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Since philosophy assignment writing is not an easy task, perhaps, students might face difficulties in impressing their professors. Besides, as an academic discipline philosophy studies reality, existence, and primary knowledge attributes. However, it might sound hectic for you to select outstanding philosophy research topics as you might want to score well. Despite your major, you might enjoy attending a philosophy class, yet it might appear complex to select recent topics. Hence, selecting simple philosophy research topics might make the whole process efficient, leading to good scores in your assignments.

Philosophy Research Paper Topic Selection

Perhaps, you might want to choose the best philosophy research topics, so give your 100% in the topic selection process.

  • Firstly, select a topic that might allow you to recognize and research the areas, which might appear inadequately explored. Besides, a good topic selection might help you to leave a significant mark in the field.
  • Secondly, choose a topic that sounds interesting to you as your professor will not assign you topics.
  • Thirdly, select a topic that has sufficient resources as that might make the paper easy for you. However, if your topic is narrow, your difficulties in developing an exemplary paper might also increase.

Philosophy Research Paper Writing

Simultaneously, you need to remember that writing a philosophy paper appears different from other research papers. Though the structure, tone, and thesis statement are similar to other subjects, there is a difference you will learn gradually.

  • Specifically, try to understand the perspective you might want to communicate to your future audience.
  • Besides, you might not simply express your opinion as your key goal might involve convincing your audience. Also, you might want to prove the credibility of your arguments in front of your audience.
  • Possibly, your audience needs to believe in your arguments, so you might consider obtaining sufficient information on your audience.

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List of Philosophy Research Topics and Ideas

Philosophy Research Topics

In this section, we have listed 190 unique ideas for a philosophy research paper. If you run short of ideas, explore the entire list and choose any topic that meets your needs.

Simple Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Explain the concept of happiness.
  2. What is power?
  3. Define harmony.
  4. Explain the eternity concept.
  5. A globalized world and the achievement of peace.
  6. Good and Evil- Role in the Society.
  7. Establishing an ideal world- Is this possible?
  8. A senseless human life- Identify the driving factors.
  9. Analyze the difficulties in creating a happy life.
  10. Drivers of a meaningful human life.
  11. Discuss the benefits of emotions.
  12. Elaborate on the creativity enhancement strategies.
  13. Animals and human beings- A comparative analysis.
  14. Explain the reality of democracy.
  15. Engagement of a church in politics.

Basic Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Positive thinking strategies.
  2. Analyze the future of humanity.
  3. Abortions and the ethical ideas surrounding them.
  4. Egg or hen- Who is born first?
  5. How are war and peace related to each other?
  6. Euthanasia and its ethical consideration.
  7. The structure and functions of philosophy.
  8. Philosophical understanding of space.
  9. Philosophical understanding of time.
  10. Philosophical understanding of movement.
  11. Categories of dialectics.
  12. Impact of social media on morale.
  13. Advantages and disadvantages of abortion.
  14. Happiness and family- Explain their relationship.
  15. School and education- Review.
  16. How often does the beauty standard change?
  17. Significance of love in your life.
  18. Personality development and the role of a society.
  19. Free-will versus determinism theory- Which is more powerful?
  20. Does a rich person always have huge money?

High-Quality Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Describe the greatest treasure of your life.
  2. Elaborate on a life aspect that you want to change.
  3. Is morality subjective or objective?
  4. Pros and cons of communism.
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of egoism.
  6. Define utopia.
  7. Benefits and drawbacks of capital punishment.
  8. Artificially designed babies and your attitude.
  9. Pros and cons of the Internet application.
  10. Advantages and disadvantages of a child-free family.
  11. Marrying versus staying single- Critical analysis.
  12. Living Forever- Critically review.
  13. Cultural genesis and dynamics of culture.
  14. Philosophy as an academic discipline.
  15. Materialistic understanding of existence.
  16. Idealistic understanding of existence.
  17. Monistic, dualistic, and pluralistic understanding of substance.
  18. Explain the existence of the American dream.
  19. Hysteria and mass panic- Discuss the causes and solution.
  20. Philosophy and post-modernism ideas.

Good Scoring Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Dogs versus cats- Who is more intellectually superior?
  2. 1+1 equals 2- Explain the logic.
  3. Who is the king of the universe?
  4. How does education support developing a good citizen?
  5. Humanity and philosophy.
  6. Analects and the LI.
  7. Same-sex and the national opposition law.
  8. Definition of sexual self.
  9. K-12 educational philosophy.
  10. Roy Jackson and the Islamic philosophy.
  11. Significance of studying philosophy.
  12. Define an ideal society.
  13. Meaning and objectives of philosophy.
  14. Fetus- Right to live.
  15. Questions and their philosophic answers.

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Interesting Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Liberalism and Fascism political ideas.
  2. First philosophy and mediation- Rene.
  3. Charles Pierce’s Fixation of Belief.
  4. Religion and philosophy of Buddhism.
  5. Free- -will, ethics and epistemology.
  6. Post-Colonial and Feminist Philosophy.
  7. Aristotle’s friendship conditions.
  8. Explain the existence of God.
  9. John McTaggart’s Unreality of Time.
  10. Apology by Plato and Crito.
  11. A well-paid job versus a vacation? Review.
  12. Life after death- What is your viewpoint?
  13. Modern life values- Review the statement.
  14. Transforming the meaning of loneliness.
  15. How do people kill a religion?

Intriguing Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Is it important to love someone, or have someone who loves them?
  2. Social behavior and ethics- Explain their similarities.
  3. Analyze the maturity age and the marriage age defined by society.
  4. Elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of complete control.
  5. Discuss the influence of beauty on human development.
  6. Explain the evidence of supernatural elements.
  7. Pros and cons of suicide.
  8. The action of a child is the responsibility of his or her parents.
  9. Explain the ethics behind using animals for experiments.
  10. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.
  11. Analyze the benefits and drawbacks of utilitarianism.
  12. Honesty is a moral obligation- Evaluate the statement.
  13. Describe the ethics of cryptocurrencies- Case study analysis of Bitcoin.
  14. Zoo and Circus- Is it ethical?
  15. Advantages and disadvantages of marriage.
  1. Analyze the benefits and limitations of a genetically modified object.
  2. Admission of the old people to the care centers- Is the decision of the old people, children, or a healthcare professional?
  3. Sports and the use of steroids- Is this an ethical decision?
  4. Cloning is banned in different countries- Explain the causes.
  5. Analyze the negative and positive aspects of Machiavelli’s ideas.
  6. Does torture have any justification?
  7. Socialist theories and socialism.
  8. Explain the philosophy of humanity.
  9. Philosophy of Essentialism- express your viewpoints.
  10. Significance of a universal language- Discuss the failure of the previous attempts.
  11. Impact of using fake and illegal internet sites.
  12. Removal of violent content from the internet- Discuss your viewpoint.
  13. Earth ethics and code of conduct- Does it need changes to achieve colonization like other planets?
  14. Freedom of choice for human beings- Review the statement.
  15. Why do some people lead dull life?

Informative Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. In case you have a time machine, discuss the situation you might want to change in your life.
  2. Consider yourself as a unique personality- Discuss how you will differentiate yourself from others.
  3. Ignoring an opportunity, if you don’t feel confident about your success in it.
  4. Discuss your favorite period, in which you want to spend your life if given a chance.
  5. Sometimes a lie is better than the truth- Specifically, analyze such situations.
  6. Elaborate on the most important decision you have taken in your life and explain its significance.
  7. Explain the significance of modern life values.
  8. Is it important for a person to obey the rules?
  9. Good traits and bad traits of a person- Is it important for every person to have both traits?
  10. However, the value of education has transformed over time.
  11. Explain your three most important character traits and why is it important for you.
  12. Discuss matters that might truly upset you. Explain suitable strategies to manage such issues.
  13. Marrying a rich person versus marrying your love- Discuss your viewpoint.
  14. Do you believe in living more than once? Explain why?
  15. Pleasure and happiness- Role of ethical acting.

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Top Philosophy Research Questions

  1. Consider whether technological progress will come to an end.
  2. Investigate whether democracy is an effective form of government.
  3. Explain whether it is possible to close the societal gap between the rich and the poverty.
  4. Explain how the advancement of AI will impact the world.
  5. In today’s world, what is the relationship between beauty and morality?
  6. What are the ethical issues and principles in psychotherapy?
  7. Distinguish between hedonism and utilitarianism.
  8. What are the moral ramifications of parent-child relationships?
  9. Explain the meaning of informed consent and the issues it raises.
  10. Consider whether humans and animals should have equal rights.
  11. Discuss the significant moral benefits and drawbacks of human enhancements.
  12. What are the main moral issues surrounding euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide?
  13. Examine the concept of responsibility and freedom about meta-ethics.
  14. What role did classical pragmatism play in the development of feminist theories?
  15. Explain how quantum mechanics and relativity theory influenced the twentieth century.
  1. Describe the three defining characteristics of your character. Do you want to alter any of them?
  2. Are there any living things in the universe other than us?
  3. What do you consider to be your greatest treasure? What specifically would you like to change?
  4. What may make you upset? What strategy would you employ?
  5. What is the most significant choice you have ever made? What qualifies its importance?
  6. Do you want to experience life more than once?
  7. Which is more important: to love or to be loved?
  8. Does everyone need to be educated? Has education’s importance evolved throughout time?
  9. Is it feasible to obtain an education outside of the classroom?
  10. Why do beauty expectations shift so frequently?

Unique Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Write about Transcendentalism’s Quest for Truth.
  2. Explain Authorship in Postmodernism.
  3. Discuss the Aesthetics in the Postmodern Era.
  4. Explain the role of Political Philosophy in Policy Formation.
  5. Conceptualize Freedom in Political Philosophy.
  6. Analyze Plato’s Love Philosophy.
  7. Examine the Space Philosophy.
  8. Analyze the Philosophy Assignment of Language.
  9. Examine the nature of the mind-body relationship.
  10. Discuss the epistemological challenges of legal realism.

Excellent Philosophy Research Questions

  1. Prepare a research paper on the philosophy of phenomenology.
  2. Write about the philosophy of science.
  3. Explain the concept of direct realism in philosophy.
  4. Discuss the impact of philosophical practices on human science.
  5. Critically analyze philosophy as a model of human science.
  6. Discuss the philosophy of transcendentalism in New England in the early 1830s.
  7. Explain how educational philosophy has transformed over time.
  8. Discuss the philosophy of multicultural education.
  9. Explore the evolving philosophy of women’s education.
  10. Prepare a research paper on 17th and 18th-century German philosophy.

Innovative Philosophy Research Topics

  1. Which would you choose to wed—a wealthy person you despise or your true love, with whom your family would have financial difficulties?
  2. Should individuals abide by the law at all times? Where does disobeying the law for the greater good cross the line into rebellion?
  3. Describe the three defining characteristics of your character. Do you want to alter any of them?
  4. What is the most significant choice you have ever made? What qualifies its importance?
  5. Should you grab the opportunity if you aren’t 100 percent sure you’ll succeed, or should you pass it up?
  6. Which era would you like to live in if you could spend a year there?
  7. Does everyone need to be educated? Has education’s importance evolved throughout time?
  8. What impact does beauty have on the evolution of humanity?
  9. What actions should people take if visitors from other planets arrive on Earth?
  10. Is it essential to modify the “Earth ethics and code of conduct” if other planets are colonized?
  11. Analyze the philosophy of statesmanship
  12. Analyze the philosophy of Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein
  13. Why Martin Heidegger is considered one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century
  14. Analyze the philosophy of life
  15. Difference between eutopia and utopia

Wrapping Up

If you have reached here, possibly, you have found several interesting philosophy research topics in the list above. Hence, it’s up to you to decide which topic sounds most interesting to you and might fetch you good marks. Though philosophy is not like reading ABC, still you might make it easy, by choosing good and relevant research topics. Furthermore, if you have doubts, chat with our assignment help experts, who will give you the best possible suggestions to complete your Philosophy Assignment Help.


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