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Data Engineering plays a key role in the huge data ecosystem by gathering, converting, and providing data that is necessary for analytics, machine learning, and reporting. If you aspire to become a data engineer then to obtain practical experience and showcase your expertise to the outside world, you need to work on some interesting real-time data engineering project ideas. Usually, for doing data engineering projects, a strong knowledge of big data, machine learning, and data science is required. Most importantly, you must have a valid idea to develop your data engineering project. In case, you are unsure what topic to choose for your project, take a look at this blog post.

For your convenience, here, we have presented a list of the top 50+ data engineering project topics and ideas. No matter, whether you are a novice, an intermediate-level engineer, or an advanced practitioner, the project ideas that we have recommended will give you a wonderful opportunity to hone your data engineering skills.

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is the process of converting data into a format that can be used by other technologies. It frequently entails developing or changing databases. Also, it ensures that data is accessible when needed, regardless of how it was collected or stored. All these operations are handled by data engineers.

Data engineers create, maintain, and optimize data infrastructure for data collection, management, transformation, and access. They are in charge of developing pipelines that transform raw data into consumable forms for use by data scientists and other data consumers.

Simply, data engineers analyze and interpret research findings before applying those findings to the development of new tools and systems to assist future research. Also, they contribute to the development of business intelligence applications by creating reports based on data analysis.

To become an excellent data engineer, a strong knowledge of SQL, data warehousing methodologies, ETL and ELT pipeline building methods, data science, machine learning algorithms, big data tools, and object-oriented programming languages is required.

An Overview of Data Engineering Projects

If you wish to start your career in the field of data engineering, but have no expertise in the field, then compiling a portfolio of data engineering projects might help you. From Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and data cleansing to data modeling and visualization, the data engineering projects that you do will be considered the best only if they demonstrate the entire data process from start to end. Even in these initiatives, the data pipeline should also be demonstrated.

In particular, you should be able to recognize possible flaws in data pipelines and provide effective solutions to deal with them. Finally, you should create data visualizations to highlight the outcomes of your project and build a website to promote your work, whether it’s a portfolio or a personal site.

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Data Engineer Portfolio Creation

Data Engineering Project Ideas

In the data engineer job recruitment process, examining the candidates’ resumes is the first step. Especially, while assessing the applications, most hiring managers will shortlist only individuals with genuine working experience on data engineering projects. Suppose, you aspire to become a data engineer, then make sure to prepare a strong portfolio by including the list of data engineering project ideas you have worked on.

You may build a good data engineer portfolio by listing your contributions on personal websites, LinkedIn, or GitHub. Moreover, you can publish a few blog posts about them and give a walkthrough of your projects.

Learn How to Begin a Data Engineering Project

A realistic data engineering project consists of several components. Follow the guidelines below to start your first data engineering project.

  • Know exactly what information is intended to be gathered.
  • Determine which big data technologies are likely to work well with the particular data type.
  • Make a layout of the pipeline design.
  • Install all required tools.
  • Prepare the infrastructure and begin coding accordingly.
  • Test the design and improve the implementation.

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List of the Best Data Engineering Project Ideas

To do a project, an impressive idea is necessary. If you experience difficulties with identifying the best idea for your data engineering project, then take help from the list presented below. In the list, we have included 50+ outstanding data engineering project ideas for all those who fall under the category of beginners and expert level.

Simple Data Engineering Project Ideas for Beginners

  1. Build a smart IOT Infrastructure.
  2. Perform aviation data analysis.
  3. Develop shipping and distribution demand forecasting.
  4. Analyze an event data.
  5. Develop a project to demonstrate data ingestion.
  6. Create a data visualization project.
  7. Scrape inflation data and develop a model with data from the common crawl
  8. Develop a project to demonstrate data aggregation.
  9. Scrape Stock and Twitter Data Using Python, Kafka, and Spark.
  10. Scrape real-estate properties with Python and create a dashboard with it
  11. Focus on analytics with stack overflow data.
  12. Perform real-time data analytics.
  13. Yelp Review Analysis.
  14. Build a web-based surfline dashboard.
  15. Create a pipeline for real-time data processing in music applications.

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Unique Data Engineering Project Ideas for Advanced Level

  1. Stream a pipeline that integrates with BigQuery ML, Cloud AI Platform, to detect anomalies.
  2. Smart City Analytics using big data.
  3. Tourist behavior analysis.
  4. Image Caption Generator.
  5. Construct a streaming data pipeline with the real-time financial market data API provided by Finnhub.
  6. Develop a log analytics project.
  7. COVID-19 data analysis.
  8. Develop a retail analytics project
  9. Movielens data analysis for recommendation.
  10. Real-time data analytics of a cab service company.
  11. Bitcoin Mining
  12. Live Twitter Sentiment Analysis.
  13. GCP project to explore cloud functions
  14. Real-time data analytics with Azure Stream Services.
  15. Website Monitoring

Interesting Data Engineering Project Topics

  1. Develop a project on data governance.
  2. Create an end-to-end ETL Pipeline on AWS.
  3. Visualize Reddit Data
  4. Explore ETL and ELT Operations on AWS.
  5. Predict data with snowflake and airflow.
  6. Web Scraping to Tableau
  7. Build a data warehouse
  8. Create a data lake
  9. Perform data modeling through Cassandra
  10. IoT data aggregation and analysis
  11. Extract inflation data
  12. Build data pipelines for the recommendation system
  13. Develop a game with streaming data
  14. Analyze security breach
  15. Build a web crawler

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Amazing Data Engineering Project Topics

  1. Analyze hashtags.
  2. Create a demo project for an Open Data Stack.
  3. Analyze GitHub repositories with a large amount of code.
  4. Develop an ETL project for Shopify.
  5. Build blocks for Apache airflow.
  6. Demonstrate a new generation open-source data stack using Dagster.
  7. Detect fake stars using Dragster.
  8. Monitor Airbyte using Metabase.
  9. Build a weather app with time-series data using AWS
  10. Create an ETL Pipeline using Python and automate the process through Apache airflow.

Best Data Science Project Ideas

  1. Traffic Signs Recognition
  2. Medical Report Generation using CT Scans
  3. Human Action Recognition
  4. Class of Flower Prediction
  5. Analyze the impact of climate change on global food supply
  6. Stock Market Prediction
  7. Income Classification
  8. Keyword generation for Google Ads
  9. Product Price Suggestions
  10. Driver Drowsiness Detection

Best Platforms to Develop Data Engineering Projects

Several platforms that may be used for the development of real-time Data Engineering projects are listed below:

  • Prefect
  • Cadence
  • Amundsen
  • Great Expectations

Google Cloud is one of the best data science learning platforms because it offers all of the tools needed for data scientists to extract value from data. Moreover, by enabling organizations to make decisions that are informed by data, business intelligence tools like Power BI, Tableau, and Looker can be used. Particularly, these business intelligence tools help organizations reduce operational risk and maximize operational enablement efficiency.

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Out of the various data engineering project ideas suggested above, choose any idea of your preference and develop an excellent project. It will add value to your data engineer portfolio and will help you land your dream job. In case, you are unsure what data engineering project topic to choose or if you need an expert to offer you agricultural engineering assignment, call us immediately.

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