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In recent times, to bring awareness among students, some institutes have been asking students to prepare essays on topics related to abortion. Particularly, in our society, abortion is considered a debatable topic in terms of legalization. On the other hand, abortion is viewed from medical as well as religious perspectives. If you are asked to submit an essay on any topic related to abortion, without any hesitation, pick any idea that is comfortable for you to share your opinions. In case, you are confused about what topic to choose for your abortion essay, check this blog. Here, we have presented 150 unique abortion essay topics. Also, we have explained how to find the right abortion topic for your essay.

Let’s get started.

Points To Consider During Abortion Essay Topic Selection

Abortion Essay Topics

When you choose abortion essay topics, consider the following perspectives:

Historical perspective

If you look at abortion from a historical perspective, you will notice that even centuries ago people had to deal with unwanted pregnancies. However, there was not any legislation to protect the fetus and women had a muted voice to state their wants. Therefore, when you want to develop your essay assignment on abortion from a historical perspective, pay attention to the following:

  • Why women who held various high ranks in society were made to abort children?
  • What were the various methods of abortion before the development of modern medicine?
  • Is there any popular historical example of induced fetus abortion in history?
  • What is the relation of abortion in history to that of the contemporary world?

Religious perspective

Religious perspectives on abortion give rise to pro-life arguments. Here are the possibilities that you must explore when you want to develop a research paper on abortion:

  • What are various arguments on abortion in different religions?
  • Why do different opinions or viewpoints on abortion exist in different religions?
  • Would a complete abortion ban be the accurate solution to the issue from a religious viewpoint?

Moral point of view

The moral arguments give birth to the pro-choice and pro-life perspectives on abortion. It also helps you to think of questions like:

  • Why is abortion an ethical dilemma?
  • What are the results of the ethical theories’ application to abortion?
  • Why is the life of an unborn child more significant than that of the physical, mental, and socio-economic conditions of a mother?
  • What are the negative results of the ban on abortion?

The act of abortion is often associated with the rights of women. Many feminists feel that since a child grows in a woman’s womb, it is the right of a woman to have the autonomy to choose whether or not to abort the growing fetus. Moreover, they believe that legal rules should never limit them from making the right choice. To develop an abortion essay from the perspective of women and their rights, concentrate on the following points:

  • Why is abortion an issue of the feminists?
  • Who should decide on abortion?
  • Why do the male legislators, who mostly pass pro-life laws, think that abortion is just legislation to control the reproduction rates?
  • What would be the best ways to deal with the issue of high abortion rates if it is analyzed from a female perspective?

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How Should You Structure an Abortion Essay?

The structure of an abortion essay is as important as the content and the topic. To create a compelling paper on abortion essay topics, keep the following things in mind:

  • Introduction – Place the research question or the summary of the issues that you want to address in your research paper in the introduction
  • Methodology – State the answers to these questions in the methodology
  • Results – Include the observations in the results
  • Discussion – Interpret the results in the discussion

List of Abortion Essay Topics and Ideas

Are you looking for some incredible ideas to develop your abortion research paper? Then take a look at the directory of 130 abortion essay topics below.

12 Best Essay Topics on Abortion

Get your hand at the finest essay topics on abortion.

  1. The Physical and Psychological Effects of Abortion.
  2. Should Abortions be officially permitted?
  3. Abortion: Women’s physical condition is their essential right.
  4. The possible effect of Abortion on women.
  5. Abortion as a debate in a research paper.
  6. Abortion: A moral predicament of both the pregnant mother and the family.
  7. Is Abortion Legal or Illegal?  What are your views on the statement?
  8. Share moral arguments in favor of abortion.
  9. Develop an argument on abortion considering the ethical issues.
  10. Develop a research paper on abortion: considering the lawful, moral, and expert evidence.
  11. What are the principles of abortion concerning women’s rights?
  12. Talk about the absolute and flexible theories based on fetal abnormality and abortion.

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11 Premium Abortion Essay Topics

Here, find the finest ideas on abortion essay.

  1. What is Judith Thomson’s Ethical viewpoint on abortion?
  2. Talk about the abnormality of the fetus and the ethical dilemmas of abortion.
  3. What are the Canadian Abortion Laws and women’s rights to abortion in the country?
  4. Talk about the Anti-Abortion support of the Pro-Life Movement.
  5. Talk about the depiction of abortion as a public issue in the New York Times Views report.
  6. Dispute on Abortion: Beliefs and Principals followed by a most American citizen.
  7. Causes and basic issues of Abortion in the USA.
  8. What are your ideas on the primary concept of the book “A Defense of Abortion” written by Judith Jarvis Thomson?
  9. Policy examination for access to abortion clinics in the USA.
  10. Abortion and its ethical status in the USA.
  11. The requirement for abortion and the moral rank of the fetus.

12 Superior Abortion Essay Topics

Are you searching for some advanced superior abortion research topics? If yes, then find some of the sophisticated topics below.

  1. What are Florida Abortion Policies and what is the associated Health Insurance?
  2. Abortions and Civil Rights of a Fetus in the USA.
  3. Abortion is a moral dispute in the USA.
  4. Why is abortion more popular in the case of Down syndrome in the fetus?
  5. Various moral views on the issue of abortion.
  6. Abortion Clinic Admittance Policy and Women’s Health.
  7. Is Abortion helpful or harmful to a teenager?
  8. Main beliefs related to Abortion and Over-the-Counter medicines
  9. How Abortion in Texas is becoming a political issue?
  10. President Obama’s erroneous belief in Abortion Arguments.
  11. Morals put into practice in Abortion Choice.
  12. Abortion and Maternal Health: The Worldwide Health Catastrophe.

12 Excellent Abortion Essay Ideas

Here are some admirable ideas for writing a good abortion essay.

  1. Abortion in various biblical theories like Marquis and Bentham.
  2. Nursing Care and Patient’s Rights for Abortion.
  3. Do feminist and women’s Care centers follow the ethics for abortion?
  4. Develop a research paper on Abortion from Legal and Public Health Perspectives.
  5. The Moral and Legal Position of Abortion.
  6. Abortion: Legal, Medical, Moral, Religious Issues.
  7. Why should Abortion be a Woman’s Choice and Right?
  8. Abortions in Australia are argued in the Media.
  9. The predicament of abortions from the consequentiality and deontological points of view.
  10. Abortion in the US: Human actions and Social surroundings.
  11. Utilitarianism and Abortion: Mill’s Standard of Utility and Bentham’s Felicific Calculus.
  12. Share your views on the article “Why Abortion Is Immoral” by Don Marquis.

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14 Fascinating Ideas on Abortion to Develop an Essay

Find the most interesting abortion essay ideas here.

  1. Abortion rule in the United States.
  2. Health Insurance Abortion Prohibition in South Dakota.
  3. Argument on Abortion Insurance in South Dakota.
  4. Abortion and Moral Assumption.
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of abortion.
  6. Abortion and Moral Position of Fetus with Abnormality.
  7. What is your perspective on G. Marino’s Controversial Points of View on abortion?
  8. Atypical Fetus, Its Ethical Status, and Abortion Ethics.
  9. Discuss the Dangerous aftermaths of Abortion.
  10. The trouble with abortion.
  11. Abortion is a Legal Women’s civil right.
  12. Debate from the various perspectives on the Ethics of Society regarding Abortion.
  13. Draw for and against the argument on Abortion.
  14. Share your arguments for or against the issue of abortion in the United States of America.
  15. What are the abortion laws of Ireland and Canada?

12 Exceptional Abortion Essay Prompts

Here are some outstanding ideas to develop your essay assignment on abortion

  1. Write a case study on Pro-Abortion Ethics.
  2. What are the Negative Impacts of Abortion on Women?
  3. Discuss the validity of Abortion in the USA.
  4. Women Must Have the Civil right to decide whether to have an Abortion. What are your views on the statement?
  5. A look at the Abortions through the Prism of Christianity.
  6. The debate of Abortion Prohibition and Women’s Rights.
  7. The Principles of Abortion and Reproductive Rights.
  8. Outline Abortion as a lawful subject.
  9. Why do the media make abortion a social problem instead of a personal one?
  10. Abortion – an issue in the modern society?
  11. Why is Tom Trinkon’s essay on abortion viewed as a true extremist perspective of abortion?
  12. What is the problem of legality or illegality of terminating a pregnancy in African nations?

11 Amazing Abortion Topics For Research

Get your hand at the 11 most wonderful essay ideas on abortion.

  1. Develop an argument on Abortion as a Fundamental Right of Women.
  2. Who should have the choice to Seek Abortions?
  3. Talk about the aspects of abortion and pro-abortion.
  4. The life of a mother is way more important than that of a fetus. – Share your views on the statement.
  5. Talk about the pro-life and pro-choice aspects of abortion.
  6. Develop your arguments against abortion.
  7. Abortion is considered one of the most common surgical procedures in the globe. Then why is this not legalized in many nations?
  8. Draw a case study against the legalization of abortion.
  9. Point out the various moral controversies on abortion in different nations.
  10. Analyze the credible and noncredible sources of information on abortion.
  11. The legalization of abortion in the United Kingdom.
  12. How did Judith Jarvis Thompson put out the arguments for abortion in his book, ‘A Defense of Abortion’?

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12 Captivating Abortion Essay Questions

Find 12 entrancing abortion essay topics here.

  1. Should abortion be legalized?
  2. Why should abortion be banned?
  3. Do Islam and Christianity forbid abortion?
  4. The Catholic Church’s attitude toward abortion.
  5. What are the conservation and liberal arguments on the abortion debate?
  6. A Defense of Abortion by Thompson details the type of burden women face when society prohibits them from having abortions. What are your views on the statement?
  7. Analyze the primary causes of abortion.
  8. Why should abortion be allowed in the United States of America?
  9. What qualitative and quantitative analysis did Finer draw in his article “Reasons women have abortions?”
  10. Draw a summary of the articles “A Defense of Abortion” by Thompson and “Virtue Theory and Abortion” by Hursthouse.
  11. Why should ultrasounds be made mandatory before abortion?
  12. Ease of access to abortion in the United Kingdom – a detailed study.

10 Commendable Abortion Essay Topics

Here is a selection of praiseworthy abortion essay topics.

  1. Lawful and Ethical Concerns of Abortion in the United Kingdom.
  2. An exploration of the debate on abortion.
  3. Theories to determine the moral status of a fetus.
  4. Every aborted child can become a great composer, artist, or prominent individual in society. What are your views against the abortion of a fetus?
  5. What are the ethics of smoke-free legislation and abortion laws?
  6. Do you believe in the statement that abortion is a legalized murder?
  7. What laws on the abortion of a fetus must be included in the National Healthcare Plan of the USA?
  8. How does Abortion impact the Black Community?
  9. What are the issues with the latest bill on abortion in Alabama?
  10. The perspectives, federalisms, and court cases on abortions.

12 Unique Abortion Essay Ideas

Do you need some exclusive abortion essay topics? Then, find the unrivaled ideas here.

  1. Sanctioning abortion in Victoria, Australia.
  2. The ethical rank of abortion and the accessibility of abortion.
  3. The damaging impact of Abortion on modern society.
  4. The moral, medical, and lawful aspects of abortion.
  5. What is the relation between the legalization of abortion and the theory of social abortion?
  6. Analyze the Jewish and Christian ethics which include the framework that no taxpayer should fund for abortion.
  7. Why does abortion vary in different states of the USA?
  8. What does the Bible indicate about abortion?
  9. Does abortion reduce overpopulation?
  10. Why do most people who follow Christianity are against abortion?
  11. What is the relationship between abortion and psychological well-being?
  12. What is the similarity between abortion and slavery?

12 Controversial Abortion Essay Topics

Do you want to develop an abortion essay on some intense and exciting topics? Then, find some great ideas here.

  1. Does the age of the male have an impact on the risk of unplanned abortion?
  2. Why do American women choose abortion?
  3. Draw a relationship between abortion, prostitution, and gun control
  4. Does rape give a good reason for abortion?
  5. What political issues are related to abortion?
  6. Reasons why doctors must never perform an induced abortion.
  7. Why does the controversy of abortion often take a bitter turn?
  8. Who should have the final say on abortion?
  9. What are the religious issues on contraception and abortion?
  10. What social, moral, and religious issues are based on contraception and abortion?
  11. Discuss the prominent social, moral, and ethical confusion that causes abortion.
  12. Why should governments of all countries across the globe change abortion laws for teens?

10 Intriguing Abortion Essay Topics

Find here, some amazing essay topics on abortion.

  1. Analyze the impact of medical advancements on abortion procedures.
  2. Write about crisis pregnancy centers and their position on abortion.
  3. Explain the different methods used in abortion procedures.
  4. Explain how the media portrays abortion.
  5. Write about abortion in war zones.
  6. Analyze the link between abortion rights and economic equality.
  7. Explain how restrictive abortion legislation affects women’s health.
  8. Explore the stigma associated with abortion in society.
  9. Analyze abortion in pop culture.
  10. Explain how to handle the mind after an abortion.

10 Interesting Essay Topics on Abortion

Listed below are some interesting essay topics on abortion that you can consider for your assignments.

  1. Explain how abortion and birth control have affected the 20th and 21st centuries.
  2. Discuss the ethical dilemma of abortion triumphalism.
  3. Prepare a comparative analysis essay on abortion vs. adoption.
  4. Explain the possible consequences of abortion to the girl.
  5. Write about the various abortion techniques.
  6. Analyze the concept of unsafe abortion.
  7. Explain how to fight against crimes like abortion.
  8. Write about the legalization of abortion for underage girls.
  9. Prepare an essay on abortion incidents in the United States.
  10. Discuss the issue of abortion in the African continent.


Out of the remarkable ideas suggested above, pick any topic that matches your instructor’s guidelines and craft a detailed abortion essay with valid facts and evidence. In case, you need expert help with abortion essay topic selection or essay preparation, approach us quickly.

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