What is spatial order and role of chronology in essay writing?

Spatial order is another form of creative writing. When it comes to writing an essay or other forms of writings, many things matter to provide an everlasting impression on the readers. There are several aspects of writing such as good story content, relevant evidence, the right word choice, correct grammar, and many more. The most important thing to think about while writing anything is a clear and logical organization of thoughts. While writing an essay or term papers, there are following different patterns of the logical organization could be used:

  • Spatial order
  • Chronological order
  • Compare-contrast pattern
  • Problem-solution pattern
  • Order of importance
  • Cause & effect method
  • Topical method
  • Advantage & disadvantage pattern

chronology in essay writing

What is the spatial order?

Apart from the above-mentioned patterns of logical organization, you will get the information of spatial order and chronological order. To make your writing effective and countable, you need to understand what spatial order is and how to use it in essay writing. Spatial order allows you to arrange objects to their respective positions whether to start from left to right or from top to bottom. In other words, this pattern describes things as they appear when noticed. While writing spatial order essays, writers describe places and objects from the reader’s perspective.

In spatial order, no strict pattern is used. All you need to put sense in your writing so the reader can understand it carefully. Spatial order is a principle of descriptive writing in which elements are organized in the order for their physical location or correlation. By inserting this form of style into descriptive paragraphs, you can determine the reader’s perspective and how the information is observed. Read the following points to know how to use this organizational arrangement:

  • For nonfiction, it describes physical or social occurrences whereas, in fiction, it describes the requirements of objects and places.
  • In technical writing, this method is used to explain how the particular mechanism work and the functioning of different elements.
  • When someone has to provide food critics, they use this pattern to share their reviews with a new restaurant and its dining area.
  • When it comes to describing the designing and structure of buildings, architects utilize this order for better understanding.

Some instances of spatial order are:

  • Just to the right
  • A little further on
  • To the south of Memphis
  • A few feet behind
  • Directly on the bridge of his nose and a centimeter above his gaping
  • Turning left on the pathway

Spatial order paragraph

Conrad walked out of the doorway onto the street. Across from him was a tall, white-washed building with faded shutters. On the upper right side of the building was a mural that might have depicted a farming community, but it had long since been peeled away by the elements. Directly beneath the old mural was a rusted lamppost. Its once-elegant shape would now be considered at best vintage, at worst, archaic and shabby. Across the cracked and patched street further to the right was a woman staring into the window display of a clothing boutique. She was tall, dressed in a flower-patterned skirt and billowy white shirt.”

How to write a spatial order essay?

For writing spatial order essays, you need to understand the different steps. Before starting to write an essay on this pattern, you have to keep all important segments in your mind. What to write and how to write is the most essential thing in writing details in this pattern.

So, let’s have a look at the following steps to write spatial order essays:

spatial order essay

Find the reasons to write

The main thing to keep in mind while writing the essay is the reasons to compose it. Ask yourself some questions before initiating the writing. Why do you choose to write an essay? What is the purpose of writing? How will you describe the topics and present information in the right format? Your reasons will help to compose academic papers and put appropriate information properly.

Insert references into an essay

To make a good impression on the readers, you need to use references in essay writing. Proper referencing helps you create a connection between different information and develop a relevant image in the reader’s mind. References can be anything such as images, graphs, articles, and many more. Well, you have to write many things in your academic papers. Therefore, you should use proper references in your writings to achieve desired outputs.

Provide proper outline to an essay

For providing the correct direction and flow to an essay, you need to provide the right outline. If you start from the left, be on the left; don’t create a mess while writing your papers. Being a writer, your writing should create a clear image of the incident or event that you want to discuss in your paper. For that, make sure to provide the correct outline to an essay.

Start writing

Once you get the complete knowledge of everything, start your essay. The choice of words and the right tone will help to convey the right message to the readers. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps in your spatial order essay to make it effective for reading. Once you have done with the writing part, read it, and make necessary changes if needed.

Points to keep in mind while writing spatial order essays

Selection of interesting topic

As you know about spatial order, it is connected to the physical location of the subjects. Thus, you must be selected for choosing the topic of an essay. Your topics must convey the right zest of the essay. Before starting the essay, you need to think about the scene that you are going to describe. You also need to think about the readers’ perspective and arrange things accordingly.

Way of describing the information

Information is the backbone of an essay. While composing the essay, the most important thing to keep in mind that how you present information. Make sure to follow logical order for incorporating information in your papers. Ensure to pick a starting as well as an ending pick properly so that you can arrange complete details. For conveying the right message, either choose left to right or top to the bottom. Moreover, you can describe the instance properly by following the right format.

Use transition words

The use of transition words makes your writing more interpretable to the readers. Transition words play an important role in writing essays. It also helps to create an effective impression on the reader’s mind. Some of the transition words are discussed below:

  • Just to the left or just to the right
  • On the left or the right
  • Behind
  • Between
  • Across from
  • To the south, to the east, and so on
  • A few yards away
  • Turning left or turning right
  • A little further down

What is chronology order in writing?

The chronology describes the occurrence of events on the basis of time. In literature or writing, the authors explain their story as the sequences of incidents. When you use this method, you need to arrange all events as it happened and put them on time or in a chronological pattern. By using this method, readers can understand what happens and when to show its cause and effect. The best example of chronology order is writing a diary.

A very obvious example of chronological order in writing is

6:30 am: Woke up

7:00 am: Showered & brushed teeth

7:30 am: Ate breakfast

8:00 am: Drove to work

9:00 am: Reached office

10:00 am: Had a cup of coffee with colleagues

1:00 pm: Had lunch with friends

6:00 pm: Left the office

7:00 pm: Reached home

8:30 pm: Had dinner

10:00 pm: Was on the bed for night sleep!

The above chronological pattern shows the daily activities of a normal person. When you have to describe the cause of any incident with its effects, you need to use this order of writing.

Some transitions of chronology order are:

  • Next
  • Later
  • The following Wednesday
  • Afterward
  • By noon
  • When she had finally digested the giant burrito
  • As soon as
  • In 1990

What are the types of chronology?

It is clear that chorology describes the occurrences of events based on a timeline. But, when it comes to writing an essay or other literary form of writing, you have to use it carefully. For that, you have to understand the different ways and narrative styles to describe the types of chronology

Linear or normal chronology

As the name suggests, this type of chronology explains the story as a sequence of incidents as they occurred in time. The timeline shows the best example of normal chronology.

Reverse Chronology

After reading the type of chronology, you will understand that incidents are described in the reverse order. In this pattern of chronology, the story explains the events from the end to the beginning of what happened in time.

Nonlinear Narrative

In the nonlinear narrative, the author doesn’t follow a specific order. This type of chronology describes the story as a series of different incidents shared out of chronological order.

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