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If you are an economics student, then during your course duration, you will definitely have to submit an economics research paper to obtain graduation. Basically, it is not so easy to craft a research paper, because you need to go through several phases such as topic selection, outline creation, dissertation writing, and proofreading. Out of these, topic selection is the first and the trickiest step. Right now, if you are in that step, then we are there for your assistance. Especially, to help you in identifying a good economics research topic and preparing an excellent research paper, here we have shared some valuable tips and tricks. Additionally, we have also shared some 100+ amazing economics research topics and ideas. Continue reading this blog to get more details.

Economics Research Paper Topic Selection

Selecting economics research topics is not a simple task for most of the students working on their dissertations. Besides, you might have to choose a narrow topic to explore and analyze it to the core. However, don’t make it too narrow as then you will have access to limited information only. Nevertheless, if your topic is too broad, it might create difficulties for the students to complete it extensively.

Simultaneously, you might read the guidelines given below to choose the best economics research topics for your assignments.

  • Firstly, understand your subject and determine if the topic is related to your study area or not. Also, you might consider, if you possess the capacity to manage the topic selected for your dissertation.
  • Secondly, ensure that the topic seems interesting to you and is appropriate for your knowledge.
  • Thirdly, analyze your topic’s scope, as you need to write a detailed essay or even a dissertation on it.
  • Lastly, you might need to consider your professor’s instruction regarding your topic selection keeping you on the right track.

Economics Research Topics

Economics Research Paper Writing

Besides, writing an economic paper is not the same as writing any other type of research paper. Instead, it is technical and the fundamental goal is to attain clarity. Also, focus on making your presentation clear as this might add power to your underpinning analysis and improve your research quality. Alternatively, writing a good economics research paper requires a deep understanding of the literature.

  • Generally, economists use the initial paragraphs to develop their research questions. Besides, they even identify and elaborate on the model they have used to develop their research questions.
  • Subsequently, you might arrange your arguments by developing a draft, defining significant terms, and avoiding redundancy. Also, mention your hypothesis and move deductively toward your conclusion.
  • Accordingly, review and edit your research paper, until your paper seems easy to read and understand. Furthermore, ensure to make use of a mathematical language to write quality economic assignments.
  • Finally, focus on your deadline and ensure the timely completion of your assignments to ensure success. Poor time management might even ruin the well-planned essay, so organize and submit it on time.

List of Economics Research Topics and Ideas

For your convenience, in this section, we have shared a list of 100+ research topics from the concepts involved in Economics and its sub-disciplines. In case, you are unsure of what research topic to choose for your economics research paper, have a look below at the list and pick an idea that matches well with your requirements and interests.

Easy Economics Research Topics

  1. Income changes and consumer choices- Discuss the impact.
  2. Elaborate on the fiscal policy.
  3. How does a bank create its exchange rate?
  4. Profit maximization and its achievement.
  5. Rare resources and their significance.
  6. What does economic forecasting entail?
  7. Discuss the significant ethical rules in an economy.
  8. Elaborate on three opportunity costs.
  9. Privatization- Advantages and disadvantages.
  10. Impact of war on both sides economies of a conflict.
  11. The influence of a smoking ban on the economy.
  12. Free health care services in the United States- Is it justified?
  13. Analyze the impact of acute diseases on the workforce as well as the economies.
  14. Describe the significance of health insurance.
  15. Revenue collection in public hospitals- Elaborate.

Simple Economics Research Topics

  1. The influence of excellent completion in the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. How does an unhealthy nation transform into a poor nation?
  3. The pharmaceutical industry and its economies.
  4. Impact of COVID-19 on the Economy of the United States
  5. Impact of the financial crisis (2007-2008) on the global economy
  6. Importance of foreign aid in the development finance institutions
  7. Discuss the trade models with heterogeneous firms, productivity growth, and trade gravity
  8. Compare and contrast the macroeconomic policies of the United States and India
  9. Critical analysis of consumer behavior trends and their impact on a country’s economy
  10. Analyze the relationship between salary levels and ‘economic convergence’ in the United States
  11. Pros and cons of the Cashless economy
  12. Discuss the Monetary policy and Supply-side policies
  13. Distinguish between Monetary policy and Fiscal policy
  14. Discuss how Microeconomic policies impact a country’s economy
  15. Impact of Depression and Recession

Best Economics Research Paper Ideas

  1. Discuss how inflation and interest rates impact a country’s economy
  2. Comparative analysis between price elasticity and demand elasticity
  3. What are the factors of supply and demand?
  4. Discuss the concept of market equilibrium
  5. Causes of consumer inflation in China
  6. The Matthew Effect and Social Investment
  7. Discuss the trade models with heterogeneous firms, productivity growth, and trade gravity
  8. Discuss the relationship between salary levels and ‘economic convergence’ in the United States
  9. Compare and contrast the evolution of consumption in the United States and China over the past two decades
  10. What is called a Cashless economy
  11. Discuss the impact on small and medium businesses
  12. What is the difference between income and consumption in the context of the demand and supply graph?
  13. What is the influence of an increase in supply prices?
  14. What is the influence of an increase in prices on demand?
  15. Development economics and aid effectiveness.

High-Quality Economics Research Topics

  1. Trade policies and public economics.
  2. Impact of public enterprises’ Privatization on economic policy and Development
  3. Analyze the relationship between unemployment and economic growth in South African countries
  4. Discuss the impact of inflation and deflation on interest rates and consumption
  5. Compare and contrast Neoclassical, Marxian, and Keynesian theories of economics
  6. How is financial well-being responsible for a person’s happiness?
  7. Gender and the buying potential.
  8. The economy of trust and its impact on Uber.
  9. How does money relate to a person’s happiness?
  10. The influence of economic stability on the social life of a person.
  11. Economic power and race.
  12. Per household economic analysis- Discuss the concept.
  13. A person striking a good deal- How does their brain change?
  14. Market concepts and understanding of competition.
  15. Production costs and profit- A comprehensive analysis.

Impressive Economics Research Ideas

  1. Analyze the functioning of a stock market.
  2. Microeconomics- A balance in demand and supply.
  3. Inflation sources and their impact.
  4. Perfect competition in microeconomics.
  5. Total demand and supply- Understanding the microeconomics.
  6. The impact of unemployment on microeconomics.
  7. Environment regulation and the cost-benefit analysis.
  8. Economic growth and technological advancements.
  9. Discuss the economic theory of entrepreneurship
  10. Discuss the pros and cons of risk pooling
  11. How do the demand and supply of normal, necessary, luxury, and inferior goods change due to inflation?
  12. Compare and contrast between Marshall equilibrium and Walras equilibrium
  13. Advantages and disadvantages of fixed and circulating capital economics
  14. Losses from monopoly: Theory and practice
  15. A brief discussion on perfect competition, monopoly market, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly market

Unique Economics Research Paper Topics

  1. Theory of Economic Growth and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)
  2. Public Economics and International Trade Policies
  3. How do subsidies and taxes impact market equilibrium?
  4. Discuss the importance of Cobb-Douglas production function in economics
  5. Critical analysis of Gossen’s laws of economics
  6. Discuss the dynamics of the Gini index as a reflection of the problem related to income inequality
  7. Discuss the reasons behind the global economic recession
  8. The economic impact of Brexit on the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in the United Kingdom
  9. Provide a comparative analysis of the relationship between wages and FDI (foreign direct investment) of the United States and China
  10. The stock market in India: Evolution, causes, and Consequences
  11. What is the difference between fiscal and monetary policies?
  12. What do you mean by budgets, taxes, and public investment?
  13. How does economic growth influence policymaking as well as economic institutes?
  14. What does green economics mean?
  15. What do inequality and race indicate in economics?

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Outstanding Economics Research Topics

  1. Waste management is a rare resource.
  2. Discuss the economic potential of the energy market.
  3. Impact of global warming on economic growth.
  4. The influence of wildlife protection on the economy.
  5. Discuss the effects of the greenhouse on economic growth.
  6. Clean drinking water analysis and its significance.
  7. Beneficial human insights missing in big data and influence economic development.
  8. World hunger and the economy.
  9. Labor force engagement in budgeting and economy- A comparative analysis.
  10. Critically analyze the consumer behavior trends in your country.
  11. Examine the salary inequalities in your country and the drivers behind such inequalities.
  12. The influence of demonetization on small and medium companies.
  13. Analyze the dynamics of the Gini index, reflecting the income inequality issue.
  14. Internet connectivity and productivity- Explain their connectivity at workplaces.
  15. How global supply chain network influenced the global economy?

Captivating Economics Research Topics

  1. What is called the price ceiling in the market and how does it impact the economy?
  2. Theory of firm under perfect competition
  3. Implicit and explicit costs and accounting and economic profit
  4. Is McDonald’s and KFC monopolistic competition?
  5. Difference between consumer equilibrium and market equilibrium
  6. Investigating the economic impact of long-term unemployment
  7. The rate at which the US Federal Reserve is reducing its balance sheet.
  8. The Great Recession: Still Fighting Poverty
  9. The rate at which the US Federal Reserve is reducing its balance sheet.
  10. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Immigrant Workers to the US Economy
  11. Industrialization in the United States: Causes and Consequences
  12. What are the consequences of free health insurance: a case study?
  13. Car import tariffs in Ukraine 9. The future of the sustainable economy: managerial approaches
  14. Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Perfect Competition
  15. The Impact of economic inequality on student learning outcomes

Latest Economics Research Topics

  1. What are some economic aspects of taxation and fiscal policy?
  2. Discuss the impact of trade policies on international trade patterns.
  3. What are some effects of globalization on income distribution?
  4. Analyze the effects of social welfare policies on income inequality.
  5. Discuss the economics of healthcare systems and policies in developing countries.
  6. Explain the role of infrastructure investment in fostering economic growth.
  7. Discuss the economics of food production and distribution systems.
  8. Explain how globalization affects labor markets economically.
  9. Discuss the economics of international tourism and its impact on local economies.
  10. Explain the economics of international migration
  1. How does the economy affect the social aspects of the United States?
  2. The Role of Economic Stakeholders in Change-making
  3. Economic functions include production, consumption, and distribution.
  4. What are the president’s responsibilities in terms of the economy?
  5. Economic success factors in the twenty-first century
  6. A qualitative investigation into the role of Macroeconomic policies in Microeconomics
  7. A case study on How to Determine a growing economy
  8. The macroeconomics of the United States following the 2008 economic crisis
  9. The relationship between technological progress and economic growth
  10. Major trends in the US economy
  11. Discuss some trade models with heterogeneous firms, productivity growth, and trade gravity
  12. Develop an empirical study on the relationships between labor, health, and wellbeing
  13. Discuss the impacts of the local economy and drivers of external and internal immigration
  14. Describe the Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Modelling
  15. Impact of gender differences in the Accumulation of human capital
  16. Develop an examination of the impact of waste disposal programs in the United States on the country’s economic well-being
  17. Why severe economic dependence of a developing country on a powerful nation is dangerous? Discuss with examples
  18. Compare and contrast the reasons behind the declining economic health of Pakistan and Sri Lanka
  19. Impact of a pandemic on the global economy: Explain by using examples of pandemics from 1900 to 2022
  20. Describe the implications of the privatization of public enterprises on the economic policy and development of India

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the list of economics research topics and ideas shared above will help you in creating a premium-quality academic paper. In case, you are not convinced with the ideas listed here in this blog, call our economics assignment helpers. They will offer you cheap and the best economics research paper help service online. Moreover, with the assistance of our Economics assignment help experts online, you can create high-quality economics research papers in accordance with your university guidelines which in turn will aid you in achieving good grades.

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