards
  7. Evaluate the artistic production in Ancient Greece
  8. In a historical study as well as learning, the role of art
  9. How distinct were the artists of the Age of Expressionism?
  10. The influence of the growth of Cubism on the art world
  11. How did artists preserve ancient artworks, and why?
  12. History of printmaking
  13. What contributed to the art movement of Dadaism being extinguished?
  14. A Life History Review of Leonardo da Vinci
  15. Discuss the life history of Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino

Impressive Art History Thesis Topics

  1. Discuss the art movements named Surrealism and Suprematism
  2. How do 18th-century Eastern as well as Western artworks compare?
  3. A study of the patterns that relate to contemporary art
  4. Comparison of ancient as well as contemporary performers
  5. What is the real art definition?
  6. Significance of Christian symbols in Renaissance art
  7. Methods of dissecting in plain terms a complex piece of art
  8. Nature as well as life’s role in shaping art
  9. Neoclassicism sculpture is a combination of eras
  10. Thirty-five. How art therapy from ancient cultural traditions has evolved
  11. How have painters over the centuries used their works of art to tell their own stories?   Use the case study Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait with cropped hair to depict how the artist has used this painting to communicate about her life.
  12. The importance of cave art in Egyptian history.
  13. What is the relevance of the late Gothic era in context to the inclusion of secular subjects in paintings?
  14. The significance of the late Gothic era in the context of religious scriptures?
  15. The role of the late Gothic era in empowering secular leaders of Christianity, and its impact in the shifting of relationships with God in Christianity.

Photography Topics for Art History Thesis

  1. How to differentiate American as well as French art photographers from each other
  2. Are there differences between photography and art?
  3. Why does photography replace fine art?
  4. How the printing press contributed to the growth of photography
  5. Cultural movement and its relation to the history of art
  6. Compare and contrast the relationship between ancient art as well as photography
  7. Comparing as well as evaluating concept styles in the blue and rose phases of Picasso
  8. How does traditional photography differ from modern digital photography?
  9. How science inspired the sculptures of Ancient Greece
  10. What contributed to the 4th-century change in Roman artistic styles?
  11. The relationship between China’s Great Wall as well as art
  12. The position as well as the role of women and politics in the architecture of Ancient Rome
  13. In Ancient Art, the portrayal of males
  14. In ancient times, how did art affect architectural structures?
  15. Discuss primeval musical instruments

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Art History Thesis Topics on Greek

  1. Why is ancient Rome brimming with art?
  2. In Ancient Greek art, the value of pottery as well as vases.
  3. A review of the periods of ancient Greek art: Geometric, Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic
  4. The historical significance of Francisco de Goya’s paintings
  5. How the Statue of Zeus represents the artistic style of the time at Olympia.
  6. Compare as well as contrast any of these types of Greek art: Greek architecture in the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian styles
  7. Why on or within several ancient Greek structures were Fresco paintings included?
  8. Polykleitos’ contributions to the ancient Greek art industry
  9. What was so unique about the Parthenon?
  10. Evolution of Greek theatre

Awesome Art History Research Topics

  1. Discuss the history of Broadway musicals and theatres.
  2. Explain the significance of architecture in ancient times.
  3. Research the Styles, Materials, and Cultural Origins of Japanese Calligraphy.
  4. Discuss the strange altarpieces of the Renaissance era.
  5. Discuss weird facts About Vincent Willem Van Gogh.
  6. Prepare a research paper on the impressionist art movements.
  7. A detailed analysis of the prehistoric Art of Europe.
  8. Analyze modern Art in Zimbabwe.
  9. Discuss the importance of Art for ritual life in Africa.
  10. Explain the social influence of literary and artistic Romanticism.

Art History Thesis Topics on Impressionism

  1. The role of impressionists in the hierarchy of art
  2. Why were the canon as well as traditions against Impressionism?
  3. The History of Impressionism
  4. Evolution of mannerism in Pablo Picasso’s paintings
  5. The influence on the art phase of Impressionism
  6. A review of the founding members of the movement of Impressionism
  7. Why did the Impressionist pioneers use different approaches to painting?
  8. The sketch-like appearance effect
  9. The influence of the culture of pop art in America
  10. In Chinese calligraphy, materials, and styles
  11. Stained glass in Medieval France
  12. Evaluate the art of henna in Africa, India, and the Middle East
  13. Art and the inclinations of society
  14. The Ancient Culture of Art
  15. Rococo interior design

Ancient Art History Thesis Topics

  1. The Bollywood film industry’s emergence
  2. In today’s films and shows, the meaning of art.’
  3. The art of making disguises
  4. Cartoons as an art form
  5. The craft of various cultures
  6. Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci Comparisons
  7. Is Vandalism Graffiti?
  8. How were the Victorian beauty standards portrayed in their art?
  9. Components of Ancient Greece sculptures
  10. History and origin of Greek theater

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Compare and Contrast Art History Thesis Topics

  1. Baroque vs. Designs for Rococo
  2. Renaissance and Epoch Baroque
  3. Impressionist and Cubism
  4. Venetian carnival masks and their history
  5. Significance of Raphael’s work
  6. French vs. the art of America
  7. Unusual techniques of Jackson Pollock’s art
  8. The uniqueness of the carving of the Veiled Virgin by Giovanni Strazza
  9. Gothic vs. Neo-Gothic Age
  10. Is art necessary?

College Art History Thesis Ideas

  1. How is primitivism real art?
  2. The Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian architectural styles of Greece may all be compared and contrasted.
  3. Why were fresco paintings present on or within numerous Greek structures of antiquity?
  4. From the Romanesque style of the 12th century, there have been substantial stylistic changes.
  5. The connection between the late Gothic era and Europe’s large cathedrals.
  6. Art history’s ties to the cultural revolution.
  7. The similarities and differences between photography and ancient art are discussed.
  8. Picasso’s Blue and Rose periods’ design eras can be compared and analyzed.
  9. An examination of the Impressionism movement’s original members.
  10. Why different painting techniques were utilized by the early impressionists?


Out of the numerous ideas suggested in this blog, pick any intriguing topic of your choice and draft a detailed art history thesis. If you are not sure what topic to choose or in case, you are unaware of how to craft an excellent dissertation  get in touch with us quickly.

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