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Criminology is a vast subject that studies crimes and their causes, costs, and consequences. If you are a student pursuing a degree in criminology, then to obtain graduation, you will have to submit a well-researched criminology dissertation as a part of your final assignment. But mainly, for writing a criminology dissertation, a good topic is needed the most. In case, you find it challenging to identify the right topic for your thesis, take a look at this blog. For your convenience, we have shared the 170 best criminology dissertation ideas. In addition to that, we have also suggested how to choose a good topic and craft a brilliant criminology thesis.

Let’s get started.

Know How to Choose a Criminology Dissertation Topic

Topic selection is the first and the most important step in the criminology dissertation process. In case, you are clueless about how to identify the right topic idea for your criminology dissertation, then follow these steps.

  • Find your area of interest: First, determine the criminology research area you are interested in. For instance, you may write about any particular crime, the techniques to solve crimes, etc
  • Collect dissertation ideas: Next, on the area you are interested in, search and gather criminology dissertation ideas worth examining. If you want to collect ideas, read books, magazines, or other credible materials related to your research theme.
  • Narrow down the list: Conduct a deep analysis of all the gathered ideas and narrow the list based on its research scope. Ignore the ideas with no scope for discussion and fewer supporting materials.
  • Finalize a topic: Analyze all the dissertation titles in the refined list and then pick one topic. The chosen topic should be original, researchable, feasible to complete the research before the due and contain enough study materials.
  • Get Feedback: After you have chosen an idea for your criminology dissertation, consult with your instructor and get feedback. The guidance of your instructor will help you improve the quality of your paper.

Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Tips for Writing Criminology Dissertation

Now that you know how to choose criminology dissertation ideas, let’s learn how to write them.

  • Perhaps, ensure to write on topics that are neither very narrow nor too broad.
  • For instance, if you choose narrow topics, possibly you will not have enough research scope. Also, if you choose too broad topics, certainly you will confuse your audience and your message might sound unclear.
  • Besides, you might also need to follow the marking rubrics as might want to deliver an exemplary dissertation.
  • Finally, consider to proof-read your work as you might want to deliver a flawless dissertation. For instance, you may use online grammar check tools to refine your work. Also, run a plagiarism check as you might not want to get accused of cheating.

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List of Criminology Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Find here, a list of outstanding topics to consider for writing a top-scoring criminology dissertation.

Simple Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Working on complex dissertation concepts will be difficult. So, rather than dealing with challenging themes, focus on basic criminology research questions. Here are some simple criminology topics to consider for your dissertation.

  1. Religious ideologies as the cause of terrorism.
  2. How to create a crime-free society?
  3. Why does immigration lead to an increased crime rate?
  4. Serial killers and their contributing factors.
  5. Social insecurity is mere brutality.
  6. Sexual exploitation is the only role of human trafficking.
  7. How to regulate prostitution and minimize crime?
  8. Imitation causes corruption.
  9. How do prisons truly rectify criminal behavior?
  10. Permission for the police to carry guns in the public.
  11. Facebook is a platform for criminal activities and not socialization.
  12. How is abortion a crime?
  13. Parental separation and future violence.
  14. Bullies in schools versus crime- A critical evaluation.
  15. How does culture shape the morals for a better society?
  16. Discuss the impact of gender on law violations.
  17. Analyze how social class correlates with the crime rate.
  18. Evaluate the impact of weather on law violations.
  19. Sexual abuse leading to criminal behavior in women
  20. Relationship between the maltreatment of a child and the involvement of the child in criminal acts
  21. Traumatic childhood leads to criminal behavior – Discuss
  22. Discuss the relationship between crime and racist stereotyping
  23. Does stereotype mentality towards the people of the LGBTQA+ community make them involved in crime?
  24. Addictive products and criminal thinking
  25. Discuss the patterns of criminal thinking and their effects with example

Amazing Criminology Dissertation Ideas for Students

If you are a university student pursuing a criminology or related law course, you may write a dissertation on any of the themes listed below. The list includes excellent study topics in criminology.

  1. Why do dominant criminal theories not include Feminist Criminology?
  2. How is criminality a product of culture- Cultural criminology?
  3. Discuss the concept of natural legal crime.
  4. Analyze the social construction of crime- Crime demonstrates social reactions.
  5. Wildlife harm and exploitation- Discuss the environmental crime.
  6. Discuss how prejudice motivates violence- Environmental crime.
  7. What drives one person to kill another person- Homicide?
  8. Evaluate the impact of systematic bias on criminal justice.
  9. African Americans- Analyse the racism and discrimination towards them.
  10. Discuss the discrimination in the UK Court System.
  11. Elaborate on the extent of discrimination in the UK Court System.
  12. How are serial killers portrayed in the media?
  13. Analyze terrorism prevention technology.
  14. Role of street lighting in reducing crime.
  15. Discuss the national defense in the US.
  16. Analyze the national defense in the UK.
  17. Comparative study on the rate of crime in Asia and Middle-East
  18. Impact of social discrimination, stigma, and prejudice on a country’s crime rate
  19. Violence, Crime, and Development: Costs, Trends, and Policies in the Caribbean
  20. Involvement of youth in criminal acts in the United Kingdom

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Engaging Criminology Dissertation Ideas

Your dissertation needs to be interesting to the people who read it. Therefore, choose a criminology topic that will most likely catch readers’ attention. These are some engaging ideas for criminology dissertations that you could work on.

  1. Discuss the impact of parental separation on future violence.
  2. The unknown world of male rape in the current society.
  3. Analyze the impact of organized crime on the criminal justice system.
  4. Illegal research and dangers of genetics.
  5. Discuss the impact of different drug types on the users.
  6. Elaborate on substance abuse in the military.
  7. Describe the parental abduction laws.
  8. Advantages and disadvantages of sex offender registry.
  9. How is jury selection performed?
  10. The legal perspective of cybercrime.
  11. Discuss the recent innovation of experimental criminology.
  12. How are organized crime and corruption related to each other?
  13. Discuss the steps to prevent shoplifting.
  14. Evaluate the help that the victim of a crime might get.
  15. How to prevent elder abuse?
  16. Discuss the leading problems resolved by law enforcement today.
  17. Analyze the law that protects domestic violence victims.
  18. Discuss the global perspective on juvenile delinquency, justice, therapeutic interventions, and welfare
  19. Juvenile delinquency cases in the United States
  20. Impact of an urban setting on people’s criminal behavior

Informative Criminology Dissertation Topics

The dissertation you produce should be informative for your audience. So, when choosing a thesis topic, consider one with a broad study scope. Moreover, the paper you develop should include new details on the research topic. Here are some informative thesis topics on criminology.

  1. Elaborate on the different types of serial killers.
  2. Drug consumption and youth arrest.
  3. Discuss the community correction and its effectiveness.
  4. How does sentencing take place?
  5. When unwarranted arrests are accepted?
  6. Discuss human trafficking in the modern world.
  7. Relevance of technology in modern forensics.
  8. Describe the different types of offenders and their classification.
  9. Homicide, murder, and manslaughter- A comparative analysis.
  10. Causes of victimization and ways to prevent it.
  11. Issues of poor living conditions in the prisons.
  12. Discuss the rights of the rape victims.
  13. The three-strike role and mandatory sentencing.
  14. How do the drug courts function?
  15. Problem-solving and the underpinning issues they address.
  16. Male crimes versus Female crimes- A comparative analysis.
  17. Criminal cases versus civil cases- Compare and Contrast.
  18. Analyze the key problems and unknown pitfalls of the prison system.
  19. Innovative Ways to Deal with Social Disorders in a Community
  20. Why do crimes of serial killers always present a complex puzzle to solve for the investigators?

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Pay attention to current concepts when writing a criminology dissertation. Furthermore, working on the most recent issues will keep you updated in your field. These are some trending criminology study topics on which you may investigate and create your dissertation.

  1. Discuss the core principles of Crime Prevention.
  2. Relevance of criminal background checks for all new employees.
  3. Concealed weapons- Discuss the criminal codes of various states.
  4. How does restrictive housing help to decongest prisons?
  5. How do social class and crime relate to each other?
  6. Why is eyewitness testimony helpful in an investigation?
  7. Extradition law and its fairness.
  8. The United States and Marijuana legalization.
  9. Jack the Ripper – Elaborate on it.
  10. Pornography is a type of sexual violence.
  11. The juvenile justice system and its elimination.
  12. Gun Control Law and its Mitigation.
  13. Punishment versus Reform- Which is more beneficial?
  14. Bad parenting and juvenile delinquency- How it relates?
  15. Sex offender’s registration- Should it be on public record?
  16. How to protect yourself from false accusations?
  17. Supermax prisons and their evaluation.
  18. Advantages and disadvantages of marijuana legalization.
  19. The trends and patterns of Latent crime in Russia
  20. Discuss the criminal thinking errors

Excellent Criminology Dissertation Titles

If you’re stuck on dissertation titles, check out the list below. To make the topic selection process easier for you, in the list, we have included several outstanding criminology dissertation themes that are worth researching.

  1. Youth offenders and the boot camps- Evaluate the strategy.
  2. Eyewitness testimony and its evaluation.
  3. Discuss effective programs against home-grown crimes.
  4. How is zero tolerance the best policy for crime reduction?
  5. Why is the death penalty effective in crime deterrence?
  6. Discuss the efficiency of predictive policing.
  7. Examining the juveniles for conduct disorder or psychopathy.
  8. Role of selective incapacitation in reducing crime.
  9. Relevance of women in supporting crime.
  10. Discuss how crime is impacted by the season and geography of a region.
  11. UK Immigration policy and crime management as a relevant agenda.
  12. Crime prevention and its advantages- Analyse the direct and the indirect benefactors.
  13. Crime alleviates poverty- A qualitative review.
  14. Biotechnology and digital environment for crime management in the UK.
  15. Compare and contrast juvenile crime rates in India and Pakistan with case examples
  16. Discuss the predisposing factors behind the activities of serial killers
  17. Domestic Violence and its impact on criminal behavior
  18. Discuss how the consumption of alcohol and other addictive products (e.g. Heroin, Cocaine, LSD) makes the youth commit a crime
  19. Serial Killers: Nature, Psychology, and Treatment
  20. Critical analysis of the juvenile justice system in the United States

Unique Criminology Thesis Topics

The original topic you choose will help your criminology dissertation stand out in your class. Hence, during the topic selection phase, better give preferences to the topic idea that has not been researched thoroughly. These are some unique criminology dissertation ideas to get started.

  1. Do the media act as a catalyst for moral panics that happen in society?
  2. Discuss the influence of the COVID-19 Pandemic on criminal behavior.
  3. Assess the ramifications of political backing for crimes and their influence on society.
  4. Discuss the negative stigmas that are related to ex-prisoners.
  5. Compare the alternative punishment methods in international systems.
  6. Research and write about social media crimes.
  7. Analyze the role of a psychological examination in a criminal investigation.
  8. Examine the role of cybercrime laws in preserving law and order.
  9. Critically analyze the response of the US government to terrorism threats.
  10. Study how a location’s topography and season have an impact on crime.
  11. Develop a macro social examination of the relationship between disabilities and crime using neighborhood and county-level data
  12. Explore the effectiveness of life-skills programs in the prisons in Florida from the perspective of Social Bond and General Strain Theory
  13. Examine the empirical relationship between morality and offender decision-making
  14. Macro analysis of illegal fishing and hunting across the United States using an economic structural approach
  15. Discuss the impact of Green Victimization and toxic colonialism of Native Americans relating to uranium mining

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Interesting Criminology Research Topics

Make sure the topic you pick for your dissertation is something you are interested in. Find here, a collection of criminology dissertation titles that might be exciting for you to study and write about.

  1. Do you think it’s possible to anticipate crime or is it a type of enticement? Create a logical explanation.
  2. Describe how gender is related to crime in the UK- Literature Review.
  3. Elaborate on how marriage deters crime. Analyze the current literature.
  4. Criminology and women- An investigative analysis.
  5. Behavioral genetic studies in criminology.
  6. Research methods in criminology.
  7. Crime incidents in the UK- Critical analysis.
  8. Criminology study and forensic psychology.
  9. Analysis of mental health of sex offenders- A global approach.
  10. Describe how neighborhood topography motivates crime.
  11. Crimes are specific to each gender- Critical review.
  12. Who is responsible for the street crime?
  13. A systematic review of criminology of place.
  14. How are entrapped people doomed to a life of crime? Mixed method evidence.
  15. Training and academic curriculum required for criminologists in the United States.

Top-quality Criminology Dissertation Ideas

The quality of your dissertation’s content and the chosen topic will have the greatest impact on the success of your work. These are some excellent dissertation questions on criminology on which you may create a paper that will receive a high grade.

  1. Discuss the different types of punishments in the criminal justice system of the United Kingdom
  2. Best strategies to detect and prevent forgery cases in educational institutions, and workplaces
  3. Reliability of testimony provided by the eyewitnesses of a murder
  4. Critical analysis of the role played by the religious authorities and the clergy in fighting crime
  5. Why is Criminology considered as a social science?
  6. Psychology of a rapist
  7. Psychology of rape victim
  8. How anybody can rape or sexually assault a baby girl
  9. What are the impacts of crime incidence on children’s psyche
  10. What are the impacts of crime movies on audiences
  11. Impacts of detention cell on the criminal
  12. Is punishment an efficient way to reduce the crime rate?
  13. Is the death sentence for the criminal ethically correct decision?
  14. What is the psychology behind human trafficking
  15. Human trafficking and its impacts on society

The Bottom Line

From the list suggested above, choose any idea that is exciting for you and begin writing your criminology dissertation. Most importantly, the chosen topic should align with your university guidelines. Particularly, when writing a criminology dissertation, present the information after an extensive study. The key points that you include in your dissertation should be original and provide a fresh perspective to your readers. Moreover, the dissertation ready for submission should be plagiarism-free and flawless, and in it, you must prove your thesis statement with supporting evidence. In case, you require help with criminology dissertation writing, contact our team of subject experts.

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