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In the essay writing process, maintaining the total length or word count is important because it will help your professors believe that you have read the requirements or essay writing guidelines properly. Furthermore, it might also help you demonstrate that you have invested lots of effort and thought in the whole research paper writing process. But, in general, it is not so easy to maintain the word count of an essay. Therefore, for your assistance, in this blog, we have explained in detail how to make an essay longer. Whenever you experience difficulties with composing essay content within the word limit, read this blog and follow the suggested tips.

How to Make an Essay Longer- 10 Important Tips

How will you write a longer essay and simultaneously meet your deadline? If this question is bothering you, possibly we have the best tips for you. Let’s explore how.


How to Make an Essay Longer











1.      Carefully look back at your marking rubrics

Review the marking rubrics, perhaps, the professor may give you as well as expect you to adhere to them. Moreover, you ought to read it multiple times and abide by the following criteria.

  • Firstly, ensure that you have answered all the questions requested in the rubrics.
  • Secondly, make sure that you have provided supporting evidence to justify all the claims you have mentioned in the essay.
  • Thirdly, ensure, that you didn’t leave answering any point in the requirement, because that might make the reader’s understanding easier.
  • Lastly, check if you have met the complete requirements, apart from the expected length of the paper.

2.      Review your introduction and conclusion

Frequently, ideas may develop as and when you write a term paper, thus it’s a constant process. Since the introduction is the first part of an essay, consider going back and reviewing it at the end. Perhaps, you may check, if you have missed any important points and how they might have improved the work’s credibility. Also, consider reviewing the conclusion to check if you have summarized key points and provided a solution for the readers. However, if have missed any of these points, consider revising the same to fill the gap.

3.      Request someone to proofread the essay

  • Certainly, you may have a short time, yet request a friend or a family member to proofread your essay. Specifically, be sure to identify points that they found confusing, as the same might prove confusing for other readers as well.
  • Subsequently, identify the unclear points and revise them by adding more information to establish clarity for the readers.
  • Since, you already know what you have written, requesting someone else proofread your work might prove beneficial. Also, you may effectively identify any parts that you have missed in the essay.

4.      Apply Quotations

Consider adding quotations to an essay because it ought to increase the word count of your paper. Though quotations might enhance the quality of your work, you ought to identify relevant reasons to add a quotation. Thus, if haven’t met the word limit of an essay, review the rubrics and add quotations if required. Moreover, you may consider researching more, to make the arguments stronger for the readers. Furthermore, along quotation isn’t always beneficial, still, you may elaborate on it, if it seems significant for your work.

5.      Review Your Outline

Perhaps, you consider reviewing the outline of the essay, to check if have missed any important points or not. Thus, if you have missed any important argument, certainly working on it might fill the essay’s remaining word count effectively.

6.      Add More Transitional Phrases

Next, ensure that you have used enough transitional phrases in your essay to make it longer as well as impactful. Also, analyze that the sentences you have used in the essay smoothly flow into each other.

  • Certainly, adding transitional words might help you reach the allocated word count of your essay.
  • Perhaps, if you have enough transitional phrases, the essay might seem easy to both understand and read.

7.      Practice Reading your Paper Aloud

Though it sounds silly, reading your paper aloud, might help you to identify different grammatical mistakes in your work. Furthermore, while you try to fix such mistakes, simultaneously you may increase the word count of your essay. Also, you may identify parts, where you have scope to add more details. Thus, the addition of details clearly implies that you may successfully increase the word count of your essay.

8.      Take a Break from your Essay Writing Process

If you think staring at the screen for hours, will magically pop words into your mind, perhaps it’s not true. Alternatively, if you go for a walk or talk to a friend, you might come back with a fresh perspective. In a nutshell, refresh your minds and automatically new ideas will pop into your minds. Furthermore, in this way, you might easily contribute towards increasing the word count of your essay.

9.      Seek the Help of your Professor

Simultaneously, it seems a good idea to request tips from your professors and consider improving your essay. Perhaps, your professor may identify areas where you might add more information and thereby make your essay longer.

10.  Use Multiple Examples to Claim your Support

Finally, be sure to check how many sources you have used to support your argument. Moreover, if you have used just one source, consider adding another one to further elaborate the evidence.


We hope you are now clear about how to make an essay longer. Certainly, it is tough to meet the desired word count. However, by following the tips shared above, you can achieve your target. Remember not to add unnecessary words to increase the total word count of your essay. Instead, identify areas where you may add more information and make the essay impactful for your readers.

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