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Would you have to prepare an ethical essay or research paper? First, for writing an academic paper, you must have a good topic. In general, there are many ethical essay topics available online. But for creating an interesting write-up, you should focus on a unique topic. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with moral issues. So, out of the different issues that exist in our daily lives, you can choose any strong issue and write an ethical essay or research paper topic.

If you are struggling to come up with the best ethical topics for your assignment, then continue reading this blog post. Here, we have shared some top ethical essay topics and ideas for you to choose from. We have also suggested some important tips for writing an ethical research paper.

Dive into the blog post and gain captivating ideas!

Ethical Essay Topics

Understand How to Write an Ethical Essay

Writing an ethical paper is a challenging task that requires extra effort and time. Especially when it comes to writing about sensitive ethical issues, you should provide your valuable arguments in favor or against the subject without hurting a specific community or group. Whenever you are assigned a task to prepare an ethical essay or research paper, make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Identify a unique ethical topic or issue for preparing the academic paper.
  2. Refer to credible sources and gather more ideas about the various aspects of the issue by doing deep research and analysis.
  3. Search and find the best examples that are relevant to your essay or research question.
  4. Prepare a neat essay outline that includes three main sections – introduction, body, and conclusion. If your essay is argumentative, include the refutation section.
  5. Begin writing the paper with an introductory paragraph. In the introduction section, give the background information of the issue you have selected and add a strong thesis statement.
  6. In the body section, discuss all the important aspects that are related to ethics with valid real-time examples and relevant evidence.
  7. Finally, end the academic paper with a powerful conclusion. In the conclusion section, restate your thesis statement and summarize all the main points of your work. Here, you should mainly discuss the findings of your study and conclude the paper.
  8. If you have used any sources of reference for writing the ethical paper, then make a note to include in-text citations at the end of the paper. Also, add comments to the facts you present in the essay.
  9. Before submission of the academic paper, check the paper multiple times and edit the grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors if there are any.

Ethical Essay Topic Selection Tips

The first step in the academic paper writing process is topic selection. As said earlier, there are many ethical topics available online. But out of them all, identifying one good ethical topic for writing an essay or research paper is hard.

If you are asked to come up with an ideal ethical essay topic of your choice, then keep in mind the following tips.

  • Always choose a topic that is interesting for you to write about.
  • Select an informative essay topic that has a wide scope of discussion.
  • Give preference to a topic that is relevant to your field of study.
  • Go with a topic that is unique and unresolved.
  • Choose a topic that is neither too broad nor too narrow. Divide the topic, if it is wide.
  • Find a topic that contains numerous credible sources for reference.
  • Pick a topic that complies with the instructions of your professor.

List of Ethical Essay Topic Ideas

List of Ethical Essay Topics and Ideas

Are you looking for the best ethical essay topics? Don’t worry! Here, we have compiled a list of the best ethical essay topic ideas on various categories such as business, environmental medical, etc.

Go through the whole list and pick a topic or ethical issue that is comfortable for you to write about.

Ethical Essay Topics on Business

  1. Are ethics for employees and managers different?
  2. Discuss the main causes of unethical behaviors in the workplace.
  3. How to follow good business rules at work?
  4. Discuss the trade association’s ethical codes.
  5. Is it ethical to install surveillance to supervise employees in an office?
  6. How to maintain a balance between pragmatics and ethics in business management?
  7. Is utilitarianism ethically justified?
  8. The business ethics related to the sale of marijuana.
  9. Is it ethical to promote a company’s CSR initiatives on social media?
  10. Is unequal wealth distribution unethical in society?
  11. Analyze the evolution of business ethics.
  12. How should businesses handle hate messages on social media?
  13. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of universal income.
  14. The ethical standpoint of the beauty industry and its wide use of plastic.
  15. Explain the ethical philosophy behind Bitcoin.

Medical Ethics Topics

  1. Is surrogacy ethical?
  2. Is it ethical to recycle medical equipment?
  3. Should human embryos be used in genetic engineering research?
  4. Is abortion morally upright?
  5. Is organ donation by a poor person for money considered ethical?
  6. Are suicides assisted by doctors moral and ethically correct?
  7. Is a uterus transplant ethical if it gives a woman the chance to carry her baby?
  8. Is it ethical to freeze women’s eggs for conception later?
  9. Is it ethical to accept the organ of a person who is incarcerated?
  10. Is it morally correct to use animals for medical research?
  11. Describe the ethical responsibilities of every business
  12. Analyze the impact of corporate social responsibilities on business organization
  13. Can large global businesses make a difference to a global problem?
  14. Why does every business need to adhere to the privacy and confidentiality of information policy?
  15. Discuss the ethical problems that arise while merging databases containing personal information

Ethical Essay Topics on Nursing

  1. Discuss the code of ethics in nursing.
  2. Promotions related to the ethics of medical sales.
  3. Analyze the ethical issues in nursing.
  4. Is it mandatory to give flu shots to kids?
  5. Discuss the nursing ethics in patient advocacy.
  6. Should it be made legal to use drugs personally?
  7. Religious Ethics in Nursing.
  8. Is ethical for nurses to involve in assisted suicide?
  9. Compare Personal rights and Nursing ethics.
  10. Is it ethical to place nursing staff as subjugates to doctors?
  11. Describe the principles of clinical ethics and their application by medical practitioners
  12. How does the use of Artificial Intelligence in medicine impact medical ethics?
  13. Comment on whether it is ethical to harvest embryonic stem cells to treat diseases
  14. Is it ethical to allow adolescents to use birth control pills?
  15. Analyze the ethical implications of resuscitation orders and advance directives

Environmental Ethics Topics

  1. Should the fur industry be banned?
  2. Should hunting be banned across the world?
  3. Should businesses be responsible for environmental protection?
  4. Is it ethical to keep animals in circuses and zoos?
  5. The use of electric cars to save the planet.
  6. Pros and Cons of reading e-books and reading paper books.
  7. Discuss the global warming ethics.
  8. Talk about Environmental policy and business ethics.
  9. Are pollution trade-off programs ethically justified?
  10. Ethical analysis of climate change mitigation efforts.

Biomedical Ethics Topics

  1. Explain the importance of medical ethics.
  2. Compare the difference between Medical ethics in Asia and Europe.
  3. What are medical ethics applications?
  4. Is it ethical to perform prenatal invasive testing?
  5. Take a closer look at Pregnancy ethics.
  6. Explore the various ethical behavior problems in medicine.
  7. Ethical problems in Stem Cell Research.
  8. Is it ethical to give neuroenhancement drugs?
  9. Analyze the ethical issues in Precision medicine.
  10. Is it ethical to use humans for drug testing?

Ethical Essay Topics on Computer Science

  1. Should all software be free?
  2. Discuss the dangers of storing vulnerable data online.
  3. Is hacking ethical?
  4. Should tech companies need ethics boards?
  5. Examine privacy-related issues regarding computers.
  6. The ethical conflicts of using drones.
  7. Research the moral effects anonymity has on internet users.
  8. Can AI algorithms ensure ethical behavior?
  9. Are computer crimes less harmful than crimes against humans?
  10. Analyze the moral problems associated with AI.

Ethical Essay Ideas on Bioethics

  1. The harmful effects of plastic surgery.
  2. Is it ethical to improve memory functions with brain stimulation?
  3. Should universal healthcare be free?
  4. Should a brain-dead person be kept alive?
  5. Discuss the ethical responsibilities associated with using CRISPR.
  6. Investigate the ethics that apply to a medical worker.
  7. What should be done with the child of a brain-dead pregnant woman?
  8. Should vaccinations be mandatory for everyone?
  9. Ethical conflicts on Disclosure and Barring Service.
  10. Discuss the concept of bioethics in society.

Sports Ethical Essay Topics

  1. How important is ethics in sports?
  2. Discuss the ethical reasons to pay college athletes.
  3. Is gamesmanship unethical?
  4. Investigate the sexist bias in sports.
  5. Moral duties of teams’ coaches.
  6. Discuss how money influences the fairness of a sport.
  7. Are referees always fair?
  8. Who is responsible if a player gets injured?
  9. How can professional sports events be environmentally ethical?
  10. Discuss the ethical implications of motorsports.

Simple Ethical Research Paper Topics

  1. Discuss the connection between ethics and a person’s education.
  2. What is the morally right action?
  3. Can we justify mass surveillance?
  4. Explain the difference between a moral and immoral problem.
  5. Evaluate the ethics behind cryptocurrencies.
  6. Can we justify feminism?
  7. Explain the characters of friendship ethics.
  8. Is it ethical to change your face using makeup?
  9. Are people enslaved by moral values?
  10. Trace the origin of ethics.

Interesting Ethical Essay Ideas

  1. What are poor ethical values?
  2. The effects of smoking during pregnancy.
  3. Is it ethical to edit children’s genomes?
  4. Social Media Ethics.
  5. Evaluate the impacts of unethical organizational leadership.
  6. The major causes of racial conflicts.
  7. How to overcome jealousy?
  8. Discuss the effects of ethics on education.
  9. Can war be ethical?
  10. Is genetically modified food fit for human consumption?
  11. The effect of technology advancements on youth.
  12. Moral problems associated with abortion.
  13. Is it ethical to eat meat?
  14. How to combat racism?
  15. Should euthanasia be legal?

Outstanding Essay Topics on Ethics

  1. Should the police be allowed to access everyone’s data?
  2. Should schools punish students?
  3. Problems that will arise as a result of automation jobs.
  4. Ethical issues related to downloading media from the internet.
  5. Is it ethical to hire someone to do assignments for you?
  6. Is it unethical to be extremely rich?
  7. Can torture be justified?
  8. Ethical issues related to the Internet.
  9. Can teaching ethics at schools prevent crime?
  10. When is capital punishment justified?

Good Ethical Essay Topics

  1. Is patriotism ethical?
  2. Is it ethical to categorize citizens based on their age?
  3. Is charity the moral obligation of rich people only?
  4. Is it ethical to promote something you do not believe in for money?
  5. Is censoring hate speeches on social media ethical?
  6. Is it morally correct to teach religion at schools?
  7. Is racial profiling ethical?
  8. Do a person’s ethics change by believing in God?
  9. How to handle tech ethical problems?
  10. Discuss the effect of the Internet on Information Systems Ethics.
  11. Look at the use of plastic in the cosmetics sector.
  12. Being incredibly wealthy is it wrong?
  13. Should you still purchase Nestlé goods even as the firm privatizes water?
  14. Is it unethical to distribute riches inequitably?
  15. Discuss how sexism should be taken into consideration in workplace ethics.

Best Ethical Essay Questions

  1. Analyze The Influence of Technology on Social Work Ethics.
  2. Discuss the Ethics of Violence in Contact Sports.
  3. Examine the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence in Political Decision Making.
  4. Explain the Role of Ethical Journalism in Political Reporting.
  5. Discuss the Ethical Challenges in Nursing Informatics.
  6. Describe the Ethical Challenges in Global Health Initiatives.
  7. Discuss the Ethics in Corporate Law Practice.
  8. Examine the Ethical Implications of Big Data and Data Privacy.
  9. Analyze the ethical ramifications of cyber warfare.
  10. Discuss the ethical dimensions of neural networks.

Unique Ethical Essay Topics

  1. What steps can we take to fight racism?
  2. Why do LGBT+ individuals face discrimination?
  3. Should educators discipline kids who participated in the Fridays for Future demonstrations?
  4. If using drugs were legal, would it still be unethical?
  5. Describe the ethical issues raised by employment automation.
  6. Are foods that have undergone genetic modification safe to eat?
  7. What causes kids to falsify answers on tests?
  8. Should politics and the church be kept apart?
  9. Should media outlets exclusively cover positive news?
  10. How is a person’s ethical code influenced by their social background?
  11. Should everyone adhere to the same moral standards?
  12. Which methods work best for overcoming jealousy?
  13. What connection exists between morality and contentment?
  14. What are the main reasons why there are racial conflicts?
  15. In difficult circumstances, do desperate things: Is this assertion true?
  1. What are the ethical implications of gerrymandering?
  2. Discuss the ethical implications of huge corporations polluting the environment.
  3. Analyze the ethical implications of animal agriculture.
  4. What are the ethical implications of using religion to justify war?
  5. Discuss the ethical implications of gene editing.
  6. Should there be limits on the use of technology?
  7. What are the ethical implications of child labor?
  8. Should businesses be required to disclose their political donations?
  9. Is it ethically permissible to use public funds for private purposes?
  10. What are the ethical implications of online piracy?

High-quality Ethical Essay Ideas

  1. How can professional sporting activities be moral in terms of the environment?
  2. What ethical issues do healthcare professionals face with athletes?
  3. Athletes with disabilities are unable to compete in the traditional Olympics because of the Paralympics. Is that biased in any way?
  4. How much involvement should parents have in their kids’ physical education?
  5. Look at whether or not sports should adhere to general moral principles.
  6. Which is more crucial: a person’s right to privacy or knowledge about family in danger?
  7. Is it ethical for medical professionals to remove healthy tissues from a deceased person without their permission?
  8. How much accountability do persons with mental disabilities have for their deeds?
  9. Was it proper for Sweden to not enact stringent lockdown guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  10. How much of a responsibility do corporations have for the health of their employees?


We hope you have identified a good topic from the list of catchy ethical essay topics shared above. In case, you are still unsure of what topic to select or how to write an effective ethical paper, reach out to us for assignment writing help. We have a team of professional academic writers to offer you high-quality, cheap academic paper writing assistance on the best ethical topics.

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