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Have your instructor asked you to conduct correlation research? If yes, then first make sure to choose an ideal topic for the research. The topic you select will add uniqueness to your research paper. Furthermore, an excellent topic will bring out your strong expertise and knowledge. In case, you are confused about what topic to pick for your correlational research paper, take a look at this blog post. Here, we have shared the 100 best correlational research topics from different fields of study.

Before moving to the list of topic ideas for correlational research, let us look at a short overview of correlation research.

What is Correlation Research?

Correlational research also known as the correlational study is a kind of descriptive research that investigates the links between two or more variables.

Typically, Correlational studies are non-experimental, which means, using this approach, the researchers may examine the connections and characteristics between each variable without modifying them. It is crucial to emphasize that, while a correlation might indicate a connection, it cannot show causation or demonstrate that changing one variable will have a direct impact on the other in a cause-and-effect relationship.

Majorly, the correlation research is classified into three types. They are

Positive Correlation: There is a positive link between two variables when an increase in one variable results in a rise in other variables. There will be a reduction in both variables when one declines.

Negative Correlation: It is the opposite of positive correlation. If one variable increases, then the other variable will decrease, and vice versa.

No Correlation: In this type, there is no association between the two variables. A change in one variable may not result in a difference in the other variable.

In general, correlational research plays a key role in examining non-causal relationships, exploring causal relationships between variables, and assessing new measurement tools. The correlational study observes prior events and only looks back at historical data. Hence, it is used by researchers to quantify and identify past trends between two variables.

The patterns between two variables in correlational research are always dynamic. Two variables with a negative correlation in the past may have a positive correlation in the future due to several reasons.

List of Correlational Research Topics and Ideas

Correlational Research Topics

If you are confused about what topic to select for correlation research, explore the list presented below and choose any topic of your choice. In the list, we have included correlational research topics from subjects such as psychology, education, nursing, and more.

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Best Correlational Research Topics in Economics

  1. Discuss the relationship between inflation and unemployment rates.
  2. Examine the association between energy prices and economic growth.
  3. Explain the link between employee satisfaction and job retention.
  4. Discuss the correlation between early retirements and the country’s growth.
  5. Explain the association between trade policies and foreign investors
  6. Discuss the link between salary levels and education levels
  7. Examine the association between marital status and the employed population
  8. Discuss the relationship between urbanization and economic progress
  9. What is the effect of economic factors on relationship quality?
  10. Explain the correlation between financial liberation and foreign aid.

Captivating Correlational Research Questions in Education

  1. Discuss the correlation between school grades and dropout rates.
  2. Examine the relationship between parental income and school choices.
  3. What is the relationship between low education and memory decline?
  4. Identify the link between school curriculum and performance.
  5. Discuss the relationship between teacher morale and student grades.
  6. Examine the correlation between teacher age and student performance.
  7. Explain the relationship between parental guidance and career decisions.
  8. Discuss the link between the school’s location and performance measures.
  9. Focus on the relationship between student grades and professional choices.
  10. Examine the link between brain activity and education.

Interesting Correlational Research Ideas in Business

  1. Examine how business growth is affected by remote employees.
  2. Discuss the correlation between business ethics laws and productivity.
  3. Focus on the link between monopoly and business closure.
  4. Explain the relationship between advertising and business innovations.
  5. Explain how a language affects business growth.
  6. Discuss the link between business sanctions and currency value.
  7. Explain the association between technology and business trends.
  8. Determine the relationship between loans and the growth rate of small businesses.
  9. Take a look at the relationship between foreign investments and cultural differences.
  10. Examine the correlation between labor laws and taxation.

Excellent Nursing Correlational Research Topics

  1. Discuss the link between drug use and organ failure.
  2. Explain the relationship between sleep quality and post-surgery management.
  3. Discuss the correlation between age and child mortality in mothers
  4. Is there a relationship between age and cholesterol levels?
  5. Examine the link between patient adherence to drugs and age.
  6. Is there a relationship between blood pressure and sleep disturbances?
  7. Discuss the association between physical activity levels and depression.
  8. Is there a correlation between patient education and prompt recovery?
  9. Discuss the association between nurse-patient communication and patient recovery.
  10. Is there a correlation between chemotherapy and fatigue?

Fascinating Correlational Research Ideas in Technology

  1. Discuss the relationship between screen time and eye strain.
  2. Explain the correlation between tech dependence and communication skills.
  3. Is there a correlation between technology and anxiety?
  4. Examine the link between wireless technology and infertility.
  5. Is there a link between a sedentary lifestyle and technology?
  6. Discuss the correlation between screen time and headaches.
  7. Explain the link between technology and memory sharpness.
  8. Examine the relationship between smartphone usage and sleep quality.
  9. Discuss the association between technology and physical activity levels
  10. What is the correlation between academic performance and technology exposure?

Awesome Correlational Research Topics in Sociology

  1. Discuss the relationship between food culture and modern lifestyle diseases.
  2. Explain the link between social media and modern friendships.
  3. Examine how divorce affects children’s education.
  4. Discuss the correlation between genetically modified foods and lifestyle diseases
  5. Explain the link between health equity and deaths.
  6. Discuss the association between social class and children’s obesity.
  7. Is there a link between age differences and abusive marriages?
  8. Focus on the correlation between infertility and mental health among couples.
  9. Discuss the link between gender stereotypes and unemployment.
  10. Is there a link between bullying and past violent encounters in kids?

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Correlational Research Topics in Psychology

  1. How does parents’ IQ level relate to their children’s IQ?
  2. Explain how opposing moods correlate in the case of bipolar disorder.
  3. Explain how OCD is related to schizophrenia.
  4. How does emotional development relate to cognitive skills?
  5. Discuss the correlation between mood swings and emotional development.
  6. How do sex differences in school relate to gender identity?
  7. Examine the link between gaslighting and children’s self-esteem.
  8. How does child development relate to increasing autonomy?
  9. Discuss the relationship between attachment theory and a child’s social development.
  10. Analyze the emotional connections teenagers have with food.
  11. Discuss the connections between ADHD and non-psychiatric disorders
  12. Explain the link between the patient’s social responsibilities and hypomania.
  13. Is there a connection between social disorders and victimization practices?
  14. Examine the connection between culture and parenting style
  15. Focus on the correlation between Xenophobia and hate crimes
  16. How does early ADHD connect with other antisocial tendencies?
  17. Examine the link between schizophrenia and social problems.
  18. Discuss the relation between the motive power and urgency of the needs.
  19. Explain the link between marriage and individualism.
  20. Discuss the relationship between children’s obedience and level of happiness.

Additional Correlational Research Topics in Psychology

  1. Does yoga contribute to stress resilience?
  2. What role does self-awareness play in changing unhealthy behavior?
  3. Discuss the effects of perfectionism on anxiety and stress.
  4. What is the codependence between ADHD and substance abuse?
  5. What significant similarities do racial and gender biases have?
  6. Examine the link between violence and addiction in video games.
  7. Is there a correlation between ADHD and post-traumatic disorder?
  8. Discuss the importance of halving metabolism when dealing with anorexia.
  9. How does early ADHD relate to other antisocial tendencies?
  10. Is there a relationship between cognitive behavioral therapy and ADHD response?
  11. Is there a relationship between gene pool and economic factors in cases of bipolar disorder?
  12. Discuss the relationship between cases of elimination and limitation of violence.
  13. Is relaxation the central link of autogenic training?
  14. Examine the degree of the relationship between violence and force.
  15. Discuss the connection between industrial and organizational psychology.
  16. What is the relationship between power and leadership?
  17. Analyze the relationship between gender and technology.
  18. Examine the connection between students’ temperament and learning behaviors.
  19. Focus on the relationship between gender role attitudes and marriage expectations.
  20. Discuss the association between problem-solving and motivation to learn.

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From the list suggested above, pick any topic that is interesting to you and conduct in-depth correlation research. In case, you experience any difficulty with performing correlation research, choosing a research topic, or preparing a correlational research paper, approach us.

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