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Generally, while pursuing a degree program in finance, you must mandatorily submit a well-researched dissertation on any finance topic at the end of the final semester to obtain graduation. However, it is not an easy task to compose a financial dissertation because it requires more subject knowledge and good research experience. Moreover, an excellent finance dissertation topic is needed the most to prepare it. If you are confused about what topic to choose for your finance dissertation, take a look at this blog. Here, we have compiled a list of the best 200 financial dissertation topics. In addition to that, we have also shared about finance dissertation writing and topic selection.

Before jumping to the list of ideas, first, let us have a quick overview of the finance dissertation.

What is a Finance Dissertation?

Finance is a vast field of study that deals with investments. In simple terms, the subject focuses on the process of obtaining money and the effective ways to handle money. As the name implies, a finance dissertation is a type of academic document written on a certain topic or subtopic that is related to finance. Most importantly, it requires substantial research to compose it. The finance dissertation can be written on anything about the stock market, banking, healthcare finance, risk management, or any other topic.

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Tips for Choosing a Financial Dissertation Topic

Generally, the students experience the toughest time while selecting their financial dissertation topics as they ought to write exemplary papers. Mostly, the students examine both online and offline sources as they might want to choose credible topics. Also, if they look for easy topics, it gets more difficult, because students have already used it several times. Yet, you may read the below-mentioned conditions and identify unique financial dissertation topics to score good grades.

  • Read exemplary financial dissertations and identify areas that might require further research.
  • You may visit libraries and read multiple theses to accumulate ideas for your finance dissertation.
  • Call a writing agency and seek the help of experienced dissertation writers.
  • You may seek help in blogs and writing forums. Perhaps, people will advise you if you request assistance.
  • Search for topics online, modify them to make them unique, and then only use them for your research.
  • Communicate with the other students who have already selected their topics. Also, ask them about the ideas that came to your mind, before you agreed upon a topic.

Financial Dissertation Topics

Financial Dissertation Writing Tips

Once, you have selected your financial dissertation topics, perhaps you will decide how to write on your topics. Let’s explore a few conditions that might help you write outstanding financial dissertation topics.

  • Simply, you might need to narrow down the financial dissertation topic to a particular niche. Also, you need to concentrate on one area, either microfinance, macro-finance, or Internet banking.
  • Since finance is a field that requires a lot of statistics, you ought to adhere to it logically. Hence, consider verifying facts and figures through credible sources, before you use them in your dissertation.
  • Meanwhile, you need to write your finance paper concisely and avoid making it like a long narrative tale.
  • Furthermore, you ought to organize your financial dissertation neatly and use numerals, charts, and data in appropriate places.
  • Finally, avoid using jargon as this might confuse normal readers. Also, if you use technical words, consider illustrating them through good examples.

Learn How to Write a Financial Dissertation

Whenever you are asked to write a finance dissertation, make sure to follow the below-listed steps sequentially.

  • Firstly, choose an ideal finance dissertation topic of your choice.
  • Secondly, get approval for your topic from your supervisor.
  • Thirdly, to prove the importance of your topic, choose an appropriate research method.
  • Fourthly, from the relevant sources, gather the necessary data.
  • Following that, perform in-depth research and derive the results.
  • Next, create a financial dissertation outline.
  • After that, as per your university guidelines, prepare a well-researched financial dissertation by including the essential sections such as the introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis, and conclusion.
  • Finally, before submission, proofread and edit. Note the final draft should be error-free and non-plagiarized.

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List of Financial Dissertation Topics and Ideas

For your convenience, here, we have shared a list of outstanding financial dissertation topics and ideas. Go through them all and pick any research topic that matches your interest and university rules. Make sure the topic you choose is convenient for you to research and write about.

Easy Financial Dissertation Topics

In general, it might be challenging to prepare a financial dissertation on complex topics. Therefore, instead of choosing tough titles, concentrate on simple finance topics. The following are some easy financial dissertation ideas to get started.

  1. Pakistan’s energy sector- Threats and Opportunities.
  2. Role of the micro-finance companies in helping the poor people.
  3. Private equity investment in the European Union- Advantages and disadvantages.
  4. The financial crisis of 2007- Critically analyze and state if it could be avoided or not.
  5. Explain the financial advancement in Asia and Europe- A comparative analysis.
  6. How do banks oppose digital currency so aggressively?
  7. Cryptocurrency- Is it possible to demonetize the whole world?
  8. Digital banking issues experienced by older people.
  9. Role of financial institutions in sponsoring terrorism unknowingly.
  10. Discuss how banks make a profit ethically.
  11. The accounting education program of the UK and the United States- A comparative analysis.
  12. Accounting firm employees- Analyze their benefits and losses.
  13. The banking industry and corporate social responsibility.
  14. Relevance of current supervision in banking organizations.
  15. The modern banking system and the top three CSR problems.
  16. UK banking system and the impact of no-deal Brexit.
  17. How will Internet banking evolve in the next decade?
  18. Agronomic industry and the role of credit flow.
  19. Discuss how IT transformed the banking industry.
  20. Role of microfinance in empowering women all across the world.

Unique Financial Dissertation Topics

Never compose your dissertation on the most popular financial topics that have been frequently discussed. If you want your dissertation to stand top in the class, focus on unexplored topics that are related to finance. Listed below are a few unique topics to take into account for financial dissertation preparation.

  1. Comparative study between the traditional finance methods in America and the influence of Fintech
  2. Microfinancing: Concept, types, and Importance
  3. Significance of Finance Risk Management in the Current Scenario.
  4. The effect of risk-based audit approach on the enterprise risk strategy of the financial institution.
  5. Importance of the role played by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
  6. Analyze the risk and development of financial technology- Online payment.
  7. Discuss the impact of data protection on social security and what is new about the field.
  8. Blockchain technology and its relevance for the world.
  9. Financial technology innovations- Study the trends and challenges.
  10. Financial independence and financial growth- How does it relate?
  11. Explore systems to identify frauds and risks- International banking.
  12. Discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the investment made in the offline industry.
  13. Mutual funds and their drawbacks- Discuss how they provoke the present-day financial market.
  14. Discuss the real estate industry in China from the perspective of a banker
  15. Banking sector- Bonds and risk clearing.
  16. Foreign exchange transactions and the risks involved in them.
  17. Discuss the functions and responsibilities of independent auditors
  18. Evaluation of Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS)
  19. Compare and contrast PlusToken and GainBitcoin
  20. Analysis of the impact of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit on the banking system of the United Kingdom

Informative Financial Dissertation Topics

When preparing your financial dissertation, give preference to study topics that allow you to learn new information and update your subject knowledge. If you require informative topics for your financial dissertation, then make use of the list presented below.

  1. Discuss the purpose and contribution of IASB (International Accounting Standards Board).
  2. Discuss the purpose and principles of IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
  3. Explain the reasons behind the accounting scandal of Enron (2001)
  4. Compare and contrast WorldCom Scandal (2002) and the American International Group (AIG) Scandal (2005)
  5. Importance of good corporate governance for private and public companies
  6. Importance of working capital management
  7. How do debt patterns affect a company’s cash management and savings?
  8. Discuss the risks in mutual fund investments
  9. Financial risks in FDI (Foreign Direct Investments)
  10. Pros and cons of online banking and offline banking
  11. What is the negative influence of microfinance in developing countries?
  12. Evaluate the financial statements of VISA as well as MasterCard.
  13. The best risk management methods for the manufacturing industry – a detailed analysis.
  14. How Brexit Will Change the Financial System of the UK?
  15. Capital structure and corporate strategy- How does it relate?
  16. Financial statement of VISA and Master Card- Analyse the concept.
  17. Examine the investment choices and capital management of companies.
  18. Analyze how risk management strategies worked over time.
  19. Discuss the impact of debt patterns on savings.
  20. Examining the risks in mutual funds.

Outstanding Financial Dissertation Ideas

Are you searching for outstanding financial topics for your dissertation? If yes, then explore the list added below. In the list, you will get amazing finance topics that are worth investigating and writing about.

  1. Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on Private Hospitals
  2. Survey of the organization and structure of a hospital’s administration concerning financing
  3. How diversity in banks affects management and leadership practices
  4. Why training and development of human resources is a critical factor in bank operations
  5. The Effects of financial leverage on company performance
  6. Analysis of the Result and Impact of the American International Group Inc. Accounting Scandal
  7. Critical analysis of the concerns and expected reactions associated with the implementation of the IFRS in the United Kingdom
  8. How does a company’s capital structure relate to its corporate strategy?
  9. Impact of capital structure on the business performance of an Organization
  10. Financing and diversification strategies of the organization
  11. Critical analysis of the operations of Islamic banks
  12. Comparative analysis of the financial performance of BNP Paribas and HSBC Holdings over the past three years
  13. Critical analysis of digital currency from the viewpoint of banks
  14. Conduct a comparative analysis between mortgage loans and leases as a source of finance for companies
  15. Importance of a balanced scorecard for business organizations
  16. Impact of tax administration on a Company’s revenue generation
  17. Analysis of Accounting Information System
  18. Healthcare organizations and their acquisitions- Discuss profitable finance strategies.
  19. Discuss the influence of culture and globalization on healthcare financing.
  20. Analyze the influence of corrupt bank managers on sustainability.

Impactful Financial Dissertation Topics

The topic you select for your financial dissertation should create an impact in the minds of your readers. Also, it should be original and researchable. The following is a collection of a few impactful finance topics on which you may prepare your thesis.

  1. Analysis of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) issues in modern banking systems
  2. Comparative analysis of the reasons behind the corporate downfall of Blockbuster and Standard Oil
  3. Evaluation of the accounting standards of the lease as prescribed by IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
  4. Elaborate on the loan granting and recovery issues of commercial banks.
  5. Insurance sector and tax planning- Discuss the steps to plan and invest.
  6. Enlist the credit management techniques that work for small-scale companies.
  7. Effective management in banks- Discuss the security threats.
  8. Unemployment control and the impact of fiscal and monetary policy.
  9. Comparative analysis between normative accounting theory and positive accounting theory
  10. Analysis of the Managerial implications of Normative and positive accounting theories
  11. Importance of using accounting software for large-scale businesses
  12. Evaluation of investment appraisal techniques
  13. Counterparty credit risks and its introduction.
  14. Go Public Manufacturing companies and the factors that influence its capital structure.
  15. International finance and the study of most important components.
  16. Study the international trade relations and the influence of Covid-19.
  17. Discuss the impact of exchange rates on international trading.
  18. Integrated financial management and the impact of technological connectivity.
  19. Discuss the influence of taxes on dividend policies in developed countries.
  20. Corporate finance tools and techniques- Discuss their effectiveness.

Innovative Financial Research Topics

Do you need innovative research topics for your finance dissertation? If yes, then carefully explore the list presented below and choose any topic that matches your needs. In the list, we have included innovative finance research ideas.

  1. FDI strategies in Europe and Asia- A comparative analysis.
  2. Discuss the benefits of Foreign Direct Investment in retail sector goods for the United States.
  3. Explain how to manage stable oil prices across the world.
  4. Benefits of multinational corporations for the global economy.
  5. Why do you think financial companies might misuse marketing ethics?
  6. How does privatization cause less corruption in companies?
  7. Discuss the factors that cause the growth of online finance scams.
  8. Relevance of financial development theories in the current time.
  9. Relevance of rational thinking in making financial decisions.
  10. Benefits of investment in betting firms for young people.
  11. The maritime industry and financial risk management- Blue economy case study.
  12. Discuss the relevance of making an individual investment.
  13. Taxation as a selling tool for life insurance.
  14. Analyze the influence of income per share.
  15. Perception management and risk portfolio of equity investors.
  16. Financial support for companies and employees during the Covid-19 lockdown.
  17. Discuss the public government projects that make use of private funds.
  18. Discuss how to measure the cost of sustainability.
  19. Debt sustainability in developing nations.
  20. Analyze the influence of reducing income and consumption rates.

Engaging Financial Dissertation Topics

Your readers will find your dissertation boring if you work on less engaging topics. So, when it comes to preparing a financial dissertation, consider the interests of your target readers and then choose relevant topics. Here a few engaging topics to consider for financial thesis.

  1. Elaborate on the innovative means of restricting the scale of pandemic development.
  2. Epidemiological safety instruments used in countries- A critical analysis.
  3. Role of companies in raising and managing funds.
  4. How do politicians help a small business reach the top?
  5. Lower monthly bill negotiations- Discuss the economic ways.
  6. Analyze the best retirement plans for businessmen.
  7. Risk and profitability- How to strike a balance?
  8. Business start-up strategies using the money you have.
  9. Benefits for business entrepreneurs of creating multiple corporations.
  10. How good liquidity is an important weapon in the face of crisis?
  11. IFRS commencement in the US- Discuss the problems faced by people.
  12. Mutual funds and their disadvantages- Analyse the threat it poses to the financial market.
  13. Discuss how companies manage their distribution chain and assets.
  14. Elaborate on the financial market trends in the last two years.
  15. SEBI and study investor protection.
  16. Chinese economic progression and the advantages of the global market.
  17. Discuss reciprocity and the influence of tariff barriers.
  18. The cost-benefit ratio of any government project.
  19. Discuss the functions of entities responsible for financial intermediation.
  20. Banking sector and its restructuring in Brazil.

Excellent Financial Topics for Study

In the list recommended below, you will find excellent financial research topic ideas to deal with. All these topics will allow you to perform an in-depth study and then come up with a well-structured financial dissertation.

  1. Explain the impact of interest rates on the stock market.
  2. What is the possible impact of foreign direct investment in rising economies?
  3. Discuss the effect of fund size on mutual fund performance
  4. What is the role performed by online banking in focusing society towards a better tomorrow?
  5. Analyze the effects of liquidity crisis on bank’s profitability
  6. Comparison of financial performance in the banking sector
  7. Explain the results of free cash flow on the profitability of firms
  8. Analyze the retirement plans administered by local banks.
  9. How can regulatory responsibility and implementation control alternative investments?
  10. Explain the Relationship between assets and liabilities in the balance sheet
  11. International banking and the impact of the United States Patriot Act.
  12. How microfinance helps to alleviate poverty.
  13. Discuss the influence of the retail industry on the UK’s economic growth in 2018.
  14. Explore the trade blocks (BRIC) and their influence on the banking sector.
  15. Economic ties of Russia and China- Discuss the politics and economic interests.
  16. Chinese economic growth and its sustainability- Analyse the risks associated with it.
  17. Discuss the significance of bank officials in the international stock exchange market.
  18. The international economic system and the trends.
  19. How does the banking industry help in the circulation of money?
  20. Pros and Cons of digital banking.

Top Financial Thesis Topics

Are you looking for top financial research questions? If yes, then the list presented below will be helpful to you. In the list, we have added top-notch finance research topics that are convenient for you to study and write about.

  1. Analysis of financial terms in the global context.
  2. Discuss the financial sides that protect consumers- Social Security.
  3. Modernity challenges in answering digital banking questions.
  4. Challenges of the budgetary system.
  5. How is a loan a potential source of constant debt?
  6. Discuss the relevance of the financial market in the sharing of financial resources.
  7. Role of taxes in increasing revenue.
  8. How are financial regulatory bodies essential for the countries?
  9. Relevance of public finance in achieving economic efficiency.
  10. Discuss the influence of Saudi economic reform on FDI.
  11. Describe the financial reporting standards and how they improve business accountability.
  12. Analyze what has changed and what remains practical in business modernization.
  13. The impact of price fluctuation on the stock prices and the bonding rate.
  14. Pros and cons of modern financial trends.
  15. How do security practices protect the online data of digital trade centers and retail stores?
  16. Analyze the ethics of banking profits- Pros and cons for the customers.
  17. Assess the effect of hedge fund activism on corporate governance and financial performance.
  18. Analyze the determinants of exchange rate fluctuations and their impact on international trade
  19. Examine the relationship between commercial banking practices and financial stability
  20. Evaluate the effectiveness of various cash management strategies in multinational corporations

Rather than choosing old study topics, give more preference to the latest financial dissertation titles recommended below. By working on trending ideas on finance, you may stay updated and generate new perspectives.

  1. Assess the effectiveness of various risk management techniques in quantitative finance
  2. Evaluate the impact of financial literacy on individual financial planning effectiveness.
  3. Explore the ethical considerations in private equity and venture capital financing
  4. Assess the impact of technological advancements on treasury management operations
  5. Analyze the effect of regulatory compliance on commercial banking operations
  6. Discuss the influence of tariff barriers and reciprocity.
  7. Analyze the impact of the financial crisis on the Real Estate of Dubai.
  8. How and why does FDI help in enhancing the development of third-world countries?
  9. The Importance of Finance Risk Management in the Current Situation
  10. How will the rise of cryptocurrency affect the financial sector?
  11. Discuss the impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth- A case study of Nigeria.
  12. Asymmetric information and market interest- Analysis.
  13. Causes of bankruptcy during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  14. What Impact Has Internet Banking Had on the Financial Sector?
  15. Factors influencing a company’s liquidity.
  16. Factors influencing a company’s profitability in comparison to other companies.
  17. Monetary policy has an impact on inflation.
  18. An In-Depth Examination of Corporate-Finance Credit Lines
  19. The Effect of FDI (Foreign-Direct-Investment) on a Nation’s Economy
  20. Modern business environment- Discuss the financial risks faced by the business.


Hopefully, by now, you will have identified a good topic from the list of financial dissertation topics suggested in this blog. Note that, choosing an ideal topic alone will not help you in achieving top grades. To make your work stand unique in the crowd, you must conduct in-depth research on the chosen topic and then draft a well-structured dissertation as per your university guidelines. Especially, in your financial dissertation, you should prove your arguments or thesis statement with supporting pieces of evidence. Also, the paper that is ready for submission should be plagiarism-free, informative, and flawless.

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