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If you are learning programming languages, then you would often come across the terms ‘coding’ and ‘scripting’. Most people who are new to the field would think that coding and scripting are the same. But actually, there is a significant difference between those two terms. In a nutshell, coding will allow you to create a program while scripting will let you control a program that was developed with coding. To know more about coding vs. scripting, continue reading this blog post.

Before we have a look at the difference between coding and scripting, first let us see their definition.

What is Coding?

Coding is a skill with which you can develop a website, computer software, and mobile application from scratch. Consider Google, Facebook, Netflix, and a plethora of other web-based applications and websites as an example for this case because all these are developed with coding.

Would you like to create a web application with coding? Well, follow these steps.

  • Firstly, pick a code editor. A computer program called a code editor will let you turn a code into an application that works.
  • Secondly, writing your applications would be best. Interestingly, it can be as simple as apps that say “Hi Friends” or as complicated as Spotify and Netflix.
  • When making an application, a lot of creative designs and work are included along with these two steps. The type of app you want to create will be the sole determinant of all creative efforts and designs.

Developing an app requires a lot of creative work and design. A designer is an individual who is responsible for considering how the app will operate and appear. Additionally, a coder is an individual who puts the features that the designer created into action.

Coding is also practiced in a variety of settings as listed below.

  • Web development- Creation of websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Google.
  • Mobile Application Development- Creation of mobile apps like Uber, Spotify, and Netflix
  • Game Development- Making of games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Call of Duty

Coding vs. Scripting

Programming Languages for Coding

Coding is governed by a set of rules known as Programming languages. Typically, using programming languages to make a computer perform what you want is known as coding. Software, apps, and web pages are all built using programming languages. HTML, C, C++, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, and Perl are a few widely used programming languages.

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What is Scripting?

Scripting is a different kind of coding that will let you make a program that does something. You can also control a program with scripting.

The following example will help you understand the difference between scripting and coding.

Let’s say you have created a website that only displays text and images. This website is called “Static.” Your static website cannot be changed in any way.

But on the other hand, you can rarely employ scripting abilities. Here, you can move our website’s images and content around. Your website is now dynamic and no longer static because you can see several things that are changing on our website. Thus, scripting entails adding several features to a particular program.

Scripting is essentially a piece of code with which you can control programs created by you or other people using APIs. For instance, if you want to create an app that sends a user notification about the weather for the day every morning. You can either “try” to get the weather yourself or use a weather API. It’s worth noting that because APIs are so useful and simple to handle, the best ones frequently require payment.

Automation is another thing that you can perform by scripting. For example, you can write a script to automatically delete your computer’s recycling bin. Or else, you can make a script that automatically sends a text message to everyone you’ve missed calls from.

Client-side and Server-side Scripting Languages

Scripting languages are programming languages that execute actions in the runtime environment. It doesn’t require compilation but is interpreted. It was designed for communicating and interacting with other programming languages. Some widely used scripting languages are Python, Node.js, Ruby, Perl, and Bash.

In general, scripting languages are divided into two categories- server-side and client-side scripting languages.

Server-side scripting languages need a server for their processing. Therefore, they run on a web server. When a client sends a request, the server delivers content via HTTP. But client-side scripting languages don’t need a server. So, they run within the client’s web browser.

HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are the most popular client-side scripting languages. Some widely used server-side scripting languages include Java, Python, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, and Pearl.

Best Programming Languages for Coding and Scripting

Both coding and scripting use programming languages that are very similar to one another. Almost all programming languages can be used for both coding and scripting because of their similarity.

Here is a list of a few programming languages that are ideal for both scripting and coding.

  • Python
  • C #
  • JavaScript

Coding vs. Scripting: Get to Know the Major Differences

Find here, the key differences between coding and scripting.

  • As code must be written, developing code using a coding language takes too long. Scripting, on the other hand, requires less coding and takes less time to code.
  • Coding languages are troublesome and complex to learn. But scripting languages are straightforward and simpler to learn.
  • In coding languages, the codes have been compiled, and binaries are instantly transformed into machine code. Scripting, on the other hand, makes it simple to convert various high-level instructions into machine language.
  • No host is required for coding languages because they are easily executable. Scripting languages, on the other hand, require a host.
  • Typically, coding languages produce an executable file. However, scripting languages rarely result in an executable file.
  • With coding languages, developers can easily take advantage of the language’s special features. In contrast, the goal of all scripting languages is to make coding easier and faster.
  • Coding languages extensively raise maintenance costs. However, the use of scripting languages significantly cuts down maintenance costs.
  • The majority of the developers construct something from scratch using coding languages. Scripting languages, on the other hand, are used by developers to combine various pre-existing modules and components.
  • Every function needs several lines of code to be written using a coding language. In contrast, the scripting language requires a few lines of code to write various functions.
  • Coding languages include C++, C#, C, VC++, Pascal, COBOL, and others. On the other hand, scripting languages include Python, JavaScript, Ruby, VB Script, and others.

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Coding vs. Scripting: A Comparison Table

Have a look at the table below to know the difference between coding and scripting.



Coding language runs outside of a program.

Scripting languages usually run inside a program.

Generally, coding languages are compiled.

Scripting languages are interpreted.

It has a set of instructions that are turned into executables.

It is based on the idea of scripts that are written to control another program.

Coding is complex for newcomers to understand.

Scripting is simple to write and comprehend.

It creates executables and binary files that can be run from the memory of your system.

It does not create any binary files or executables.

Coding languages are more code-intensive.

Scripting languages are less code-intensive.

More time is required to learn coding languages.

It is simple and easy to learn scripting languages.



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