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Assignment writing is one of the important tasks that you can’t escape from during your academic life. But besides composing the content on a particular topic, it is necessary to draft the assignments in a well-structured manner by following certain formatting rules and guidelines. Most importantly, if you format your assignment properly and attractively, then your chances of getting high scores will also increase. In general, there are some effective ways to make your assignment look presentable. So, by just following those simple ways, you can give a professional yet attractive look to your assignment in a way that has the power to grab the attention of your readers as well as faculty.

Remember, to write an attractive assignment, you need to concentrate the most on your presentation style. If you are unsure how to present or format your assignment, then read this blog. From here, you can learn the important presentation tips to be followed while writing an assignment.


Make your Assignment Look Presentable


9 Simple Ways to Make Your Assignment Look Presentable

In case, you want to present your assignment neatly, then this is what you should do.

  • Use ideal font styles
  • Develop a catchy title page
  • Add headers and footers
  • Adhere to the spacing guidelines
  • Use headings and subheadings
  • Explain with examples
  • Include visual components
  • Add the references
  • Never overwrite the content

Guide to make your Assignment Look Presentable


Use ideal font styles

When it comes to presentation, the first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the font. Your content should be in a readable format. So, prefer to use fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri of size 11 or 12.

To make the content look neat, use black font text on a white background. For highlighting the important keywords, you can use Bold or Italics. Avoid using colors and stylish fonts.

Create a catchy title page

The title page is the first thing your readers will notice about your “assignment look presentable”. So, create a catchy title page with all the necessary information about you and your assignment topic.

To make the title page look desirable, use a professional template and include details such as full name, registration or roll number, course name and course code, the title of the assignment, and due date. For an appealing look, this information should be formatted at the center of the page.

Add headers and footers

Adding headers and footers is an essential part of the assignment writing process. In the header and footer, you can add details such as your name, roll number, course number, and page number.

Make sure to give page numbers to every page of the assignment except the title page and the references or citation page. Adding the page numbers will help your teachers with easy navigation. So, never skip it.

Stick to the spacing guidelines

Similar to the font, extra attention should be given to the spacing. If your university has any specific spacing rules, then follow them. Otherwise, you can use 1 or 1.5 spacing.

Leave a blank line between each paragraph. Instead of using block justify, use the left-justify option for presenting your assignment. Always start a question on the next page if the answer is very long. Throughout the assignment, maintain consistent spacing.

Use headings and subheadings

Writing the content continuously without any breaks and headings will give a messy look. So, to provide a better structure to your assignment, give a short and catchy heading. It should give a hint to your readers about what your paragraph discusses and hence using the relevant words is advisable. Also, if needed, use subheadings to explain any important points within a paragraph.

Explain with examples

It is always a good idea to explain the concepts with relevant examples. So, research the topic and provide valid examples supporting the topic of discussion. Using examples to explain a topic will be helpful for the readers to understand, and it will also give authentic value to your assignment.

Include visual components

Like the examples, to make your assignment look presentable, you can include visual elements like images, tables, diagrams, charts, and graphs.

If your page is filled with text, then it may not look appealing. Most importantly, the readers will get bored reading your assignment. Usually, the visual elements have the power to draw the attention of the readers and hence include the visual objects related to your topic in the middle of the text for an interesting read. Also, when adding any visual element, make a note to give numbers and captions for them.

Add the references

The reference list is one of the important things that need to be appended to the assignment at the end. It should list the sources that you have referred to while writing the assignment. You can use different styles or formats to list your references or stick to the University reference quoting guidelines if there are any.

Never overwrite the content

If you are writing your assignment by hand, never overwrite the content as it may give a clumsy look. When writing a lot of information, it is natural to make errors. So, be careful and write content without overwriting. This point can be ignored if you use MS Word or any other word processor for writing the assignment.


We hope you are now clear about the best ways to make your assignment look presentable. Especially, while you prepare your assignments, try to format your content as per the effective ways presented above. To be specific, pick a template that is appropriate for your content and begin writing your assignment in a well-structured manner. In case, your paper looks dull or if you fail to incorporate the formatting guidelines in your academic paper, feel free to approach us immediately.

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