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History is a fascinating subject that examines all of past happenings. Moreover, the subject also focuses on the development of global cultural customs and practices. If you are a student pursuing a degree in historical studies, you will be required to submit various history assignments and research papers as part of your course. On the internet, numerous world history topics are available for preparing an intriguing history research paper. But, selecting the appropriate topic from all of them is extremely challenging.

Therefore, to help you out, here, we have shared some simple history research paper topic selection tips. In addition to that, we have also categorized and presented a list of 240 world history topics on different themes.

Explore and pick an idea of your choice.

World History Topics

World History Research Paper Topic Selection Tips

When choosing a topic for your world history research paper, keep in mind the below-mentioned useful tips.

  • Pick a topic that falls into your preferred category or area of interest.
  • Choose a subject that is related to a specific region and time.
  • Select a topic that invigorates and draws in the crowd.
  • Identify a topic that allows you to conduct in-depth research.
  • Give preference to a subject that has a lot of information and solid evidence that can be discussed.
  • Think about an idea for which you can refer to a reliable and pertinent source.

Before finalizing your world history topic, check whether the subject you have chosen fulfills your teacher’s history research paper writing guidelines. If you choose the right topic for your history research paper, you can get an A+ grade. Therefore, selecting a topic for your research paper is of the utmost importance.

List of World History Topics for Academic Writing

Here, find a list of 200+ interesting world history topics for your academic work.

Interesting World History Topics

  1. Explain the relevance of civilization.
  2. Describe the evolution of the Roman military system.
  3. The Han period was the golden age in Chinese history.
  4. Appennine Peninsula and the rise of Ancient Rome to power.
  5. Analyze the Qin Dynasty’s victory from the Warring States period in Ancient China.
  6. Advancement of Chinese technology in the Three Kingdoms period.
  7. Early Middle Ages and its Description.
  8. Rise of Christianity in the Middle East.
  9. Arabian Peninsula and the rise of Islam.
  10. Fall of the Western Roman Empire- Explain the survival of the Eastern Roman Empire at that time.
  11. Describe the consequences of the Black Plague.
  12. The Age of Enlightenment and the philosophical ideas behind it.
  13. Explore the factors that explain the Renaissance.
  14. Age of discovery and the events that led the Europeans to start this age.
  15. American Revolution: Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1783
  16. Discuss the influence of ancient conquests on the formation of the modern world map
  17. After-effects of the women’s rights movement in July 1848
  18. Analysis of the Reasons and Consequences of the Pearl Harbor Attack
  19. Suffragette movement, 19th amendment: A milestone of women’s history
  20. Evaluation of the ‘Silent Protest’ has started the civil rights movement

Lucrative World History Research Topics

  1. Cold War and the reasons behind it.
  2. Explain the significance of World War 1.
  3. Identify the ideologies that emerged at the end of the 19th century.
  4. Elaborate on the assassinations in the world war.
  5. How the World War 1 relate to World War II?
  6. USSR fall apart- Analyze the complications in the political and economic system.
  7. The leading nations of the Bronze Age.
  8. King Gilgamesh- Explore his traits and personality and explain his popularity in recent times.
  9. Circus Maximus and Rome.
  10. Alexander the Great and the Western Civilization.
  11. Ancient Egypt and the king.
  12. History of the Ancient Greek civilization.
  13. Indo-European languages and their expansion.
  14. World War II and the life of women.
  15. USA’s Economy- Impact of Afghanistan and Iraq war.
  16. Critical analysis of the Presidential tenure of John F. Kennedy with a focus on African Americans
  17. Discuss the African American women’s protest against racism
  18. Describe the history, facts, and importance of the Gold Rush in California
  19. Noam Chomsky: A Shameful History of American Terrorism
  20. Analysis of the Impact of Yellow Journalism on the War between Spain and America

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Top-Notch World History Topics for Research Paper

  1. American society and the impact of the American Civil War.
  2. Meiji Restoration in Japan and the Japanese Revolution.
  3. Analyze the law and order in Rome.
  4. Holy Crusades- Analyze the goals and impacts of the era.
  5. Medieval World- Explain the psychological influence of Islam and Christianity.
  6. Explain the life and death of Prophet Muhammad- Describe his influence on the Arab tribals.
  7. Warfare and violence mean in ancient times.
  8. Spiritualism and medicine in Ancient Rome.
  9. Rome and Greece Art- Explain the pinnacle of human perception.
  10. The emergence of conventional sports in Ancient Rome.
  11. Influence of the Borgia family on Renaissance Italy.
  12. Qing Dynasty- Explore the last dynasty of China.
  13. Explain the geopolitical causes behind the rise of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula.
  14. Identify a few outstanding Italian painters of the Renaissance period- Explore the characters, tasks, and relations between the influential families and the pope.
  15. Significance of the Crusades- Explain its influence and the Muslim as well as the Christian world.
  16. Uprising Democratic Movement.
  17. Chicano Movement Impact.
  18. The labor class and the Russian Revolution.
  19. The Nagasaki Events and Hiroshima.
  20. Role of McKinley in American Imperialism.

High-quality World History Research Ideas

  1. Cause and effect of the Nuclear Age.
  2. American society (1920) and organized crime.
  3. Causes of economic depression.
  4. Townshend Act and its analysis.
  5. Crusades and religions.
  6. Ancient Rome and the bridal ceremonies.
  7. Ancient civilization and the use of weapons.
  8. Mexican-American War.
  9. Medieval Europe and its social relationships.
  10. Analyze the aftershock of the Cold War.
  11. Spain and Britain- Battle of the Sea.
  12. European Nationalistic Trends.
  13. Mid- Tudor Crisis Analysis.
  14. Europe Literacy in the 19th Century  
  15. Force distribution and the French Revolution.
  16. Western Theories Propaganda.
  17. Witch hunts and the Catholic Church.
  18. Explore the Anne Frank’s Diary.
  19. 14th Amendment
  20. Strategic battles and the role of the civilians.

Simple World History Topics

  1. Black Codes and its Analysis.
  2. Cultural Traits and the Black History Legends.
  3. American Social Movements and the Impact of Industrialization.
  4. Vietnam War and its ethics.
  5. Interwar Period Analysis.
  6. Camden Battle.
  7. Benedict Arnold and his contribution.
  8. Saratoga Battle.
  9. Dictatorship and its causes.
  10. Is there hope for a total cure for Covid-19?
  11. American and Russian outcomes- Analyze the conquering of space.
  12. Causes and cost of pirates in Somalia.
  13. Identify three leading historical personalities who transformed the world.
  14. Colonization in Africa.
  15. Explain the positive and negative outcomes of the Iran-Iraq war.
  16. Relevance of the Hippie culture.
  17. How did the Nazi mission change the world?
  18. Analyze the Indigenous American tribals.
  19. Great Wall of China and its convict-built protection.
  20. Leading innovations of history, which have no replacement.

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  1. Islamic ideologies in the modern world.
  2. The British Empire and the bloody history.
  3. History of fashion- Women’s fashion in the 18th
  4. British Empire and Roman Empire- A comparative analysis.
  5. Hidden goals of the Egyptians, while building pyramids.
  6. Ancient Egypt- Concept of life and death.
  7. Early Antiquity and Women’s Role in Society.
  8. Sassanid Empire- Explain the rise of the empire.
  9. Earth’s electrification and its history.
  10. Native American people tragedy and the trail of tears.
  11. Nuclear Arms Race- Post World War II.
  12. Peter 1 and the Rise of the Russian Empire.
  13. Ancient Mesopotamia region- Akkadian and Sumerian civilizations.
  14. Assyrian empires and the rise of Babylonian.
  15. The Age of Muslim Enlightenment.
  16. Spanish succession war.
  17. The Boxer Rebellion- History of USA and Asia.
  18. War as a significant part of American history- Review.
  19. Women suffrage movement.
  20. American expansion after 1877.

Incredible World History Topics for Assignment

  1. Write about Trench Warfare in World War I.
  2. Analyze the roots of the Gold Rush across the globe.
  3. Explain the political system and the Parthian heritage of the Sassanid Empire.
  4. Analyze why the Samurai of Japan are so effective.
  5. Discuss the origins of Roman imperialism.
  6. How did Ancient Rome rise to power on the Apennine peninsula?
  7. Why the Mediterranean was considered the center of the world in Antiquity?
  8. How did Europe eventually rise from the Dark Ages into the Age of Renaissance?
  9. Why did European nations increase their colonization efforts?
  10. Investigate and write about the era of the Holy Crusades.

Unique World History Research Topics

  1. Truths and myths of the Cowboy era.
  2. Immigration and Urbanization of the Early 20th
  3. The progressive era of the USA.
  4. Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre.
  5. First American colonies and their relations.
  6. Early American colonies and the tobacco trade.
  7. The Islamic State of Iran and its origin.
  8. The Seven Years’ War was the first global conflict.
  9. Growth of Christianity in the Middle East. 
  10. Define the success of Islamic conquests. 
  11. The revolt of the Young Turk.
  12. Age of Enlightenment- Discuss the philosophical ideas. 
  13. Discuss the leading nation of the Bronze Age. 
  14. Kingdoms of the Bronze Age and Jewish tribals. 
  15. The economic boom in Asia and the Tiger economy.
  16. Law and order in Rome. 
  17. The influence on Renaissance Italy- the Borgia Family. 
  18. Sassanid Empire and its Rise. 
  19. The Qing Empire was the last dynasty of China. 
  20. Growth and development of the Russian Empire and Peter

Intriguing World History Research Topics

  1. The Foundation and Impact of the State of Israel in the Middle East.
  2. Apartheid- Elaborate on the end of the system.
  3. India as the jewel in the crown of the British Empire- Review.
  4. Industrialization, oppression, and collectivization- The Soviet rule.
  5. Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire- Review
  6. The Edo period- The great peace of Japan.
  7. Indus Valley Civilization- Elaborate on the cities and civilization.
  8. The three emperors and the prosperous age of China.
  9. Elaborate on the three kingdoms of Ancient Egypt.
  10. Role of Baghdad in the Islamic World- 8th -11th
  11. Role of women in Chinese society- Women empowerment.
  12. Crusades and Palestine.
  13. The Declaration of Independence- United States.
  14. Salem witch trial and its consequences.
  15. Slaves Codes and Their Influence on Society.
  16. How did the early Americans justify slavery?
  17. Social welfare history- United States.
  18. Donner party and its real survival story.
  19. The letters from the soldiers and the Civil War.
  20. Amistad case and its legacy.

Exclusive World History Topics for Assignments

  1. Discuss the aftermath of Shay’s rebellion.
  2. Biography of Benjamin Franklin.
  3. Explore John Brown and his legacy.
  4. Describe the pros and cons of the Byzantine Empire that belonged to the Palaiologan dynasty.
  5. Discuss the independence of the Soviet Satellite states.
  6. Babylon and its hanging garden- Is it a myth or a truth?
  7. Middle East and its oil crisis.
  8. The New France and its colonization process.
  9. Causes of the Yugoslav War.
  10. Opium wars- Elaborate on the conflict between China and Britain.
  11. Discuss the independence struggle in the Portuguese and Spanish countries.
  12. Discuss the independence of the Soviet Satellite states. 
  13. Babylon and its hanging garden- Is it a myth or a truth? 
  14. Middle East and its oil crisis. 
  15. The New France and its colonization process. 
  16. Causes of the Yugoslav War. 
  17. Opium wars- Elaborate on the conflict between China and Britain. 
  18. Discuss the independence struggle in the Portuguese and Spanish countries.
  19. The tradecraft of the early modern diplomat
  20. Pedagogy and educational reforms in the seventeenth century

World History Topics for College Students

  1. In the 16th century, the art of physiognomy and ‘books of complexions’ was popular.
  2. Responses of cultures to the introduction of new spices and substances
  3. During World War I, manliness, femininity, and body ideas/representation were all prevalent.
  4. During the interwar years, there was a focus on remembrance and commemoration, as well as educating children about the war.
  5. Changing people’s attitudes toward death and dying, as well as grief and bereavement
  6. The wartime experience and changes in rural communities, particularly the manifestations of modernity.
  7. The Construction of ‘Race’ in the Media and Literature in the United States, the 1830s–1900s
  8. The American Civil War. Soldiers’ experiences, homefront life, gender and civil war, slavery, and civil war racial violence, 1865–1900
  9. Disfranchisement and segregation, 1890–1900; lynching; Ku Klux Klan
  10. Women’s Rights and Suffrage in the United States, 1848–1920
  11. The United States Empire and the Pacific, 1820–1900, Hawaii and Samoa; frontier conflicts
  12. Wounded Knee and the ‘Indian Wars,’ 1880s–1890s
  13. Comparisons between New Zealand and the West Coast of the United States.
  14. Black Lives Matter Trap
  15. #Me_Too Movement
  16. ObamaCare: Best Intention, Worst Execution
  17. Why does Racism Still Exist?
  18. Is Class War Over in the USA?
  19. Will America Trigger WW3?
  20. American-Iranian Tough Relations

Captivating Topics on World History

  1. Is Australia a Silent Continent?
  2. Why do Monarchies Exist?
  3. How does Consumerism dictate politics?
  4. Influence of the Covid-19 pandemic
  5. Influence of COVID-19 on International Relations
  6. What is the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Economy?
  7. Ukraine-Russia War and the Role of the US
  8. Afghanistan-US Military
  9. Ukraine- Russia War and International Relations
  10. The Era of Good Feelings
  11. Involvement in the assassination of Julius Caesar by Marcus Junius Brutus.
  12. Marcus Licinius Crassus, Gaius Julius Caesar, and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus made up the First Triumvirate.
  13. The House of Medici and Its Significant Contribution to the Decline of the Middle Ages
  14. How the Middle Ages’ Art of War Was Affected by the Development of Gunpowder.
  15. Louis XVI, the Palace of Versailles, and the beginning of the French Revolution Le Chapelier Law Reveillon Factory and the beginning of the French Revolution
  16. Amid the French Revolution, the three estates of the realm
  17. Before and following the French Revolution, women’s political, economic, and social positions.
  18. Comparison of the Great Recession of the 1980s with the Great Depression of the 1930s
  19. The Impact Of The Great Depression On International Relations
  20. The Great Depression’s Effects on the Typical US Household.

Excellent World History Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the causes, significance, and impact of the French Revolution on the world
  2. World War II: Fascist Aggression and Response of Western Democracies
  3. Critical analysis of the impact of the Cold War inside and Outside Europe
  4. Analysis of the historical importance of Sparta and its pop-culture depiction
  5. Compare and contrast the way Mesopotamian civilization influenced the Oman Peninsula and the Arabian Peninsula
  6. Compare and contrast cultural and historical significance of Mesopotamia Civilization and Egyptian Civilization
  7. Describe the events and practices that made the Indus Valley Civilization different from the Chinese Civilization
  8. Compare and contrast the earliest phase of the Sumerian culture and Egyptian culture
  9. Analysis of the similarities and differences between the Korean War and Vietnam War
  10. Roman military forces – What made them one of the greatest warriors of all time?

Final Thoughts

From the list of informative world history topics and ideas suggested in this blog, pick any topic of your choice and craft an outstanding academic paper. In case, you are not satisfied with the ideas shared here or if you need expert help for preparing your history research paper, contact us immediately. We have numerous Canadian assignment helpers online to assist you in preparing your history assignments in the way you want. Without compromising the quality, our scholarly writers will compose and dispatch academic papers on any world history topic. Moreover, with the support of our subject professionals, you can complete your tasks before the deadline and achieve good scores.

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