How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay

Critical Analysis assignment is one of the popular academic writing assignments which demonstrate a student’s critical thinking skills. The main purpose of this assignment is to provide the understanding level of a student about a piece of work. For writing a critical analysis essay, a personal point of view about a subject or a topic is required, but you should present it smartly without revealing that it is yours.

Are you assigned a task to complete a critical analysis essay? No worries! You can easily write it on your own without any professional help. But before you step forward to write, you should have a clear understanding of critical analysis and the effective ways to write it. To help you in understanding, here, in this post we have shared the following.

  • An Overview of Critical Analysis
  • Steps for writing a Critical Analysis Essay
  • Critical Analysis Essay Structure
  • Critical Analysis Essay Writing Tips

An Overview of Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis is an in-depth examination and evaluation of any other person’s work or ideas. For example, you can write a critical analysis to critique a book, a film, a business process, literature, an academic report, etc. A good critical analysis should evaluate the ideas or a piece of work in a balanced way and highlight both the positive and the negatives in it.

It is a kind of subjective writing that focuses on how you analyze and interpret a book by studying it completely and breaking it down into multiple parts. You can present your critical analysis in the form of an essay, paper, or even as an oral report.

Steps for writing a Critical Analysis Essay

So, how to write a critical analysis essay? No matter whether the text given is a term paper, literary analysis essay, rhetorical analysis essay, dissertation, or any other type of essay, you need to read the text carefully and then follow the below-mentioned steps as a part of your critical analysis essay writing process.

Identify the thesis statement

After reading the entire text, you need to determine the thesis as an initial step of the critical analysis essay preparation process. The thesis is nothing but the main theme of the work or the core subject discussed in the essay or paper. In academic articles, you can easily identify the thesis, but for a fictional work or film, you need to put your effort into it to spot the theme. Along with the thesis, you should also analyze the arguments presented and find the possible reasons why the writer used those arguments in his/her work.

Jot down the main ideas

After you determine the thesis of the work, go ahead and take notes of the important points and ideas discussed in the work given to you. In academic resources such as research papers, term papers, etc., you need to check each paragraph or chapter and prepare hints with the evidence the author has provided to explain the thesis statement.

Research unfamiliar terms

While reading the given text, if you come across any unfamiliar words, then immediately highlight them and search for their meaning in the dictionary. In case the entire work is based on such unfamiliar words or terms, then you must do complete research about it.

Sketch an outline

In this step, with the points gathered, you need to either sketch an outline or write a summary for your critical analysis essay. Your summary should be brief for about one or two paragraphs.

Determine the appealing type

The three common variants are appealing to emotions, credibility, and logic. The emotions are often used for the work that belongs to the entertainment category, the credibility is purely based on professional, personal or academic merit and the logic is used to persuade the reader.

Evaluate the effectiveness of the appeal

In this step, you need to assess the author’s effort to deliver the meaning to the readers. Evaluate what appealing type is used in the work. The text may trigger your emotions, stand logical or credible. So, based on your point of view, you can evaluate it.

Till now, you have gained ideas about how to gain an in-depth understanding of a given piece of text or work. If you are clear about the ideas discussed, then you can write a critical analysis essay by explaining your point of view about that given work.

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Critical Analysis Essay Structure

To write a critical analysis essay, you should follow a standard structure or a format. Like other essay types, the critical analysis essay should also contain the following components or elements.


Your essay should start with engaging introductory sentences. In this section, you need to grab the attention of the readers by informing them about the work you analyzed and your opinion about it in a convincing and engaging manner.

The introduction should define the original author’s thesis statement or main ideas and then it should finish it with your thesis statement. Your introduction paragraph can contain a maximum of 3 or 4 sentences, but for complex analysis, you can include several paragraphs.


In this section, explain the points that are outlined in the introduction part. You can explain the ideas in 3 or 4 paragraphs, but remember, each paragraph should focus only on a single idea only.

When writing your body paragraph, mention your idea in the first sentence and then support that idea with examples or evidence from the work that you analyzed. Here, you can include quotes from the source work that supports your claims, but when you add quotes from the original work, make sure to cite the sources in your critical analysis essay.


Your conclusion paragraph should restate your opinions. It should summarize the points developed in the body paragraph and should naturally bring an endpoint to your critical analysis. For writing a conclusion, you can use 3 or 4 sentences. If your critical analysis is complex, you can conclude with multiple paragraphs.

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Critical Analysis Essay Writing Tips

When writing a critical analysis essay, remember to keep the following things in mind.

  1. Your essay should be concise and persuasive.
  2. To cover all the points you intended without skipping them, refer to the outline you have prepared initially during the critical analysis writing process.
  3. For a natural flow of ideas and to create a connection between your ideas, present the essay logically using transitional words or phrases like in addition, therefore, etc.
  4. Write your critical analysis essay in a third-person point of view to create a sense of authority. If you write it in the third person’s view, then the readers may believe them as facts rather than as your opinions.
  5. Your critical analysis essay should contain both positives and negatives. So, maintain that balance from the beginning till the end of the essay.
  6. After writing your critical analysis, proofread the content and then rectify the spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors if there are any.

Final Words- Write a Critical Analysis Essay

By now, you would have learned how to write a critical analysis essay. As this essay stands as evidence for your critical thinking skills, you need to be very careful when writing. With the steps and tips mentioned in this post, you can easily craft a well-defined critical analysis. Also, you can use other proven writing strategies to make your critical analysis essay look better. If you still find it difficult to prepare a critical analysis, then you can seek assignment help or professional writing services online.