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111 Intriguing Political Science Research Topics You Must Not Ignore

What are Political Science Research Topics?

Political Science Research Topics

Do you dread writing a highly complex and weak political science research paper? If yes, perhaps, you might have too many ideas scattered in your mind. Since political science is an extensive subject, possibly it might appear more complex, if you have to choose your topics.

How to use Political Science Research Topics?

  • Firstly, you might choose political science research topics that appear interesting to you and matches your skills.
  • Secondly, ensure to choose research topics as per the assignment guidelines and avoid chances of writing something vague.
  • Thirdly, if law, philosophy, or sociology is your subject then you ought to choose your research topics based on it.

How to write Political Science Research Topics?

  • Of course, you need to avoid discussing sensitive issues or using a rude tone in your dissertations or essays. Also, avoid showcasing just one side of an issue, unless you want to write a personal reflection.
  • Besides, ensure to include a counter-argument paragraph before concluding your essay. Perhaps, you need to support all facts through authentic academic sources.
  • Also, you might seek the support of statistics and figures to back up your ideas. Simultaneously, you might even want to explore relevant research, related to your subject area.
  • Moreover, you might consider discussing a single idea in one paragraph and avoid using too many quotes, unless it’s important.
  • Finally, ensure, not to use any colloquial language or slang in your essays or dissertations to give it a professional touch.

110 Political Science Research Topics

Top-Notch Political Science Research Topics

  1. Foreign policies of the United States versus the United Kingdom.
  2. Discuss the Soviet Union Ideology.
  3. A behavioral perspective of party comparison.
  4. Hierarchy of the Chinese Communist Party.
  5. Hiring in developing countries.
  6. Parliamentary democracy versus Presidential democracy.
  7. Cause and effect of the Syrian conflict.
  8. Global Security Networks and its analysis.
  9. NGO’s and their ethical guidelines.
  10. Causes of global poverty.
  11. International Monetary Fund and its structure.
  12. Power battles in the Arctic Circle.
  13. Malawi and Human Rights.
  14. Leading controversies of the Amnesty International.
  15. GM Foods Market Distribution.
  16. Analyze the community development methods.
  17. Ethics of Non-Profit organizations.
  18. John Rohr’s constitutional vision.
  19. Ethics of election.
  20. Republican traditions and education.
  21. Civil Republicanism and Liberalism- A comparative analysis.
  22. Exploring Mutual Tolerance as Political Virtue.
  23. Coordinating government efforts.
  24. Analyzing the police interrogation system.

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Good Scoring Political Science Research Topics

  1. Common morality and Criminal law.
  2. Post War Social Movements.
  3. The interconnectivity of the modern leaders.
  4. The Unitary Governance Model and Federalism traces.
  5. Religion as a Social Power- Review.
  6. Accepting a criminal pardon- What is your viewpoint?
  7. Corruption elimination techniques.
  8. Political and Armed Conflicts- A comparative analysis.
  9. The Republic by Plato- A comprehensive analysis.
  10. John Austin Theory and its analysis.
  11. Classic theories by Edmund Burke’s.
  12. Sovereignty- Jean Bodin.
  13. Afghanistan Conflict.
  14. Protest Movements and Social Networks.
  15. History of War Crimes and Iraq War.
  16. Analyze Oil conflict in Iran.
  17. Media bias and news coverage.
  18. The foreign policy of the United States.
  19. Collaboration methods in Afghanistan.
  20. Foreign Countries Negotiations and Hostage Care.
  21. Analyzing the Election Agenda.
  22. Mediation Agreement and the Case Study Analysis.
  23. Modern Whistleblowers of America.

Few Exclusive Political Research Topics

  1. Legal clashes of transnational corporations.
  2. Explore few alternative conflict resolution techniques.
  3. Civil law court versus mediation policies.
  4. What is political psychology?
  5. Elaborate on the Rational Choice Theory.
  6. Media and Politics.
  7. Explain cultural pluralism.
  8. Pros and cons of positivism.
  9. Populism and its overview.
  10. Popular political decisions.
  11. Politics and culture.
  12. Globalization versus Nationalism.
  13. Open societies and politics.
  14. Divided Governments- Analyze its work principles.
  15. Corruption and politics.
  16. Explain the public relation concept in politics.
  17. Pros and cons of Constructivism.
  18. American Government and the Anglo Saxon Traits.
  19. Explain the Apartheid phenomenon.
  20. Analyze the human rights issues in Uganda.
  21. Non-State Actors and the Japan Corporations.
  22. Analyze the causes of the American Revolution.
  23. Justify Liberal Democracy.
  24. Strategic planning in finance management.
  25. Public safety and its optimal benefits.
  26. Federal Emergency Management Agency- Evaluate.

High Standard Political Science Research Topics

  1. Describe the innovations in the private sector of the United States.
  2. European Legal History and the famous legislators.
  3. Custody battles and gender bias psychology.
  4. Commercial exploitation and privacy law.
  5. Justice and Liberty challenges.
  6. Aristotle’s philosophy and governance.
  7. Frederic Bastiat Thesis.
  8. Communism approach and Vladimir Lenin.
  9. Political agenda of Reagan.
  10. Immigrant crisis in Mexico.
  11. Security Leadership Conflicts- Post 9/11 incident.
  12. Personal ambitions of the political leaders.
  13. War and negotiation techniques.
  14. Social Movements and Volunteering.
  15. Foreign Countries Negotiations- Hostage.
  16. Peculiarities and causes of the Civil War.
  17. Key figures in the Anarchism history.
  18. Justice inequality- Post-Conflict.
  19. American and European Federal Crimes- A comparative analysis.
  20. Prosecution Ethics of Top Tier Officials.
  21. Is religion a social power? Justify your statement.
  22. Mediation Hearing Preparation Procedure.
  23. African-American Prisoners Conflict.

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Final List of Political Science Research Topics

  1. Totalitarian Regimes and its similarities.
  2. Terrorism is a political instrument- Explain your viewpoint.
  3. Right, and Left-wing parties- Analyze the concession between them.
  4. The central African Republic and the causes of Rebellion.
  5. Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine- War in Donbas.
  6. Developing country and recruitment. 
  7. Arctic Circle and power battle. 
  8. Malawi Human Rights. 
  9. Causes of global poverty. 
  10. NGO’s and ethical guidelines. 
  11. Mutual tolerance as Political Virtue. 
  12. Education and Republican customs. 
  13. The Post Socialist Era and transition methods. 
  14. Discuss the police interrogation system. 
  15. The modern leaders and their interdependence. 

Final Thoughts- Political Science Research Topics

If you have a smile on your face right now, perhaps you have found something interesting in this blog. However, choosing an interesting topic only might fulfill your purpose, unless you meet your assignment requirements adequately. Also, you might consider seeking your professor’s approval before you start writing assignments and deliver outstanding work. Moreover, you might ensure that your topic is unique and not many researchers have worked on it exhaustively.