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Do you want to write an exemplification essay? Are you searching for the best exemplification essay topics for your assignment? If yes, then go through this blog post and get an interesting set of exemplification essay topic ideas.

What is an Exemplification Essay?

An exemplification essay is a type of argumentative essay in which examples are used to prove a point or argument. It is one of the most typical essay genres assigned to high school and college students by teachers and lecturers. The major goal of this essay is to persuade readers of your point of view by offering relevant and accessible examples that support your main claims.

Writing an exemplification essay is not a tough task. The real challenge lies in selecting the right exemplification essay topic to appeal to the readers. If you pick an impressive essay topic, then you can stand unique in the crowd and score high grades. But remember, selecting a topic alone is not enough; you need to concentrate on writing a high-quality, well-structured exemplification essay by including the essential components of the standard essay format like introduction, body, and conclusion.

Exemplification Essay Topics

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Tips for Choosing a Good Exemplification Essay Topic

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while you are in the process of selecting a topic for an exemplification essay.

  1. The topic should match your interest.
  2. Brainstorm relevant essay topic ideas that are attractive to other topics.
  3. Before you confirm the essay topic, make sure your topic has enough credible sources to collect the necessary information.
  4. Always choose a topic that you have strong knowledge or opinion on.

List of Exemplification Essay Topics and Ideas

Teachers mainly ask you to write exemplification essays because when you write an essay with examples, then obviously your creative thinking will develop, and you can also gain wide knowledge about the topic. Most of the time, the teachers in prior will provide a list of the exemplification topics for you to write about. In case you are not given any topic, then you can write an essay on any unique exemplification essay topic of your choice.

As essay topic selection is a challenging task, to help you select the best exemplification essay topic, here, we have shared a few interesting topic ideas for the exemplification essay. Just take one of them of your choice and carry on with your research and writing.

Smart Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. Should the voting system be entirely online?
  2. Is it humane to give antidepressants to animals?
  3. How does modern-day capitalism affect working-class wages?
  4. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  5. Do payday loans impact the local economy positively?
  6. Are plastic bottles dangerous to our health?
  7. Are welfare payments bad for society in general?
  8. What is Amazon’s impact on independent businesses?
  9. Should herbs and spices be added to baby food?
  10. Is mathematics the most vital subject for students to learn during their school years?
  11. Can immigration destroy a country’s economy?
  12. Does regular news consumption make a person better educated?
  13. Is end-to-end encryption the most secure way of protecting private messages?
  14. Do users care about hacking attacks?
  15. Are clickbaits on YouTube and Instagram making content popular?

Interesting Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. Benefits of product placement in film or television
  2. How does violence in films and television affect children?
  3. Why the younger generation is getting addicted to smartphones?
  4. Is it better to do little things than sitting idle all the time?
  5. How happy and safe are children all across the world?
  6. Do animals understand human speech: truth or myth?
  7. Tigers are the biggest and most formidable of big cats: Explain
  8. What is common and what are the differences in clouds in the city and the country?
  9. Should fireworks be prohibited during festivals and marriage ceremonies to control air pollution?
  10. Discuss the myths and reality of Zodiac constellations
  11. Who impacts the perspective on the world more – siblings or parents?
  12. Is freelance a solution for higher productivity?
  13. Does a clean workplace improve one’s creativity and productivity?
  14. Are women more discriminated against in corporate society than men?
  15. Does commuting decrease one’s feeling of happiness?

Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Is reading the most intellectual type of leisure?
  2. Is it possible to solve problems of data protection?
  3. Are off-the-grid power sources economically profitable for homes?
  4. Is it humane to give antidepressants to animals?
  5. Should governments decrease meat production?
  6. Is materialism one of the leading causes of mental illness?
  7. Can capitalism and socialism coexist in modern society?
  8. Will some genres of music or styles of art ever die?
  9. Have religious organizations contributed to the lack of morals humanity has?
  10. How much do election forecasts influence citizens on who to vote for?
  11. Do cell phones spoil people’s livelihoods?
  12. Are college degrees significant today?
  13. Should under-qualified parents be allowed to home tutor their children?
  14. Do politicians make false promises to get more votes?
  15. Do gender-segregated schools provide a more efficient learning environment?

Intriguing Exemplification Essay Ideas

  1. Is online education better than public education?
  2. Should drugs be legalized?
  3. Explore free and paid college education.
  4. Do vegetarians save animals?
  5. Will Netflix destroy cable television?
  6. Could hidden cameras in schools be a solution to shootings and attacks?
  7. Does 8 hours of sleep improve one’s productivity?
  8. How does homeschooling impact kids’ socialization?
  9. Does working with a team generate more creative ideas?
  10. Is daily exercise the best solution for keeping your body in optimal shape?
  11. Is it possible to have a successful career without a college education?
  12. Do maturity and self-consciousness come with age?
  13. Why is mathematics the most important subject?
  14. Are well-mannered societies a result of higher education?
  15. How can cultures vanish through the advancement of technology?

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Great Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. The effects of professional sports on children
  2. The safety of self-driving cars
  3. Growing up with a single parent
  4. Immigration and border security
  5. Causes and Effects of the Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants
  6. How do social media contribute to spreading fake news?
  7. Technology’s impact on academic dishonesty
  8. The effects of school bullying on children
  9. How are forensic tests done?
  10. Should religion be taught in schools?
  11. Can students learn better when listening to music?
  12. Why is it essential to regulate drones?
  13. Is success equal to happiness?
  14. Are women better at multitasking?
  15. Is it possible for teenagers to distance themselves from social media?

Captivating Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. How to learn math formulas?
  2. Is the internet beneficial?
  3. Why should organ donation be encouraged?
  4. How close are TV programs to reality?
  5. How impactful is peer pressure in drug addiction?
  6. Does technology create a shift from manual labor to robotic labor?
  7. How can artificial coloring of food be dangerous to health?
  8. Can social anxiety be treated by coming out of the comfort zone?
  9. How is obesity a cause of depression in teenagers?
  10. How does prostitution impact social norms?
  11. Does working from the office lead to higher productivity in all cases?
  12. How does climate change impact the national economy?
  13. Does bribing young children to cooperate bring about a good impact?
  14. Are there any concrete scientific proofs for the existence of ghosts?
  15. Can war ever aid in achieving peace?

Outstanding Exemplification Essay Prompts

  1. Do babies need spices in their food?
  2. How are transgender people discriminated against in the workplace?
  3. How is individual-based learning better than group learning?
  4. Is classical music a dying art?
  5. Do politicians care about their voters?
  6. Why should you value your money and time?
  7. How to use self-defense effectively?
  8. The importance of sports in academics
  9. How to perform an autopsy?
  10. How does education help to eradicate poverty from the state?
  11. Is the role of education in modern lives overblown than needed, and should students and their parents be given the right to regulate what one is taught at schools?
  12. Do same-sex schools intermediate an individual’s capacity to be confident in a crowd of different sexes?
  13. Are academic writing services like Chegg negatively affecting the student body and the future generation as a whole?
  14. How often are Aboriginal students likely to face discrimination in educational institutions, and are they likely to report this to their teachers or any faculty member in the school?
  15. Does separation of parents negatively affect the mental health of the child?
  1. Explain the role of financial literacy in personal wealth management.
  2. Analyze the causes and effects of the gender wage gap.
  3. Explain the impact of technological advances on the film industry.
  4. Discuss the influence of video games on youth cognitive development.
  5. Prepare an essay on the modern art movement and its cultural impact.
  6. Explain the role of genetics in determining human behavior.
  7. Analyze the consequences of fast fashion on the environment.
  8. Explain the psychological effects of war.
  9. Discuss the role of nutrition in athletic performance.
  10. Explain the influence of Westernization on Eastern cultures

Unique Exemplification Essay Questions

  1. Should all colleges follow the same syllabus?
  2. What impact does gender discrimination in educational institutions have on students?
  3. How gender roles are portrayed in the novels of the 19th century.
  4. How is e-commerce impacted by Amazon?
  5. What roles does the online payment system play in international trade?
  6. How granting free loans will benefit new businesses?
  7. The impact of animal abuse on society.
  8. Why should people under 18 be banned from using social networking sites?
  9. How does polygamy influence personal relationships?
  10. Do anti-littering campaigns influence social behavior?

Top-Notch Exemplification Essay Ideas

  1. Traditional medicine vs alternative medicine
  2. Around the world, the legal drinking age is 18 years old.
  3. In the workplace, sexual harassment occurs.
  4. The consequences of doctor negligence
  5. How to handle hate crimes?
  6. The Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Shopping
  7. Intelligence tests are used to segregate society.
  8. Academic integrity and plagiarism
  9. Alternative energy sources
  10. Ocean pollution and its prevention
  11. Pesticides and their effects on us
  12. Rates of divorce among young couples
  13. The importance of family values in a person’s life
  14. . Sleep is essential for living a healthy life.
  15. The study of stem cells
  1. Will digital video eventually replace text forms given its tremendous growth?
  2. Examining the differences between free and paid higher education in Europe and the United States
  3. Should sex education begin in American schools young?
  4. Could installing covert cameras in schools help prevent shootings and other attacks?
  5. Does Vogue undermine young girls’ self-esteem over their bodies?
  6. Based on CMA’s findings, is country music ever going to be the same? Did Taylor Swift find a solution to ticked inflation?
  7. Are today’s signers pro- or against women?
  8. Is working for yourself a way to increase productivity?
  9. Positive thinking: detrimental psychologically?
  10. Is end-to-end encryption the safest method for safeguarding confidential communications?
  11. Does selecting the same president for a second term increase the likelihood that the administration will be successful?
  12. Is it feasible for an ordinary American to remain completely distant on social media?
  13. Will autonomous vehicles replace drivers on the road?
  14. Does the Internet of Things and the Internet have a strong connection?
  15. Positive thinking: detrimental psychologically?
  16. The paramount significance of effective time management in achieving success, productivity, and work-life balance
  17. Multifaceted effects of stress on mental and physical well-being: unraveling the mind-body connection
  18. Assess the relationship between civil liberties and gun control rights in developed nations like the United States
  19. Far-reaching impacts of social media on personal relationships, communication, and social dynamics
  20. Implementation of financial literacy in high school curriculums is a must-step for future generations

Excellent Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. Is end-to-end encryption the safest method for safeguarding confidential communications?
  2. What distinguishes free speech from hate speech?
  3. After watching TV every day, what happens to a person’s subconscious?
  4. Does listening to music while studying impair focus?
  5. Alternative education: A possible solution to lifelong learning?
  6. Could installing covert cameras in schools help prevent shootings and other attacks?
  7. Does Vogue undermine young girls’ self-esteem over their bodies?
  8. Reasons why female superstars continue to earn less money than their male counterparts in the entertainment industry.
  9. The ticking inflation issue—did Taylor Swift truly fix it?
  10. Why should social networking sites be off-limits to minors under the age of 18?
  11. The greatest or least humanitarian kind of torture is musical torture.
  12. Are YouTube and Instagram click-bait videos popularizing content?
  13. Positive thinking: absolutely constructive or psychologically beneficial?
  14. Is end-to-end encryption the safest method for safeguarding confidential communications?
  15. Define the symbolism in the poem “On Killing A Tree” by Gieve Patel.
  16. Assess the consequences and justifications of the U.S. attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs
  17. The intersection of mental health and education: the necessity of school counseling services
  18. The transformative significance of volunteering in building stronger communities and fostering social change
  19. Transformative benefits of meditation in reducing stress, enhancing mental clarity, and cultivating mindfulness
  20. The profound significance of art in promoting cultural appreciation, social commentary, and cross-cultural understanding


Selecting an exemplification essay topic from the list suggested in this blog post will help you draft a brilliant essay. As you have to show a lot of commitment to the topic, spend some time, and think thoroughly before you select a topic for your essay. When selecting, always go with the topic that interests you. Also, make sure the essay topic you selected has enough credible sources to gather information. If you are still confused about how to write an impressive exemplification essay, then contact us and get assistance from our professional essay writers.

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