What is next letter BE GJ LO QT

Question:- What is next letter BE GJ LO QT

Answer: Next in the sequence is letter VX that is B E G J LO Q T.

The prompts are arranged according to a sequence that starts with the alphabetically arranged letters, each letter being moved one step ahead. It begins with BE and then shifts its first letter by 1 to generate G whereas the second letter stays same. GJ add 1 to the second letter and keep the first letter unchanged. This alternating pattern continues:

LO – The first letter of each word begins with the next letter of the alphabet.

QT – 2nd letter value increases by 1.

Through this sequence the next pair of letters should get the first letter decreased by 1 from G, which is V. The second letter remains the same, X.

Then comes the following couple of letters for the established incrementing pattern with alternating input is VX. Knowing the rule that underpins any sequence allows you to divide the series into manageable pieces and then continue it in a logical manner . Here I will talk through how I figured out that the order in which the letters were placed and increased enabled the continuous calculation of the next step.






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