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Would you like to earn a high amount and flourish in your career? If yes, then turn towards the IT sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that jobs in the Information Technology (IT) field will likely increase by 15% between 2021 and 2031. As the percentage is high, there will be more demand for tech skills in the IT sector. In addition to that, both small and large companies will also offer big bucks for computer and technology jobs. Wondering what are all the highest-paying tech jobs? Feel free to explore this blog post. Here we have researched and presented a list of the top 15 highest-paying tech jobs of 2023 -2024.

Some top tech employers that pay high salaries are Adobe, Amazon, Cisco, Google, and Microsoft. However, if you wish to get excellent career opportunities in the IT field and earn more bucks, then you must have strong technical knowledge, skills, and expertise. Remember, you will be hired by the best companies only if you satisfy the eligible educational qualifications. Typically, most IT companies will hire computer science and Information Technology graduates for tech jobs.

15 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in 2024

Highest Paying Tech Jobs

Let us have a look at the Top Highest-Paying Finance Jobs in 2024.

Software Architect

Software Architect is one of the highest-paying tech jobs. The role of a software architect is to speed up the process of development by making decisions related to designs and fixing standards for coding, tools, and platforms. Also, it is the responsibility of a software architect to figure out the needs of clients and create prototypes.

Average salary: $215,000

IoT Solutions Architect

Another highest-paying tech job is Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect. It is the responsibility of the IoT solutions architect to strategize how the IoT solutions are built. However, to build IoT solutions, one must be a good programmer. Also, should have a solid understanding of Machine Learning and hardware design.

Average salary: $160,000

Software Engineering Manager

Software Engineering Managers are the ones who are responsible for supervising and guiding the work of a team of software engineers or projects that are related to the design and development of programs, software, and applications. But, to become a software engineering manager, one must have at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, IT, or Programming or several years of work experience in the IT sector. Additionally, the role also requires coding skills and a strong knowledge of programming languages.

Average salary: $157,000

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DevOps Engineer

A DevOps Engineer is an expert who is responsible for working with code, DevOps toolchains, infrastructure management, and system administration. The job responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer will vary according to a company’s size and type. But in general, a DevOps Engineer will have to write unit tests, review code, and bridge the communication gap across teams. To become a DevOps Engineer, one must have at least 5 years of experience in operations or development roles.

Average salary: $ 149, 410

Data Architect

Data architect is another highest paying tech jobs in recent times. The role of a data architect is to design and execute the entire data strategy and architecture for an organization and ensure data storage, management, and integration. Also, they are responsible for defining data flows, data models, and data standards to ensure data quality, consistency, and security. Especially, to understand data requirements and generate design solutions that support reports, data analytics, and business intelligence, data architects will have to work along with data scientists, data engineers, IT teams, and business analysts.

Average salary: $145,000

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Due to the rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies across industries, there is a high demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers. It is the responsibility of AI Engineers to design, develop, and implement AI-powered solutions and algorithms to solve complex issues and improve the decision-making process. The work of AI Engineers includes data analysis, natural language processing, machine learning model development, deep learning applications, and computer vision. As a part of the work, AI engineers will have to build AI systems and improve their efficiency, customer experiences, and automation by collaborating with software engineers, data scientists, and domain experts.

Average salary: $140,000

Product Manager

The product manager is another highest-paying tech job. The role of product managers is to build an operating plan to achieve tactical and strategic goals, create a portfolio, manage and execute marketing plans, and contribute to the vision of the product strategy. In specific, it is the responsibility of product managers to create product designs and test prototypes. To shine as a product manager, one must have good UX design skills and knowledge of business and technology.

Average salary: $136,310

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Cloud Architect

Yet another highest-paid technology job is the Cloud Architect. Especially, by collaborating with developers, IT teams, and business stakeholders, the cloud architects will have to understand the requirements and architect cloud solutions as per business objectives. Also, it is their responsibility to manage high loads, improve data privacy, and enhance seamless integration with well-established systems.

Average salary: $128,000

Software Developer

Software developers are the ones who are responsible for developing games to system-level software applications for various industries such as hospitals, the military, and so on. To become a successful software developer, one must have strong coding skills, problem-solving abilities, soft skills, and knowledge of Java, JavaScript, and SQL. This job role comes in different variations depending on the various types of software.

Average salary: $120,730

Computer Network Architect

The main role of computer network architects is to design and develop data communication networks. For this job, one must have working knowledge of both software and hardware. Most importantly, a computer architect must increase efficiency, recommend updates, and stay up to date with evolving technologies. Particularly, by keeping all these things in mind, a computer network architect will have to create management plans, upgrade hardware, and work with network and information security.

Average salary: $120,520

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineers are the ones who have to design, develop, and maintain the infrastructure and systems that are necessary to handle and process large data sets. Also, it is the work of big data engineers to create data pipelines, integrate several data sources, and optimize data storage, and retrieval processes. Especially, to make sure data is accessible and available for analysis, big data engineers will have to work along with data analysts and data scientists. To be successful in this job, the professionals have good knowledge of big data technologies like Hadoop, Apache Kafka, and Apache Spark.

Average salary: $117,000

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Blockchain Engineer

A blockchain engineer is an expert whose role is to design and put in place architecture and solutions according to the blockchain. To become a successful blockchain engineer, it is essential to be good at programming and have knowledge of R3, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum technologies along with crypto libraries, security protocol stacks, and consensus processes.

Average salary: $101,000

Mobile App Developer

The role of a mobile app developer is to design and build interactive mobile applications for different purposes. In specific, a mobile app developer should be an expert in working with operating systems such as Android, Windows, or iOS. Also, they should know JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Furthermore, a mobile app developer should also be creative and should be practical enough to develop new games, tools, or apps for mobile phones.

Average salary: $98,255

Data Scientist

In the modern world, data plays an essential role and the data scientists are the ones who are helping NGOs, companies, and governments to convert raw data into a convincing story. Especially, to come up with actionable insights, a data scientist must know how to source, manage, clean, and analyze large volumes of data. Also, to forecast outcomes, data scientists must be aware of how to create algorithms and data models. A master’s degree in math and statistics will be useful for a person to shine as a data scientist.

Average salary: $96,710

Full-Stack Web Developer

A Full-stack developer is the one who is responsible for developing both client and server software. To acquire this job, one must have good knowledge of front-end programming languages and should also know how to write a server code and API code for the backend. Since both the front-end and back-end developments are involved, a full-stack web developer must be aware of a long list of programming and scripting languages.

Average salary: $89,700

Other High-Paying Tech Jobs

Listed below are a few other highest-paid technology jobs.

  • Information Systems Security Manager
  • Database Manager
  • Data Security Analyst
  • Front-end Developer
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Applications Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Application Analyst
  • UI/ UX Designer
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Data Warehouse Architect
  • Software Test Engineer and more

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Till now, we have seen the list of the highest-paying tech jobs. A career in the IT sector is simple to begin if you are a Computer Science or Information Technology student. However, to get graduation, you will have to submit different assignments, research papers, and projects.

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