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In order to obtain graduation, as a final assignment, your professor will ask you to submit a dissertation or a thesis relevant to any research area in your field. But whenever it comes to writing a thesis or research paper, it is good to sketch an outline because it will help to cover all the major points without omitting any. Do you what a thesis outline is and how to write it effectively? In case, you have no idea, continue reading this blog post and update your knowledge of how to write a thesis outline.

What is a Thesis Outline?

A thesis outline is a significant blueprint that guides your thesis or dissertation writing process. It helps to organize all the major points and provides a roadmap for deciding what kind of research you would like to perform. In simple terms, it is a skeleton of your thesis where you can list the argument and subtopics in a logical order. Like dissertation topics, an outline is also necessary to craft a well-structured and well-researched academic paper.

Essential Components of a Thesis Outline

To illustrate, a thesis outline is a comprehensive description of the core part of your thesis, including the following:

  • Introduction- Firstly, elucidate the significant issues that you ought to resolve, as a part of your work.
  • Literature Overview- Secondly, review the existing literature in your associated problem areas to provide an outstanding overview.
  • Thesis Problem- Thirdly, define your contribution towards resolving the selected issue and claim the thesis.
  • Methodology- Fourth, discuss the methods that you have used in generating your thesis’s results and outcomes.
  • Results- Fifth, consider depicting the findings of your thesis and illustrate your research outcomes.
  • Discussion- Sixth, interrogate your findings from the different approaches and thereby elaborate on their significance.
  • Conclusion- Finally, consider writing your findings in brief as well as answering your research question.

How to Write a Thesis Outline?

Despite, the availability of numerous thesis outline templates on the internet, perhaps, use a structure that will save time.

  • Indeed, begin writing a hypothesis, put it on the top of your page, and relate the rest of your content to it.
  • Simultaneously, work on your template in the sequence you have depicted in the hypothesis.
  • Also, make use of a master online for the whole work and create an outline for each chapter.
  • Ultimately, review each of the outlines and make the necessary modifications. Alternatively, you may expel out all the details, instead try to use keywords, sentences, and phrases, through your fundamental draft.

Standard Template of a Thesis Outline

Thesis Outline


  1. Research study introduction.
  2. Sub-questions and research problems.
  3. Research study requirements.
  4. Key terminologies- Definition and Explanation.
  5. Research study contexts- Area of study.

Hypothesis Theory

  1. Theoretical foundation- Write a brief overview.
  2. Literature review, discussions, and applications- Overview.
  3. Process alignment and study models- A literature review.
  4. Hypothesis and justifications.
  5. Research scope- Theoretical assumptions and limitations.
  6. Analytical techniques and justifications.
  7. Validity and reliability of internal and external designs.
  8. Study method and study design assumptions- Implied limitations.


  1. Materials- A brief overview.
  2. Study methods and unplanned/ planned situations that happened.
  3. Write a brief descriptive analysis.
  4. Validity and readability of the analysis.
  5. Hypothesis explanation- Brief and precise data.


  1. Materials and its brief overview.
  2. Findings and Implications.
  3. Research analysis and findings.
  4. Hypothesis and findings.
  5. Implication and post-analysis of the hypothesis.


  1. Academic study summary.
  2. Literature review reference.
  3. Academic study and its implications.
  4. Research theory and methods- Limitations.
  5. Future academic study recommendations.


  1. Enlist all the sources that you might have used in your research paper.


We hope you are now aware of how to write a thesis outline. In case, you still have any doubts regarding that, ask your professor or contact us. At greatassignmenthelp.com, we have several Ph.D. experts to offer you help with writing an outstanding thesis outline as per your guidelines.

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