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What is Fascism?

Fascism is a type of government ruled by dictators. In this ideology, a government controls the lives of its citizens. But the citizens are not authorized to disagree with the government. This government type became popular at the beginning of the 20th century in Europe. Initially, it was started in Italy during World War I and then spread to other European nations, most notably Germany. Fascism even continues today. Various countries like Italy, China, Romania, Yugoslavia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria, and France have numerous political parties and administrations that believe in and follow the ideologies of fascism.

List of 94 Interesting Fascism Essay Topics

Are you in search of fascist essay topics that you can use to motivate your readers not to follow such destructive and manipulative political ideologies? If yes, then take a look at these ideas.

11 Best Fascism Essay Topics

Here are some Soccer Essay Topics and Ideas.

  1. Difference in fascism in the western states like the UK and the USA with that of Middle Eastern countries like Turkey and Iran.
  2. Modern examples of fascist thoughts
  3. Conduct a conceptual study of fascism and socialism.
  4. Find the difference between contemporary liberalism and fascism and that of the traditional theories.
  5. The genesis of the brutal ideology of fascism
  6. Shed light on the culture of Japanese fascist ideologies.
  7. Analyze the practicality of the term ‘fascism’ when applied generically to describe the far right in interwar Europe.
  8. Military fascism in pre-World War II Japan
  9. Shed light on the reasons behind the rise of fascism in Europe.
  10. What do you understand by Benito Mussolini’s “Fascist Doctrine”?
  11. Define the economies of capitalism, communism, fascism, and socialism.

12 Praiseworthy Fascism Essay Topics

Find some commendable fascism essay topics here.

  1. Analyze Benito Mussolini’s “The Basic Philosophy of Fascism.”
  2. How was fascism in Italy, Spain, and Germany in the 1920s and 1930s?
  3. Connection between Russian revolutions, fascism, and totalitarianism.
  4. Is fascism the contemporary future or the traditional past?
  5. Reasons behind the fall of Benito Mussolini and the fascists in Italy.
  6. What did Alexander J. De Grand say in his book “The Fascist’ Style of Rule”?
  7. Elucidate the fascist features in the dictatorial ideas of Mussolini and Hitler.
  8. The materialization of fascist masculine personality in “Pan’s Labyrinth” by Guillermo del Toro
  9. Benito Mussolini, the primary figure of Italian fascism.
  10. Why did fascism grow in Europe during the 1920s?
  11. Find the relationship between Nietzsche and fascism and Hobbes and liberalism.
  12. Shed light on the rise of fascist leaders in different nations: Russia under Josef Stalin and Germany under Adolf Hitler.

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10 Simple Fascism Essay Titles

Here, get some straightforward fascism essay ideas.

  1. Recognizing fascism and the hatred against the Jewish people
  2. Understanding the type of fascism in “Fascism, A Book” by Richard Tames
  3. The elemental human rights of all, socialism, and an explanation of fascism
  4. The distinction between German Nazism, Italian Fascism, and Soviet Communism
  5. What has shown the way for the Germans and Italians towards Nazism and Fascism?
  6. The growth of communism and fascism and political reaction to Hitler’s aggression
  7. What did Muriel Spark discuss about fascism in his book “Fascism in the Prime of Miss Jean Broody?”
  8. An examination of the political approach of fascism and the French and American revolutions of liberty
  9. What impact did Adolph Hitler have on institutionalizing German fascism?
  10. Has populism become the fascism of the 21st century?

10 Brilliant Ideas to Write an Essay on Fascism

Get some outstanding fascism essay topics here.

  1. What was the effect of the First World War on Mussolini’s transition from socialism to fascism?
  2. Sociology of sexual fascism and its results
  3. Fascism, Marxism, and the impact of Georg Hegel.
  4. The opposing political ideologies of socialism and fascism
  5. Find the similarities and differences between Communism, Fascism, and Nazism.
  6. Who in Italy profited from fascism?
  7. The background and philosophy of fascism in the twentieth century
  8. Fascism rose in Italy more due to the personality of Mussolini than the failures of the liberal nation. What are your views on the statement?
  9. Why the Russian Revolution is called a direct and indirect cause of fascism?
  10. How did Robin Pickering-Lazzi elucidate the role of women during fascism in his book “Unspeakable Women“?

9 Excellent Essay Topics on Fascism

The following are some exceptional essay ideas on fascism.

  1. What were the circumstances that led to the growth of fascism between 1918 and 1939?
  2. The wicked ideas of racism, fascism, and sexism in modern society
  3. The function of fascism and the background of Ernest Hemingway
  4. Analyze the concepts of fascism discussed in James Joyce’s book- “Fascism and Humanism in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.”
  5. Modern fascism and the absolute power of the Federal Reserve System
  6. Spanish Civil War: The fight between fascism and communism
  7. How did Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler support the political philosophy of fascism?
  8. The connection between the rise of fascism and the Second World War
  9. Analyzing the issue that prompted the growth of fascism in Italy by 1922

11 Interesting Fascism Essay Topics

Get here some of the exciting fascism essay topics.

  1. The issues historians associate with the term fascism.
  2. Fascism and ultranationalism in modern Croatia, Hungary, and Serbia
  3. World War I was the start of fascism and Nazism. Elucidate the statement.
  4. How far was the Nazi regime characterized by its fascist policies?
  5. The role of socialism, fascism, communism, and monarchism in forming an ideal government system
  6. The growth of fascism during Nazi Germany and Germany
  7. An investigation of the theory of fascism and the emergence of fascist political ideology
  8. Why and when did fascism lose the cooperation of the people and discontent become visible?
  9. Explore socialism and fascism as political thought and dialects and their contributions to society.
  10. World War I, Fascism, Nazism, and the reasons behind World War II.
  11. The dissimilarity and similarity between fascism and communism.

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14 Appealing Essay Topics about Fascism

Listed below are some fascinating fascism essay topics.

  1. Define fascism in simple terms.
  2. What is fascism’s main concept?
  3. What are the three examples of fascism?
  4. Is fascism a type of socialism?
  5. What form of government is fascism?
  6. Find the similarities between fascism and Nazism.
  7. What is the essential difference between fascism and Nazism?
  8. What are the three issues that led to the rise of fascism in Germany?
  9. Which nations follow fascism?
  10. What is the distinction between fascism and a dictatorship?
  11. Is the resemblance between Italian fascism andGerman national socialism more prominent than the differences?
  12. Has Progressive Dialectical Materialist Islamo-Fascism arrived at its highest point in postnational anarchy?
  13. In what way does Hitler’s attack on power in Germany help us describe fascism?
  14. How does National Socialism fit into the model of Italian fascism?

8 Easy Fascism Essay Topics

Are you in search of some uncomplicated fascism essay topics? If yes, then take a look at these ideas.

  1. How far was the growth in support for fascism in 1919–22 accountable for Mussolini’s election as Prime Minister?
  2. Examine the extent to which the limited impact of British fascism in the 1930s led to Sir Oswald Mosley’s failings and errors as a political leader.
  3. The importance of Hitler’s function in the rise of fascism in Germany.
  4. How have the growth and fall of fascism impacted the tourism industry in Italy?
  5. What are the main characteristics of fascism as an ideology?
  6. Impact of Adolph Hitler on regularizing German fascism?
  7. What showed the way for the Germans and Italians towards Nazism and Fascism?
  8. What function did fascism and anti-fascism play in American domestic politics?

Here are some popular ideas for writing a fascism essay.

  1. What was the function of the First World War in Mussolini’s transition from socialism to fascism?
  2. What circumstances led to the growth of fascism between 1918 and 1939?
  3. When did fascism come to the empire in Japanese-occupied Manchuria?
  4. Why did fascism increase in Europe during the 1920s?
  5. Did fascism have an impact in the 1930s in the USA?
  6. Why was Britain marginally influenced by the political impact of fascism?
  7. Is populism the new face of fascism in the 21st century?
  8. What are the main features that led to the growth of fascism?
  9. The beginning of Italian fascism and its effect on Italy after World War I.

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Fascism is a political ideology that exploits humans. However, it is still followed in various nations. Therefore, writing about fascism is important to make people aware of its negative effects and help them develop or follow such ideologies. The discussion above lays out numerous fascism essay topics.

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