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Poverty is one of the serious global issues affecting plenty of individuals and communities across the world. Since poverty is a critical issue, several debates and discussions are being carried out on it in different forums. Particularly, to help students understand the wide range of problems that arise due to poverty, some instructors also ask them to work on various poverty essay topics. If you are a student who is unsure of what topic to choose for writing your essay on poverty, continue reading this blog. Here, we have presented a list of intriguing poverty essay ideas. Also, we have explained how to choose the right poverty essay topic for your assignment.

Explore and get ideas for writing a poverty essay.

Steps for Choosing a Good Poverty Essay Topic

For an essay, a good topic is necessary. If you are confused about what poverty essay topic to choose, follow the steps suggested below. It will help you spot an ideal topic for writing your essay on poverty.

  1. Poverty has a close association with multiple areas such as the economy, sociology, psychology, and so on. Therefore, first, choose any interesting area that you have a strong knowledge of.
  2. Secondly, in the area of your preference, gather plenty of poverty essay ideas.
  3. Thirdly, brainstorm all the collected ideas and get to know whether they have a wide scope of discussion and credible sources for references
  4. Next, eliminate all the ideas that have a lesser discussion scope and shortlist only a few ideas.
  5. Finally, from the shortlisted ideas, pick any one topic that is unique, informative, and matches your supervisor’s instructions.

List of Poverty Essay Topics and Ideas

Poverty Essay Topics

In this section, we have presented a list of poverty essay topics and ideas. For your essay writing, if you need a good topic on poverty, explore the entire list and pick any topic that is comfortable for you to research and write about.

Top Poverty Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the causes of poverty.
  2. Explain the effective ways to reduce poverty.
  3. Write about poverty in India.
  4. Analyze how poverty is portrayed in the media.
  5. Discuss how childhood poverty affects life.
  6. Write about poverty and healthcare in Cuba.
  7. Analyze the link between poverty and crime.
  8. Discuss who is responsible for poverty.
  9. Write about poverty in rural China.
  10. Explain how poverty affects the education of African Americans.
  11. Discuss how poverty affects children’s rights.
  12. Analyze the effect of the water crisis on poverty.
  13. Explain what social issues affect poverty.
  14. Discuss how poverty affects the physical and mental health of children.
  15. Analyze the effects of poverty within metropolitan areas.

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Interesting Poverty Essay Topics

  1. Discuss the causes and consequences of poverty in Vietnam in the 1600s.
  2. Explain how poverty affects the environment.
  3. Analyze how poverty can be reduced with governmental and economic policies.
  4. Explain why poverty should be a societal focus.
  5. Suggest a strategy to end poverty in Haiti.
  6. Discuss the impact of poverty and child abuse on the development of Nigeria.
  7. Write about poverty in Guatemala.
  8. Discuss the Christian ethics on poverty.
  9. Analyze why single-mother households are at risk of poverty.
  10. Discuss the current state of poverty around the world.
  11. Analyze the trending propaganda on the increased global poverty levels.
  12. Write about the Poverty alleviation programs.
  13. Explain how juveniles are adversely affected by poverty.
  14. Compare child poverty and crisis poverty.
  15. Analyze how to solve poverty and anger without affecting the economy of a country.

Best Poverty Essay Prompts

  1. Analyze the factors behind the high poverty levels in the United States.
  2. Explain the impact of poverty on juvenile delinquency.
  3. Is poverty a major factor in terrorist recruitment?
  4. Write about poverty and the world food crisis.
  5. Discuss the aspects of poverty in historical documents.
  6. Write about poverty and teen pregnancy.
  7. Discuss poverty in the sociology aspect.
  8. Explain the culture of poverty in anthropology.
  9. Analyze the Alberta Poverty Rates Issue.
  10. Discuss the social concern of feminization of poverty.
  11. Analyze the social issues caused by underclass poverty.
  12. Write about the Anarchism and Marxist approaches to poverty.
  13. Explain how race and gender shape inequality and poverty.
  14. Analyze the relationship between war and poverty in developing nations.
  15. Discuss the challenges of child poverty.

Captivating Poverty Essay Topics

  1. Explain how corporate social responsibility can reduce poverty.
  2. Analyze Pakistan’s changing poverty.
  3. Explain why the poverty rate is increasing in Zimbabwe.
  4. Analyze why the child poverty rates of the British and Germans vary.
  5. Explain the causes of Britain’s re-discovery of poverty in the 1950s and 1960s.
  6. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of Latin American Poverty.
  7. Explain why older people’s poverty declined.
  8. Analyze the major factors contributing to Canada’s growing poverty.
  9. Explain why the poverty rate in Spain is always so high.
  10. Analyze the causes of high poverty rates in the 1980’s.
  11. Write about poverty and health disparities.
  12. Analyze the relationship between poverty and drugs.
  13. Write about immigrant children and poverty.
  14. Suggest effective strategies to eliminate global poverty.
  15. Write about global poverty and nursing intervention.

Thought-provoking Poverty Essay Ideas

  1. Write about human trafficking and poverty.
  2. Analyze the negative impact of poverty on society.
  3. Discuss the causes of poverty in Ghana.
  4. Suggest market-based solutions for global poverty.
  5. Explain how poverty and migration are linked
  6. Write about the Food Poverty Index for Venezuelan Households.
  7. Explain how to combat poverty through self-reliance.
  8. Analyze the impact of poverty on health in Africa.
  9. Explain how to break the cycle of poverty in the Philippines.
  10. Write about Gentrification and poverty in urban America.
  11. Does increasing the minimum wage decrease poverty?
  12. Analyze the impact of corruption on poverty in the Philippines.
  13. Explain how China escaped the poverty trap
  14. Write about climate change and poverty in Africa.
  15. Explain the impact of international aid on poverty in the Philippines.

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Intriguing Poverty Essay Questions

  1. Discuss the economic consequences of persistent poverty.
  2. Explain how poverty affects the future.
  3. What are the social determinants of poverty in urban areas?
  4. Explain the difference between absolute poverty and relative poverty.
  5. Explain how cultural factors perpetuate cycles of poverty.
  6. Analyze how poverty leads to social injustices.
  7. Explain how poverty affects the older population.
  8. Does poverty violate the right to equal access to basic services?
  9. Is poverty a state of mind?
  10. Can universal basic income reduce poverty rates?
  11. Write about global biofuel production and poverty in China.
  12. Create classification trees for poverty mapping.
  13. Explain how to solve the problem of poverty in Mendocino County.
  14. Analyze the effects of poverty on health care in the US and Afghanistan
  15. Write about Empowerment and Poverty Reduction.

Informative Essay Topics on Poverty

  1. Write about Poverty and COVID-19 in Developing Countries.
  2. Discuss the effects of poverty on social development.
  3. Is poverty a multigenerational problem?
  4. Explain the impact of poverty on minority groups.
  5. Write about homelessness and poverty.
  6. Is poverty a silent killer?
  7. Is poverty a global pandemic?
  8. Discuss the relationship between marriage and poverty.
  9. Is overdependence the leading cause of poverty?
  10. Explain how to solve poverty without affecting a country’s economy.

Impactful Poverty Essay Topics

  1. Analyze the different ways people look at poverty.
  2. Generate disaggregated poverty maps.
  3. Write about ethnic stereotypes and preferences for poverty assistance
  4. Evaluate different sociological measures of poverty
  5. Can globalization realistically solve world poverty?
  6. Write about food poverty and its causes in Pakistan
  7. Prepare an essay on agricultural water management and poverty in Ethiopia
  8. Can foreign aid reduce poverty?
  9. Are urban poverty and undernutrition growing?
  10. Can higher employment levels bring lower poverty in the European Union?


Out of the different ideas recommended in this blog, choose any topic of your choice and craft an outstanding poverty essay. In case, you need any other captivating poverty essay topic or if you need an expert to offer you help with poverty essay writing, approach us quickly.

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