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Have your instructor asked you to submit a persuasive essay on any interesting topic? If yes, then choose to write on funny persuasive essay topics. Usually, entertaining essay topics will make it easier for you to connect with your readers at a personal level. Moreover, the fun factor in your topic will also serve as a powerful tool to convince your readers.

No matter whether is a persuasive essay or a speech, keep in mind to pick a topic that has entertainment and informative value. In case, you are unsure what fun persuasive essay topic to select for your assignment, take a look at this blog post.

Here, we have shared 100 funny persuasive speech topics and essay ideas on different themes. Additionally, to make the topic selection process easier for you, we have also explained how to identify an ideal persuasive topic for your assignment.

Continue reading and get amusing ideas for persuasive essays and speech writing.

Know How to Find a Funny Persuasive Topic for Assignment

Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

Do you wonder how to select a funny persuasive essay or speech topic? If yes, then follow the tips and steps suggested below. It will help you to identify a topic that is persuasive, informative, and impressive.

Choose an exciting area

First, determine what area you would like to pick a topic from. Remember, to choose a thought-provoking area that provides the space to engage in fun discussions.

Most importantly, give importance to the area that you have strong knowledge of. Moreover, the area that you choose should be interesting and comfortable for you to raise arguments.

Collect some ideas

Next, search and gather amusing speech ideas or essay prompts from the chosen area. To collect ideas, you can refer to the internet or any other credible sources such as textbooks, magazines, or journals. Even, you can get topic suggestions from your friends or family members.

Give preference to topics that interest you

After you have collected all the topics, analyze them all and prepare a list of ideas that are personally interesting to you. Also, during the selection process, give importance to the topic that has the power to entertain your target audience.

Research the scope

Next, conduct in-depth research on all the topics you have shortlisted. Check whether that particular topic contains a wide scope of discussion. Also, that particular topic should allow you to generate potential arguments convincing to the audience. Furthermore, see whether the topic has valid evidence and facts to prove your arguments.

Eliminate useless ideas

From the shortlisted ideas, ignore all the topics that have no or less scope for discussion. Also, avoid choosing irrelevant ideas and topics that do not have enough data to prove the argument.

Finalize the topic

After conducting extensive research and analysis, choose one persuasive topic that is impressive and interesting to you and your target audience. Remember, the topic you select should be funny, informative, and contain necessary evidence to support your arguments.

Most importantly, finalize the topic only if it matches your instructor’s essay writing or speech writing guidelines.

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List of Funny Persuasive Essay Topics and Speech Ideas

Are you unsure what persuasive topic to choose for your assignment? If yes, then explore the list presented below. In the list, you will get 100 funny persuasive essay topics and speech ideas on different subjects.

Entertaining Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Memes are a fantastic stress reliever.
  2. Fast food is bad for mental health.
  3. Doing laundry is a waste of time.
  4. Coffee is my best friend.
  5. Why is math so complicated?
  6. Watching TED talks is better than studying.
  7. Graduation is the happy moment of life.
  8. Monday classes should not exist.
  9. A lunch box is the most valuable thing in the backpacks.
  10. Homework is useless for students.
  11. Solar energy harvesting should be mandatory for every citizen.
  12. Talk shows should be banned from television.
  13. The sewage system is a useful creation of urban ecology.
  14. Taxes for individual businesses should not exist.
  15. Marijuana usage should be legal worldwide.

Lively Persuasive Speech Ideas

  1. College students are the best procrastinators.
  2. Bio-waste is a good alternative energy source.
  3. Toxicity in social media should be punished by law.
  4. Men are happier than women.
  5. Racial profiling is not an ethical way of police job.
  6. How to find joy in imperfection.
  7. The couples’ therapy does not work.
  8. Ramen is the best creation of humans.
  9. How to cope with college reunions.
  10. Honesty could ruin a good relationship.
  11. The origin of April Fool’s Day.
  12. Men gossip more than women.
  13. How to have fun in daily life.
  14. Discuss the hidden benefits of daydreaming.
  15. Boost mental health with goofiness.

Amusing Persuasive Essay Prompts

  1. Mosquito is the most dangerous creature on the Earth.
  2. Love portrayal in movies is far from reality.
  3. The government should increase corporation taxation.
  4. Junk food is not bad for health.
  5. The long-distance relationship is the worst.
  6. Women can do better than men and not in talking.
  7. The Halal restaurant is a profitable business model.
  8. Random acts of kindness give joy and positivity.
  9. How to lose friends fast
  10. Turn procrastination to increase productivity.
  11. Emoji – the universal language of the digital world.
  12. Explore the funny side of eco-friendly living.
  13. Unravel the quirky side of Legalese.
  14. Recycling-Turn trash into treasures
  15. Bridge cultural differences using humor.

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Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. A big pandemic can reduce the level of global death statistics.
  2. Modern social standards have a direct relationship with pop culture.
  3. Honking in a traffic jam should be treated as a crime.
  4. Rich couples have a lower divorce rate.
  5. How to be an amazing host
  6. A vegan diet may kill you.
  7. Discuss how funny persuasion can promote sustainability.
  8. Ketchup can enhance the taste of every dish.
  9. Celebrate cultural diversity with laughter.
  10. Spread environmental awareness through hilarious persuasion.
  11. Address legal issues with comedy.
  12. How to find laughter in love.
  13. Humorously address common couple issues.
  14. How to create legal awareness using comedy.
  15. Spice up culinary persuasion using humor.

Awesome Persuasive Essay Questions

  1. Unsustainable tourism can hurt the environment.
  2. Celebrity idolization is a bad practice.
  3. How to avoid phone call pranks.
  4. A relationship is not a crime.
  5. Food science saves our lives.
  6. Technology changed the eating style.
  7. Lying is a necessary evil in a relationship.
  8. How to navigate awkward encounters with humor.
  9. Suggest humorous strategies for eco-consciousness.
  10. Explore funny traditions across the world.

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. To get good grades, try to understand your professors.
  2. College students are the best liars.
  3. Online dating is worse than the real one.
  4. How to smile amidst tension
  5. Sustainable food allows our civilization to thrive.
  6. How environmentalists can incorporate humor in their advocacy.
  7. Suggest some hilarious marketing strategies.
  8. Departmental stores should not be allowed to sell ugly clothes.
  9. Don’t take life seriously.
  10. Disney movies are great until they all start singing.

Amazing Persuasive Essay Topics

  1. Does happily ever after exist?
  2. How to get over a wardrobe malfunction
  3. Explain how humor unites humanity.
  4. Honor legal professionals with humor.
  5. When nothing goes left, go right.
  6. Autocorrect could ruin life.
  7. Money does talk and it likes to say ‘bye-bye’.
  8. Before Facebook, I had a life.
  9. Being an adult is not an easy task.
  10. A breakup insurance policy should be invented.

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Exciting Persuasive Essay Ideas

  1. How to fail at exercising
  2. Address cultural stereotypes through comedy.
  3. Discuss the wit and wisdom in legal writing.
  4. Celebrate love with lightheartedness.
  5. Fingerprints are unique for every human.
  6. Growing up is a trap.
  7. Life is very much like a test I didn’t study for.
  8. Pigs have better manners than most men.
  9. Discuss the beneficial effects of smoking.
  10. Thirteen is a lucky number.

Wrapping Up

From the above-suggested list choose any topic that is entertaining to you and matches your needs. In case, you are still unsure what topic to choose or if you have no idea how to draft a persuasive essay or speech, contact us immediately.

Based on the guidelines and requirements you share with us, the skilled assignment writers from our team will provide affordable and best assignment help. Note that, our team contains the finest essay writers and speech writers. So, writing a persuasive essay and speech on a funny topic is not at all challenging for our team members.

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