250 Outstanding Research Paper Topics for Students of All Spheres

What are Research Paper Topics?

Research Paper Topics

If you have enrolled yourself in a college, possibly you might understand the difficulties of writing a research paper. Despite the numerous tasks you have to accomplish, yet writing a research paper will give you the most stress. Besides, you might find numerous research paper topics, yet you might experience numerous issues to understand where to begin. As the name suggests, a research paper is a kind of academic writing that makes independent research necessary. Thus, you need to conduct research on specific topics and create reports depicting your unique results.

How to use Research Paper Topics?

Do you think research paper writing is a daunting task? If yes, then you might want to consider the points given below:

  • Firstly, conduct background research and evaluate the existing literature on your preferred research paper topics. Also, you might want to understand the history of your subject to identify your research problem. Likewise, it might even help you develop your research question as well as your thesis statement.
  • Secondly, brainstorm your research paper topics idea and create a list of the normal subjects. Moreover, you might need to narrow it down to a specific subject and select the one that best serves your interest. Furthermore, you might seek your professor’s support to recognize an exclusive idea to write your research paper. Additionally, it’s advisable to eliminate controversial topics, if you don’t know how to justify them.
  • Thirdly, find relevant information about your selected research paper topics, hence you might read different viewpoints on the internet.

Likewise, you might want to explore scholarly articles or books to keep your facts straight and referable. Also, think of adequate keywords that might help you to identify the most suitable topics as per your subject. Most importantly, think about your target audience, as you might want to drive their interest in your work. Hence, you ought to exercise caution, follow your professor’s instructions and get it approved by them.

How to Write Research Paper Topics?

  • Perhaps, develop a research question as it might serve as your research guide. Besides, this is a question that relates to your topic and allows you to focus as well as offer exclusive arguments.
  • Besides, explore numerous research paper topics available on the internet before you prepare your research question.

250 Research Paper Topics

Simple Research Paper Topics

  1. Procrastination management.
  2. Explain the popularity of one sport over the other sports.
  3. Significance of traditional music of a country over the international music that is found everywhere.
  4. Anime and its popularity worldwide.
  5. Diversity and team- Is it a good option?
  6. Leisure activities- How does it change as people grow older?
  7. People of a country and their happiness.
  8. How technology causes the gap between generations?
  9. Nikola Tesla and its discovery.
  10. The friendship between men versus friendship between women- A comparative analysis.
  11. Why is a country more prosperous and happy than other countries?
  12. Identification of a person’s success in their life and beauty.
  13. Plastic surgery- Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.
  14. Steps to enhance communication with friends, family, professionals, and strangers.
  15. Amusement Parks- Education purpose versus entertainment purpose.
  16. Religion and its future.
  17. Halloween day and its celebration.

IT Research Paper Topics

  1. How did big data change our life for the better?
  2. Office jobs employment and remote work.
  3. Big technology companies and their monopolistic behavior.
  4. Multi-factor authentication and its relevance.
  5. Software ownership versus subscription models- Discuss its pros and cons.
  6. IT security and its enhancement procedures.
  7. Gender and racial issues in the IT domain.
  8. Computer imitation of human beings- Evaluate the innovative theories.
  9. Medical records on the IT domain- Discuss the influence of digitalization.
  10. Internet of things and its impact on security.
  11. World Wide Web- Analyze its infrastructure and contingencies.
  12. The drawbacks of IPv4 and the implementation of IPv6.
  13. Wireless communication standards and their impact.
  14. Community multimedia center versus community services center- How to choose the correct variety of IT services.
  15. Computers and the random numbers generation.

Marketing and Business Research Paper Topics

  1. Corporate Abuse- How to stop it?
  2. Small businesses and tax reduction.
  3. Relationship marketing and its positive impacts.
  4. Women in Business- Enlist some effective tips.
  5. Workplace rules and regulations in Texas- Evaluate.
  6. Business set-up expansion and small business innovation.
  7. Analyze the impact of globalizing on brand marketing.
  8. Women marketing experts versus men marketing experts.
  9. A comprehensive guide to demand and supply analysis.
  10. Explore the popularity of the stock market.
  11. Evolution of marketing etiquettes over the past few years.
  12. Evaluate the greatest businessmen and businesswomen of the 21st
  13. Analyze the qualities of a team leader. How to develop into a team leader?
  14. Explore the Panama papers case study- Offshore banking system.
  15. Relevance of all-female work environment.
  16. Better business management and cultural knowledge.
  17. Islamic banking is different from its interest- Evaluate the statement.

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Economic Research Paper Topics

  1. Unbalanced growth versus balanced growth- Evaluate the concepts.
  2. Inflation measurement and management.
  3. Developing countries and life quality improvement.
  4. Income disparity and its history.
  5. Property rights and its easy guidelines.
  6. Private and public finance- A comparative analysis.
  7. Policy instruments- Standards versus taxes.
  8. The impact of immigration on the economy.
  9. Analyze the dynamics of economics and cultural influence.
  10. The influence of gold and diamond on the country’s economy.

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Nursing Research Paper Topics

  1. Intensive care unit patients and the nursing techniques.
  2. Nursing theories and their implementation.
  3. Patient education and beneficial resources.
  4. Better nursing quality achievements- Explain the techniques.
  5. How to improve nursing conditions in hospitals?
  6. Discuss the advantages of patient-oriented care.
  7. Taking care of patients of various social backgrounds.
  8. Discuss the relevance of additional education for the nurses.
  9. Relevance of additional stimuli for nurses to improve their qualifications.
  10. How to prevent pressure ulcers on the patients having mobility issues.
  11. Patient’s violence towards the nurses in the Intensive Care Unit.
  12. Delirium control methods and the Intensive Care Unit- Explain.
  13. Pros and cons of culture in the nursing care units.
  14. Relevance of offering holistic patient care.
  15. Telemedicine and medical-surgical nursing- Identity the drawbacks.
  16. Nursing profession- Ethical standards and problems.
  17. How to reduce alcoholism in your community?

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English Literature and Arts Research Paper Topics

  1. Analyze the popularity of the Harry Potter series.
  2. Illustrate the works of Heming Way.
  3. The 20th-century literature and the American Dreams.
  4. Literature and religion in a secular age.
  5. Evaluate literature as a propaganda instrument.
  6. Artificial languages and their application in literature.
  7. English literature and the role of mythology.
  8. Shakespeare and its associated controversy.
  9. Reflection of ideology in architecture.
  10. Reality depiction and the role of photography.
  11. Linear perspective and its significance.
  12. The unconscious mind and the art.
  13. Fine art and sociology.
  14. Jewelry as sculpture.
  15. Architecture and deconstruction.
  16. Abstract Expressionism- Review and discuss.
  17. Modernist painting and its discourse in 1950.
  18. Horror films and their evolution.
  19. Explain video games as art.
  20. Modern ceramics and their art.
  21. Environment and architecture- A comparative analysis.
  22. Role of art in the protests.

Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. A divorce research paper- Explain issues in family and marriage.
  2. Public behavior standards.
  3. Global issues and society’s attitude towards it.
  4. The impact of personality on public development and enhancements.
  5. Society and equality problems.
  6. The impact of juvenile convictions on the life prospects of a person.
  7. LGBT community and their status around the world.
  8. Gender stereotypes and popular culture.
  9. Analyze the impact of mass migration on countries and communities.
  10. The impact of social media on the wellbeing of the users.
  11. Causes of poverty in the underprivileged communities of the United States.
  12. The role of the internet is replacing face-to-face communication.
  13. Single-parent families and their impact on the health and education of children.
  14. Impact of lock-down and social isolation on the mental wellbeing of a person.
  15. Cause of bullying and strategies to manage it.

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Current Affair and World Problem- Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss China’s one-child policy.
  2. Evolution of feminist goals over time.
  3. The impact of the Affordable Care Act on the healthcare system of the US.
  4. Role of Trump in changing international relations.
  5. Explore the history of Bitcoin or any other form of cryptocurrency.
  6. Why did the UK leave the EU (Brexit)?
  7. How did the US’s immigration laws change over time?
  8. The current decline in the employment rate- Review and discuss.
  9. Human rights violations and their examples.
  10. Water pollution crisis and shortage.
  11. Natural resources and their shortage.
  12. Space exploration and its brief history.
  13. Urban population and the impact of immigration.
  14. Global warming and climatic change- A comparative analysis.
  15. Discuss the global agenda of sustainable development in world trade and tourism.
  16. Wild Animals Endangered Species- Explore and discuss.
  17. Role of violence and conflict resolutions in transforming world order.

Crime and Law Research Paper Topics

  1. Body camera and its use by the police- Is it appropriate?
  2. Explain White-collar crime through examples.
  3. Hate crime and the facts about it.
  4. DUI (Drinking under influence) and the need for strict penalties.
  5. Sexual harassment at the workplace- Explain their causes.
  6. Domestic violence and steps to mitigate it.
  7. Serial Killer- Is it possible to cure them?
  8. Animal Rights Protection- Explore the appropriate laws.
  9. Assisted suicide and the ethics behind it.
  10. Role of the government in addressing police brutality.

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Political, Psychological and Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. Analyze the impact of Brexit on world politics.
  2. Terrorism as a political tool- Explain its relevance.
  3. Importance of public relations in politics.
  4. The impact of social media on political opinions.
  5. Seasonal affective disorders and their significant causes.
  6. Psychological factors that make a child bully.
  7. Explore the impact of childhood trauma on their adulthood life.
  8. Significance of psychological therapy in clinical depression treatment.
  9. Presidential Republics and Parliamentary Republics- A comparative analysis.
  10. Schizophrenia and its treatment- Explore the recent development in the field.
  11. The role of religious institutes in the improvement of society.
  12. How social media did make people more unsocial?
  13. Civil rights and its expansion- Critically evaluate the statement.
  14. The role of a church in shaping a Christian child’s life in the current time.
  15. Is Atheism also a religion- What is your viewpoint?

History and Culture Research Paper Topics

  1. Italian Renaissance and the significance of art patronage.
  2. Australian legislative system and the impact of culture.
  3. British Empire- Analyze the factors that supported its expansion all over the world.
  4. Australian culture versus American culture- A comparative analysis.
  5. Alexander’s conquest versus Genghis Khan’s conquest- Compare and contrast both.
  6. Ancient Mesopotamians and the use of ziggurats.
  7. French revolution and the significance of the guillotine.
  8. The impact of multicultural communities in the current society.
  9. The role of the highway system in shaping American culture.
  10. Israel and Palestine conflicts- Analyze the situation.
  11. Discuss the cause and impact of the Salem Witch Trials.
  12. Roman Empire’s downfall and its causes.
  13. Iran-Contra situation and its causes.
  14. Evaluate the impact of a specific invention on history.
  15. Discuss the factors that led Hitler to rise to power.
  16. Civil war and its causes.

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Miscellaneous Research Paper Topics

  1. The impact of net neutrality on the internet.
  2. Self-driving vehicles- History and impact.
  3. Discuss the influence of Google search on our intelligence.
  4. Black holes and their causes.
  5. Biggest pros and cons of NASA.
  6. Fracking- Analyze its advantages and disadvantages.
  7. France and the Renaissance literature.
  8. Britain and their popular sports.
  9. Biology of India and its population.
  10. Criminal justice and the acceptance of bribery.
  11. Autism- How it relates to the socialization of children?
  12. Pure water and its scarcity on earth.
  13. The radio and its invention.
  14. Brainwashing and its associated techniques.
  15. The international policy of America.
  16. Does black magic exist in this world?
  17. Hollywood versus Bollywood- A comparative analysis.
  18. Digital art and its rise.
  19. Famous artists and their influence on the world.
  20. Thirty years war and its causes.
  21. Gender bias in England- History

Good-Scoring Research Paper Topics

  1. Art and Censorship- Discuss the concept.
  2. Ancient Rome and their bridal ceremonies.
  3. Medieval Europe and Social Relationships- Case study analysis.
  4. Discuss the productive ways to spend money.
  5. Banning junk food from schools- Elaborate on your viewpoint.
  6. Globalization- Advantages and disadvantages.
  7. Mughal Dynasty- Causes of the decline.
  8. Homelessness and its causes.
  9. Elaborate on the history of the Cultural Revolution.
  10. Interracial relationships and their struggle.
  11. Smoking ban at public places- Express your viewpoints.
  12. A comprehensive overview of culture and community.
  13. The impact of religion on morality.
  14. Youth Culture- Critical analysis.
  15. Types of birth control options- Discuss.
  16. Global economic order and Christianity.
  17. Sexual abuse scandals in the church- What is the viewpoint of the Americans?
  18. Machine learning and neuron networks.
  19. Private information versus data security.
  20. Identity Theft and its prevention measures.

Top-Notch Research Paper Topics

  1. Gun laws in the United States- Overview.
  2. Mac versus Windows- Evaluate the safety of both.
  3. Religion and the rise of modernism.
  4. Handling religion at the workplace.
  5. Discuss the relevance of open-source software.
  6. Film Industry- Elaborate on its history.
  7. Media and Religion- Discuss the conflict.
  8. The influence of digital learning on education and school.
  9. Control and censorship on the internet- What is your viewpoint?
  10. Advertisement and its impact on the children.
  11. Role of social media in resolving world problems.
  12. The impact of instant messaging on the literacy of the people.
  13. Technological world and its long-term impact.
  14. Illustrate the examples of political correctness.
  15. Foster Care- Issues and concerns.
  16. Adopted children and the psychological issues.
  17. The impact of children on divorce.
  18. Is abortion an ethical problem?
  19. Religion and Abortion- What is their correlation?

Few Excellent Research Paper Topics

  1. Depression causes among the youth.
  2. Climate change in Canada- Discuss its politics.
  3. The impact of natural disasters on the developing states.
  4. Exclusive school lunch ideas for the kids.
  5. Barack Obama- Analyze his life before and after the presidency.
  6. Bill Clinton as a politician- Elaborate on his personality.
  7. Terrorism revolution in the modern world- Critically evaluates the statement.
  8. Distance learning and its advantages.
  9. ACT versus SAT- A comparative analysis.
  10. Relationship history in the United States and North Korea.
  11. No Child Left behind Act and its impact.
  12. A complete overview of education and funding.
  13. Lesson planning and technology.
  14. Literature and Monomyth.
  15. Analyzing the extent of realism in fiction.
  16. Films and Novels- Elaborate on their structures.
  17. Creative writing and its importance for children.
  18. What is the persona in poetry?
  19. Teaching poetry as an art- Elaborate.

What’s next?

If you still face problems in your topic selection, possibly you might need to consult our research paper helpers. Besides, ensure to talk to your professor regarding your research topics selection and save yourself from a major blunder. Simultaneously, you might consider going through your assignment guidelines before you go ahead using any random research paper topics. Also, make sure to avoid grammatical mistakes and use correct English in your work because this might increase the credibility of your work.