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100 Thought-Provoking Persuasive Speech Topics for you to Consider

What are Persuasive Speech Topics?

Persuasive Speech

If you face difficulties in finding suitable persuasive speech topics, perhaps we have a fantastic solution for you. Besides, you ought to select topics that might sound interesting to you as well as your audience. However, to choose good persuasive speech topics, first, you need to understand what it is. Let’s explore the concept below.

Precisely, a persuasive speech is a unique type of speech, where you may convince the audience to accept an opinion. Besides, persuasive speech topics need a systematic approach, as you may have various viewpoints to share at specific times. Moreover, the key is to ensure that the readers find the speech interesting and somewhat believe in it. However, it is not significant to convince all, perhaps persuading the maximum may work. Furthermore, every person has the right to express his viewpoints, hence, it’s humanly impossible to impress everyone.

How to Use Persuasive Speech Topics?

Despite the availability of numerous persuasive speech topics on the internet, it seems difficult to select the best. Let’s explore a range of conditions below, as this might help you choose the best topics for yourself.

  1. Perhaps, ensure to choose topics that appear interesting to you, as you might have to research extensively on it. Moreover, if you care about a topic, the whole journey might prove easy as well as enjoyable for you.
  2. Subsequently, consider selecting topics that might have some relevance for the audience. Hence, select persuasive speech topics that the audience might love to hear from you.
  3. Lastly, ensure not to overdo the topics, as you might not want to fool yourself in front of the audience.

How to Write Persuasive Speech Topics?

If you don’t know, how to make your persuasive speech effective, possibly, we have a brief idea for you.

  • Firstly, ensure to strike a good balance between emotional appeals and logic, as you may want to convince the audience.
  • Secondly, try to understand the difference between the two components, if you deliver an exemplary speech.
  • Thirdly, consider including sufficient researched facts and figures in the speech to sound logical to your audience.
  • Finally, include emotional appeals to fill the gap between the statistics and the audience connectivity.

100 Persuasive Speech Topics

Simple Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. What are your viewpoints on paid internships?
  2. Is there a need to make prostitution legal?
  3. Death penalty and its abolishment.
  4. Inappropriate content on the internet- Role of the government to abolish it.
  5. Assisted Suicide- Do you want to make it legal?
  6. Should the priests be allowed to get married?
  7. Religious organizations and the imposition of tax on them.
  8. Explain the best type of renewable energy.
  9. Performing arts and holistic environment.
  10. Is Graffiti art or a nuisance?
  11. Free entry to the museums- What is your viewpoint?
  12. Modern Arts- Does it lack authenticity?
  13. Significance of art and culture.
  14. Minimum Wages- Pros and cons of having it.
  15. Ancient art forms and their slow death.
  16. Impact of the Brexit on the US economy.
  17. Art as mandatory study area- What is your viewpoint?

Few High-Standard Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Reality shows are scripted- Elaborate on your opinion.
  2. Impact of television shows on human behavior.
  3. Removing import duties- What is your viewpoint?
  4. How does media influences political decisions?
  5. Computer-aided learning and its efficiency.
  6. How exports promote economic growth.
  7. Prisoners and their voting rights.
  8. How greenhouse effect threatens human survival?
  9. Environmental pollution is a global issue.
  10. Natural resources and fossil fuels- Discuss their limited use.
  11. Men and pink color- Does it go along with each other?
  12. Fashion is an integral part of society.
  13. Positive vibe development and its relevance.
  14. How can you measure happiness?
  15. Sustainable living as a motivating factor.
  16. How to overcome a fright to achieve success?
  17. Impact of technology in our life.
  18. Restricting screen time for the adults.
  19. Internet chat rooms and their safety.

Few Intriguing Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Do you prefer traveling in a guided group?
  2. Artificial Intelligence as the future of technology- Discuss your viewpoints.
  3. Is Google responsible for the death of libraries?
  4. Do you think airlines tickets need to be cheaper?
  5. Internet usage regulation- Role of the government.
  6. How social media did cause the end of face-to-face communication?
  7. Role of tourism in promoting the local economy.
  8. Antarctica should be closed for tourists.
  9. How a video game does increase motivation?
  10. Encouraging cooperation and teamwork.
  11. Personal experience versus remote learning.
  12. Eco-friendly fashion is our future- What is your viewpoint?
  13. How sports can promote learning efficiency?
  14. MCQs versus Essay tests- Express your opinion.
  15. Substance abuse causes social evil.
  16. Do you think celebrity-boosted fashion brands are the best?
  17. Noise pollution and its adverse impact on human health.

Few High-Scoring Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. How does fashion reveal the true identity?
  2. Clothes define a person.
  3. Carpooling and its environmental benefits.
  4. Rote learning and conceptual clarity.
  5. Do your extracurricular activities are a waste of time?
  6. Academic as the only success criteria- What is your viewpoint?
  7. Underage alcohol consumption and its penalty.
  8. Global warming and the role of developed nations.
  9. International labor decreases economic growth.
  10. How does a reality show reduces human IQ level?
  11. The negative impact of media on teenagers.
  12. Virtual reality and gamification as the future of education.
  13. Reality shows weaken the significant topics of discussion.
  14. Self-driving cars- Should it be legal?
  15. Net-Neutrality- Discuss its pros and cons.
  16. Cheerleading as a sport- What is your viewpoint?
  17. The impact of robotic technologies on human employment opportunities.
  18. Should schools teach swimming to the students?

Few Impressive Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Athletes and regular drug tests.
  2. New building construction and its energy-efficient structure.
  3. Libraries versus unlimited access to the E-books?
  4. How to consider Pluto as a planet?
  5. Identify situations when athletes should be permitted to use steroids.
  6. Tackle Football- Should parents allow their children to play the game?
  7. NASA’s Budget Increase- Role of the US government.
  8. Relevance of public prayers in schools.
  9. Human Cloning- Should it be made legal?
  10. Animal testing and its legal permission.
  11. Ban plastic bags in grocery stores.
  12. Women as priests- What is your viewpoint?
  13. Military budget and its reduction.
  14. Voting as a mandatory requirement- Give your opinions.
  15. Relevance of single-payer health care in the US.
  16. Access to free condoms for students in high schools- Express your opinions.
  17. Cyber security and internet fraud awareness.

Final List of Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Human addiction to technology.
  2. Tourism should not be allowed at environmentally endangered sites.
  3. Flying in the first class is an unforgettable experience- What is your viewpoint?
  4. Replacing disposable diapers with reusable diapers- Give your opinion.
  5. Paper media versus digital news sources.
  6. Is it ethical to keep exotic animals as pets?
  7. How social media is distorting democracy?
  8. Military warfare and permission for drones.
  9. Discuss the impact of cancel culture on society- Positive and Negative.
  10. Public high school versus Private high schools- What do you prefer?
  11. Should guns be permitted in public places?
  12. Euthanasia and its permission in hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Action Needed

In case of further confusion, you may contact our experts, who will make the task easy for you. Also, if you have reached here, possibly you have found something interesting to write in your speech. Hence, consider the other crucial factors and focus on delivering a perfect speech to the audience. Most importantly, ensure that the topics you choose are relevant to the audience, otherwise, they might not enjoy them. However, don’t completely ignore your interest, as you might have to do extensive research to impress your audience.