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Abortion has been a controversial and debatable topic for many years. Some people believe that women have the right to decide on their bodies. Hence, they argue that abortion should be legal. On the other hand, some people strongly state abortion should not be legalized. Abortion is one of the serious issues in today’s society. Therefore, here, we have decided to share our opinions on why abortion should be legalized essay.

Specifically, why abortion should be legalized essay that we presented here will provide you with the major reasons why abortion should be legal. Additionally, you will get to know about the pros and cons of a legal ban on abortion.

Furthermore, in this blog, you will learn how to write an abortion essay and the tips for writing why abortion should be legalized essay.

Keep on reading this blog and gain more ideas about the legalization of abortion.

Why Abortion Should be Legalized- Essay Sample

why abortion should be legalized essay

Abortion is a highly debated subject on which many people hold strong and opposing views. Particularly, the argument on the legalization of abortion creates intense discussion in society and other fields such as politics and religion.

A group of people who oppose abortion legalization argue that it is ethically wrong and breaches life’s dignity. But, the supporters of abortion say women have the right to decide on their bodies. Also, they state that abortion ban might be risky to women’s health and safety.

Here, in this essay, let us look at why abortion should be legalized.

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The following are some important reasons why abortion should be legalized.

Women have all the rights

A woman should have the freedom to make decisions regarding her body and health, including whether or not to undergo an abortion. Moreover, restricting safe and legal abortion services might lead to the violation of women’s rights and autonomy.

Health safety and regulation

In certain situations, carrying out a pregnancy may put a woman’s life or health in danger.

Prohibiting abortion does not prevent it from occurring. When abortion is illegal, some people may try to do it in unsafe or unhygienic conditions. This in turn may lead to health issues or even death.

Legalizing abortion would help to ensure that it occurs in a safe and regulated setting and reduce the chance of complications.

Reduces unwanted pregnancies

Legalizing abortion may lower the number of unplanned pregnancies. This is because women who have access to safe and authorized abortions are more likely to utilize contraception to avoid getting pregnant again in the future.

Additionally, we can lessen the incidence of unintended pregnancies and the need for abortions by making contraceptive and family planning information accessible.

Prevents financial hardship

Especially, for low-income families, abortion legalization may save children from poverty or abusive settings.

Women who are unable to care for a kid may choose abortion over bringing a child into an unsafe or unstable situation. By allowing women to make this decision, we may stop children from being born into an environment where they may not receive the necessary care and support.

Reduces stigma and shame

Legalizing abortion will eliminate the stigma and shame associated with it. Women who have had abortions might experience discrimination and criticism from others, which can cause feelings of loneliness and shame.

By legalizing abortion, we can lessen stigma and foster a more supportive and accepting community for women.

Some people state the following points as the advantages of the legal ban on abortion.

  1. Protects a woman’s health.
  2. Decreases the population rate.
  3. Preserve the life of a fetus.
  4. Violates moral or religious beliefs.
  5. Encourages adoption.

The opposition parties list the following points are the cons of the legal ban on abortion.

  1. Risk to the health of a woman because of unsafe abortion methods
  2. Limits the reproductive rights of women and basic human rights
  3. Causes social and economic problems
  4. Increases illegal abortion services
  5. Reduces access to family planning
  6. Affects the mental health of a woman
  7. Increase the count of children in orphanages

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The debate over whether abortion should be legalized remains controversial. However, as stated above there are several compelling and numerous reasons why abortion should be legal.

In the end, it is crucial to emphasize autonomy, safety, and health when determining whether abortion should be permitted or not. By doing so, we can ensure that women have the power to make decisions about their bodies and lives.

Learn How to Write an Abortion Legalization Essay

Abortion is a sensitive topic. Hence, when writing an abortion essay, it is essential to present different viewpoints and arguments carefully with valid evidence.

In this section, we have shared the steps for writing an abortion legalization essay. If you are unsure how to write an impactful essay on legalizing abortion, follow all these steps.

Select a powerful thesis statement

You cannot write an essay without a clear thesis statement. So, for your why abortion should be legalized essay, first create a strong and concise thesis statement. Remember, the statement should reflect your stance on the essay topic.

Research and gather details

Perform in-depth research about abortion and gather several viewpoints and evidence to prove your argument. Especially, when you do research, you can take references for your argument from various credible sources such as academic articles, books, trustworthy websites, and journals.

Sketch an outline

Once you have finished your research process, organize all the gathered ideas and create a well-structured essay outline. Your outline should mainly contain the key components such as the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Write the introduction

Elaborate on the outline and write why abortion should be legalized essay. Always begin your essay with a catchy introduction so that you can make your readers read the entire essay. Particularly, in your introductory section, provide background details on abortion legalization and introduce your thesis statement.

Compose the body paragraphs

Next, in the body paragraphs, present your arguments with valid supporting evidence. In your essay, you can have up to three body paragraphs. But, each paragraph of your essay should highlight one topic sentence related to your thesis statement.

Raise counterarguments

After you finish writing the body of your essay, make sure to acknowledge counterarguments in your essay. Including counter-arguments will strengthen your argument and demonstrate your consideration of multiple viewpoints.

Wrap up with a conclusion

Finally, conclude your essay with an engaging conclusion section. In your essay conclusion, be certain to restate your thesis statement and summarize your key points on abortion legalization. Furthermore, in your conclusion, you can share your final thoughts or add a call to action regarding your argument.

Proofread and Edit

After you’ve finished writing your essay, check it for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Make sure your writing is clear, precise, and well-structured.

Also, before submitting the final draft of your essay, get feedback from an expert or your friends. Revising the essay as per the feedback may help you in improving the overall quality of your essay.

Why Abortion Should be Legalized – Essay Writing Tips

Abortion is a sensitive and emotional topic. Hence, writing an essay about why abortion should be legalized will be more challenging. However, proper preparation and extensive research will help you to write an outstanding essay with a strong argument and supporting evidence.

If you wish to write an impactful essay on abortion legalization, keep in mind to follow these tips.

  1. Your introduction sets the tone for the essay. So, write an attention-grabbing introduction. Most importantly, open the introduction with a strong sentence that has the power to attract your readers.
  2. Be sure to include accurate evidence and the latest facts or statistics to prove your argument. Remember, the data and supporting information that you provide should be from credible sources.
  3. Your thesis statement is the focal point of your essay. So, state a clear, concise, and powerful thesis statement.
  4. To make your argument more convincing, in your essay, be certain to include counterarguments.
  5. Always write your abortion essay topic using persuasive language techniques and emotional appeals.


So far, in this blog, we have looked at why abortion should be legalized essay sample. In addition to that, we have also learned the steps and tips for writing an impactful essay on abortion legalization. If you are asked to write an essay on the legalization of abortion, use this blog as your reference.

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