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Forensic Science is a broad academic discipline that involves using scientific procedures and methodologies to investigate crimes. Primarily, this subject pertains to the court of the legal system. In specific, to improve the investigation process, build effective strategies, and efficiently solve criminal cases, forensic science research is being conducted by researchers and students on unique topics. Due to the technical nature of the subject, it might be hard to spot the best forensic science research topics. So, to simplify the topic selection process, in this blog, we have shared a list of trending research topics and ideas on forensic science. Furthermore, we have explained how to choose the right topic for forensic science research papers.

Continue reading this blog and get amazing ideas for forensic science research.

Understand How to Select a Forensic Science Research Topic

For conducting forensic science research, an excellent topic is important. In particular, the topic you select should be original, meaningful, relevant, and interesting. If you are unsure how to choose a good forensic research paper topic, follow these steps.

  1. First, find out the forensic science research area that you are passionate about.
  2. In the area of your interest, conduct an in-depth study of the existing literature and gather potential evidence-based forensic science research ideas.
  3. Analyze all the gathered research titles and narrow down the list based on their research scope, feasibility, and resource availability.
  4. From the refined list, select a unique forensic science research paper topic. Remember, the chosen topic should allow you to prove your thesis statement with valid support evidence. Also, it should support you to complete the research within the prescribed timeframe.
  5. Before you finalize the topic, consult with your instructor and get approval. When you discuss with your professor, you may get clarity of thoughts and improve the overall quality of your work.

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List of the Best Forensic Science Research Topics

Forensic Science Research Topics

Are you struggling to choose the best topic for your forensic science research paper? Take a look at the list uploaded below. In the list, you will get fascinating forensic science research titles that are worth examining and writing about.

Simple Forensic Science Research Topics

  1. Examine the association between legal ethics, forensic dentistry, and crime-solving.
  2. Study the mathematics principles used in forensic research.
  3. Explain what blood splatter patterns indicate about the crime.
  4. Examine the uses and limitations of DNA testing.
  5. Explain how to recognize the dental pattern of wild animals.
  6. Explore the role of forensic genealogy in solving age-old cases.
  7. Explain what forensic science autopsy reports indicate.
  8. Analyze fiber evidence from the crime scene.
  9. Evaluate the age of injury using gene expression.
  10. Explain how handwriting analysis helps forensic science professionals.
  11. Explore the role of dense materials in geo-forensics.
  12. Study what insects inform about a murder scene.
  13. Explore the role of gamma-ray radiography in crime-solving geomorphology studies.
  14. Explain how to assess bullet firing direction and distances using a glass pattern.
  15. Take a look at the forensic science behind fire investigations.

Interesting Forensic Science Research Ideas

  1. Explore the role of organic chemistry in forensic science for solving crimes.
  2. Take a look at the forensic science behind fire investigations.
  3. Examine the forensic science behind identifying forgery and counterfeiting.
  4. Assess pressure factors in firearms using cartridge case comparison.
  5. Examine the impact of the human microbiome in forensic sciences.
  6. Discuss the importance of quality management in forensic science.
  7. Focus on ethical issues across different fields of forensic science.
  8. Explain the significance of molecular biology in forensic science and crime investigation.
  9. Explore the interface between forensic science and technology.
  10. Discuss the usefulness of liquid chromatography in forensic science.
  11. Analyze the effects of forensic science on solving crimes.
  12. Examine the different scientific methods applied to forensic science.
  13. Discuss the laws and principles of forensic science.
  14. Explain what forensic science tells about decaying bone.
  15. Discuss the applications of light theory in forensic science.

Excellent Forensic Science Research Topics

  1. Explain how forensic science helps to catch victims and suspects of human trafficking.
  2. Examine the impact of the scientific innovations on forensic science.
  3. Explain how forensic science examines physical evidence.
  4. Discuss the psychological implications of forensic science.
  5. Focus on the sociology of forensic science.
  6. Discuss the essence of nanoparticles in forensic science.
  7. Examine the impact of the new psychoactive substances in forensic science.
  8. Assess the effectiveness of forensic science in criminal law.
  9. Discuss the ethological and cultural evolution of forensic science.
  10. Explore the result of big data on forensic science and medicine.
  11. Examine the impact of visual color comparisons in forensic science.
  12. Review forensic science in the context of Islamic law.
  13. Explore the role of the FBI in forensic science.
  14. Examine the considerations for psychiatric caring in forensic science.
  15. Analyze digital stratigraphy in forensic science.

Outstanding Research Ideas on Forensic Science

  1. Examine the challenges involved in nuclear forensic science.
  2. Explore the applications of forensic science in the aviation industry.
  3. Explain how Raman spectroscopy has contributed to forensic science.
  4. Discuss how to fill the gap between forensic science and entomology.
  5. Explore the role of detectives in forensic science investigation.
  6. Discuss the power of forensic science in facial recognition.
  7. Explore the genetic variability of various phylogenetics in forensic science.
  8. Evaluate the different technological approaches to forensic science.
  9. Analyze the impact of laser scanners, photogrammetry, and drones in forensic science.
  10. Focus on the latest techniques in forensic science to catch murderers.
  11. Analyze the drawbacks in the development of the forensic study.
  12. Explore the use of the Internet for forensic science.
  13. Focus on the ethnological and cultural evolution of forensic science.
  14. Explain how forensic science contributes to wildlife conservation.
  15. Describe the use of atomic force microscopy in forensic science.

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Captivating Forensic Science Research Paper Topics

  1. Explain the different types of stab injuries from a forensic science perspective.
  2. Investigate how to catch a hacker using cyber forensics
  3. Explain the role of forensic psychology in assessing the probability rate of rape.
  4. Describe how to extract fingerprints from a crime scene.
  5. Study the different types of inks used by the forensics department.
  6. Discuss how to incorporate arguments into a forensic trial.
  7. Explain the techniques of collecting DNA samples.
  8. Investigate sudden cardiac death using forensic Science.
  9. Conduct a contextual analysis of digital stratigraphy in forensic science.
  10. Discuss the ethical dilemmas across different fields of forensic science

Top Forensic Science Research Topics

  1. Explain how to gather forensic pieces of evidence.
  2. Determine the correlation between chemistry and trace evidence.
  3. Examine the function of DNA methylation in forensic science.
  4. Explore the significance of Muscid fly to forensic science.
  5. Examine the credibility of audio recording in forensic science.
  6. Explain how to identify explosives using forensic science.
  7. Describe the fundamentals of crime scene analysis.
  8. Evaluate forensic science’s utility in criminal law.
  9. Explain how to determine the age, gender, and size of the victim using forensic anthropology.
  10. Explore the role of crime scene photography in forensics.
  11. Examine the impact of forensic scientists testifying as expert witnesses.
  12. Explain how to perform evidence analysis and processing using forensic science.
  13. Explain how to deal with compromised DNA evidence in forensics.
  14. Explore the cognitive aspect of forensic science.
  15. Discuss the application areas of physics in forensic science.


From the above-recommended list of forensic science research paper topics, choose any topic that you are enthusiastic about and begin work on it. In case, you need any other original forensic science research ideas or if you require expert assistance for forensic science research paper topic selection, composing, and proofreading, approach us quickly.


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