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Have your instructor asked you to submit an essay on global issues? Are you searching for the best global issues essay topics for your assignment? If yes, then you are at the right spot. A global issue is considered to be one of the hot topics for essay assignments and competitions because of the discussion value it has. Since our world is facing several global issues, in your essay, you can very well choose to analyze any impactful global problem of your choice and come up with valid solutions for that. In case, you are unsure what world issue to discuss in your essay, take a look below. For your convenience, here, in this blog, we have presented 90 trending essay ideas on different global issues. Also, we have explained how to pick the right topic out of them and compose a great global issue essay.

Simply explore this blog and get ideas for writing your global issue essay.

Global Issues Essay Topic Selection Tips

global issues essay topics

Wondering what topic to choose for your global issue essay? Don’t be confused! Just follow the below-listed essay topic selection tips. It will help you spot an ideal global issue essay topic for your task.

  1. Pick a trending global issue topic from the area of your interest. For instance, you can choose any issue from a field such as environment, education, health, education, etc.
  2. Never select a commonly discussed global issue essay topic because it may not excite your readers.
  3. Choose a unique topic that has a wide scope of research and discussion.
  4. Always go with a topic that contains plenty of information to prove your thesis statement.
  5. Avoid choosing a broad topic that is impossible to discuss within the given time frame.
  6. The topic you select should be informative and original.
  7. Choose a topic that allows you to present your viewpoints with valid supporting evidence.
  8. Finalize the topic only if it matches your instructor’s guidelines.

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Global Issues Essay Writing

After you have chosen a perfect global issue essay topic, go ahead and start crafting an academic paper on it by following the below-suggested steps.

  1. Frame a powerful thesis statement for your essay based on the topic you have selected.
  2. Conduct in-depth research on the selected topic and gather the details necessary to prove your thesis statement.
  3. Organize all the gathered ideas properly and create a neat essay outline by including essential components such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.
  4. Elaborate on the outline and develop a detailed and well-structured global issue essay with valid supporting evidence to prove your thesis statement. Moreover, to avoid plagiarism issues, at the end of the essay, make sure to properly cite the source of the survey data or other information you have utilized in your essay.
  5. After you finish writing the essay, proofread the content multiple times and rectify if there are any grammar and spelling errors. Note that, the global issue essay that you compose should be error-free, non-plagiarized, and informative.

List of Global Issues Essay Topics and Ideas

In this section, we have published a list of 90 global issue essay topic ideas. Without any hesitation, go through them all and choose any topic of your preference.

Best Global Issues Essay Topics

  1. Examine the global population issue in the UAE.
  2. Analyze ethics-related global workplace issues.
  3. Present different views on global warming issues.
  4. Discuss the causes and solutions of water scarcity issues across the world.
  5. Analyze the global health issues that exist in the developing countries.
  6. Write about the gender inequality issue that exists in the world.
  7. Discuss the causes of Illiteracy.
  8. Examine the causes of Tuberculosis.
  9. Discuss the global issues and challenges of project cost management.
  10. Analyze the malnutrition in Children.

Interesting Global Issues Essay Prompts

  1. Describe the global issues related to immigration and migration.
  2. Analyze the global crimes that affect a country.
  3. Examine the global issues associated with e-commerce.
  4. Analyze the global issues within the first civilization.
  5. Analyze the threat of nuclear weapons.
  6. Discuss the global issues of women.
  7. Explain the social and global issues related to adult education.
  8. Examine the global issues related to container transportation.
  9. Analyze the global issues of the first civilization.
  10. Explain how national governments can solve the global issue of social change.

Latest Global Issues Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the global environmental challenges that exist in the 21st
  2. Explain the importance of education in handling globalization issues.
  3. Write about global health policy issues in Africa.
  4. Examine the primary reasons for global issues of world poverty.
  5. Investigate global LGBTQ health issues.
  6. Examine the global societal issues due to artificial intelligence.
  7. Suggest some effective ways to overcome the global issues.
  8. Explain the best way to respond to global issues on climate change and tourism.
  9. Assess the global risks involved in a country’s economy.
  10. Write about global issues related to human resource management.

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Captivating Global Issues Essay Questions

  1. Explain why poverty is a global issue.
  2. Discuss how global issue affects developing countries.
  3. Explain how global issues affect communication.
  4. Write about a serious global issue that will create a big impact in the future.
  5. Explain how global issues can be solved with technology.
  6. Examine how global issues can be turned into innovation-led opportunities.
  7. Analyze whether the world is ready for global catastrophes.
  8. Explain how recycling can be done on a global scale.
  9. Write about space missions as a uniting factor.
  10. Examine the global impact of third-world countries.

Informative Global Issues Essay Ideas

  1. Examine and write about the alarming global issues.
  2. Discuss the polar ice caps global issue.
  3. Write about domestic violence as a global problem.
  4. Explain how to prepare for the pandemic situation.
  5. Write about refugee rights as a global issue.
  6. Analyze and write about reproductive justice as a global issue.
  7. Discuss the freedom of expression on the internet.
  8. Analyze and describe the software piracy and copyright laws in the US.
  9. Examine the relationship between education and child labor.
  10. Discuss the war against child abuse and marriages.

Top Global Issues Essay Topics

  1. Analyze the global issues involved in business.
  2. Discuss the global issues related to obesity.
  3. Examine the global issues related to terrorism.
  4. Explain the global issues of environment and health.
  5. Analyze human trafficking as a global issue.
  6. Write about food security in a changing world.
  7. Discuss the implications of income inequality for global stability.
  8. Suggest some global actions to end human trafficking.
  9. Write about global nursing issues.
  10. Explain the ways to create global awareness of environmental issues.
  1. Explain how global issues affect a nation.
  2. Write about the efforts that Canada took to address global issues.
  3. Write about the most threatening global issues.
  4. Explain why it is essential to be aware of the global issues in society.
  5. Discuss how global issues affect the whole world.
  6. Explain what global flash mobs can change.
  7. Analyze the global consequences of Brexit.
  8. Write about the global phenomenon of digital piracy.
  9. Explain the influence of world politics on developing countries.
  10. Write about abortion as a global issue.

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Intriguing Global Issues Essay Topics

  1. Explain the Role of the U.S. and India in Global Concerns On Women
  2. Write about the modern global issues related to gay unions.
  3. Discuss the correlation of cigarette smoking to global concerns of the future
  4. Analyze Chevron’s Influence on Global Heating
  5. The Upsetting and Bothersome Global Heating Issue
  6. Global Concerns About the Vessel Shipping
  7. Explain the Notion, Content, and Nature of Modern Global Concerns
  8. Prepare an essay on overpopulation.
  9. How to address homelessness
  10. Explain the impact of climate change on human life.
  1. Write about inequality across social classes.
  2. Discuss the effects of pollution on the environment.
  3. Analyze the relationship between religion and terrorism.
  4. Explain how to change the mindset of youth towards self-employment.
  5. Discuss the long-term effects of deforestation.
  6. Explain how to prevent drug and substance abuse among youth.
  7. Describe the basic human rights of a refugee.
  8. Write about the right to access healthcare.
  9. Suggest some effective ways to promote peace and security in a country.
  10. Compare industrialization and agriculture.

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From the above-listed 90 essay topics and ideas on global issues, pick any topic of your choice and come up with an impressive essay worthy of securing an A+ grade. In case, you are still confused about what topic to select for your essay assignments or if you need an expert to offer you high-quality essay writing help online, call us immediately. From essay topic selection to proofreading, we will provide the best assistance. Moreover, as per your needs, the talented essay writers from our team will work on all kinds of serious global issue essay topics and will help you craft an outstanding and plagiarism-free essay on time at a nominal price.

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