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Debate Topics

100+ Best Debate Topics and Ideas To Focus On

Reading Time: 10 minutes
What is a Debate? Debate is an activity that involves the presentation of arguments in favor of one side of an issue. It is a […]
Genetic Engineering Research Topics

111 Excellent Genetic Engineering Research Topics

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Have your professor asked you to submit an academic paper on any interesting genetic engineering research topic? Are you searching for the best genetic engineering […]
CAS Project Ideas

90 Outstanding CAS Project Ideas for Students

Reading Time: 6 minutes
Are you an IB student seeking interesting and funny ways to contribute to academics? If yes, then gain adventurous experience by doing CAS projects. CAS, […]
Claim Letter Format

What is the Claim Letter Format?

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Are you struggling to write a claim letter? Do you have no idea how to compose a letter as per the standard claim letter format? […]
Feminist Research Topics

220 Engaging Feminist Research Topics and Ideas

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Feminist research topics concentrate on the people who support the notion that women deserve to enjoy similar opportunities and rights to men. Feminism is raised […]
How Many Pages is 1200 Words

How Many Pages is 1200 Words?

Reading Time: 5 minutes
How many pages is 1200 words? Answer:- 2.4 pages when single-spaced and 4.8 pages when double-spaced. In general, the high school and college essays, blog […]
Fake News Essay Topics

120 Fake News Essay Topics to Write About

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Have your instructor asked you to submit an essay on fake news? If yes, then first, search and identify a good topic related to fake […]
Hackathon Project Ideas

95 Trending Hackathon Project Ideas and Topics

Reading Time: 7 minutes
A hackathon is a programming competition hosted by organizers to develop distinctive and new solutions to current issues. Most importantly, hackathons are excellent places to […]
Mental Illness Essay Topics

140 Engaging Mental Illness Essay Topics and Ideas

Reading Time: 12 minutes
In recent times, mental illness is one of the serious issues faced by people of all age groups. It is closely associated with the fields […]
Special Occasion Speech Topics

45 Impressive Special Occasion Speech Topics

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Do you have to give a speech at an important event? Has your instructor asked you to write a speech on any special occasion speech […]