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High scores are associated with a lot of things in academic life. You gain a better social status in your academic institution, come to the good books of the teacher’s eyes, and most importantly secure the best academic career. Therefore, everybody wants to know how to score the best grades in any academic writing. The cream of the class or the group of 10-15 students of any class who have always scored high grades are aware of the tricks, But, the rest of the crowd who struggle to score a passing grade or average grade in the assignments and assessments are curious to know this magic strategy. If you are unsure of how to score the best grades in any academic writing, read this blog. Here, we have discussed the 15 necessary tips that you can follow to enhance your academic grades.

How to Score the Best Grades in Any Academic Writing

How to Score the Best Grades in Any Academic Writing

Wondering how to score the best grades in any academic writing? Follow the 15 tips suggested below and boost your overall academic grades.

Adopt a Positive Mental Attitude

When challenged with lower-than-expected grades, it’s natural to feel disappointed with our capabilities. Moreover, if it is a recurring event, you may begin to feel depressed or defeated and have the urge to give up. However, doing so will not reduce the problem. The first step that you must take to improve your grades is to switch off this negative feeling within your head. You must be positive about the situation if you want to improve it.

However, it does not indicate that you will have to ignore the low grades that you have scored. Acknowledge your grades, but have faith in yourself to overcome this difficulty of life. For example, in place of thinking, “I am a failure”, think, “I can do better than this and I will surely do it.” Powerful thoughts like this will give you the boost to analyze the situation and look for ways to better your grades.

Identify your Underperforming Areas

The second step to finding a solution to “how to score the best grades in any academic writing” is to draft a plan to point out which areas you are underperforming. But, before that, you must understand which areas you must target. First, take a look at the grades you scored in the past 6 months and plot them on a graph. Then, analyze the patterns of your grades. For example,

  • Is there a general decline in your overall achievements?
  • Did you fail to score expected grades in specific areas of a paper?
  • Did you always score low grades in specific subjects or areas of a subject?

Write the answers to these questions on a paper. These graphs and answers will help you find a precise answer to ascertain the underachieving areas.

Analyze the reasons for your underperformance

In the third step of your search for “how to score the best grades in any academic writing”, analyze why you fail to perform to your complete academic capacity in the identified areas. Explore the following factors:

  • Are some external factors affecting your grades negatively, like family issues, or social circumstances at the academic institution?
  • Is your struggle to acquire specific skills dragging you down, like coding, note-taking, or researching skills?
  • Is your method of studying helpful?

If your answer to any of these questions is positive, then it could be one of the reasons for your low academic performance. So, once you have narrowed down the reason for your low performance, you can easily tackle it. However, if the issue is external, you must take steps to reduce its effect to the point where it no longer affects your studies. If required, seek help from a counselor. However, if the reasons are related to your academics, then this blog post might solve your worries.

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Talk to Your Teachers

As far as your academics are concerned, your teacher at times, knows you better than you know yourself. So, consult with them when you want to know how to score the best grades in any academic writing. Ask your teachers to share their opinions on where they feel you need to improve or work hard. Based on their opinion and suggestions develop your plan of action for enhancing your grades.

Pay More Attention in Class

When you attend a lecture, pay attention to what your instructor says; daydreaming or talking to your friends may cause more harm than good. Moreover, avoid copying what is written on the blackboard to your notebook without understanding it. Ask your professor for clarification. They will explain to you in much more detail and comprehendible language than the complex reference books you go through. Additionally, make sure you write your notes neatly. It will help you to understand it when you get back to them later.

Start Organizing Your Life

The sixth step for finding an answer to your question, of how to score the best grades in any academic writing involves organizing your life. Confusion in the method of study also slows down the ability to function efficiently. Therefore, tidy up your workspace, and organize all your textbooks and notes in a way that they are within your hand’s reach when you sit down to study. Additionally, start considering time management. It will help you to program your time efficiently. As a result, you can manage additional time to work more on the problem areas and score better grades. Create a daily timetable that includes all your day-to-day activities. Schedule them throughout the day in specific time slots. It will help you fit in additional time for the subject that you have identified as the one you are struggling with.

Develop Your Note-Taking Skills

One of the most common causes for scoring lower grades in academics is the lack of note-taking skills. Scribbling notes in a hurry during the class can make it difficult to sense what it means when you write a paper based on them. Moreover, it is very easy to misunderstand your notes or fail to get a good grasp of the topic on which you have written the notes. Therefore you must take good notes from class lectures and the books you study. Additionally, arrange your notes carefully. Only then you can make use of it. If you write your notes on pen and paper in class, try to save them on your computer by the end of the day while they are fresh in your mind.

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Improve Your Essay-Writing Skills

Another popular reason for lower academic grades is poor writing skills. A good essay writing skill covers all the aspects of your essay writing. It begins with the research, details on the final proofread and ends with your response to the criticism you get for your essays. Replying correctly to feedback and not taking criticism to heart is especially useful when you underperform, as this gives you the direction you need to know how to improve.

Find The Right Learning Style For You

Another probable reason for your underperformance could be that you have not identified the right writing style. Everyone is different and so their method of studying yields the best results. Perhaps your chosen style of studying is not effective enough for you. If you have been studying on your own and did not yield good results, studying with one or two study partners might yield better results. They might encourage you to work a little harder than you usually do.

Improve Your Memory

Many students make a great effort to keep in mind all the information they require for exams, and this lowers their grades. With so much to discover across many subjects, recalling facts, figures, and arguments is quite an enormous task. Therefore, you must support yourself with some useful memory tools to help you.

Stop Procrastinating

One of the rationales for how to score the best grades in any academic writing could be by putting an end to procrastination. You must be rescheduling work by distracting yourself with other tasks, such as social media. It is a common response to excessive workload. When people are stuck in a pile of tasks and do not know where to start, they avoid the task completely. If you follow this procedure, you delay the inevitable. Moreover, by consuming the available time you have at hand on another task, you add more pressure to your mind. This makes the quality of your task worse and you become less productive.

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Allow Plenty of Time for Revision

Revision often brings out multiple errors. However, the inability to revise the paper accurately or not having enough time to revise the solution could also be the reason for lower-than-expected academic grades especially, when students appear in mock tests. This inability could also arise from giving less importance to the mock tests or editing and proofreading the written paper. However, these practice exams are equally important as the real exams. They highlight the strong and weak points of your academics. Hence, you know where to work to score good grades in your actual exam. Hence, trade with your mock tests seriously. Keep aside plenty of time for revision. Better still, revise as you write. This perspective will help you to write everything accurately from the first time and require less time for revision.

Make Learning More Fun

Sometimes students underperform because they have no motivation to learn. It’s not surprising that the stress of exams and performing well at academic institutions takes away the fun of learning. Hence, it becomes easy to get so focused on how to score the best grades in any academic writing that you overlook that learning can in reality be fun. Moreover, this pressure makes you forget that it is easier to perform well when you enjoy the task you have at hand. If studying has turned into another mundane chore for you, the time has come to sprinkle some fun back into learning.

Hire A Private Tutor

Hiring a private tutor is one of the last resorts to find the answer to the question, “How to score the best grades in any academic writing” especially for tricky subjects. Some additional tuition may be just what you require to help push your grade up. You can benefit from the face-to-face tuition. Here, you might feel more capable of placing your questions since you will not you’re your teacher or friends. Hence, there is no chance of feeling socially awkward.

Participate in a Summer School

As a final option, enroll yourself in summer school. Participating in summer school will help you to learn without the stress of the classroom and exams. It will stimulate your love of learning and motivate you to take a firmer approach to your studies. Additionally, summer schools are great for assisting you in grasping trickier subjects. So this could be an accurate solution to bring your grades up in the underperforming subjects as well.

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Discussed here are the 15 tips on how to score the best grades in any academic writing. Follow and implement them in your life to see changes in the underperforming subjects. It will boost your academic career and give you the confidence to excel in other parts of life. However, try not to put yourself in the rat race. Concentrate on improving your skills, knowledge, and performance and not on being better than others. You might land into intense competition with your advancement in an academic career or face moderate contest. However, have a keen interest in improving your grades and not being better than others. It will help you to survive and overcome any situation in your academic and professional life.

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