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Nursing Research Evidence Based Practice

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Question :


Describe how you would apply the evidence to improve nursing practice. 

Discuss ways you would disseminate research-based evidence; how would you share with your peers? Include your thoughts on why it is important for you to be involved in communicating and applying nursing research evidence.


Answer :



The article selected for the study is “Effectiveness of nursing interventions to prevent dry eye in critically ill patients” (de Araujo et al, 2019). The study was conducted on 140 participants who were in intensive care units. Some patients were given artificial tears and some were given artificial gel. The goal was to test which one is more effective in resolving the dry eye issue. Issue of dry eyes has become common in patients spending their time in intensive care units because of various environmental and medical interventions such as exposure to air conditioning, lower humidity in air, mechanical ventilations, sedatives, diuretics, and others. The researchers had implemented doube-blind randomized controlled trial. The study concluded that artificial tears gel are more effective than the liquid artificial tears in order to prevent dry eye issues among the patients who are in ICU. 


The outcome from the above study can be utilized in clinics where patients are kept in ICUs. On the basis of the study, doctors and administrators at the clinics will be contacted and the effectiveness of the gel will be explained so that they can utilize it for their ICT patients. The implementation of the study can be done through first convincing the decision makers on its effectiveness, and then preparing a plan for implementation (Zhao et al, 2019). It will require changes in the intervention rules when the cases of dry eyes occur in the patients. The administration has to ensure, through constant monitoring, that the staff members are following it. The common method of dissemination of the research based evidence has been considered here which involves physically interacting with the interested parties and getting things done. As suggested in the study, the goal would be to bring in early intervention for the ICU patients so that the dry eyes cases can be prevented from occuring or the possibility is minimized.


Involvement in the communication and the application of nursing research evidence is important as it will help in closely understanding the impact of the implementation (Jackson et al, 2020). Moreover, through close involvement it will be ensured that the outcome is matching the expectation. It often happens that clinic trials may not bring the same outcome in the real life scenario due to various applicable factors. Moreover, constantly monitoring and directing the implementation, and recording the evidence is quite necessary. 


However, in the selected article, the researchers did not try to control the testing environment extensively, and thus it can be expected that the implementation of the evidence in the actual scenario will not skew the intended outcome. Research studies that are excessively controlled often lead to the failed real life implementation because there are hundreds of variables that impact the interventions that it makes the study impractical. 


de Araujo, D. D., Silva, D. V. A., Rodrigues, C. A. O., Silva, P. O., Macieira, T. G. R., & Chianca, T. C. M. (2019). Effectiveness of Nursing Interventions to Prevent Dry Eye in Critically Ill Patients. American Journal of Critical Care, 28(4), 299-306.

Zhao, J., Varin, M. D., & Graham, I. D. (2019). Guidelines do not self-implement: time for a research paradigm shift from massive creation to effective implementation in evidence-based medicine research in China. BMJ evidence-based medicine, bmjebm-2019.

Jackson, G. L., Cutrona, S. L., Kilbourne, A., White, B. S., Everett, C., & Damschroder, L. J. (2020). Implementation science: Helping healthcare systems improve. Journal of the American Academy of PAs, 33(1), 51-53.


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